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Summer in the city 1: At the park with Simon

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Simon (click for pictures)

“Okay, let’s go”, Simon smiled.

The 23 year old guy looked at me through his horn-rimmed glasses. His blue eyes twinkled. He was wearing dark blue trousers and a short-sleeved light blue shirt.

It was hot outside, more than 90° Fahrenheit (32° Celsius) – at least that was how it felt… The sun was shining brightly and Simon had wisely taken off his slipover. I looked at his chest and wondered how he was able to not sweat profusely. No sign of moist armpits or discreet sweat lines on his shirt, no sign of summer laziness or fatigue on his face. He looked completely comfortable with the heat.

Simon looked at me expectantly.

I nodded and took the camera. It was my cameraman Chad’s day off, so I had to do camera duty.

We stepped out the door of the building our studio was in, and were met hot, thick air that felt like a brick wall.

I groaned.

Simon had an amused look on his face.

“Are we gonna do this or not?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I’d rather stay inside…”

Simon chuckled. He ran his hand through his neatly combed dark blond hair and looked around.

“Where are we gonna go?”

“I don’t know”, I said. “What about the park?”

Simon nodded and began walking.

I groaned and followed him.

A few minutes later we arrived at the public park. It was a huge area, green meadows with a small pond, a café and a playground. I saw half-naked people sunbathing, children playing on the playground, a couple of women eating ice-cream outside the café.

“Looks very European”, I said.

Simon looked at me with a quizzical smile. “You know, we do know how to sunbathe here in the States…”

“Sure”, I said quickly, realizing how absurd my comment had been. “Why don’t we go over there
and ask the guys on the blanket.”

Simon looked in the direction that my finger pointed. “You mean the young guys?”

“They are twenty or something. What are you, a doter?”

Simon raised his eyebrows. “23.”

“Simon”, I grinned. “you look way younger than that…”

Simon chuckled. “Okay, let’s ask them.”

We walked over to the blanket. A group of four guys were sitting on it, all of them wearing bathing trunks.

One of them, a tanned blond guy, was listening to his iPod.

Another one, black-haired and muscular, was reading some kind of sports magazine.

The third guy had curly brown hair and was concentrating on applying suntan lotion to the fourth guy’s naked back. The fourth guy wore sunglasses and smiled at us when we approached him and his friends.

I switched on the camera and started filming.

“Hi”, Simon smiled. “I’m Simon.”

“Hi”, Sunglasses grinned.

I waved my hand.

“We’re doing a skit for a website and we were wondering if you could help us”, Simon continued.

The black-haired guy looked up from his magazine.

“Sure”, Sunglasses said.

His curly-haired buddy nodded and grinned.

“What do you want us to do?”

“Umm”, Simon grinned shyly and pointed at his crotch that was bulging in the flimsy fabric of his trousers. “Do you wanna crack some nuts?”

Blondie switched off his iPod.

Sunglasses stared at Simon’s crotch for a moment. Then he laughed. “No kidding?”

Simon smiled.

“Well”, Sunglasses scratched his head.

“Do him the favour”, Curlyhead grinned.

“Yeah”, the black-haired muscle-boy chimed in. “Crunch his nuts.”

Blondie chuckled and shook his head.

“What do you think?” Sunglasses asked him.

Blondie raised his eyebrows and winked. “If he’s asking for it…”

Sunglasses chuckled and got up. He was taller than Simon, even without his shoes. He had short, brown hair and a perfect body, tanned all over, and glistening with suntan lotion. A pair of black bathing trunks accentuated his considerable assets in the woman-pleasing department, and his muscular legs indicated that he was working out regularly.

He noticed Simon staring at his legs and grinned. “You want me to kick them?”

Simon gulped.

“I work out, you know”, Sunglasses grinned and adjusted his crotch.

“Yeah, I can see that”, Simon said slowly.

Sunglasses threw a few barefeet kicks into the air and looked at Simon expectantly.

Simon smiled sheepishly. “Impressive…”

The four guys laughed.

“Come on”, Curlyhead urged his buddy. “Kick him already.”

Sunglasses shrugged and stood in front of Simon. He motioned for him to spread his legs.

Simon complied.

I stepped to the side to get a good view of the action.

Sunglasses grabbed Simon’s clothed crotch and winked at him. “No protection, huh?”

Simon shook his head.


Then, with unerring accuracy and thunderous force, Sunglasses brought his bare foot up into Simon’s groin. He crunched his nuts into his body, lifting him up in the process.

Simon shrieked and collapsed on the ground.

Sunglasses and his three buddies laughed. They high-fived each other and watched Simon squirm in the grass.

“Good one”, Blondie grinned.

Sunglasses nodded. “I can do better, though.”

The rest of the guys laughed.

Around us, people were staring at him, some with irritated expressions on their faces, some looking amused. A couple of guys came closer and watched Simon groan and cup his aching balls.

“You up for another kick?” Sunglasses turned to Simon.

Simon moaned in pain and coughed.

“Hey, are you up for another kick?”

Simon clutched his gonads and got up. He stood doubled over and groaned miserably.

“I haven’t cracked your nuts yet, have I?” Sunglasses grinned.

Simon shook his head.

“Okay, let me have another go!”

Simon sighed and massaged his aching balls. He grimaced and spread his legs. “Okay”, he said softly.

The guys standing around us cheered.

Sunglasses grinned and patted Simon’s shoulder. He looked at Simon’s crotch and his flimsy trousers and said with a determined voice, “I bet I’ll crack them this time…”

Simon moaned. “Good luck…”

Sunglasses chuckled and prepared to deliver the next kick. His eyes on the targets, his teeth clenched, his bare feet tapping.

His three buddies had joined the crowd that was standing in a circle around the two protagonists of this lopsided battle.

After a few seconds of taut silence, Sunglasses launched his second kick. The instep of his bare foot connected with Simon’s waiting balls. The bulge in his trousers was seriously deformed, when it was assaulted with a sickening thud by Sunglasses’ foot. The bloodcurdling scream that came from Simon’s lips indicated that Sunglasses had scored a winning goal.

Simon’s two valuable jewels were crushed good and solid when Sunglasses’s bare foot slammed into them a third time and scrunched them into his pelvis.

The crowd cheered and Sunglasses grinned proudly.

Simon looked sick. His eyes bulged and his cheeks puffed and he let out a hoarse moan. His fingers found his balls and tentatively cupped them. He sank to his knees with a breathless moan and fell to his side.

“Yup”, Sunglasses grinned into the camera. “Cracked them…”

He looked down at Simon, who was lying motionless on his back. He was breathing heavily while the guys surrounding him cheered and celebrated.

Sunglasses chuckled and took a step towards Simon. He nudged Simon’s hands away from his crotch with his bare toes and placed the sole of his right foot onto Simon’s nuggets. Grinning at his buddies, he shifted his weight, leaning in on Simon’s poor balls and grinding them into his body.

Simon moaned.

Sunglasses smiled deviously and added more pressure on his right foot, shifting his weight until his left foot rose from the ground and he balanced on the one foot that was standing firmly on Simon’s testicles.

Simon looked agonized and terrified. His eyes watered and he screamed from the top of lungs.

Sunglasses chuckled and shifted his weight again, relieving the pressure on Simon’s tender gonads, and standing on both feet.

He twisted his right foot, stomping on Simon’s crotch as if he was grinding a cigarette.

Simon yelped and his eyes crossed, drawing more cheers from the crowd.

With a final twist of his foot, Sunglasses let go of Simon and took a bow.

The crowd went wild, while Simon was lying on the ground, whimpering and moaning.

Sunglasses turned to the camera. He grinned and pointed at the lens. “That was fun!” He poked his tongue out and crossed his eyes, mocking Simon’s facial expression. “Thanks!” He turned to Simon, got down on one knee and patted Simon’s back. “No harm meant, okay?”

Simon groaned.

Sunglasses chuckled and turned to the crowd. “Show’s over, guys…”

A few of the guys in the crowd started to protest.

“Get away – or I’ll kick your nuts next!” Sunglasses grinned.

The remaining guys laughed and walked away.

Blondie, Curlyhead, the back-haired muscle-boy and Sunglasses sat down on the blanket again, returning to the things they had been doing before we interrupted them.

Simon was lying in the grass a few feet away, curled up in little ball, moaning and cupping his injured genitals.
I switched off the camera.

“Thanks, guys”, I said.

The four boys grinned.

“That was perfect. See you around!”

We shook hands and I knelt down next to Simon.

“Hey”, I said.

“Hey”, Simon replied weakly. His eyes were teary and sweat was running down his face.

“That was great!”

“You liked it?”

“Sure”, I grinned. “Didn’t you?”

“Well”, Simon groaned. “I guess it could have been worse…”

I chuckled. “How?”

“For one, they didn’t realize that I came in my pants”, Simon said shyly. He lifted his hands and I
looked at his crotch. The thin fabric was wet.

I laughed and shook my head.

Simon groaned and grabbed his groin again.

I helped him up and we walked back to the studio, slowly and carefully, Simon limping next to me.

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