Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer in the city 3: At the circus with Parker

Featured in this story: Parker (click for pictures)

For our third episode of our summer special “Summer in the city”, my cameraman Chad and I were going to meet with Parker, our 21 year old indie boy.

Again, as with our trips with Simon and Kev before, it was an unusually hot and humid day at around 90° Fahrenheit (32° Celsius).

Chad had been grumpy all day, smoking one cigarette after another, and complaining that they didn’t taste as good as they used to because of the heat. He was wearing colourful shorts and a shirt with a confusingly patterned flower motif.

I stared at his shirt with disgust.

“What?” he snapped.

“That shirt…” I shivered.

“I have to do my laundry”, Chad grunted.

“Apparently it’s not very high on my list of priorities…”

Chad raised his eyebrows.

“It’s just that we are going to socialize today”, I said quickly.

Chad rolled his eyes and unbuttoned his questionable shirt, revealing his muscular, naked chest.

“Better?” he asked.

“Much better”, I grinned.

Chad rolled his eyes again and continued fidgeting with the camera.

I wiped my forehead and looked at my watch. “Parker should be here any minute.”

“And here he is”, a voice from the hallway chimed in.

I looked at the door.

Parker smiled at me. The heat didn’t seem to bother him as much as it bothered us. He looked splendid. His flaming red hair looked like he hadn’t dyed it for a few weeks, half an inch of his original dark blond hairline was visible. He was wearing a skin-tight pair of green jeans, flip-flops on his naked feet, and a skimpy black sleeveless shirt that looked like it had been worn in a war: holes and scratches in the thin fabric revealed glimpses of his naked skin underneath.

“Hi, Parker”, I smiled. “You look great!”

“Thanks”, Parker grinned and lifted his t-shirt, unveiling his muscular abs for a brief moment.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?”


“A hot day?” Parker looked at me with an amused expression.

“Oh, yeah, sure”, I said.

Parker chuckled.

I blushed. “Let’s go”, I said quickly.

“Where are we going?” Chad asked.

I looked at Parker. “Where are we going, Parker?”

“The circus is in town”, he smiled and turned to go.

Chad and I followed him.

We took the bus and he told us about the circus. He had been touring with it for some months before he settled to live here. He wanted to visit some of his friends.

“You’ll like them”, he said. “They’re a nice bunch of people…”

We arrived at the place and saw the circus tent, a couple of trailers and a lot of people populating the premises.

“Hey”, a cute young man in his mid-twenties shouted when he spotted Parker and us. “It’s Parker!”

A couple of heads turned in our direction.

Parker smiled and hugged the Latin looking guy. He had dark hair and tanned skin and was wearing a dark blue uniform with shiny gold-colored buttons and gimps and blue uniform hat on his head.

“That’s Gino”, Parker said and introduced us. “Gino, these are my friends Alex and Chad.”

Gino shook our hands and smiled.

He looked at Parker and hugged him again. “Long time no see”, he grinned and playfully slapped Parker’s naked bicep. “You look good!” He patted Parker’s belly. “You’re in excellent form!” He smiled and gave Parker a playful backhanded slap in the nuts.

Parker winced.

“I like him”, I grinned.

“I reckon”, Parker moaned and rubbed his groin with an exaggerated grimace.

Gino laughed. “Come on, meet the family.”

He introduced us to some of the circus people. A few minutes later we were surrounded by two dozen people of all shapes and sizes, a couple of young men in uniforms, four Asian women in white tights with pearls in they hair, three guys in clown’s costumes, two magicians and many more.

Parker told Chad to get out his camera. Then he turned to his friends. “Maybe you can help me with a new job. Alex and Chad here are going to make a little movie.”

“Oh”, Gino interrupted him, grinning. “You’re a movie star, now…” He backslapped Parker’s groin again. His hand sunk into the nicely defined pouch in Parker’s skin-tight jeans.

The Asian girls giggled and a few of the guys laughed.

Parker coughed. “Yeah, kind of.” He cupped his package with his hand and continued, “We need some people to do some things to my junk…”

The Asian girls giggled again.

“You doing porn, now?” Gino leered at Parker.

“No, Gino, no”, Parker chuckled. “You know, punch it, kick it, grind it, that kind of thing.”

“Grind your junk”, Gino repeated, gazing at the bulge in Parker’s jeans. “For real.”


Gino raised his eyebrows and grinned. He balled his fist and slammed it into the palm of his hand. “Sure. We can do that, right guys?”

His buddies nodded, wide grins on their faces. The Asian girls giggled and covered their faces in their hands.

Chad started filming.

“Good”, Parker said. “Who wants to start?”

The Asian girls giggled and shook their head.

“Okay”, Gino said to them. “You wanna watch, watch.”

He faced Parker and smiled at him. “Whole new career, hmm?”

Parker smiled weakly. His face was only inches from Gino’s.

Exposing his snow-white teeth in a big smile, Gino jerked up his knee and drove it into Parker’s crotch. From what I could see, he had landed a perfect hit. His kneecap dug into the tightly packed package and smashed both balls dead-on.

Parker’s eyes bulged and lost focus. He coughed and his hands slowly wandered to his crotch.

“How’s that, eh?” Gino laughed and turned to his friends who grinned and cheered. Then he looked at Parker again, waiting for an answer.

“Perfect”, Parker whispered hoarsely, slowly doubling over and cupping his crotch with his hands.

The two magicians smiled at each other and patted Gino’s shoulder. When Gino turned around, they both sent their fists flying into Gino’s groin in a parallel motion, making Gino’s face turn pale and his mouth form a silent “O”. The cap fell of his head and landed on the sandy ground.

Gino rattled, fell to his side and collapsed on the ground, his hands nursing his precious jewels.

The magicians grinned.

“Our turn”, one of them said.

They were both in their late twenties, handsome, tall and lanky, wearing black tuxedos and top hats. One of them had blonde hair while the other one’s hair was black.

The blond magician smiled into the camera, spread out his hands and produced a little wooden hammer out of nowhere. His black haired counterpart repeated the same trick.

Parker was breathing heavily and comforting his injured gonads.

The magicians stood in front of him and bent down so that their heads were on level with Parker’s crotch.

The blond one lightly hit Parker’s hand with his hammer.

“Ow”, Parker shrieked and pulled his hands away, leaving the impressive bulge in his tight green jeans open for the attack of the magicians.

“Good boy”, the black haired magician grinned. “Left nut is mine, right nut is yours.”

The blond one nodded.

Both of them lifted their hammers and held them at the ready.

“Wait”, the blond one said. He grabbed Parker’s belt-buckle and yanked his tight jeans up, making Parker groan.

They looked at his crotch again. Now, his equipment was clearly outlined through the fabric. His cock pointed up and his balls were neatly divided by the crotch seam.

Gino’s uniformed friends chuckled.

The magicians smiled at each other.

Simultaneously, both of them nailed their assigned ball with their hammer, quick and hard.

Parker yelped and moved his hands to cover his balls.

Quickly, the magicians slammed their hammers onto his hands, making Parker yelp again and retreat them, giving his assailants a clear shot at his bulging balls.

“Harder”, the black-haired magician grinned.

His blond companion nodded.

With a resounding smack, their hammers hit Parker’s precious nuggets once more, digging into the soft mounds and making Parker shriek in pain.

The Asian girls watched in amazement while their male colleagues laughed their asses off.

The magicians smiled and took a bow, drawing cheers and applause from the people surrounding the spectacle.

Parker groaned and doubled over, cupping his aching nuts and looking pale and sick.

The black-haired magician let his hammer disappear into thin air, while his blond companion looked at Gino who was moaning and lying on the ground, curled up in ball.

He walked over to him and grinned viciously. He knelt behind him and took a close look at Gino’s ass.

The tight, flimsy fabric of his uniform trousers revealed a nice bulge that protruded between his legs. Apparently, at least one of Gino’s nuts was trapped just below his ass. The blond magician chuckled and let his hammer smash down onto Gino’s ball.

Gino screamed in pain and convulsed.

“Great idea”, the black-haired magician grinned, high-fiving his blond buddy.

Gino was writhing on the ground, now cupping both of his balls and moaning miserably.

“Let us do something, too”, one of Gino’s uniformed friends, a tall, brawny guy with a thick German accent, demanded. At first I had the urge to introduce myself as a fellow Teuton. He didn’t look very likable, tough, matching every Kraut cliché, so I thought twice and kept my mouth shut.

The blond magician nodded and smiled. “But before, let us do one last trick…”

The German shrugged.

The blond magician produced a large piece of bright red cloth and held it in front of Parker so that only his face was visible.

The black-haired magician disappeared behind the cloth.

Parker was looking groggy. His eyes were glassy and his eyebrows twitched.

Only a few seconds later the black-haired magician stood next to his body, holding a pair of green jeans and a pair of skimpy red briefs in his hands.

His blond friend grinned and let the red cloth fall.

The spectators gasped.

Parker looked down his body and groaned. He was naked from the waist down, his large, limp cock and his precious pair of reddened, swollen testicle on full display.

The Asian girls covered their mouths and giggled.

The guys roared with laughter.

Parker smiled weakly and nodded in appreciation of the magicians’ ‘trick’.

The magicians hugged him and playfully slapped his balls, making them bounce up in their sac.

“Fuck”, Parker moaned.

“Okay, our turn, now”, the German said to his friends.

A quartet of tall guys in circus uniforms walked up to Parker, who was covering his naked crotch with his hands. They looked like they were the circus’ security team, if such a thing existed…

“Listen”, Parker said weakly. “I think I’m done for today.”

The German turned to me and raised his eyebrows. “Is he done?”

I shrugged.

“You’re not done, yet”, the German grinned.

Parker sighed.

“You go first, I go last”, the German told his friends.

They nodded eagerly and lined up in front of Parker.

The first one took a step back and, with a running start, kicked Parker’s naked balls with his black leather shoe.

Parker shrieked in pain, making even Gino look up and grimace in sympathy.

The German chuckled.

The second one clenched his fist and threw a powerful uppercut into Parker’s defenceless nuts, crunching them hard and driving them into Parker’s body.

Parker screamed and doubled over, grabbing his junk and whimpering in pain.

The Asian girls giggled.

The third one stood in front of Parker, turned around and brought his heel up into Parker’s nuts,
slamming them hard and making Parker’s eyes lose focus and water.

Now, the German stood in front of Parker.

“You know”, he said stony-faced. “I never liked you…”

He grabbed Parker’s naked nuts and squeezed them hard.

Parker let out a heart-breaking scream. His body was shaking and his mouth was wide open.

The German grinned deviously as he kneaded Parker’s gonads in his big hands, squashing both of the precious things between his fingers.

He twisted his hands, making Parker voice reach never known heights in volume and pitch. The poor guy was sweating and swearing, his balls being ground by the German’s relentless hands.

Unbeknownst to the German, Gino had gotten up. He grimaced in silence and rubbed his clothed crotch. He looked at Parker and the German and decided to join in on the action.

He sneaked up behind the German. Then he winked at the camera and threw a powerful, well-aimed kick up between the bulky guy’s massive thighs.

The toes of his leather-shoes dug into the German’s bulging junk and smashed it hard with a dull thud.

The German’s hands let go of Parker’s balls and Parker collapsed on the ground and nursed his battered nuts, whimpering and moaning in pain.

The German was still standing, frozen, his eyes bulging and his eyebrows twitching. A tiny, high-pitched wheeze escaped the big guy’s mouth and he folded like a German lawn chair.

The rest of the gang chuckled and walked away.

The Asian girls were the only people left watching.

Gino walked over to Parker.

“You okay?” he asked.

Parker whimpered.

Chad switched off his camera and we knelt next to Parker.

Gino grabbed Parker’s shoulder and smiled. “Great new job, huh?”

Parker groaned.

I looked at my watch. “Listen Parker, we have to go. Is it okay if we let you stay here?”

Parker moaned. “Sure, we have a lot to catch up on, haven’t we, Gino?”

Gino grinned.

“Who was that Teutonic twit by the way?”

Gino shrugged. “Fritz.”

I stared at him.

We said goodbye and turned to go.

“’Fritz’!?” I said to Chad.

Chad chuckled. “Aren’t all Germans called Fritz?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Damned clichés…”

I looked at the Asian girls.

They covered their mouths and giggled.

Chad and I turned around and left the premises.


Anonymous said...

women, women, women - what's the obsession???

Anonymous said...

calm down, it was just people laughing in the backround, and the "obsession" is that they take up half the population too. While I don't want to see any f/m BUSTING, this is by no means a big deal, and I like the Asian concept, wouldn't mind seeing a guy of Japanese orgin or something.

Alex said...

Next month's poll is gonna be on girls in m/m stories. So maybe we'll get a more complete picture, then... :-)

As for a Japanese guy: That's a great idea. Any wishes concerning a name or character traits etc.?

Anonymous said...

well, if you're still trying to work Cal in, Cal and an Asian guy mihgt click. As for traits, I think he should ne smoothly built and muscular, but not big like a body-builder, and his penis should work AGAINST that nasty stereo-type ;)

Alex said...

Cal's casting is scheduled for the 19th of July. I think I'll introduce the new Asian-American character some time in September or October.

Of course he'll have a muscular, smooth body and he'll be well endowed, too.

I'm thinking of calling him "Brandon". What do you think? Do you have any suggestion for a hobby or a sport for him?

Anonymous said...

hmm, swimmig? Brandons good, and just a thought, you should post a poll concerning the sexiest ethnicity, so you know who to write about.

Alex said...

Thanks. I'll think about the poll.

Cal is on the swim team, so I think I'll make Brandon one of his team members. Thanks for your input! I's always welcome!

Anonymous said...

your welcome! can't wait to see Cal and Brandon!

Anonymous said...

if theres gonna be a poll, it should probably be like:
~Native American
~Indian (wich IS technequily Asian, but w/e)
~Middle Eastern

Anonymous said...

oh, German and Russian too

Alex said...

Thanks, reggieveggie! I don't know yet whether I'll do a poll like that. But if I do, I will certainly use your suggestions!

Оро said...

Asian girls are one of the hottest story ideas. When they watch guys crack other guys' balls.