Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer in the city 2: At the campus party with Kev

 Featured in this story: 
Cal and
 Kev (click for pictures)

Kev was greeting my cameraman Chad and me at the gate of the campus.

It was another hot summer day, the last time I had looked at the thermometer it had suggested that it was 91° Fahrenheit (33° Celsius) – but I doubted that. It felt much hotter.

The sun was burning and both Chad and I were wearing light shorts, shirts and sandals.

Kev grinned when he saw us.

The 20 year old student was shirtless, wearing sneakers and socks, and short sweat pants. His muscular abs glistened moistly as he scratched his naked, hairless chest. He grabbed his crotch and moved his hand unconsciously, wiggling the package inside his loose pants, as if trying to arrange for some air ventilation around his fat dick and hefty low-hangers.

“Hi”, I said.

Kev grinned and slapped his naked chest. “Here I am, ready for action.”

“Great”, I said, squinting into the sun.

“It’s a fantastic day, isn’t it?” Kev smiled and turned to look at the action behind him. A lot of people, most of them Kev’s age, probably college students, were sitting under trees or strolling the grounds, talking, laughing, drinking, and having fun.

Chad grumbled.

“Yeah, great day”, I said.

“Okay, let’s do it”, Kev grinned and walked onto the campus.

He stopped in the middle of the wide gravel path and winked at us.

Chad switched on his camera.

Kev did a long, lound two finger whistle, drawing the attention of the people around. They looked at him expectantly.

“Listen”, Kev shouted. “I’m here with a few friends of mine…” He pointed at us. “… and we are having a little bet. Alex bet me that I couldn’t stand twenty kicks to my nuts.”

A few guys cheered.

Kev smirked and grabbed his crotch. “You know my assets, right?”

Cheers and laughter.

“So if there are twenty guys here that could help me prove him wrong…”

The rest of his sentence was drowned in wild cheers and clapping.

Within seconds, a line of people was forming in front of Kev, young guys in their late teens and early twenties, most of them beefy and handsome, grinning from ear to ear, waiting for their chance to kick Kev’s balls.

“Okay”, Kev shouted, looking at the guys standing in line, counting them. “That’s 17 guys. We need three more and I have won the bet…”

“After we busted your babymakers, Kev”, one of the guys shouted, drawing laughter from the rest of them.

“You’ll be singing soprano”, another one added, snickering.

Kev shook his head gently and adjusted his crotch. “I have balls of steel, you know that… I’m the reigning…”

“Champion of Nutball”, the crowd interrupted him, completing his sentence.

“We know!” someone added. “Get on with it.”

Kev shrugged and grinned. He pointed at a group of four guys that were standing aside. “You!”

The four guys stared at him. They were an unlikely group: a shirtless, muscular athlete, a tall, skinny redhead, a black, curly-haired cutie, and a brutal looking stud with a shaven head.

“Get in line!” Kev shouted.

The four guys shrugged and nodded.

“Alright”, Kev grinned and turned to Chad. “You getting everything on cam?”

Chad rolled his eyes and mumbled, “That’s my job now, isn’t it?”

Kev smiled and clapped his hands. He spread his legs and hiked his loose sweat pants, exposing his knees and giving the waiting crowd a good view of the large package in his crotch.

“Let’s start!” he shouted.

The first guy, young, handsome and blond, stepped up to him and grinned.

Kev nodded at him impatiently, his hands at his sides, holding up the pants.

The blond guy chuckled and shrugged. Then, with a quick and hard motion, he kicked Kev’s nuts.

“Fuck”, Kev hissed, clenching his teeth and doubling over. “Fuck.” He groaned. “Next one!”

The next guy brought his sneaker-clad foot into Kev’s groin with a running start, making Kev groan in pain and grab his nuggets.

“Okay, I’m okay”, he panted. He assumed his position again and clenched his teeth.

The next one was a young, black dude. I thought I remembered him as one of Danny’s interviewees at the Ballbusting Olympics. Chris? Carl? Cal! That was his name. Cal.

Cal grinned and looked at Kev’s bulging crotch.

Kev moaned.

With a quick instep kick, Cal mashed Kev’s plums, grinding them into his crotch and making Kev double over again.

Cal chuckled and looked at the line of guys who were cheering and clapping and clearly having fun.

Cal patted Kev’s shoulder.

Kev’s face was beet red.

Now, a bespectacled guy stepped up. He kicked Kev’s testicles unceremouniously, ramming them into his crotch and laughing his ass off when Kev collapsed on the ground.

It took Kev a few minutes to get back up again. He was breathing heavily and grimacing in pain.

The crowd started to grow impatient and a few guys turned to go, when Kev said, “Okay, I’m ready, let’s get it over with…”

He did admirably well during the following dozen kicks. Twelve times, a hard sneaker, a polished leather shoe or a flip-flop sailed into his crotch, crunching his ample nuts and making Kev moan and groan, and even cross his eyes a few times.

Now, most of the guys had delivered their kicks. They were standing at the side-lines, watching Kev’s impressive package get viciously assaulted by one student after the next.

The four guys that Kev had personally appointed were left standing in line.

“Come on, finish him”, one of the bystanders shouted, and the crowd cheered with approval.

Kev moaned in pain.

The 17 nutshots had left their mark. His face was red, he was sweating, and he looked weak. But apparently he wasn’t ready to give up his self-set goal.

The tall, skinny redhead walked up to Kev.

“Spread ‘em”, he grinned.

Kev moaned and grabbed the side seams of his pants, hiking them up and allowing the redhead to get a clear view of the target area.

He chuckled. Then he took a step back, lunged toward Kev and brought his skinny leg up into Kev’s crotch, catching his groin with his bony shin and digging it into the soft mound of Kev’s testicles.

Kev whimpered in pain and grabbed his newly inflamed genitals.

The redhead smiled and took a bow.

Next, a shirtless, athletic guy stepped up to Kev. His upper body was as muscular as Kev’s perhaps even a bit more chiselled, making Kev, who was standing doubled over, cupping his crotch, his knees touching, his ass sticking out, look way inferior.

“Hey, Kev”, the guy grinned.

“Hey, Don”, Kev replied weakly. “How are things going?”

“Great”, Don said. He ordered Kev to get his hands away from his crotch. “Balls of steel, huh?” he sneered.
Kev groaned miserably.

Don walked around Kev, reached inside his sweat pants and grabbed the waistband of Kev’s underwear, yanking it up and giving Kev a major wedgie.

Kev yowled in pain.

Don chuckled and shook his head. He took a step back and brough his sneaker-clad foot up into Kev’s groin from behind, his toes digging into Kev’s meatballs and ramming them into his crotch.

Kev’s cheeks puffed and he collapsed on the ground, curling up in a little ball.

The crowd cheered and laughed, clearly enjoying this part of the campus party entertainment program.

Don grabbed Kev under his armpits and yanked him up, setting him up for the penultimate assault.

The assaulter in question was a curly haired black guy, probably 18 years old. His eyes were twinkling with excitement when he stood in front of Kev.

Kev moaned in pain and tried to protest, but the shirtless athlete tightened his grip on Kev’s armpits and nodded at the black guy, who grinned and cracked his knuckles. He got down on one knee and eyed the soft mound in Kev’s pants.

He prepared to punch him, but then he stopped mid-motion.

Kev groaned.

The black guy grinned and yanked down Kev’s sweat pants, exposing Kev’s underwear and his large equipment inside. Thanks to the wedgie, his genitals were firmly jammed against his body, his limp dick pointing skywards, and the two delicate eggs wedged below.

The young stud chuckled and looked at Don, who nodded, giving him permission to reach inside Kev’s pants and yank out his sore balls.

The two meaty orbs hung out of Kev’s underwear, his left nut to the left, his right nut to the right.

Kev groaned in pain.

The black guy bit his lip and focussed on the targets. He clenched both of his fists and brought them into Kev’s crotch in a perfect parallel motion, his knuckles crashing into both of Kev’s precious nuts and cracking them good and hard.

Kev struggled against Don who was standing behind him, holding him in place with his hands, his naked chest glued to Kev’s naked back in the heat of this summer afternoon.

Kev groaned miserably as the full extend of the pain reached his brain.

The final guy stood in front of him, smiling derisively and reaching for his naked balls. He was an mean looking young guy, his head shaven, his piercing blue eyes staring at Kev’s possessions.

“Fuck”, Kev moaned. “Please, don’t---“

The shaven guy shook his head slowly, making Kev stop whining.

He held Kev’s nuts in his hands, one testicle respectively.

With a mean grin, he squeezed down hard, grinding Kev’s precious balls in his hands and squashing them between his fingers.

“Fuck”, Kev whimpered.

His assaulter grinned and continued mashing Kev’s poor balls.

Suddenly Kev dry-retched.

The shaven guy quickly let go of Kev’s balls and took a step back.

Don did likewise.

Kev didn’t move. His eyes twitched and a drop of sweat ran down his forehead and his nose, dripping down onto the ground. His mouth was forming an “O”, screaming a silent scream, with nothing but a hoarse, wheezing sound coming from the back of his throat.

The shaven guy chuckled. He pulled back his leg and send it crashing into Kev’s traumatized groin, catching both of his pendulous, red balls and crunching them into Kev’s pelvis.

Something sounding like “Uck” came from Kev’s lips as his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the ground.

The crowd who had been silent during the last minutes, erupted in cheers and applause.

Don and the shaven guy smiled and high-fived.

Kev was lying on the ground, whimpering in pain, his sweat pants at his ankles, clutching his agonized testicles.

The crowd walked away, after a few jokester had offered Kev their sincere condolence on the passing of his testicles.

Kev smiled very weakly, while the rest of the crowd thought it was hilarious.

When everybody had left and returned to the party a few yards away, Chad switched off the camera and we squatted next to Kev.

“Everything alright?” I asked, grinning.

Kev moaned. “God, I won the bet, didn’t I?”

I chuckled. “There was no bet!”

Kev stared at me. “Then why did I do this?”

Now it was my turn to stare at him.

Kev groaned. “My sex life will never be the same…”

“Oh yes, it will”, I smiled and pointed toward a two young, voluptuous, blonde girls who were looking at him, looking as dumb and hot and lecherous as two blonde girls possibly could.

Kev looked at them and smiled weakly.

“I think they want to make you feel better”, I grinned.

Kev chuckled. Then he grimaced and clutched his naked nuts. “I don’t know if I’m the mood right now… On the other hand...” He groaned and straightened, getting up and pulling up his sweat pants. He looked at us and said, “If you’ll excuse me…”

He limped toward the girls who giggled immaturely. He put his arms around their shoulders, causing the girls to giggle more.

Then the trio left towards the dorm building, Kev limping in the middle.

Chad looked at me and rolled his eyes.

I grinned. "Let's call it a day..."


Anonymous said...

amazing story, wouldn't mind seeing more of that black guy, Cal.

Alex said...

Thanks! I'll think about that! Do you have any further suggestions concering story plots with Cal or anything?

Anonymous said...

Cal and Kev seem to be a good combo
(P.S: I'm the same anon as before)

Alex said...

Okay, I'll see what I can do. It could take a little time, though...

Anonymous said...

You really seem to have a thing for cute blonde guys! Even now! Great stories!

Alex said...

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoy the stories!