Monday, June 30, 2008

Poll results: Favourite guest?

In last month's poll we asked you to vote for your favourite among our recurring guests.

These are the results [more than one answer was possible]:

Tristan, Leo's skater buddy 43%
Zach "Big Balls" 36%
Jimmy, "the soccer player", the twins' brother 33%
David, "the dancer", Danny's brother 29%
Phil, star soccer player from England 23%
Sammy, Leo's skater buddy 22%
Ben, Kev's dorm buddy 18%
Parker, "the indie boy", the twins' friend 17%
Chad, the cameraman 16%
Colin, Kev's dorm buddy 11%

I expected Tristan to take the top spot and I'm happy that Zach, David and Phil made it to the top half. I am very surprised that Jimmy has so many admirers. I think I'm gonna get him back for some more stories...

Thank you very much for voting!


Anonymous said...

Im glad to see that everyone loves Zach and David nearly as much as I do. Just keep stories with them coming and you'll keep me happy. I cant wait for the Brother Knows Best and the one on one between both of them. Im sure both of those stories will be incredibly hot.

Alex said...

I'm quite fond of Zach and David myself, so I'll make sure to keep them occupied... Thanks for your feedback! If you have any ideas for future stories just write me an email. I'd love to get in contact with you...

Anonymous said...

Zach versus David was GREAT. I'm still desperately waiting to see David's reaction to a mighty boot in the balls. I'm sure this stud will take it like a man but get angry as hell.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Danny is going to get revenge on his brother on the 13th of July. I don't think there will be any boots involved though... But I'll remember your suggestion when I write "One on one: David vs. Ben".