Monday, June 16, 2008

Junk food

Featured in this story: Chad and Alex (click for pictures)

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Chad on the warpath

Two days after my cameraman Chad had attacked my manhood, I had the chance to get him back.

He had kicked, slapped, punched and squeezed my poor, vulnerable balls – and he hadn’t even felt guilty about it… The rest of the day, he had acted like nothing had happened. Yesterday had been his day off, so I had time to plan my revenge. I decided to humiliate him good…

He came by at around ten o’clock in the morning and we worked side by side for a few hours. At two, we were getting hungry and I suggested we’d get pizza. Too lazy to go out, we ordered by phone.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang.

“Could you get it?” I said, typing at the computer.

Chad sighed and got up. He walked to the door and opened. He was wearing some pretty ugly boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

A young woman was standing in the doorframe. She was probably twenty-five years old, a pretty face, blond hair, quite tall, showing a lot of cleavage. Chad started flirting with her and didn’t notice me sneaking up to him.

He had his wallet in his hand and pretended to search for his money. I saw that he was staring at her breasts.

Chad made a stupid joke, causing the pizza girl to giggle. Apparently she was hoping for a big tip…

I was on my knees behind him.

The pizza girl looked at me with a quizzical expression on her face.

I grinned. Fast as lightning (well, fast enough, at least), I grabbed the waistband of Chad’s boxers and yanked them down, exposing his naked genitals. His half-hard dick (apparently blond pizza girls were exactly down Chad’s alley…) pointed at the shocked girl.

The box with the two pizzas inside crashed to the ground.

The blond girl stared at Chad’s manhood.

“Fuck!” Chad blushed and tried to cover his groin, but I was faster. I grabbed his dangling nuggets from behind and yanked down hard.

Chad screamed in pain.

The blond girl giggled.

I tugged at Chad’s meaty marbles again, squeezing them in my hand.

“Fuck!” Chad screamed. He tried to close his legs but couldn’t.

I twisted and kneaded his hefty babymakers inside my hand, making Chad groan and scream in pain.

Then I let go of Chad’s balls, making him sigh in relief, before I threw a powerful uppercut into his dangling jewels, crushing them into his pelvis with my fist.

Chad let out a bloodcurdling scream and collapsed on the ground.

“Pervert”, the blond girl giggled and gave me the pizzas. I paid her and closed the door.

Chad was moaning in agony.

I grinned, walked over to the couch, and began eating my pizza.

Chad joined me a few minutes later.

“I can play the game, too”, I grinned.

Chad grimaced and grabbed a slice.

I chuckled.

“Get ready for round three”, I heard Chad mumble.


Carter said...

You know, you're only making it worse for yourself in the end.
Well, your pain is our pleasure.
Great prank by the way.

Alex said...

Yeah, well, I guess you are right - maybe that wasn't the most intelligent thing to do... :-))

Оро said...

It turns on when a girl watches a guy get kicked in the balls by another guy.