Thursday, June 5, 2008

Special Guest Star: Ryan Phillippe

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Cool intentions
Ryan goes down

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: DannyLeo and Simon (click for pictures)

I looked at my watch.

“Ryan should be here any minute”, I said.

Danny, Simon and Leo were looking at me. I had chosen those three to co-star with Ryan Phillippe in our first Special Guest Star episode.

Danny had a sceptical expression on his face. “You sure?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Sure.”

“Well, it’s just that--- You know, I don’t think you made a perfect first impression…”

I frowned at him. “I know I wasn’t very forthcoming. But I called him and we talked about it. Everything is okay.”

Danny shrugged. “Okay.”

Chad was fumbling with the camera.

I walked over to him. “Everything working?”

Chad nodded. “Give me a few minutes and we’re ready to go.”

Danny, Simon, Leo and I sat down on the couch.

Danny was drinking a cup of coffee. The 21 year old actor was wearing tight-fitting blue jeans and a white shirt with short sleeves. I looked at his strawberry-blond hair. It was cut short and neat, making Danny look even more attractive.

“You been to the hairdresser?” I grinned.

Danny blushed.

Simon and Leo laughed.

Their laughter was cut short when Danny gave both of them a playful slap in the nuts.

“Ouch”, Simon and Leo moaned.

Leo, the tall 19 year old skater boy, had a baseball cap on his curly black hair. He was wearing sagging blue jeans and two t-shirts, one with long sleeves, one with short sleeves, on top of each other. While Danny had gone to great lengths to make sure to look handsome and attractive – well, at least he had gotten a new haircut… - Leo seemed unconcerned. But his lanky body looked perfect in his everyday clothes, no doubt.

Simon hadn’t bothered to dress up, either. But on the other hand he always looked very well-dressed. The 23 year old bespectacled blond was wearing black trousers and a long-sleeved white shirt with a black slipover. He looked like the text-book geek – in the sexy version, a bit like Clark Kent with a glimpse of Superman…

Simon winked at Leo, and Leo grinned.

Then, Simon held Danny’s arms and Leo punched Danny’s balls.

“Fuck!” Danny whimpered even before Leo’s skinny fist made contact with the prominent bulge in his skimpy jeans. The dull sound of the impact made Chad look up and shake his head, grinning.

Danny moaned and doubled over.

Simon and Leo laughed and high-fived each other.

Just at that moment, the door opened, and the Special Guest Star stood in the frame. The 33 year old actor looked great. He was wearing tight-fitting brown trousers and a light blue shirt. A few buttons at the top and at the bottom were open so that we got a glimps of his abs and a good view of his lean, hairless chest. He had a discreet leather lace around his neck, with some kind of metal pendant hanging in front of his sternum.

“Hi”, he grinned. “I’m Ryan.”

All of us – except for Danny who was busy comforting his nuts – walked over and I introduced Chad, Simon and Leo to Ryan.

“Hey, Danny”, Ryan grinned when he saw Danny sitting doubled over on the couch.

“Hi”, Danny whispered hoarsely.

“Did you start without me?”

Simon and Leo laughed.

“Just a little warm-up”, Leo grinned.

Ryan chuckled and nodded. He walked over to the couch and sat down next to Danny, putting his arm around the moaning guy.

“The camera is ready”, Chad announced.

“Great”, I said. “Why don’t we start?”

Leo and Simon nodded.

Danny stood and limped towards them, followed by Ryan.

Ryan unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, throwing it on the couch.

Simon stared at Ryan’s muscular upper body and smiled dreamily.

Ryan chuckled. “Wait till you see the rest…”

Simon blushed.

“Okay, why don’t we all get rid of the shirts?” Leo suggested.

Danny nodded weakly, while Simon had already taken off his slipover and his shirt, revealing his nice, hairless chest, and grinning at Ryan.

Ryan chuckled. He ran his index finger over Simon’s chest, making his nipples harden instantly. He looked him in the eyes. “I like you.”

Simon looked like he was about to faint.

Ryan’s index finger went down Simon’s body, over his belly button and his abs until it reached the waistband of Simon’s trousers. Ryan grinned and his hand took hold of the massive bulge that protruded from Simon’s crotch. He massaged Simon’s junk and winked.

Simon smiled nervously.

“You’re hard”, Ryan whispered.

Danny, Leo, Chad and I were watching the two guys in amazement.

Simon cleared his throat.

Suddenly, Ryan squeezed Simon’s balls hard.

Simon yelped with surprise and pain.

Ryan grinned evilly as he kneaded Simon’s jewels in his hand.

Simon panted heavily, his face mirroring the waves of pain that erupted from his aching testicles.

A few moments later, Ryan stopped squeezing and caressed Simon’s crotch.

Simon’s face was pale.

“Wow”, Ryan said cheerfully. “you’re still hard…”

Simon coughed and collapsed on the ground, curling up in a little ball and moaning loudly.

Leo and Danny chuckled.

Danny rubbed his groin.

“You okay?” Ryan grinned.

Danny nodded and grimaced. “Yeah, everything’s alright.”

All four guys were shirtless, now.

“Why don’t we play a little game?” Simon croaked.

Ryan raised his eyebrows and looked down on him. “Sure. Why not. What do you have in mind?”

“We’ve collected a few quotes from your characters in some movies”, Leo chimed in.

“Oh, you’ve prepared yourselves”, Ryan grinned.

Leo smiled. “Of course. We’ll read the quote. Then we’ll let you take a guess which movie the quote is from. If you’re right you can choose one of us and hit him in the nuts. If you’re wrong you balls get busted.”

Ryan stared at him.

“What do you think?” Danny smiled.

Ryan grinned. “Sure. Sounds fun.”

“Okay, let’s go, then.”

Danny helped Simon up.

Simon moaned and cupped his crotch.

Danny reached into his pocket and presented a sheet of paper.

“Let’s start with an easy one”, he said to Ryan.

Ryan nodded.

“Okay, from which movie is the following quote: ‘In the real world, when you kill people they die - for real!’”

“That’s easy”, Ryan grinned. “’Antitrust’. Stupid movie.”

“Right”, Danny nodded.

“Man, you’ll have to try harder. So I got the first quote right. No I get to bash your nuts?”

Danny hesitated. “If you choose me…”

“I do”, Ryan said with mock-seriousness. “Go on, spread your legs.”

“Alright”, Danny said reluctantly. He stood in front of Ryan. “But don’t---“

He was interrupted by a nice, solid kick in his tender balls. Ryan’s sneaker-clad foot connected perfectly, digging into the soft bulge and smashing his testicles into his body.

Danny coughed and doubled over.

“Great”, Ryan said cheerfully. “Next quote, please…”

Danny moaned and cupped his aching balls.

Simon grabbed the sheet of paper from his hand.

“’I don't think I'd be much good at bluffing.’” he read.

Ryan thought about it a moment. “Oh, man, that’s a tricky one. I think it’s from ‘Breach’, right?”

Simon nodded.

Ryan grinned at him. “Your nuts up for another squeezing?”

Simon winced.

“I thought so…” Ryan took a step forward and looked Simon in the eyes. He reached inside his trousers and rummaged up his nuts. “There they are…”

Simon blinked nervously. Then his facial expression changed. His eyes bulged out and he clenched his teeth as the grip on his nuts tightened.

Ryan grinned viciously while he was squeezing Simon’s gonads, squishing them in his hand and making Simon squirm and pant.

When he started twisting his hand, Simon screamed in pain.

“That’s enough for now”, Ryan grinned and let go of Simon’s nuts. He pulled his hand out of
Simon’s trousers and patted his groin playfully.

Simon groaned.

Leo took the piece of paper and grinned at Ryan. “The next one is harder! ‘Most people are sheep.’”
Ryan stared at him. “’ Most people are sheep’? That’s--- I have no idea… Wait--- I---”

“I give you five more seconds”, Leo smiled confidently.

Ryan thought hard. Finally, he said without much conviction: “I don’t know, ‘Antitrust’ again?”

Leo laughed. “No. ‘Cruel Intentions’.”

“Fuck. Really?”

Leo nodded. “Now it’s your turn to spread your legs…”

“Okay”, Ryan said weakly.

He spread his legs. His big bulge was outlined neatly by his tight trousers.

“Let’s get it over wi---“

Leo’s foot sailed into Ryan’s crotch, nailing both of his nuts and making the attractive actor groan in pain and double over.

The ‘Cruel Intentions’ star grimaced and grabbed his groin, massaging the throbbing orbs inside and breathing heavily.

“Good one”, he said hoarsely.

“The kick or the quote?” Leo grinned.

“Both”, Ryan moaned.

Leo chuckled. He looked at Danny and Simon who were both still busy nursing their traumatized testicles. He shrugged and looked at the sheet again.

“Next one”, he said.

“Wait”, Ryan groaned. “Wait a minute, okay?”

Leo raised his eyebrows and shook his head. “’I'm damaged goods.’”


“The next quote. ’I'm damaged goods.’”

Ryan chuckled weakly. “How appropriate.” He cringed. “I don’t know… ‘Flags of our Fathers’?”

Leo grinned. “Nope. ‘Playing by Heart’.”


Leo took a step towards Ryan but Simon grabbed his hand.

“Let me do it this time”, Simon smiled.

Leo shrugged.

Simon rubbed his aching balls and stood in front of Ryan.

Ryan smiled wearily.

Simon tweaked Ryan’s naked nipple.


The cute geek adjusted his glasses and smiled. Then he opened the fly of Ryan’s trousers.

Ryan moaned.

Simon looked him in the eyes. Then he grabbed the waistband and pulled Ryan’s trousers down.

The handsome actor wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Leo and Danny watched with amusement as the naked genitals bobbed up.
Ryan’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed. Below was a nice, big, semi-erect dick and a pair of low-hanging, 
meaty balls.

Simon licked his lips.

Leo smiled.

Danny whistled.

Ryan moaned.

His trousers were hanging around his ankles.

Simon grinned and grabbed Ryan’s juicy pair in his hand. They were almost too much to handle. He closed his fist around Ryan’s testicles and winked at him.

Ryan smiled weakly.

His smile vanished when Simon went to work. His fist closed around the beautiful, naked globes, squashing them inside.

Simon looked Ryan in the face and grinned while he squeezed his babymakers hard.

Ryan began whimpering in pain.

With a twist of his hand, and a cheerful wink, Simon let go.

Ryan stumbled forward. He tripped over his trousers and fell to the ground, face first. He moaned and curled up.

Simon bent down, a worrying expression on his face.

“Everything’s alright”, Ryan groaned.

Simon smiled and patted Ryan’s back. “I like your nuts”, he confessed shyly.

“I do, too”, Ryan moaned. “And I’d like to keep them…”

Danny and Leo laughed.

Danny grabbed the piece of paper from Leo. “’ Just looking at you makes me happy.’” He grinned.

Ryan chuckled weakly. “I know that one.” He nursed his naked genitals. “It’s from the same movie. ‘Playing by Heart’.”

Danny nodded.

“Fuck”, Ryan said, rubbing his balls. “Oh, what the hell…” He sat up straight and grabbed his ankles, pulling his trousers off over his sneakers. Then he stood, slightly doubled over and massaging his aching balls, completely naked except for his sneakers.

His half-hard rod was pointing at Simon.

Simon looked at it and smiled.

“Get your pants off”, Ryan grinned and pointed at Simon.

Simon blushed. He opened his shoes and took them off. Then he opened his fly and let his trousers fall to the floor. He stepped out of them, wearing nothing but his tight, black boxer briefs, now.

“Those, too”, Ryan said.

Simon complied. He peeled off his boxer briefs, revealing his rock-hard boner in the process. It was a massive, awe-inspiring thing.

Danny and Leo had already seen it, so they weren’t surprised at this revelation.

But Ryan raised his eyebrows and couldn’t take his eyes off Simon’s cock.

“Wow”, he said.

“Thanks”, Simon grinned proudly, throwing his briefs on the floor. He was stark naked now, his dick pointing north and his hefty plums hanging low beneath.

The two naked guys stood opposite each other, Leo and Danny, who were both still wearing their jeans, watching them.

“Wanna squeeze them?” Simon whispered. His dick twitched.

Ryan laughed. “Nah…”

He took a step back and brought his sneaker-clad foot up into Simon’s naked nuts, lifting the poor boy off the ground and driving his testicles into his body.

Simon shrieked and collapsed on the ground.

“Nice one”, Leo grinned.

Ryan winked at him and continued massaging his jewels.

Simon was writhing on the ground, moaning violently and clutching his aching gonads.

Danny chuckled.

“Next quote?” he asked.

“Yup”, Ryan grinned.

“’You two should look at a mirror sometime. You look like shit run over twice.’”

Ryan smiled. “Yeah, that’s this horror movie. ‘I know what you did last summer’.”

“Right”, Danny nodded.

“Good”, Ryan grinned. He got down on one knee. “Come here.”

Danny smiled nervously. He approached Ryan and stood in front of him. “Like this?” His crotch was right in front of Ryan’s face.

“Yeah, just like this”, Ryan grinned. He balled his fist and sent it crashing into the well-defined bulge in Danny’s groin. His knuckles dug into the soft flesh and pushed his tender balls into his body.

Danny shrieked and let go of the piece of paper. It sailed to the ground.

“Fuck”, Danny groaned and doubled over, grabbing his junk with both of his hands.

Ryan got up to his feet and watched Danny sink to the ground. He looked at Simon and Danny, who were both rolling on the ground now, side by side. Then he shifted his gaze to Leo. “Wanna join them?”

Leo gulped. He lifted the piece of paper from the ground and said quickly. “’ This is a garage.’”

Ryan raised his eyebrows. “What?”

Leo repeated, “’ This is a garage.’”

“That’s unfair”, Ryan said.

“It’s a quote”, Leo grinned, growing more confident.

Ryan frowned. He scratched his naked crotch. Then his face lit up. “Wait, it’s the garage where this computer kid has set up his business. It’s ‘Antitrust’ again.”

Disappointment and a hint of discomfort showed up on Leo’s face. He tried to hide it by nodding.
“Yup, right”, he said matter-of-factly.

Ryan grinned with anticipation.

Leo rolled his eyes. “Okay, where do you want to have me?”

Ryan chuckled. “Stay right where you are.” He pointed at Simon and Danny lying on the floor. “It’s getting crowded over here…” He walked up to Leo. Then he brought his leg back and sent it flying in between Leo’s legs, crashing into his crotch at high velocity, and crunching Leo’s nuts with an audible thud.

Leo groaned miserably. He grabbed his gonads and sank to the floor, moaning in pain and nursing his battered balls.

Ryan looked down at the three boys, naked Simon lying next to half-naked Danny, and skinny skaterboy Leo a few feet away. All of them were in pain.

Ryan grabbed his balls and looked at the camera, spotting Chad and me.

“Coffee-break?” he asked.

“Sure”, I grinned.

Chad switched off the camera and we walked to the kitchen.

A few minutes later the rest of the guys joined us.

We all had a cup of coffee before we returned to the studio.

Chad and I resumed our positions behind the camera.

“Where were we?” Ryan asked cheerfully.

“Down on the ground”, Danny dead-panned.

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Okay, a few more quotes?” Ryan grinned.

Danny and Leo rubbed their jeans-clad crotches.

Ryan chuckled and grabbed Simon’s naked nuts.

Simon winced. His cock, which had been hanging at half-mast during the break, started to rise again.

Ryan looked at the growing monster, then at Simon’s grimacing face, and nodded with an amusing expression on his face. “Yup. A few more quotes.”

He let go of Simon’s balls and the cute geek sighed in relief.

Ryan winked at Danny and Leo and backhand-slapped Simon’s naked balls hard, causing them to bounce up, and causing Simon to groan and double over.

Danny and Leo laughed.

Danny grabbed the sheet of paper and read the next quote. “’Why does everyone treat me as if I
were one of these stupid snobs?’”

Ryan thought about that for a moment.

The room was silent except for the soft moaning that was coming from Simon’s lips.

“’Why does everyone treat me as if---‘ Ah! That’s from ‘Gosford Park’”, Ryan said triumphantly.
Danny nodded.

“Lose your pants, Danny”, Ryan said cheerfully. He jumped up and down like a boxer, throwing some uppercuts and punches into the air. There was no fat on his naked, muscular body, no soft flesh wobbling around. His juicy balls and his big dick swung around with every little jump, and his dick grew half-hard, when Danny sighed and unbuttoned his fly, revealing his pubic hair and his nice, thick cock, and the ample set of nuts in their shaven sac below.

“Oh, you shaved”, Ryan grinned.

Danny blushed.

“Last time I saw you, you had those furry--- I don’t know--- felt balls…”

Danny blushed even more.

Leo giggled. Then a thought crossed his mind. “You mean you already---“

“None of your business”, Ryan interrupted him, grinning. “And for being nosy, you’ll strip now, too.”

Leo raised his eyebrows.

“Now. Or I’ll make you”, Ryan said casually.

Leo rolled his eyes and opened his jeans. The saggy clothing fell to the ground and Leo stepped out of it. He 
was wearing boxers and grabbed his junk through the fabric.
“Those, too?”

Ryan looked at him as if he was dumb.

“Okay”, Leo said quickly and pulled down his boxers, revealing his nice, long dick and his hefty pair of testicles.

Now all of the guys were naked. Ryan and Leo were still wearing their sneakers. Danny looked slightly ridiculous, wearing brown socks and leather shoes. Simon was the only one who was barefoot. He was standing doubled over, his hands cupping his balls, grimacing in pain.

“Good”, Ryan said and looked at the quartet of naked testicles in front of him. “I think I’m gonna crack all four of your nuts, now.”

He took a step towards Danny and Leo.

“Wait”, Danny said. “That’s against the rules.”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “Okay, then give me another quote…”

Leo gulped and took the sheet of paper from Danny. “’ I ain't scared, I'm pissed off!’”

Ryan laughed. “That’s easy. ‘Stop-Loss’.”

Danny and Leo looked at each other.

Ryan got down on one knee and looked up at the two naked guys. He balled both of his fists and chuckled. “This is gonna be fun…”

With remarkable force and unerring precision, he slammed his fists into Danny’s and Leo’s waiting crotches, his left fist crunching Danny’s nuts, his right fist sinking into Leo’s groin.

Two loud, slapping thuds and two hoarse, whimpering moans told him he had hit the jackpot.
Danny and Leo slowly bent forward, their hands found their crotches, and they sank to the ground in perfect synchronicity. They fell to the ground and moaned.

Ryan grinned proudly. “Perfect”, he said to himself. He looked at Simon, who had slightly recovered from his previous ball abuse. His dick had hardened profoundly while he was watching Ryan rack Leo and Danny. It twitched and leaked precum.

Ryan smiled at Simon.

Leo and Danny were on their knees, their hands clutching their aching gonads. They were moaning in pain.

“One last quote?” Ryan grinned.

Simon nodded slowly. He grabbed the piece of paper that had fallen from Leo’s hand, and read: “’I have a date with a hot glass of milk.’”

Ryan grinned.

Simon gulped.

“’Cruel Intentions’.” Ryan said.

Simon stared at him.

“Come over here”, Ryan said.

Simon complied. His red, hot dick twitched and pointed at Ryan’s face. Ryan was still down on one knee, his ample genitals hanging vulnerably between his thighs. He looked at Simon’s fierce cock.

Simon licked his lips.

“Glass of milk, huh?” Ryan grinned. He balled his fist.

Simon smiled weakly. Then he sent a hard, powerful kick into Ryan’s low-hanging balls. His bare foot crunched Ryan’s balls and ground them into his crotch.

Ryan coughed.

“’Gosford Park’.” Simon smiled.

“What?” Ryan croaked with a painful expression on his face.

“You still don’t know?” Simon grinned and sent another barefoot kick into Ryan’s aching testicles. “’Gosford Park’.”

“Fuck”, Ryan grabbed his possessions and fell to the side.

“Glass of milk, huh?” The slender boy knelt next to the actor and pried his hands from his crotch. He grabbed Ryan’s nuts and squeezed them hard. Ryan’s dick began to twitch and he groaned in pain.

Simon’s left hand took hold of Ryan’s meaty twin orbs and squeezed them, while his right hand began jerking Ryan’s superstar cock.

Ryan moaned in pain.

Simon grinned viciously and kneaded Ryan’s throbbing balls between his fingers.

Ryan coughed.

Simon licked his lips and jerked Ryan’s dick harder.

Ryan moaned in pain.

Danny and Leo watched with fascination. The rubbed their aching gonads and grinned at each other. Then they turned their attention to Simon and Ryan again. Leo shook his head in disbelief and his dick began to harden.

Simon continued jerking Ryan’s red dick, and kneading his soft, sore balls with his other hand.

It took another minute of extensive jerking and kneading, but then Ryan was ready.

He threw his head back and screamed from the top of his lungs.

His dick twitched violently and spat out the first jet of thick, white cum, hitting Simon in the face, directly on his glasses, and running down his cheeks and nose.

Simon grinned like a kid in a candy store and licked his lips, tasting the superstar sperm and obviously liking it. His own dick was rock hard, while he bent over and got his lips around Ryan’s spasming cock.

Ryan screamed and panted while Simon squeezed his throbbing balls.

Jet after jet of hot, creamy jizz landed in Simon’s mouth and he swallowed eagerly.

His face was covered in cum, his glasses smeared and his lips dripping, but Simon was in heaven right now. His face was glowing with pleasure as he sucked Ryan’s dick and tormented his balls at the same time.

Danny and Leo watched, jerking their own cocks that were standing a full attention.

With a solid punch, Simon let go of Ryan’s spent balls.

He licked the tip of Ryan’s dick, his tongue circling and lapping up the last traces of cum. He grinned proudly and let go of Ryan.

Ryan fell back, exhausted and in major pain.

He lay on the ground, his hands cupping his balls, his post-orgasmic cock resting on his muscular abs.

Simon looked into the camera, his face covered in cum.

He wiped his glasses with his index finger and brought the sticky finger to his mouth. He sucked on it and giggled.

Danny and Leo got up and looked down at Ryan who was lying on the ground, spent and panting.

“Wow”, Danny grinned. “You finished him off good…”

Simon grinned, beaming with sexual exhaustion. He slowly jerked his own hard dick, spreading the rest of Ryan’s spunk that was sticking to his fingers on his dick.

“What do you think”, Danny continued, rubbing his hard cock. “He has a date with three hot glasses of milk, huh?”

Simon’s dick twitched.

Leo rolled his eyes. “Corny…”

“But true”, Danny grinned.

The three boys stood over Ryan, jerking their cocks and aiming for Ryan’s face.

Ryan had his eyes closed. He was holding his traumatized testicles and moaning in pain.

Leo, Simon and Danny jerked their dicks feverishly, panting heavily and moaning in anticipation of their nearing climax.

Simon was the first to be at the point of no return. He moaned as his dick spat jerk after jerk of hot lava that landed right on target, covering the handsome actor’s pain-contorted face.

Ryan opened his eyes and realized what was happening.

Simon was breathing heavily, stroking his throbbing cock and jerking out more of his sticky juice.

“Fuck”, Ryan and Simon moaned simultaneously.

Simon was standing with his legs spread, his head drawn back, his cock pointing at Ryan’s face, cum oozing out of it.

Ryan’s lips were covered in sperm. When he opened his mouth to protest, some of it made its way into his mouth and onto his tongue. Ryan spat.


He balled his fist and sent a nut-crunching uppercut into Simon’s crotch, catching his heavily engaged balls with his knuckles and crushing them into his crotch.

Now it was Simon’s turn to swear.

“God”, he shrieked in a high-pitched voice.

“Won’t help you”, Ryan growled and threw another uppercut into Simon’s balls. Drops of jizz flew across the room.

Simon groaned and grabbed his aching balls.

His cock twitched and the last portion of sperm oozed out.

Simon collapsed on the ground.

Danny and Leo had watched the spectacle, jerking their own dicks in the process.

Ryan grimaced and rubbed his own sore balls.

He grabbed both Leo’s and Danny’s ample sets of nuts with his hands and squeezed hard.

Danny and Leo screamed in pain, but they continued working their cocks.

Ryan kneaded their babymakers within his fists.

“Come on, suckers”, he growled, squeezing and twisting Danny’s and Leo’s meatballs in his hands.

“Fuck!” Danny screamed.

Simultaneously, they came.

Like two fire hoses, their dicks unloaded the creamy stuff, covering Ryan’s face, his nose and his lips with thick, white semen.

Ryan panted and clenched his teeth, squishing Leo’s and Danny’s poor, busy balls between his fingers and squeezing every drop of jizz out of them.

“I’m done”, Danny croaked.

“Good”, Ryan said and punched Danny’s nuts hard.

Danny moaned and fell to the ground.

“What about you?” Ryan looked at the naked skater. He twisted his balls hard.

Leo groaned in pain.

Ryan’s face was covered in spunk.

He held on to Leo’s balls for support and got up.

Leo screamed.

Now standing, Ryan tugged on Leo’s balls one last time.

Leo’s cock twitched and another, delayed spurt of cum came out of the tip of his dick.

Ryan chuckled.

He let go of Leo’s gonads and took a step back.

Before Leo had the chance to grab his aching nuts, Danny sent his bare foot flying into Leo’s spent balls, crunching the two precious jewels into his body and making Leo scream and collapse on the ground.

Ryan looked down at the three boys who were writhing on the ground, cupping their aching testicles and moaning in pain.

He wiped his forehead with his arm and looked at the sticky layer of cum.

Grinning, he licked the spunk off his arm.

“Fuck”, he said, grabbing his balls and grimacing, apparently remembering the pain in his throbbing testicles. He doubled over and chuckled. “That was one hell of a ride, boys…”

Leo, Danny and Simon moaned in unison.

Ryan looked into the camera. “I think I’m done…”

“Cut”, I yelled.

I walked over to Ryan and shook his cum-covered hand. “Thank you”, I grinned. “That was perfect.”

“My pleasure”, Ryan replied.

“You know”, I continued. “Perhaps you could recommend us to a couple of your friends?”

Ryan shrugged. “Maybe I will.”

I looked at the naked actor. Cum was all over his body. “Need a towel?” I asked.

“Well”, Ryan chuckled and looked at Simon who was rolling on the ground, covering his balls.

He got down on his knees and held his arm in front of Simon’s face.

“What some?” he grinned.

Simon moaned.

Then he lapped up the spunk from Ryan’s arm.

“There’s more, here”, Ryan pointed at his face.

Simon’s tongue moved around Ryan’s forehead, his cheeks and his nose.

“And here”, Ryan grinned, pointing at his hips.

Simon moaned and licked the cum off the actor’s body.

“This could take some time”, Ryan smiled. “Why don’t you make us some coffee?”

I chuckled and went to the kitchen with Chad, leaving the moans from Danny, Simon, Leo and Ryan behind me.


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