Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coffee break

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A few days ago my cameraman Chad and I had started a very unhealthy competition. He had ambushed me first, crushing my nuts viciously. Two days later I had gotten revenge by exposing his manhood to an innocent – and quite embarrassed – pizza girl and busting his naked balls in front of her.

Now I was on the lookout. Chad had announced that he would get ready for “Round 3”, but nothing happened during the next days. Everything was normal, we acted professionally and friendly, and an outsider would not have noticed the occasional suspicious glance or the casual guarding of the family jewels…

This morning was no different. We worked together, we ate together, we laughed together, we worked together.

Then, I was just coming out of the kitchen with two cups of steaming hot coffee in my hands, Chad grinned at me and I knew what he was thinking.

He looked at my crotch. I was wearing jeans and my bulge was prominently displayed.

“Chad”, I said slowly. “Don’t think about it…”

Chad grinned and shrugged. Then he kicked my nuts. Hard. His sneaker-clad foot found my testicles with admirable precision, ramming both of them into my crotch and making me gasp and spill some of the coffee onto the wooden floor of the studio.

“Chad”, I groaned, trying to keep my balance, and trying to hold on to the two cups in my hands, while the first wave of excruciating pain swept from my balls to my abdomen and my lungs.

Chad grinned and watched me struggle to keep standing.

Slowly, I bend forward and tried to put the coffee mugs onto the floor.

Chad laughed. “You look ridiculous, do you know that?”

“I kinda guessed”, I groaned, my hands shaking, making more hot coffee spill onto the floor.

Chad walked around me.

“No”, I moaned, knowing that my position kept me and especially my throbbing plums rather vulnerable. “Chad, no…”

“Yes”, Chad chuckled and launched a powerful kick at my aching gonads from behind.

Once more, a direct hit to both of my tender plums. The vehemence of the impact made me stumble and fall to my knees. The coffee mugs landed on the ground, the coffee ran all over the floor, and the mugs shattered.

“Chad”, I groaned, cupping my aching balls. The pain was unbearable. I nursed my bruised nuts and whimpered.

Chad chuckled.

I rolled to the side and curled up in a ball.

Chad knelt down next to me and patted my back. “Do you want a fresh cup of coffee?”

I moaned.

Chad grinned and walked to the kitchen, leaving me lying on the floor in a puddle of coffee, comforting my aching balls and groaning in pain.


Anonymous said...

your stories always push my buttons even in short storyette form. Keep them coming (pun intended).

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like my stories! If you have any special wishes, just let me know...

Carter said...

Luckily you didn't spill any coffee on your balls, though I think I may have enjoyed that.
Great chapter.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it!