Wednesday, July 2, 2008


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Coffee break
Heavy shower
Hired help
Neighborly help

I was sitting at my desk and going through the books today, when I noticed that my cameraman Chad wasn’t in the studio. I immediately covered my junk and looked around.

Somehow, Chad and I had started a very silly – and painful – game that made us think of ways to bash each other’s balls. I don’t know when it started exactly – but somehow it had escalated within the previous weeks…

Now, Chad was out of sight, and I immediately suspected that he was up to no good.

After a minute of covering the precious package in my jeans, I felt extraordinarily stupid and couldn’t help but laugh about myself.

I shook my head and returned to flipping through bills and receipts, account numbers and internet data.

Suddenly, I heard a loud, dull thud. It took me a second to realize that the strange sound originated from something hard connecting with something soft. It took me another second to realize that the origin of the sound was located in the immediate vicinity. Then, realization came very quick, and the throbbing pain, that started to build in my genitals, accelerated it to a great degree.

I looked down at my crotch and saw the business end of a billiard cue disappear under the desk only to come back and smack into my nuts once more.

I screamed and grabbed my nuts. “Fuck!”

Chad appeared at the other side of the desk and grinned. “Surprise!”

I groaned and doubled over, my head resting on the desk. “Fuck”, I moaned again.

Chad chuckled and thrust the billiard cue into my poor, aching nuts again, sneaking in between my fingers, and hitting my right nut dead on, driving it into my crotch.

I screamed from the top of my lungs and turned away from the desk, trying to get my junk out of Chad’s harmful way. Clutching my precious marbles, I moaned and doubled over.

Chad got up and stood in front of me, holding the cue in his hand. He grinned viciously.

“Fuck”, I groaned once more, “How long did you hide down there?”

Chad shrugged. “A few minutes. It was worth it.”

I groaned and managed to smile weakly. “Congratulations…”

“Thanks”, Chad grinned. “But I’m not finished, yet.”

I grimaced and looked at him.

Chad slammed the cue into my crotch again, hitting my fingers and slamming them into my package.

“Fuck!” I screamed. “Stop it!”

Chad put the cue on the floor and knelt in front of me. He grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch.

“Stop it!”

Chad chuckled. “Remember the time when you busted my balls in the shower?” He held both of my wrists in his right hand, making me give up the protection of my precious balls. I am not exactly weak, but somehow Chad overpowered me. “And the time when you smashed my balls with that bottle of Coke?” With his left hand, he opened the fly of my jeans, moving surprisingly quickly. “Well, that’s two times that you ruined my date.” He reached into my jeans and my briefs and pulled out my limp dick and throbbing balls. “On both nights, I wasn’t able to…” Chad paused, grinned at me and slammed his clenched fist into my vulnerable balls. “…perform.”

I whimpered in pain and tried to free my hands, but Chad’s hold on them was too strong.
Chad slammed down his fist again, hammering my aching testicles into my crotch. I felt the zipper of my jeans dig into the soft flesh of my nads from underneath and screamed from the top of my lungs.

Chad grimaced in mock-sympathy. “Ooooh, that was a bad one…” He chuckled and grabbed my naked sac with his left hand, squashing my meaty balls in his fist. “You don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say…”

I whimpered.

“Don’t…” Chad squished my orbs hard. “…ever…” He twisted his hand, making me yelp in pain. “…crack…” Another vicious twist of my nuts. “…my…” Chad’s thumb pressed into the soft flesh of my poor right ball. “…nuts…” He squeezed both of my balls hard, squashing them mercilessly. “again…” A sudden, hard tug on my sac brought tears to my eyes. “…on…” His fingernails dug into my throbbing nuts. “…a…” He let go of my junk for a short moment, only to punch them hard with his fist. “…date…” Another punch made my eyes lose focus. “…night!”

He let go of my hands and stood in front of me.

I doubled over, dizzy and sobbing. My testicles felt like an eighteen-wheeler had run over them.

I moaned in pain.

Chad chuckled. “Man, that ‘stress ball’ thing is working. I think I’m gonna take a break now and leave you to it…”
I groaned and massaged my throbbing manhood.

Chad turned around and walked to the door. “I’m gonna close the door so nobody comes in and sees you like that. I wouldn’t want to humiliate you…”

“Thanks”, I croaked.

Chad laughed and left.


Anonymous said...

I think it started in one of the castings when Chad busted you with a clipboard or something...

Alex said...

You're probably right. And I'm pretty sure it isn't over yet...