Saturday, July 26, 2008

One on one: Michael vs. Will

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

“Hey”, Will entered the studio. The 22 year old blond boy grinned and hugged me. “How are you?”

“Fine, thanks”, I said. “How are you?”

“Great!” Will grinned and winked at me. “I’ve got the feeling that I’m gonna whip Michael’s ass today…” He cracked his knuckles.

Will’s twin brother appeared in the door frame. He had heard Will and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever…”

“Hi, Michael”, I said and smiled.

Michael smiled. “Hi.”

Both of them were wearing blue jeans and colourful shirts. Michael’s shirt was white with fine red stripes, while Will’s was plain blue. They were wearing the sneakers they had gotten on their birthday.

Michael ran his hand through his hair and looked around. “Hi, Chad.”

My cameraman Chad was fumbling with the camera. He muttered something and quickly turned his attention on the object lens again.

“We’ll be ready in a minute”, I said. “Want a Coke?”

The twin brothers nodded.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cans of Coke from the fridge.

“Why don’t you take off your shirts?” I said, handing them their beverages.

Will nodded and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular, tanned chest.

Both of the brothers were professional gymnasts, working for circuses and vaudeville shows, although they had yet to make it big. Their bodies were in excellent form, lean and muscular.
Michael stared at his brother who was standing in front of him shirtless.

“What’s up?” Will grinned.

Michael frowned. “I don’t know…”

“Come on”, Will smiled and put his arm around his brother. “Don’t be prude.”

“I’m not prude”, Michael said and freed himself from Will’s embrace.

“The whole world has seen you naked”, Will grinned. “Remember all the videos you have done.”

Michael blushed.

“Now come on and take your shirt off”, Will said.

Michael shrugged and took off his shirt.

“Don’t you wanna lose the shoes, too?” Will asked.

Michael shook his head. “No.” He grinned. “I want to kick your nuts with my shoes on…”

Will laughed. “Hear, hear…”

Michael chuckled.

The two brothers were standing next to each other. They had almost identical bodies. Their smooth chests and muscular abs, their trained arms and well-defined shoulders, their blue eyes and blond hair, even the prominent bulges in the crotches of their jeans – there were very few things that helped telling one from the other.

“Okay”, Chad said and put the camera on the tripod.

“Great”, I smiled and stood next to him. “Go.”

Will didn’t lose any time. He grinned, reached for his brother’s nipples and twisted them.

“Will!” Michael cried and kicked his brother.

It wasn’t a very well aimed kick, but it was right on target. Michael’s sneaker-clad foot collided with the big bulge in Will’s crotch and drove his nuts into his pelvis.

Will coughed and let go of Michael’s nipples.

“Shit!” Michael said and rubbed his chest.

“Shit!” Will groaned at the same time and doubled over, clutching his crotch and laughing in spite
of the pain. “That was perfectly on target, Mikey…”

Michael grinned. “Thanks.” His face turned serious again. “But don’t call me Mikey!”

He walked behind his brother and reached into the backside of Will’s jeans, catching hold of the waistband of his briefs.

“No, Mikey”, Will croaked.

In a swift motion, Michael pulled Will’s underwear up, giving him a textbook wedgie and making Will cry out.

Michael grinned with satisfaction when Will straightened and tried to get the fabric of his briefs out from between his ass cheeks.

“Fuck!” Will groaned and straightened his legs. He reached into the back of his jeans and stuffed the waistband back in.

Michael chuckled.

“I’m gonna get you for that”, Will muttered. He grinned and shook his head in appreciation of his brother’s tactic.

Michael shrugged. “Anything for---“

Suddenly, Will lunged at his brother and threw him to the floor.

Michael was on his back, trying to fight off his brother, but Will seemed to be stronger. He held Michael’s shoulders down and powered his knee in between Michael’s thighs, driving his testicles into his body.

Michael screamed.

Will grinned and repeated the move.

Michael’s eyes watered and he grabbed his brother’s chin, pushing him off of him and rolling to his side, clutching his hurt gonads.

Will was lying next to him, grinning. “How was that, Mikey? Did I bust your balls?”

Michael groaned.

His brother chuckled.

Michael coughed and moaned, massaging his nuts and rocking back and forth.

Will grinned and grabbed his brother’s ankles. With a sudden motion, he pulled Michael’s legs apart, forcing him into a very uncomfortable position with his legs and crotch forming a V.

Michael groaned in pain as he was forced into a position that looked almost like an inverted split, and there was a loud ripping sound and.

Michael stared at Will in shock, his eyes wide open. “What was that?” he whispered.

Will chuckled. “Don’t panic, Mikey. That was your jeans…”

He looked down at his brother’s crotch. His legs were spread wide apart, his crotch was completely exposed, and the denim fabric had ripped right at the crotch seam so that Michael’s ample manhood bulged through the gap. He was wearing bright red briefs and it looked like they were trying to mark the perfect attack position for Michael’s brother.

Will chuckled and looked down on Michael’s crotch.

“Fuck”, Michael groaned, realizing what was in store for him.

“Yeah, Mikey, what do you think I’m gonna do?” Will grinned and placed his bare foot on his brother’s bright red fruitbasket. Putting on a little show, Will looked at Michael and, with an exaggerated, mock-surprised gasp, stomped Michael’s nuts hard.

The sole of his foot flattened Michael’s vulnerable balls, flattening them against his pelvis and crunching them with all the force he could muster.

Michael let out a high-pitched shriek as his nuts were brutally crushed by his twin brother’s bare foot.

Will twisted his foot as if he was stomping out a cigarette, all the while making goofy faces and mocking his brother’s agony.

“Fuck!” Michael screamed, his face contorted into a mask of anguish. “Will! Please!”

Will chuckled and gave his brother’s nuts a final, hard twist with his foot. Then he lifted his foot and stomped down hard with his heel, catching both of Michael’s exposed balls and making Michael gasp in pain and shock.

With an amused expression on his face, Will let go of Michael’s ankles. His brother whimpered and rolled to his side. His hands clutched his agonized testicles and he moaned miserably.

Will looked at him, thinking about what to do next. Then his face lightened up and he grabbed Michael’s right foot.

All the strength had left Michael’s body and he just groaned and moaned when his brother took off his shoe.

“You wanted to kick my nuts with those sneakers, huh, Mikey”, Will said cheerfully. He looked at the shoe, shrugged, and put it on. He looked at it and grinned, “Well, why don’t I kick yours with it?”

Michael moaned softly.

Will chuckled. “You are not very cooperative, Mikey.”

With another lighthearted shrug, he grabbed Michael’s ankles again and pulled his legs apart once more.

“Will”, Michael croaked. The bright red bulge appeared invitingly between his wide spread legs.
Will grinned and brought his leg back. With a precise motion, he kicked his brother’s vulnerable manhood like a soccer player would kick a penalty shot. His sneaker-clad toes crashed into Michael’s balls and crushed them hard.

Michael screamed from the top of his lungs.

Will chuckled and did it again. Once more, his foot connected with Michael’s testicles that were exposed and as accessible as they could possibly be. They were presented like two apples on a nouvelle cuisine plate, and Will had every intention clear that plate.

A third time, his foot met Michael’s balls with astounding force and precision.

Michael whimpered in pain and struggled against his brother’s hold. His face was red and he was sweating. His blond hair was wet and his eyes were filled with tears.

Will decided to have mercy on his brother and let go of his ankles.

Michael sobbed and curled up in a ball. He cupped his aching testicles in his hands and writhed on the ground.

Will raised his eyebrows and made sympathetic face. “I’m sorry, Mikey.”

Michael stopped moaning for a brief moment and replied with an angry grunt before remembering the pain he was in and letting out a long, miserable groan.

Will grinned and winked into the camera. He walked over to it until his face was almost touching the lens. He looked directly into the camera, grinned and whispered, “Wanna see his nuts naked?” He paused for a moment as if waiting for a response from the imaginative viewer. “Come on”, he grinned. “You wanna see his nuts naked, don’t you?” He nodded and grinned. “That’s what I thought… Wait. What?” He pretended to have trouble hearing, then he smiled and made a generous gesture. “A squeeze? Sure. Watch me.”

He walked over to Michael and knelt down next to him. He grabbed his brother’s hips and turned him around so that he lay on his back.

Michael groaned.

Will chuckled and opened his brother’s fly.

“Will”, Michael croaked. “What are you---“

Will smiled at him and yanked his jeans down midway over his thighs. He looked at Michael’s impressive package inside his bright red briefs and shrugged apologetically.

“No”, Michael moaned.

Will was unimpressed. He quickly pulled his brother’s briefs down, exposing his slightly reddened equipment. His large, juicy balls were quite a bit swollen, and his huge, limp dick was lying lethargically on top of them.

Will grimaced and slapped Michael’s dick out of the way so that it was lying on his abs, now.

Michael gasped. “No”, he repeated, his voice cracking.

Will grabbed Michael’s naked nuts with his right hand. “That’s a good deal of meat”, he grinned and closed his fist around Michael’s balls.

Michael’s eyes opened wide and his resistance seemed to be revived. “No!” he screamed. “Nonononononononooooooo!”

Will was kneading his precious babymakers in his hands, his thumb digging into the soft flesh of his testicles. He ground and twisted his poor nuts and watched his brother scream and struggle and writhe.

Michael was screaming in a shrill voice that varied in pitch and volume whenever Will twisted his nuts particularly bad or gave them an especially mean tug. Michael created a noise reminiscent of either modern opera or ancient slaughterhouse techniques, it was hard to bear, anyway.

Will, being nearest to the source of those unnatural sounds, grimaced and winced with every exceptionally high note.

“Wow”, he shouted over Michael’s screaming. “You’re hurting my ears!”

He opened his fist and Michael’s screams turned into a low moan.

With his other hand, Will punched his brother’s nuts hard, making Michael’s eyes lose focus, his eyebrows rise, and his mouth open slightly.

“We’re done”, Will grinned, “as soon as you admit that I’ve won.”

Michael stared at him, his face a mask of shock.

Will waited for a couple of seconds, then he punched Michael’s balls once more.

Michael gasped and coughed. “You win”, he croaked.

Will let go of his brother’s nuts, allowing him to curl up in a little ball and nurse his battered balls.

Will grinned into the camera and struck a few poses, flexing his muscles and showing off his biceps and his well-defined abs.

Then he grabbed his groin, adjusted his crotch, and shrugged. “I won”, he said before turning on his heel and kneeling next to his brother.

“Cut”, I said to Chad.

Chad nodded.

I walked over to the twins. “How are you”, I said.

“Oh, I’m fine”, Will grinned.

“I meant your brother…”

“Oh”, Will laughed. “He’ll be fine, too. You know us. We have---“

“Tough little soldiers”, Michael croaked, cupping his balls. He smiled weakly. Then he grimaced in pain and moaned.


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Anonymous said...

Great! I love the brotherly chemistry they have. I also love the fact that Will seems to be very adventurous. Unlike most of the other characters, he seems to adopt a very open-ended style of busting, sometimes using bare feet, socks, shoes, grabs, squeezes, punches. It's a nice comparison to others who seem to prefer one limb above the others.

Yet another good story! ^^

Alex said...

Wow, you are fast! It's less than an hour since I posted the story... :-)
Yeah, Will is quite a brisk guy... I'm glad you like him!
Thanks for your feedback!

Chris said...

Hehe, yep yep, I pride myself on speed. Or... I pretend to, at least.

Something else I forgot to ask: Is there a reason Micheal isn't happy with removing much clothing? It's an interesting quirk to his character, but since he is so radically different for his 'up-for-anything' brother, it makes me want to know what happened to him in childhood to make him so... grouchy.


Alex said...

Hi Chris! I don't think that there is a trauma in Michael's childhood that is responsible for that. Maybe it's just him trying to be different than his brother?

Harry said...

Alex, I'm catching up on your blog and can't believe I never saw this story before. So sexy. Thanks for re-posting some of the old One v One, they are great!