Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brother knows best

Featured in this story: Chad, Danny, David and Alex (click for pictures)

„Where are they?“ Chad asked impatiently.

The camera equipment was set up and my cameraman and I were sitting in the kitchen. Chad was smoking a cigarette.

“I don’t know”, I said.

We were waiting for Danny and David. The two brothers had announced that they would arrive at eleven o’clock. Now it was noon and they hadn’t even called.

Chad looked at his watch. He looked a bit tired but quite hot, with his three day stubble and his short brown hair. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“They are going to be here any minute”, I said.

Suddenly, we heard a shrill scream coming from the staircase.

“Sounds like Danny”, I dead-panned.

Chad chuckled.

We got up and walked into the studio.

The door opened and Danny limped through the door, his handsome face contorted in pain.

The 21 year old actor – his credits included memorable turns in gems like “Waking the Undead” and “Alien Spring Break” – was wearing blue jeans, sneakers, and a white shirt. His strawberry-blond hair was tousled and his green eyes were glassy.

“Hi Danny”, I smiled.

“Hi”, Danny croaked. Then, out of nowhere, he cringed, grabbed his crotch, and let out another high-pitched scream.

Chad and I looked at each other, confused. There was no sign of interference.

“Everything okay?” I asked slowly.

Danny raised his eyebrows and looked at us with pain in his eyes.

Behind him, his brother David appeared. David was two years younger than Danny, and far more successful. He had a flourishing career in ballet dancing, having played a couple of essential roles in classical and modern ballet. The black haired dancer was looking dashing, wearing black trousers and leather shoes with a black shirt.

He raised his right arm and waved at us.

Danny screamed from the top of his lungs.

David chuckled.

We saw the reason for Danny’s seemingly unmotivated pain: A piece of string was leading from David’s hand to the back of Danny’s jeans, disappearing inside the waistband.

Danny raised his hand again, yanking on the string and causing Danny to moan in pain and grab his nuts.

I looked at David.

The 19 year old dancer grinned. “Balls on a string”, he said and pulled up once again.

Danny’s eyes widened and he was lifted to his tip-toes, his legs spread apart.

David held his hand up high and looked at his brother’s ass.

He chuckled and kicked Danny’s nuts hard from behind.

His leather shoe connected with Danny’s balls and drove them into his body.

Danny’s eyes watered and he let out a blood-curdling scream. His hands found his aching testicles and he collapsed on the ground. On his way down, the string tightened and I winced in sympathy at the thought of this additional blow to his balls.

David let go of the other end of the string, letting Danny curl up in a ball on the floor.

He grinned and shook our hands while his brother was writhing on the ground.

“This is so much fun”, he smiled. “You have no idea how funny it is. We have been taking a walk to the park. Everyone thought Danny was some kind of pervert… Hilarious. And then we went to the supermarket. You should have seen the glances he got…” David laughed and looked at his brother. “Poor thing…”

He sat down on the couch and looked at us expectantly.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Don’t you want to offer me something to drink?”

“Sure”, I said.

“A Coke”, David said and shifted his glance to his brother who was moaning in agony and cupping his hurting groin. The string was extending out of his jeans and lying on the ground.

Chad grinned and walked over to Danny. He looked at David and grinned, “May I?”

David chuckled. “Sure.”

Chad grabbed the string and pulled hard.

Danny’s eyes opened and he screamed.

I frowned at Chad.

Chad shrugged.

David was laughing his ass off. “Great, isn’t it? My idea. Who needs computer games and high tech entertainment when you can have so much fun with a string and two balls?”

Chad chuckled.

“Please”, Danny moaned and grabbed the string with his hand. “That’s enough for today.”

Chad reluctantly let go.

I walked to the kitchen and returned with a large bottle of Coke and four glasses.

Danny was standing in the middle of the room with the fly of his jeans open and his naked genitals hanging out.

Chad and David were watching him with amused expressions on their faces.

Danny fumbled with his nuts, trying to untie the knots in the string. His balls looked battered.

The noose around his nuts was pretty tight and his apples looked firm and taut, the sac skin stretched to the maximum. His testicles had taken on an unhealthy color, looking bright red and decidedly unfashionable.

“I bet they glow in the dark”, David mused, causing Chad to laugh heartily.

I had pity with Danny and helped him untying the knots.

It didn’t go without a bit of pain, and Danny winced and writhed, trying not to pull against me.

Chad walked to the camera and started filming.

“Here you go”, I said after I had freed his poor nuts.

Danny rubbed them with his hand and looked at me. “Thanks”, he said.

I smiled. “Sure.”

“’Here you go.’ – ‘Thanks.’ – ‘Sure.’”, David repeated in a mocking tone. He had acquired a habit of mocking my light German accent, making me sound like a teutonic dimwit.

I looked at David disparagingly, trying to stay calm.

“Oooh, the Herr is angry”, David grinned.

I ignored him and looked at Danny’s genitalia that was hanging out of his fly.

Danny nursed his aching testicles. He looked miserable. His face was beet red and he examined his nuts.

I couldn’t help but grin at the sight of his worried expression.

David walked to his brother and put an arm around his shoulder. With his other hand, he grabbed Danny’s hands that were wrapped around his balls, and squeezed lightly.

Danny winced.

“Everything alright, big bro?” David smiled. “Are your raisins okay?”

Danny’s balls weren’t exactly extra-large but they certainly were above average size, a fact that David gleefully ignored.

“Let go”, Danny muttered.

David raised his eyebrows and shook his head, clicking his tongue. “You know, Danny, it’s not very wise of you to talk to me in that tone…”

Danny stared at him.

David stood in front of his brother and tapped his foot. “Get your hands away from your little balls.”

Danny blinked.

“Get your hands away from your little balls”, David repeated, smiling innocently.

Danny shook his head. “I’m not gonna---“

“Get your hands away from your little balls!” David shouted.

Danny winced and reluctantly let go of his nuts.

The second his balls were unguarded, David kicked them hard. The toes of his leather shoe connected with Danny’s reddened meatballs and smashed them into Danny’s pelvis.

Danny’s eyes widened and a long, hoarse moan escaped his lips.

“Ouch”, Chad commented cheerfully.

David grinned.

Danny grabbed his nuts again and doubled over, his face a mask of pain.

“Are you having fun, Danny?” David asked lightheartedly.

Danny groaned.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you…”

Danny mumbled something inaudible.

“You have to speak up, Danny, or I’m gonna crush your nuts again”, David grinned.

“Fuck you”, Danny spat.

“Ooooh, swearing at your brother? That’s a big no-no”, David said with mock-sadness. He walked up to his brother.

Danny winced.

David grinned and slapped Danny’s hands that were cupping his sore balls.

Danny moaned.

His brother sighed and grabbed Danny’s hands, prying them away from his poor nuts, leaving them resting vulnerably in the fly of his jeans.

David clicked his tongue and drove his knee into Danny’s groin, catching both of Danny’s balls dead-on and causing Danny to whimper in pain and collapse on the ground again.

David took a step back and shook his head, smiling gently. “See? That’s what you get for swearing at me.”

Danny was rolling around on the ground, sobbing in pain, his hands cupping his precious jewels.

David squatted down in front of him and said, “Isn’t it nice to spend the day with your brother?”

Danny whimpered.

“I always look forward to meeting you. It’s fun and I have so many stories to tell to my friends afterwards. And since you started to do things for this website there are even videos I can show to them!” David smiled at me.

I blushed.

“Oh”, Danny stood and looked at me. “By the way: Remember, when I see my face on that video, I’m gonna have a field day with your balls.”

I gulped.

“You’re gonna have to carry them with you in a jar. Understand me?”

I nodded.

David turned his attention to his brother again.

Danny was a picture of misery. He was sweating profusely, his handsome face was red and his eyes were glassy. His white shirt was moist and clinging to his body, letting us catch a glimpse of his hard nipples, his muscular chest and his defined abs.

David grabbed Danny’s feet and took of his feet. “Ugh”, he grimaced at the sight of Danny’s socks. He grabbed the legs of Danny’s jeans and yanked them off of him, leaving him naked below the waist.

Danny struggled against him, but David managed to strip his brother quickly without too much of a fight.

“No”, Danny sobbed.

David smiled and threw his jeans and sneakers onto the couch. “What?”

“Stop it, please…”

“Stop what?”

Danny frowned at him. “Busting my balls!”

David pouted. “You are not having fun? Gee, I thought you enjoyed spending your time with your little brother…”

Danny groaned.

David chuckled and grabbed Danny’s ankles, spreading his legs apart in a V.

Danny’s eyes widened. “David, please---“

“You don’t have to beg for it”, David interrupted him. He lifted his foot and stomped down on Danny’s nuts, crushing his precious orbs under the leather sole of his foot, and making Danny scream from the top of his lungs. He twisted his foot, grinding Danny’s balls into the floor.

Danny panted heavily and struggled against his brother.

David laughed and lifted his foot, quickly following up with a hard kick into Danny’s poor nuts. Then he let go of Danny’s ankles and allowed the poor boy to roll to the side and curl up in a ball.

“Time for a break, don’t you think?” David grinned and sat down on the couch, pouring himself a glass of Coke and watching his brother writhe on the floor with a big smile on his face. He pointed at Danny and looked at me. “He’s a class act, huh? Too bad his nuts are so weak. They only make for half a day’s entertainment…”

Chad chuckled.

Danny crawled to the couch and reached for his jeans.

“Nope”, David said quickly and pulled them out of Danny’s reach. “No need for you to get them on when you have to strip them off again ten minutes from now…”

Danny groaned. “David, this is ridiculous. Why do you--- Let’s just--- Just let me---“

David laughed. “’Why do you--- Let’s just--- Just let me---‘”, he repeated in a whiny voice. “No wonder you suck at acting if you aren’t even able to from a complete sentence…”

Danny frowned at him. He stood and cupped his reddened testicles in his hands.

“You look ridiculous”, David grinned and turned to me. “Doesn’t he?”

I looked at Danny. He was naked except for his socks and his shirt. His body was wet with sweat and his hands were cupping his crotch. David was right. He did look ridiculous. But of course I didn’t want to humiliate Danny further, so I just shrugged.

David took that as an affirmation. “See, Danny? Even your friends think you’re pathetic.”

Danny looked at me with a sad expression in his eyes.

I bit my lower lip and smiled encouragingly.

Suddenly David sprang up, his face brightened by enthusiasm. “You know what, Danny? I’m gonna spare you if you do something for me.”

Danny looked miserable. He sighed and looked at his brother. “What do you want?”

David grinned and pointed at me. “Strip him and crack his nuts!”

I was speechless.

Danny looked at me, his eyes focussed on my crotch.

For some reason, I wasn’t wearing jeans today. I couldn’t remember why, but this morning I had put on a pair of light black trousers. I looked down at my groin and realised that these trousers offered very little protection for my precious equipment.

“Danny”, I smiled uneasily, “That’s a bad deal. He is not gonna---“

Danny shrugged and lunged at me. His hands grabbed the waistband of my trousers while his head collided with my nuts.

I heard Chad and David laugh.

Danny’s head had caught both of my nuts dead-on. I coughed as the pain radiated through my body. My stomach cramped and I groaned hoarsely.

Danny yanked my pants down, almost ripping them apart.

I screamed in pain.

Moving quickly, Danny grabbed my boxer briefs and pulled them down, exposing my dick and balls.
Chad and David cheered.

“Danny”, I moaned. “Please don’t---“

“Sorry”, Danny muttered and grabbed my nuts with his right hand. He squeezed them hard and I screamed from the top of my lungs.

“Yeah”, David laughed.

My head started to spin as Danny ground my balls in his hands, squeezing them brutally and looking at me with an apologetic expression on his face.

I tried to pry his hands away from my testicles, but Danny seemed to be pretty determined on crunching my nuts. I wasn’t able to release his vice-like grip on my balls. Far from it. Danny kneaded my nuts in his hands and I gasped and groaned as waves of paralyzing pain swashed through my body.

“Danny”, I croaked.

Danny let go of my nuts.

“Thanks”, I whispered, before a nutcrunching uppercut drove my nuts into my pelvis.

I let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed on the ground.

My hands found my testicles and I grabbed them tightly, rolling around on the floor and moani
in pain.

Danny was standing next to me, indecisive what do to next. He looked at his brother.

David grinned. “Kick him.”

Danny reluctantly kicked my naked ass.

David rolled his eyes. “In the nuts.”

Danny looked at him. “He’s cupping them with his hands.”

“Well, think of something…”

Danny grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands away from my nuts.

“No”, I moaned.

Danny drew his leg back and sent it crashing between my thighs, catching both of my tender testicles dead-on and making my vision blur. I wasn’t even able to scream. I just let out a hoarse, whimpering groan.

Danny kicked my nuts again and again.

Finally, he had pity with me and let go of my hands. I was in a world of pain, unable to speak and unable to move.

David laughed. “Good boy.” He turned to Chad. “What do you think, pal, should we finish them off together?”

Chad grinned. “That’s fine with me.”

Quickly, Chad and David moved towards us.

They managed to time their kicks so that they landed simultaneously in our crotched.

David foot connected with Danny’s naked balls with a loud slap, while Chad stomped down on my balls hard.

Our screams echoed through the studio.

Danny collapsed next to me.

We were both half naked, our hands clasping our battered balls.

David put his arm around Chad’s shoulder and grinned. “Great, huh?”

Chad grinned.

“Come on, let’s go to a bar and have a drink, while these two wimps try to rescue their manhoods”, David smiled and turned to go.

Chad followed him.

I turned my head to look at Danny who was lying on the ground next to me.

“Sorry”, he whimpered.

I groaned.


Anonymous said...

When is Danny going to get revenge? It would be great for him to turn the tables on David and bust his little brother's balls enough to put him in traction for a week!

Alex said...

I don't know. At the moment I like the thought of David being "invincible". But there will come a time for Danny to bust his brother's balls, I'm sure...

Anonymous said...

man, i kinda hate stories with David, unless of corse, he's the one getting busted, i'd love that.

Anonymous said...

AnonII love the stories with David smashing everybody else esp. Danny his bro. Like the nastiness and unfairness of David being the top always. More & more.

Anonymous said...

One or two stories of David getting busted would be fine, but there is something about him being invincible that makes him so hot!

This story was awesome and him tricking Danny was really funny. I loved the stomping, that was really really hot. Please keep the stories with David coming, I love them muchos!

Anonymous said...

no, Dacid needs to get his commupence, the Invincible thing is a turn off, and the unfairness is stupid, he needs to get busted BAD!

Alex said...

There will be a story with Danny getting back at his brother. I will publish it on the 13th of July. And after that it will be back to normal and David will get his revenge on Danny again...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE David! It'd be great to read about him doing some stuff with those dancing feet of his! The shoes are nice, but I bet he could think of some imaginitive ways to use his sexy socks and ballbusting barefeet to torment his older brother.

Go David!

Alex said...

Thanks for your ideas! I'll include them in one of the next stories!