Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fresh meat

Featured in this story: Chad (click for pictures)

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Phone calls

I was in the kitchen, making coffee, when I heard someone open the door to the studio.

“Hello?” I heard my cameraman Chad shout.

“I’m in the kitchen!” I yelled back. “Where have you been? The twins’ ‘One on one’ video has to be online within the hour and I think we have to do something about the ending because---“

“You don’t have to shout at me”, Chad interrupted me.

I looked around.

He was standing in the doorframe of the kitchen, grinning. “Look who’s here.”

He took a step to the side, and a young curly-haired guy appeared in the doorframe, smiling sheepishly and waving his hand in an awkward gesture. “Hi”, he said shyly.

I stared at him.

He was around 5’8” tall, with a slim build, blond hair in wild curls, green eyes and a handsome face that I recognized immediately.

“George?” I said, puzzled.

George smiled. “Hey, Alex.”

Last time I had seen George, he had taken part in a little acting workshop with Danny and a bunch of other actors for a short film called “Rocks/Off”. The guys had been taught how to sell nutshots convincingly, and their balls – especially George’s – had suffered quite a bit of torture in the process. I vividly remembered the sight of George’s oversized eggs getting scrambled inside his white briefs, and I was quite happy to see him again.

“Sorry I didn’t show up for that skit a few months ago”, George said, scratching his head.
We had asked him to co-star with Sammy in an episode of “Sammy the ball doctor”, but he didn’t come, so Chad had to act as a substitute at the time.

“No problem”, I smiled and pointed at my cameraman. “He covered for you.”

Chad grimaced at the memory of his nuts getting crunched.

“Good”, George said and glanced at Chad’s crotch. “I guess I couldn’t have done a better job.”
Chad shrugged and adjusted his crotch. “Well, it was no walk in the park, but I did my very best…”

I chuckled. “He isn’t quite as hung as you are, though.”

Chad glared at me.

George smiled and grabbed the big bulge in his jeans. “Well, I’m quite gifted…”

“Oh yes, you are”, I grinned.

I poured each of us a cup of coffee and we sat down at the kitchen table.

We talked about all sorts of things.

When we talked about George’s job, he said that – just like Danny – he had some trouble finding work as an actor.

I looked at Chad.

My cameraman shrugged.

“Listen”, I said to George. “Why don’t you work for us?”

George grinned. “You mean getting my nuts crunched on a regular basis?”

I smiled. “Well, we could use someone of your stature. We already have two guys who are in your league, as far as the size of their cocks and balls is concerned, but there’s room for more.”

George thought about that for a moment. Then he grinned, “Okay, why not.”

“Great!” I said. “Why don’t we go over to the studio and do a couple of test shots?”

Chad and I stood.

George looked up at us. “You mean, right now?”

I shrugged. “Sure. It won’t take more than five minutes. I’m sure our members would love to see more of you as soon as possible…”

George scratched his head and looked at his watch. “I don’t know. I’m gonna go see my girlfriend
and--- Oh, what the hell, okay.”

“Great”, I smiled and we walked over to the studio.

I stood next to Chad behind the camera. “Screen test George”, I said in a loud voice. Then I turned to the blond actor. “Why don’t you strip down to your undies?”

George shrugged and took off his t-shirt, revealing his lean yet muscular chest.

I tapped Chad’s shoulder. “Do you wanna go for his nuts?” I grinned. “You could pay him back for standing us up and making you get your balls busted by Sammy.”

Chad’s face lit up and he chuckled. “Yeah, thanks.”

I took over his position behind the camera while Chad walked over to George who had taken off his shoes and socks and was unbuttoning his jeans.

“Could you introduce yourself to the camera?” I said.

George nodded. “I’m George and I’m 22 years old”, he said while taking off his jeans and exposing his tightly packed briefs. His impressive manhood was stretching the thin white fabric to its limits. His huge dick – he definitely rivalled Cal’s large member, although I guessed he was a bit short of Zach’s monster cock – was clearly outlined in his briefs and his hefty balls hung low beneath it. The briefs seemed to be a tad bit too small, letting the camera catch a glimpse of his neatly trimmed pubis hair.

“I’m an actor”, George continued. He smiled and let his jeans fall to the floor. Then he grabbed his bulging crotch and weighed it in his hand, throwing a flirtatious smile at the camera. “I have not much experience with getting my nuts crunched, but I guess I’m gonna learn…”

I chuckled. “Great.”

George looked at Chad who was standing on the side. “Okay”, he said slowly. “That’s it for today?”

I shook my head and smiled. “Not quite. Now Chad is gonna kick your nuts a couple of times so that we’ll see how it looks on camera.”

George looked uncomfortable. “Do you think that’s necessary?”

I nodded. “Absolutely. You may have grapefruits instead of testicles, but we’ll have to see them in action…”

“I see”, George said with a worried expression on his face. He looked at Chad, then at me again. “You know, I don’t know if this is the right time…”

I smiled.

Chad walked behind George. He was wearing jeans and a colourful shirt, with black boots at his feet.

“Really”, George said quickly. “Maybe we should postpone the whole thing.”

Chad was standing behind him.

“Spread you legs”, Chad said casually.

George grimaced and did as he was told. “I could come back tomorrow…”

“Let go of your junk”, Chad said.

George complied, but he looked at me pleadingly. He was looking hot, standing in the middle of the room, his hands at his sides, wearing nothing but his skimpy briefs with his oversized equipment almost bursting the white fabric. “I mean, my girlfriend---“

Chad interrupted him, unceremoniously bringing his boot-clad foot up between George’s thighs, slamming the two meaty orbs inside George’s white briefs with a resounding thud.

George blinked. He looked down at his crotch as if he needed to see the damage that Chad had done to his nuts.

Chad’s boot was still embedded into George’s manhood.

George’s cockhead had slipped out of his briefs and his nuts were wedged between his pelvis and Chad’s boot.

Chad withdrew his foot and patiently waited for the pain to set in.

“Ow”, George whimpered in a high-pitched voice.

Chad chuckled.

“Ow”, George repeated.

He tentatively reached for his groin with both of his hands.


Carefully, George reached inside his briefs, pulling his big cock and his juicy balls out and tucking the waistband of his underwear beneath. He grabbed the two delicate globes in his hands and turned his face to the camera.

He was pale as ashes. His hands let go of his balls and reached up to his face. His pendulous babymakers dangled below his cock.

“Ow”, he said. The pain seemed to be too paralyzing to say anything else.

I grinned at Chad.

Chad smiled and brought his leg back.

With thundering force and admirable accuracy, he landed another perfect blow to George’s nuts. The toes of his boot-clad foot caught both of George’s dangling fruits dead-on and crushed them hard.

Now, George found more accurate ways to express his feelings.

He screamed from the top of his lungs and grabbed his aching manhood. Yelling obscenities, he fell to his knees and collapsed on the ground.

Chad looked down on him with an amused expression on his face.

I focused the camera on the writhing body on the ground and zoomed in on George’s pain-contorted face. His handsome features had turned into a mask of pain, his green eyes filled with tears and his mouth hanging open while he was whimpering in pain and rolling around on the ground.

Chad walked towards me and grinned. “That was easy.”

I chuckled.

We let George deal with his pain for a few minutes.

Finally, he was able to breathe normally.

“Fuck”, he moaned and massaged his plums.

I smiled and handed him his jeans.

He put them on and stuffed his throbbing meatballs carefully into the fly, grimacing in pain when he buttoned it.

When he was fully dressed, we accompanied him to the door.

He was limping and his right hand was cupping his crotch.

“Listen”, I said. “We’ll have a training camp for two of out big balled guys in August. Maybe you wanna come, too?”

George winced and nursed his manhood. “Do you think that’s necessary?”

I smirked and pointed at his crotch. “You think it isn’t?”

George looked down and sighed. “Maybe you’re right.”

“I’ll let you know when we have a date”, I said and shook his hand.

“Thanks”, he said and turned to Chad.

Chad grinned.

George smiled and shook his hand.

Chad looked down at George’s unprotected crotch.

George followed his glance, then he looked at Chad and blinked.

Chad chuckled and brought his foot up, ramming George’s testicles into his body and making him
stumble back and fold in the middle.

George let out a deep, hoarse moan and cupped his nuts with both of his hands.

“See you in August”, Chad grinned and closed the door.

We heard George groan on the corridor.

I clicked my tongue disparagingly. “That was mean.”

Chad shrugged. “I guess. Far worse: we didn’t catch it on camera…”

I laughed.

We walked to the kitchen.

Chad lit a cigarette and exhaled slowly. “I’m looking forward to August!”

I grinned. “Me too….”


Anonymous said...

awsome, love the concept of 3 weak, big, guys training together.

Alex said...

The "Big balls training camp" story will consist of 3 stories, each one covering one day of the weekend.
On Friday we'll arrive at the house and I'm gonna give a little demonstration on why we are there...
On Saturday, George, Cal and Zach are going to work with their personal trainers in one on one sessions.
And on Saturday, we're going to have a fight between the three of them.
I hope you'll like the stories.