Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer in the city 6: At the city pool with the twins

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

We walked across the premises and searched for Michael and Will.

My cameraman Chad was carrying the camera. He was shirtless, wearing flip-flops and colourful – and a tad tasteless – boxer shorts.

It was the perfect weather for lying lazily in the sun and taking a swim once in a while. The sun was shining brightly and the air was hot and sticky.

I had taken off my shirt, too, but my boxer shorts were way more fashionable than Chad’s. At least I wanted to believe that…

The city pool was a public bath with several pools and lawns. There were more than 500 people here, sunbathing, reading, swimming, relaxing. Families with little kids running around and screaming, couples holding hands, and groups of girls and boys having fun.

Finally, we saw them. The twins were lying on two white deck chairs next to one of the larger pools, which was packed with people.

The 22 year old blond brothers were lying side by side, wearing identical sunglasses, their bodies tanned and naked except for some skimpy swimming trunks. Michael was wearing red trunks, while Will had blue ones.

Apparently, they had their eyes closed. They didn’t notice us. When we stood next to them, we realized that they both had earphones in their ears and were listening to some music.

Chad grinned and put the camera next to Will’s chair.

Both of them had muscular legs and arms – they were gymnasts after all – and their bronzed, well defined abs and chests glistened with suntan lotion.

Their tight swimming trunks did nothing to conceal their genitals. Both boys being well-endowed, their nuts and dicks were clearly outlined through the thin fabric.

Will’s cock was pointing to the right, with his large nuts resting below.

Michael’s dick pointed in the other direction, and it looked even bigger than Will’s. The music he was listening to seemed to be quite arousing…

Chad sneaked up to will and held out his hand.

Will seemed to sense that somebody was there. Just when he opened his eyes, Chad slapped the impressive bulge in Will’s trunks.

Will blinked a few times and let out a hoarse groan. He sat up straight and grabbed his genitals.

“Hi”, Chad grinned.

Michael opened his eyes. He saw his twin brother doubled over and chuckled. “Hi, guys.

Everything alright, Will?”

Will moaned. “Bastard…”

Chad laughed. “Good to see you, too!”

Chad and I sat down in the grass next to the twins.

Michael and Will put their earphones away.

Will nursed his battered spuds and grimaced.

I looked around. “Nice place. I’ve never been here.”

Chad switched on the camera and started to film.

Will groaned softly and tried to sit up straight. “Yeah”, he said. “We come here once a week in the summer.”

Michael nodded.

“Usually”, Will continued, “we take a chair here at the all-male-section.”

I raised my eyebrows and looked around. I hadn’t noticed before, but Will was right. There were
only guys around us and in the pool. No families or couples or kids in sight.

“Is this a gay section”, I asked, looking at Will in disbelief.

“No”, Will laughed. “This is a public pool, Alex. Have you ever seen a gay section at a public pool?”

I shrugged.

Will laughed again. “No. The families are over there at the children’s pools and the toddlers’ pools. This is what I call the ‘prank pool’.”

I looked at the pool. Most of the guys – and there were only guys in the pool – were in their late teens or early twenties. They looked lean and fit, and they were having fun, laughing and joking, and trying to pull each other under water.

A young man, blond hair and a handsome face, got out of the pool and walked past us. His tanned, muscular body was dripping wet.

“We’re here because Mikey likes to ogle the guys”, Will chuckled.

Michael blushed. “Will, I--- you---“ He stopped and pouted.

“Oh come on, Mikey”, Will patted his brother’s naked shoulder. “I’m just kidding…”

Chad and I chuckled.

“Look over there”, Will said and pointed at the pool.

A young redhead, probably 20 years old, took a dive between another guy’s legs and lifted him up, his head coming up into his crotch. The victim was an attractive guy with wet, black curls.

“Ugghhh!” he grunted when his mate’s head collided with his balls underwater. He was lifted up, with water splashing everywhere. “My nuts!”

His buddies laughed, and a few other guys in the pool turned their heads to watch the the action.

“My nuts!!” the curly guy repeated, trying to get off his buddy’s shoulders, whose head appeared above the water.

The redhead moved his head and shoulders, butting the curly guy’s nuts with the back of his head before sending him flying into the water.

He grinned, turned around and lunged for his friend, holding his head underwater.

The curly haired boy came up for air, gasping and panting. When he was dunked again, he reached for his buddy’s swimming trunks and grabbed his balls.

Now it was the redhead’s turn to scream from the top of his lungs. “My nuts!!!”

After a few moments of intense squeezing, the curly guy let go and grinned.

The redhead whimpered. He reached inside his trunks underwater and caressed his crushed nuts, doubling over in pain.

His friends chuckled.

The curly guy grinned and jostled his poor mate, making him fall over into the water, drawing another round of cheerful laughter.

I looked at Will and Michael.

Will was grinning and running his hand over his defined abs.

Michael had a smile on his face, too, but he was looking in another direction, watching the blond guy from before, who was lying in the sun. The growing bulge in his red trunks indicated that he liked what he saw. When he noticed my glance, he blushed and covered his crotch with his hands.

I chuckled and turned my attention to the group of guys in the pool.

They got out of it and walked past us. They were a group of six guys, all of them lean and handsome, probably 20 years old. The redhead limping behind them, trying to walk straight, his hand cupping the considerable bulge in his swimming trunks. He was doing the best he could to look casual and avoid further humiliation.

“Hey”, Will shouted when he was walking past his chair. He leaned forward and placed his feet on either side of the chair.

The redhead looked at him. His friends stopped and walked back.

“Everything alright?” Will grinned.

The redhead winced.

“I gave him a good nutting”, the curly guy chuckled and laid his arm around his friend. He was wearing white swimming trunks that had a distinctive see-through quality, now that they were wet with water. His ample equipment was on full display.

I noticed Michael staring at his bulge where his dark pubic hair, his big, limp dick, and his well-sized testicles were outlined. Michael’s dick twitched lightly inside his swimming trunks.

“Yeah”, Will smiled. “I saw that.”

The redhead looked from Will to Michael and back again. “You twins?”

The curly guy stared at him. “Duh…”

The redhead shrugged. “I have a twin brother, too. But we’re fraternal twins. He looks nothing like me…”

“Is he here?” Will asked.

“No”, the redhead said. “We don’t get along that well…” He shrugged.

“Sorry to hear that”, Will said. He turned to his brother, who was still staring at the curly guy’s crotch, and slapped his nuts with the back of his hand. “My brother and I get along very well…”

Michael groaned and doubled over.

The guys chuckled.

“Hey”, Will grinned. “We are doing a little video with our friends. Would you mind joining us?”

The guy looked intrigued.

“It’s quite simple”, Will continued. “Ball bashing.”

The curly guy raised his eyebrows. “You mean we’re supposed to bash your balls.”

Will grinned and nodded. “I’m Will and this is Michael.”

“Hi”, Michael groaned.

“I’m Jay”, the redhead said, still nursing his balls.

“Bobby”, his curly friend chimed in. “And these are John, Richie, Lee and Vern.”

The rest of the guys nodded.

“Okay”, Will said. “Why don’t you start on my brother Mikey?”

Michael glared at him and groaned.

“Well”, Jay grinned and looked at the bulge in Will’s blue trunks that was resting on the white deck chair. “Why don’t we start with you?”

With a quick motion, Jay placed his bare foot on Will’s juicy plums and stomped down on them.

Will’s body jerked forward and he grimaced in pain.

“Listen”, he whispered hoarsely, his testicles getting squished by Jay’s foot. “Why don’t we---“

Jay twisted his foot, grinding Will’s ample nuggets into the plastic chair.

Will shrieked in pain.

In the meantime, curly-haired Bobby walked to Michael and grinned.

Michael was watching his brother’s misery with glee in his eyes.

Bobby chuckled and clenched his fist.

Suddenly, Michael realized what was about to happen. He blinked nervously and tried to cover his groin, but Bobby was quicker. He slammed his fist down, hammering it into the soft pouch in Michael’s trunks and flattening the precious orbs inside.

Michael shrieked in pain and rolled up on the chair, covering his hurt genitals.

John, Richie and Lee chuckled.

Jay continued to stomp Will’s balls.

“Fuck”, Will panted.

Jay grinned and let go.

Will doubled over and cupped his groin.

Both of the twins were in pain, now, and Jay, Bobby and the rest of the guys laughed at them.

“Listen”, Will groaned and got up from the chair. “I---“

He was interrupted by a devastating kick to his crotch. Jay’s bare foot connected perfectly, digging into Will’s poor balls and flattening them between his instep and Will’s own pelvis.

Will coughed and doubled over in agony.

Jay looked at his friends. “Why don’t you help me?”

Richie and Lee shrugged. They were both quite tall, with tanned bodies, muscular abs and smooth chests, looking very attractive in their tight swimming trunks that left very little to the imagination…

“Can you do the splits?” Jay asked Will.

Will groaned.

“Sure, he’s a professional gymnast”, I assisted. “They both are.”

The twins looked at me with painful expressions.

I shrugged.

“Great”, Jay grinned and pointed at Will’s feet.

Richie and Lee bent down and grabbed Will’s ankles.

“No”, Will groaned.

They pulled simultaneously, causing Will to scream in terror, as he lost his balance and his legs gave. He landed in a perfect split, his soft testicles slamming into the ground.

“Fuck”, Will moaned and grabbed his crotch. He fell forward, his chest and face landing in the dirt.

Jay grinned and quickly walked behind him, standing between Will’s legs. He brought his leg back and kicked Will’s nuts, his toes catching both of Will’s plums with deadly precision.

Will let out a blood-curdling scream.

Once more, Jay kicked Will’s precious balls, flattening both of them and causing Will to gag. His cheeks puffed and his eyes lost focus. A long, miserable moan escaped his mouth.

Jay chuckled and went for it again. “Third time is a charm…”

His bare foot connected with Will’s oversized babymakers. Will coughed and looked sick. He looked up at Jay with a accusatory look, closed his legs, fell to his side and curled up in a ball, moaning softly and nursing his agonized nuts.

“Wow”, Jay ginned. “That was easy.”

The rest of the guys watched with amusement.

Even Michael, doubled over and in pain himself, chuckled. His smile vanished, though, when Bobby grinned, “Are you as limber as your brother?”

Michael’s face paled.

Bobby, John and Vern grabbed him and made him stand up.

Michael shook his head and struggled but he had no chance.

John and Vern grabbed his ankles and yanked them apart, making Michael scream in agony and land on the ground crotch first.

The lawn was uneven, and as luck would have it, Michael’s precious balls collided with a medium-sized stone that was lodged in the lawn.

“Ooooh”, the rest of the guys cooed in mock-sympathy.

Jay winced and grabbed his own crotch. “That’s a gonna leave a dent in the genotype.”

Michael’s eyes watered and he blinked a few times. He was remaining in his uncomfortable position, unable to move. He coughed and his hands slowly found the center of pain. They cupped his aching testicles and Michael’s mouth opened to let out a miserable, hoarse groan.

Bobby was standing in front of him. His clearly visible package was right in front of Michael’s face.

Michael blinked.

Bobby chuckled and nudged Michael’s chin with the tip of his bare foot, causing him to slowly fall backwards, landing on his back, his legs staying spread wide apart.

“Look”, Bobby grinned and pointed at Michael’s crotch. He grabbed Michael’s hands and held them away from his crotch. One of Michael’s nuts had slipped out of the leg opening of his swimming trunks and was wedged between the elastic band and his leg. Above, Michael’s thick dick was fully hard, and the tip struggled to escape from the fabric prison.

Bobby chuckled and looked around.

A few guys were watching from their chairs, with amused expressions on their faces.

Bobby grinned and knelt between Michael’s legs.

Will was doubled over and cupping his crotch, his face a few inches apart from his brother’s. He had his eyes clenched shut and was moaning in pain.

“Jay, help me”, Bobby said.

Jay shrugged and knelt next to Michael. He grabbed Michael’s wrists, preventing him from covering his groin.

Michael moaned in pain. He struggled, but Richie and Vern came to help. They placed their feet on Michael’s ankles, holding him locked in his vulnerable position.

Tentatively, Bobby grabbed Michael’s trunks and pulled them away to the side, exposing both of his large nuts and his hard dick that sprang out and pointed at Bobby’s face.

“Hey, Bobby, seems like you made a new friend…” Jay grinned.

Bobby chuckled and grabbed Michael’s cock with his hand. He jerked it a few times and grinned when a drop of pre-cum oozed out of its tip.

“He broke up with his boyfriend a couple of days ago”, Jay told me.

I couldn’t hide my surprise. “You’re gay?”

Jay grinned and shook his head. “Bobby is. The rest of us is straight as an arrow…”

I watched Bobby stroke Michael’s cock.

“Don’t forget his nuts”, Jay said.

Bobby laughed and punched Michael’s balls with his left fist.

Michael groaned in pain.

“Better?” Bobby grinned.

“Sure”, Jay answered.

Bobby licked his lips and continued jerking Michael’s rod.

The poor gymnast was moaning in pain, his eyes closed and his mouth open.

Bobby grabbed Michael’s testicles and squeezes them in his hand.

Michael moaned, his oversized dick twitching.

“Come on”, Jay urged him on. His friends were watching in silence. “Finish him so we can go into the pool again…”

Bobby shrugged and jerked Michael’s cock harder.

The blond boy started writhing on the ground as best as he could, being held tight by three muscular guys.

Bobby squeezed his balls in his hand, grinding both of his precious plums with his fingers and jerking Michael’s dick at the same time, increasing force and speed.

Michael screamed and bucked his hips.

“Yeah”, Bobby whispered and squashed his juicy balls in his hand.

Michael yelped and his dick twitched violently.

Bobby grinned. He let go of Michael’s rod and punched his nuts hard, causing Michael to cough and his red, hot dick to spurt.

The first jets of white jizz landed on Bobby’s white swimming trunks, covering his crotch with cum.

His friends laughed and Bobby winked at them.

Then he bend over and took the spurting tip of Michael’s dick into his mouth.

“Ewww”, Jay cooed and let go of Michael’s hands.

The rest of the guys looked at Bobby in disgust.

Bobby’s mouth filled with Michael’s liquid, while Michael was writhing on the ground, moaning in pain and pleasure. His hands, newly freed, found Bobby’s head and he pushed the curly haired boy’s mouth down onto his throbbing cock, filling it to capacity.

Bobby gagged and struggled, but Michael didn’t let him out of his position. Michael’s dick was buried in Bobby’s mouth, probably poking his tonsils, and a steady flow of white cum was oozing out of his mouth.

Jay winked at his friends who watched with disgust and fascination. The he stepped behind Bobby and kicked his friend’s balls hard from behind.

Bobby gave a muffled scream, his mouth filled with meat and cum. He gurgled and forcefully lifted his head from Michael’s dick.

Richie and Vern let go of Michael’s ankles while Bobby was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Michael closed his legs and curled up in a ball, clutching his junk and moaning in pain.

Bobby continued screaming. Cum was flying from his mouth as he rolled to his side and cupped his groin.

“Well”, Jay grinned and turned to his friends. “Why don’t we leave the two lovebirds alone?”

His friends chuckled.

“Nice to meet you”, Jay said to me and Chad, who was busy getting everything on camera.

“Likewise”, I grinned and shook his hands.

The five guys walked to the pool, leaving their friend and the twins lying on the ground.

Chad switched off his camera and grinned. “How romantic…”

“Let’s give them some private time”, I grinned.

Chad nodded. He put his camera in his back and we joined Jay and his buddies in the pool.


Anonymous said...

awsome, love the twins, would love to see the twins bust zack because there jealous he's bigger.

Anonymous said...

Daym, that was a VERY hot story. Love the pool mentality, as well as the imagery conjured by the twins both being forced to do the splits, one landing on his front and getting his nuts punted, the other on his back and getting his nuts punched and dick jerked...

Very nice...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (1):
The twins being jealous of Zach's size is a great idea. I'm gonna use it for one of the next stories.

@ anonymous (2):
I'm glad you liked the story! Thanks for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story. Very hot ending as well! I love the idea of the twins being jealous of Zach, that would be a really hot story. Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

Thank you! I have written a story with the twins and Zach for the "One on one" series including the jealousy theme. I'm gonna publish it on 7/16.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using the name Vern; it is rather rare and mostly used in the upper midwest and is my name too so I really identified with the story. Keep it up!

Alex said...

Thanks, Vern! I'm always happy to please you... :-)