Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer in the city 5: At the zoo with Nate

“We’re going to the zoo today”, Nate announced.

It was another hot summer day. At 11 o’clock in the morning, with a beautiful cloudless sky, the sun was shining like blazes, heating up the studio where Nate had just arrived. Chad and I were already there. Chad was fumbling with the camera equipment, wiping his sweaty forehead every twenty seconds.

I raised my eyebrows. “The zoo?”

Nate nodded, grinning.

He seemed like the heat didn’t make any kind of impression on him. His auburn hair wasn’t greasy nor dry, and his green eyes looked active and adventurous.

“Come on!” Nate grinned, clapping his hands.

Chad wasn’t happy with so much enthusiasm. He sighed and reluctantly let go of the camera.

“The zoo?” I repeated.

“Appropriate, huh?” Nate grinned and grabbed the bulge in his crotch. “I’m a bit of a freak of nature myself, right?”

I looked at his groin and chuckled.

Nate’s hand grabbed the ample package and squeezed it lightly. The bulge in his jeans was massive, undoubtedly because of the extra testicle that Nate had in his sac. He suffered from the extremely rare condition of triorchidism (or enjoyed it, depending on your mood), meaning that he had 50% more nuts than the average male.

“Okay, let’s go to the zoo”, I said.

Chad and I followed Nate to his car.

Nate was wearing tight-fitting jeans shorts in retro 70s style and a sleeveless yellow shirt with some disco logo on it. With his clean cut hair and side-burns he looked like a stylish 70s idol. I just hoped that he didn’t have plans to grow a mustache…

“Pretty retro”, I commented.

Nate shrugged. “Change of style.”

It was a twenty-minutes ride to the zoo, and when we arrived, there was a long line of people waiting in front of the ticket counter.

Nate parked his car in the parking lot, finding one of the few free spaces left.

We got out of the car.

Chad looked at the line of people and sighed. He wiped his forehead and shook his head. “It’s gonna take at least one hour until we get in”, he grumbled.

I shrugged.

“Okay”, Nate said cheerfully. “Change of plans. Why don’t we entertain the people waiting?”

I shrugged again.

Chad sighed and we walked to the entrance.

Nate looked at the people and turned to us, “See the line on the right? There are a couple of guys who look like they might dig some entertainment.”

He was right. A group of twenty guys was waiting in front of the counter. They were in their late teens or early twenties, and they seemed bored.

Chad turned on the camera.

Nate walked up to them but stopped mid-way. He turned to my and asked, “How do I--- I mean, what do I say?”

“Well, just ask someone”, I suggested.

Nate nodded walked to the guys.

Chad and I followed him.

“Hey”, he said. “You guys up for a little entertainment?”

They looked at him with intrigued expressions on their faces.

“Sure”, one of them said. He was a good looking young man with short black hair and a three day stubble. His tanned face was glistening with sweat.

“How long have you been waiting?” Nate asked.

“Twenty minutes”, the black haired cute said.

“Wanna see something special? Something you won’t see at the zoo?”

“Eww”, the guy said. “You an exhibitionist?”

Nate grinned. “No. But you’ll want to see my stuff…”

The guy stared at him. He was wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt. His arms and legs were tanned and muscular, and he was wearing sneakers.

“What’s your name?” Nate asked.


“How old are you?”


“Alright, Shane, look at my nuts”, Nate grinned.

Shane’s gaze wandered to Nate’s crotch.

The skimpy denim shorts did nothing to hide the ample package in Nate’s groin. In fact, I thought that I caught a glimpse of sac skin and probably the lower haft of one of Nate’s nuts hanging out the leg hole.

Shane spotted the freewheeling ball, too, and said reluctantly, “So what? One of your two convicts is leaving prison…”

“Three”, Nate grinned and looked Shane in the eyes.


“Three convicts”, Nate said proudly and adjusted his crotch, stuffing his renegade nut into his shorts again.

“You are kidding, right?”

“No”, Nate said casually. “I have three nuts.”

Shane grinned. “Three?”

Nate grinned back and nodded.

A few of Shane’s friends chuckled.

“I’m Nate”, Nate said. “So, Shane, you want to have a go at the trio?”

Shane stared at Nate. “Is this about sex? You soliciting here at the zoo?” He looked at Chad and me and the camera Chad was holding. “Or is this some kind of prank?”

Nate laughed. “No, neither.” Nate paused. “You ever met a three-nutted guy?”

Shane shook his head.

His friends were silent, staring at the bulge in Nate’s jeans.

Nate smiled. “Wanna---“

He was interrupted by a mean kick aimed at his bulge. Shane’s sneaker-clad foot slammed into Nate’s tender trio of nuts and smashed it into his pelvis.

Nate coughed and doubled over.

Shane shrugged. “The extra-nut doesn’t make a difference, does it?”

Nate’s face reddened and he grabbed his groin. “I don’t know”, he croaked. “I’ve always had three…”

Shane chuckled.

Nate massaged his groin, causing the curious ball that had peeked out earlier, to make its appearance again.

Shane got down on his knees.

His buddies were watching him.

He grabbed the single nut that was wedged between Nate’s leg and the denim in his right hand and squeezed hard.

Nate shrieked.

“Is this nut No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3?” Shane grinned.

His buddies chuckled.

Nate grimaced in pain and panted. “It’s---“

Shane intensified his grip on Nate’s ball, squishing it between his fingers.

Nate’s eyes bulged and he screamed in pain. “It’s---“

Shane shook his head and kneaded Nate’s balls between his thumb and his index finger.

“Fuck!” Nate shrieked. “It’s---“

Shane gave an exaggerated sigh and twisted the naked ball around with his fingers.

Nate screamed from the top of his lungs.

His buddies laughed and clapped.

A few other people turned their heads, but Shane’s buddies shielded him and poor Nate from them.

Nate was breathing heavily, his eyes twitching and his lips trembling. “No. 3, No. 3, No. 3!”

Shane let go of Nate’s ball and grinned. “The spare one”, he chuckled.

Nate sank to his knees and cupped his crotch, moaning in pain and grimacing.

Shane grabbed his arm pits and yanked him up.

“Fuck”, Nate groaned.

“Where’s the entertainment”, Shane grinned.

His friends laughed and cheered.

Shane’s hands found the fly of Nate’s denim shorts. He unbuttoned them quickly, revealing Nate’s pubic hair.

“Fuck”, Nate moaned.

Shane reached inside the jeans and found Nate’s large, limp dick and the triplets. He yanked them out of his jeans.

Nate groaned in pain and humiliation. He looked positively ridiculous with his short shorts and his pale genitals hanging out of them.

He cupped them with his hands, which made him look even more ridiculous…

Shane got down on one knee and pried his hands away from his balls to get a good look at Nate’s possessions.

His buddies came closer, forming a circle around them.

“Look at that”, Shane laughed and poked at Nate’s sack with his index finger.

Nate’s nuts shifted inside the reddened sac of skin.

He moaned in agony.

“Three of them”, a small blond guy giggled.

Shane grinned.

“Trash them”, the blond guy said.

Shane shrugged and placed a solid uppercut into Nate’s defenseless balls.

Nate moaned and doubled over.

Shane chuckled and followed up with another hard uppercut, aiming for the middle nut and crunching the poor babymaker into Nate’s groin.

Nate let out a blood-curdling scream.

“Feeble suckers”, Shane chuckled and drove his knuckles into Nate’s crotch once more, this time catching all three of his balls dead-on and driving them into Nate’s pelvis.

Nate coughed. His eyes lost focus and his knees trembled.

Shane shook his head and grabbed Nate’s nutsack with both of his hands and squeezed hard.

His buddies watched him. The expressions on their faces varied, some were amused, some intrigued, some disgusted with Nate’s freakish equipment, some appalled by Shane’s brutality, but none of them could avert their eyes.

Shane had Nate’s nuts in a vice-like grip. He squeezed his balls hard, making Nate moan hoarsely.

Then, Shane had a new idea. He held two of Nate’s balls with his left hand and grabbed the remaining third nut in his right.

Nate groaned in pain.

Shane grinned deviously. He looked up at Nate’s face and twisted his balls in a quick motion, his left hand turning right, his right hand turning left, effectively separating one ball from the others.

Nate’s groaning stopped suddenly. His eyes lost focus and his eyebrows twitched. He opened his mouth and a screeching sound escaped his lips. A drop of spit ran down his chin.

Shane and his buddies were silent.

“Next one, please”, a loud voice from behind them shouted.

One of the guys turned around. “We can go in, now”, he said.

Shane shrugged and twisted Nate’s nuts again, in the opposite direction this time, untying the knots and making Nate’s balls assume their natural shape and position.

Nate coughed.

Shane grinned and punched Nate’s balls hard.

Nate shrieked and collapsed on the ground, cupping his balls and moaning in pain.

“Thanks”, Shane grinned and patted Nate’s head. “That was entertaining.”

He and his buddies walked away, passing the counter and walking inside the zoo.

I looked around. The lines had dissolved. Nobody was there anymore.

Nate was lying on the ground, his jeans open, his assaulted nuts hanging out the fly.

I knelt next to him.

He was sobbing softly.

I examined his equipment.

“They still there”, Nate whispered, grimacing in pain.

“Yep, all three of them”, I nodded.

“Thank God.”

I helped Nate up and closed the buttons on his jeans.

One of his nuts was hanging out of the leg opening.

I chuckled. “You might think about getting some new clothes…”

“Or new balls”, Nate groaned.

He limped past me.

Chad hadn’t switched of the camera yet. He winked at me.

I grinned and kicked at his crotch from behind, driving his naked nut and their two companions inside the skimpy jeans into Nate’s pelvis.

Nate gagged. He collapsed on the ground and curled up in a little ball.

“That wasn’t nice”, Chad grinned.

“We needed an ending”, I grinned. “But I think you’ll have to drive back…”

Chad laughed and switched off the camera.

I knelt next to Nate and patted his back.

He was sobbing and moaning. “Bastard”, he whispered.

I shrugged and grinned. “Probably.”


Anonymous said...

I really don't like Nate (or Aron), I just think it's a bit weird, I pefer two nuts on a guy. And I think other people do too.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Last month's poll showed that almost everyone agrees with you. And I guess I agree, too. This was Nate's last appearance.