Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer in the city 7: At the soccer club with Phil

Featured in this story: Phil (click for pictures)

Phil had invited us to his soccer club. It was a large building, not very inventive architectural-wise, but impressive nonetheless.

My cameraman Chad and I walked into the building and were sent outside to the training area.

“How did you get him to participate in the summer special?” Chad asked.

He was wearing a pair of his seemingly never-ending supply of hideous boxer-shorts. In all honesty, I couldn’t wait for the winter to see Chad dress in his worn-out jeans again that made him look effortlessly attractive… But even the terrible choice in summer clothing didn’t do much damage to his looks. His tousled hair, his handsome face and the three-day-stubble created an overall impression that even the boxers weren’t able to destroy.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his hand. It was around 95° Fahrenheit (35° Celsius), yet again, another hot, humid summer day.

“No big deal. I just asked him”, I said.

We walked around the corner and spotted a huge soccer ground.

A couple of guys were standing next to one of the goals. They were chatting and laughing.

“Hey!” I shouted while we came up to them

They turned their heads and grinned.

Phil was standing in the middle, talking to one of his friends. He smiled and waved at us. He was from England and had recently been transferred to here, where his career skyrocketed from the start. Now, he was the best-paid new soccer player, and he had done a couple of commercials and print ads. The young, red haired 18 year old had been on every sports magazine’s cover in the last months.

“These are Alex and Chad”, Phil introduced us.

The guys smiled and nodded. All of them – half a dozen of young, handsome lads – were wearing their soccer uniform, shorts, jerseys and cleats.

“Hi”, I said.

Chad put his bag on the ground and grabbed the camera.

“They are doing a video for a website”, Phil explained. “And they asked me to participate. It’s kind of like a comedy skit. They want me to kick your bollocks.” Phil grinned.

The guys stared at him. They were the same age as Phil.

“Actually”, I said, “we want them to kick your bollocks.”

The guys chuckled.

Phil was startled. “Oh, I--- I thought, you--- Well--- My bollocks?!”

I grinned.

Chad started filming.

Phil blushed. “But--- They’re soccer players and--- I mean---“

One of the guys, a handsome black guy, said cheerfully: “Don’t worry, Phil. We’re professionals. We’ll make sure that it’s gonna hurt as bad as possible.”

The rest of the guys laughed.

Phil groaned and adjusted his crotch. “I was planning on--- Well, nervermind.”

The black guy raised his eyebrows and sneered. “Another date with a fan girl?”

Phil blushed.

“The last one was pretty enthusiastic afterwards”, the blond chimed in. “But I doubt that you’ll be able to perform as excellent when we’re through with you…”

The rest of the guys cheered.

“Please, Ron”, Phil said, cupping his crotch.

The blond guy shook his head. “No excuses. After all, you wanted to frame us into getting our marbles smashed.”

The rest of the guys nodded.

Ron smiled at Phil and continued, “One kick each. You go first, Anthony.”

The black boy grinned and walked up to Phil.

Phil looked at his muscular legs and gulped. “Great start”, he mumbled. Then he sighed and spread his legs.

“Let’s examine the target area first”, Anthony grinned and grabbed Phil’s crotch, getting a good hold of Phil’s package through the thin fabric of his shorts.

Phil grimaced. “Everything to your liking?” he said, smiling nervously.

Anthony chuckled and nodded.

Phil sighed and spread his legs.

“Wider”, Anthony grinned.

Phil groaned and complied, leaving his crotch very open to Anthony’s attack.

Anthony grinned and nodded. He took a few steps back and smiled. “You ready?”

Phil raised his right eyebrow and started to say something when Anthony ran towards him and planted his foot into his balls with an audible thud, connecting with the soft mound in Phil’s shorts and driving his nuts into his pelvis.

Phil coughed and doubled over. He grabbed his precious plums and moaned in pain.

“Ooooh”, a few guys cringed in sympathy.

“Good one”, Ron grinned.

Anthony high-fived him and laughed.

The rest of the guys formed a line in front of Phil.

The red haired soccer player was standing doubled over, his hands clutching his crotch, his eyes pleading with the next one in line to go easy on him.

The next player, a brawny stud, shrugged and shook his head.

Phil groaned.

The brawny guy’s foot collided with his balls, ramming the two tender orbs into his body and making Phil scream in pain.

A tall, lanky blond was next in line. He didn’t give Phil any time to recover and ordered him to let go of his balls so he had access to his nuts.

Phil coughed and complied reluctantly.

The lanky guy walked up to him and looked him in the eyes.

Phil whispered, “Please---“

He was interrupted by the lanky guy’s bony kneecap that found its way into Phil’s crotch, flattening his nuts into his body and sending Phil to the his knees.

He doubled over and grabbed his gonads, his head sinking to the grass.

The sun was shining brightly, making his red hair appear golden and shiny.

His team mates laughed and cheered.

The lanky guy patted Phil’s back and said, “You’re a good sport, Phil.”

“Thanks”, Phil croaked, his forehead touching the grass.

Next up was Ron. The blond guy circled Phil a few times, figuring out the best way to hurt his buddy’s balls.

He finally stood behind Phil, who was bent over on his knees, his ass sticking out.

Ron chuckled and nudged the visible bulge between his legs with his foot.

Phil winced and retightened his grip on his balls, trying to shield them from another assault.

Ron clicked his tongue. “Better get your hands away or I’ll break them…”

Phil groaned and tentatively moved his hands away from his package.

“Attaboy”, Ron grinned and planted his shoe into Phil’s crotch from behind.

Phil let out a high-pitched shriek and fell to his side, curling up in a little ball and moaning softly.

“Come on, guys”, Ron looked at his watch and clapped his hands. “We don’t have all day…”

The shadow of the next one, a small, vaguely Latin-looking boy with black hair and dark eyes, fell onto Phil’s face.

Phil squinted.

The black-haired boy kicked Phil’s side and made him roll over so that he lay on his back.

Phil was panting and his face was beet red.

The black-haired boy placed his right foot on Phil’s crotch and stomped down hard.

Phil yelped in pain.

The boy grinned and twisted his foot, grinding the spiked sole of his shoe into Phil’s balls and making the poor boy squirm and writhe.

After a few moments of heavy stomping, the boy let go.

Phil grabbed his crushed nuts and rolled to his side, moaning in pain.

“Hey, leave something for us”, a cheerful brown-haired guy shouted.

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Sure, help yourself, Josh”, the Latin guy grinned.

“Thanks”, Josh replied and walked up to Phil.

“Josh”, Phil whispered hoarsely, “don’t---“

“Oh come on, Phil”, Josh grinned. “Hang in there, this is the last kick…”

Phil groaned.

“Stand up”, Josh said.

Phil coughed and tried to get up.

“Here”, Josh grinned and held out his hand.

Phil smiled weakly and grabbed it. Before he could pull himself up, Josh planted his foot in his crotch, his toes connecting with both of Phil’s testicles and smashing them into his body.

Phil screamed. He stumbled and fell on his ass. Then he rolled on his back and pulled his knees up. His hands clutched his agonized testicles and his scream turned into a sorrowful moan.

“Well”, Josh chuckled. “I don’t think you’ll make it to your date tonight…”

His team mates laughed.

Phil rolled to his side and whimpered, cupping his genitals with both of his hands.

“Here”, Josh held out his hand again.

Phil eyed it suspiciously, his eyes filled with tears.

Josh chuckled. “This time I mean it…”

Reluctantly, Phil grabbed Josh’s hand and pulled himself up.

Josh grinned and pulled Phil up. When Phil was standing, he kicked his balls once more, smashing his instep into Phil’s package.

Phil froze. He blinked a few times. Then he coughed and his eyes crossed. His hands were spread out and his eyebrows rose.

“That was mean, Josh”, Anthony grinned.

“Anyone up for seconds?” Josh pointed at Phil’s crotch that was unguarded, vulnerable to a final attack.

“Sure”, Anthony grinned and walked up to Phil.

Phil’s handsome face was a mask of pain. His mouth was hanging open, spit dripping from his lower lip and his eyebrows twitched uncontrollably.

The good-looking black guy stood in front of him.

Phil let out a long, miserable, guttural groan.

Anthony looked at his team mates.

“Strip him”, Ron grinned.

Josh nodded approvingly. The rest of the guys chuckled.

“Okay”, Anthony shrugged. He grabbed Phil’s shorts and pulled them down to his knees. Then he pulled down his underwear as well, revealing Phil’s slightly reddened set of genitals. His nice-sized dick was limp and his plump, ripe testicles hung low in their sac.

“Oh man”, Anthony chuckled. “It’s smaller than mine, but I bet the girl would have loved to get poked by that tonight…” He shrugged. “Postponed is not abandoned.”

With that, he took a step back and sent his foot flying into Phil’s awaiting gonads, connecting perfectly with Phil’s poor danglers and smashing them into his pelvis with an audible slapping sound.

The rest of the guys winced and cringed.

Phil shrieked in a bizarre, high-pitched voice and grabbed his naked testicles. He stumbled and fell to the ground, curling up in a ball and nursing his battered balls.

“Okay”, Anthony grinned. “That’s it.”

He high-fived his team mates and looked at me.

“Everything okay?” he grinned.

I looked at Phil down on the ground and chuckled. “Yeah, perfect.”

“Great”, Anthony said.

Ron looked at his watch and said, “We gotta go.”

They said goodbye, leaving Phil lying on the ground.

Chad turned off the camera.

“Whew”, he chuckled. “Quite a team…”

I nodded and knelt next to Phil.

“I have a date tonight”, Phil croaked.

I looked at Phil’s naked genitals. “I think you should probably call the girl…”


Anonymous said...

AWSOME! LOVED IT! The only thing with the "Summer" series, is there's no real challenge, like the "One on One"" series, two people, or a group of peope both giving and taking.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! In my eyes, the "Summer" series' theme is "public ballbusting" or something like that, and I decided to dump the "challenge" aspect for these stories. I hope you like them anyway...

Anonymous said...

Well I do, good job...