Friday, July 18, 2008


In this story, I try my hands at some extensive footplay (a reader's request). It's not quite my cup of tea, and I don't know if it's any good. Nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy it.

Featured in this story: DannyDavid and Alex (click for pictures)

I was sitting at my desk, doing the books, when the door flew open.

19 year old dancer David walked into the studio, looking quite relaxed. He was wearing black trousers and black leather shoes with a white shirt and a jacket.

“Hi”, I said uneasily, not knowing what he was up to.

Last week, his brother Danny had taught him a lesson, because one week prior to that, David had proved – once again – that he took great delight in smashing his brother’s gonads.

“Hello, Alex”, David said. He turned around and looked at the door.

Danny appeared, looking miserable. He was two years older than David, but despite being brothers, the two guys had nothing in common except for their beautiful green eyes and their lean, muscular bodies.

Danny was strawberry-blond, while David had black hair. Danny’s predominant state of mind was cheerful, bright and carefree, while David seemed to enjoy being an arrogant, mean asshole. Danny was an actor who struggled to make a living, while David enjoyed a flourishing career as a professional dancer.

“Danny”, I said.

Danny nodded at me and smiled weakly. He was wearing jeans and a light-colored shirt. He was holding one hand in front of his crotch.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Show him”, David smirked.

Danny sighed and took his hand away from his groin.

The zipper of his jeans was open while the top button was closed, and his plump testicles were hanging out, looking red and swollen.

I grimaced in sympathy.

Danny moaned and rubbed his sore balls.

I looked at David and shook my head. “What did you do?”

David shrugged and sat down on the couch. “I busted my brother’s balls.”

I frowned at him. “Just because he cracked your nuts last wee---“

“He didn’t”, David said sharply.

I stared at him, irritated. “What do you mean? He bu---“

“He didn’t”, David repeated.

I shook my head. “He---“

“He didn’t!”

I looked at Danny.

“Danny, what did you do last week?” David addressed his brother.

“Nothing”, Danny said in a low voice.

“Right”, David smiled and looked at me expectantly.

I chuckled incredulously. “Well, I know that your---“

“Alex”, David interrupted me. “Nothing happened. Alright? That’s what I know. That’s what Danny knows. And that’s what you know. Alright?”

I stared at him.

“Listen”, David said slowly, leaning forward. “I know you are a bit slow. And you don’t know our language very well, so---“

I started to protest but David continued.

“--- so just remember this: If you tell anyone any lies about last week, I’m gonna turn your nuts into peanut butter, put it in a nice little jar and eat it for breakfast.” He paused. “Got me?”

I gulped.

“Good.” David stood and walked over to Danny. He turned around, faced me, and grabbed Danny’s vulnerable nuts in his right hand, squeezing them hard without looking at his brother.

I cringed in sympathy as Danny’s mouth opened and he let out a wheezing moan. His eyes watered and his eyebrows rose. He looked pitiable.

David smiled at me, kneading his brother’s balls in his hand.

“I already convinced Danny to never open his filthy mouth about last week”, David said calmly and squished Danny’s nuts in his fist. “Didn’t I, Danny?”

Danny groaned.

“I can’t hear you”, David smiled without looking at him and twisted his hand.

Danny yelped in pain. “Yes. Fuck. Yes, yes…”

David rolled his eyes and squeezed his brother’s balls hard. “No swearing, Danny.”

Danny screamed. “Sorry! I’m sorry!”

David nodded. “So what happened last week?” He yanked Danny’s balls forward, making Danny stumble and gasp.



“Nothing!” Danny screamed while his brother kneaded his nuts.


I stared at David.

David sighed and added more pressure on Danny’s poor testicles. “Alex?” he repeated. “What happened last week?”

I blinked.

David yanked down on Danny’s nuts, making the poor boy let out a shrill squeak.

I cringed in sympathy. “Nothing”, I said quickly. “Nothing happened.”

David nodded and smiled. He let go of his brothers balls.

Danny grabbed his naked nuts and doubled over, moaning in pain.

David looked at him with a contemptuous expression on his face. He clicked his tongue and walked behind his brother.

Danny looked at me.

I grimaced in sympathy and took a step towards him. “I’m sorry, Danny. Has he---“

I was interrupted by an ear-piercing scream from Danny as his brother’s foot had crunched his nuts into his crotch from behind.

Danny’s eyes lost focus and he collapsed on the ground.

David sighed. “It’s so easy…”

I raised my eyebrows and opened my mouth to protest.

David lifted his hand. “Shut it. Or I’m gonna remember that you haven’t been entirely friendly to me, too…”

I closed my mouth and stayed silent.

David walked to the couch and sat down. He looked at me expectantly.

I rolled my eyes. “Do you want something to drink?”

David smiled. “A Coke would be great, thanks.”

I turned to Danny.

“Just some ice, please”, Danny croaked.

I nodded and walked to the kitchen.

When I returned, David was taking off his leather shoes.

I put the glass of Coke on the table in front of him and gave the bag of ice to Danny.

Danny smiled weakly and got up. He tentatively placed the ice on his sac and inhaled sharply.

I looked at David.

“God, I’ve been wearing these shoes all day”, David said and let them fall to the floor. He stretched his feet inside his black socks. “I’ve been to a rehearsal, then I went shopping, and after that I had to kick Danny’s nuts…” He chuckled.

I raised my eyebrows, not knowing what reaction David expected. Did he want me to pity him?

He rubbed his feet and sighed.

Danny limped towards the couch and sat down next to his brother, the bag of ice resting on his crotch.

“Hey”, David said.

Danny looked at him.

“Get down on the ground”, David grinned.

Danny opened his mouth.

“Get down on the ground!” David repeated.

Danny sighed and lay down in front of his brother.

David grinned. He kicked the bag of ice away from Danny’s groin, revealing his naked nuts.

Danny winced.

Then David placed his left foot on Danny’s balls. He manipulated them with his socked feet and grinned.

Danny groaned.

David lifted his right foot and let it dangle above Danny’s face.

Danny grimaced. “Your feet stink!”

David laughed. “No kidding?” He lowered his foot until it touched Danny’s nose.

Danny winced.

Rubbing his toes in Danny’s face, David smiled at his brother. “You like that, don’t you?”

Danny gave a disapproving grunt and turned his head away.

“You like it, you little pervert”, David repeated grinning and stomped down on Danny’s face and his balls at the same time.

His legs were spread wide and I noticed the growing bulge in David’s crotch. He clearly got off on humiliating his brother. A king-sized boner was outlined in the thin fabric of his trousers.

“Hey”, David shouted. “Stop ogling my junk, okay?”

I blushed.

Danny groaned as his brother dug his heel into the soft flesh of his tender testicles with his left foot and rubbed his smelly sock on his face with his right foot at the same time.

David ran his foot over Danny’s face and over his lips. “Take off my socks, Danny”, he said slowly.

Danny moaned and grabbed David’s right foot with both of his hands.

“No”, David said sharply and twisted his left heel into Danny’s bulging balls. “With your teeth!”

Danny stared at his brother.

David grinned.

Danny opened his mouth. He looked like he was going to throw up.

David inserted his big toe into Danny’s mouth. “Gently!”

Danny moaned and bit down on David’s sock.

David grinned with satisfaction and pulled away.

His brother grimaced and held on to the fabric until the black sock lay on his face and David’s foot was naked.

“Great”, David smirked. “Now the other one.”

Danny spat and the sock landed on the ground next to him.

David placed his left foot on Danny’s face and nudged his brother’s nose with it.

Danny grimaced and grunted.

David laughed and let his big toe slip into Danny’s mouth. When both of his feet were naked, he grinned and grabbed the two black socks.

He held them in front of his face, smelled, and grimaced. “You’re right. They stink…” He rubbed the soles of his naked feet over Danny’s face.

Danny looked miserably.

“Suck on my toes.”

Danny stared at him. “No way!”

David rolled his eyes and stomped down hard on David’s nuts with the heel of his naked left foot.

Danny shrieked in pain.

“Do it!”

Danny coughed and opened his mouth.

“Open wider!”

Danny complied.

David stuffed his toes into Danny’s mouth and smiled. “Yeah, that’s right. That’s just what they need…”

He let his brother suck on the toes of his right foot for a few minutes, then he brought his left foot up to Danny’s face, making him tongue the sole and suck on the toes.

Danny’s face was pale.

I cleared my throat.

David glared at me. “What?”

“Don’t you think this is a bit… disgusting?” I said slowly.

David sighed. He pulled his foot out of Danny’s mouth and placed both feet on Danny’s nuts. “You think so?”

I shrugged.

David shook his head slowly and grabbed the pair of dirty socks that were lying next to him. He looked at me and stuffed them both into his brother’s mouth.

Danny gave a muffled groan, his eyes open wide. His face was beet red and sweat was running down his nose.

“This disgusting, too?”

I bit my lower lip.

Danny grabbed the socks in his mouth and pulled them out.

“Don’t you dare…” David squeezed Danny’s nuts between his naked feet and glared at his brother.

Danny whimpered and let go of the socks. They were hanging half-way out of his mouth.

David chuckled and stuffed them back in.

Danny had tears in his eyes and he moaned miserably.

“Take your jeans off”, David said casually.

Danny blinked and stared at his brother.

“Come on, we don’t have all day”, David said impatiently. He got up, stepping on Danny’s balls in the process.

Danny gave a muffled scream and doubled over.

“Ooops, sorry”, David grinned.

His brother whimpered and fumbled with his jeans. He opened the top button and took them off.

“Stand up”, David said.

Danny stood in front of his brother, his mouth filled with David’s dirty socks. He was naked from the waist down and looking pitiful.

David looked him over and shook his head grinning. “You’re pathetic…” He drew his leg back and sent his naked right foot crashing into Danny’s balls, flattening them against Danny’s pelvis and making Danny cough and spit out the socks.

He grabbed his agonized nuts and fell to his knees.

David clicked his tongue disparagingly and circled his brother. “Danny, Danny, what are we gonna do with you…?”

Danny groaned. “Stop it, David, please.”

David shrugged. “Yeah, maybe I should…”

Danny massaged his balls and looked at his brother.

“I was pretty mean today, wasn’t I?” David said softly.

Danny nodded and nursed his aching gonads.

“Get on all fours”, David said sharply.

Danny moaned and complied. His low-hanging nuts were dangling between his legs.

David walked behind him and grinned. “One last kick”, he grinned.

Danny winced in anticipation.

David chuckled. He took a step back and cracked his knuckles, looking at the dangling target and grinning.

Danny groaned.

Then, with a running start, David kicked his brother’s precious testicles with his bare foot, making Danny scream from the top of his lungs and collapse on the ground, writhing around in pain and nursing his injured genitals.

David rubbed his hands and looked at Danny. “Last week never happened, right?”

Danny nodded and sobbed.

“Good”, David said and sat down on the couch. He finished his Coke and examined his socks that were soaked with Danny’s spit. “Ugh”, he grimaced and threw them on the ground again. He reached for Danny’s socks and put them on. The he put on his shoes and walked to the door. He stooped in front of me and looked at me expectantly.

“Last week never happened”, I said.

David nodded. “Nice meeting you again”, he smirked and gave me a hard backhand slap into my nuts.

I groaned and doubled over.

David turned on his heels and walked out the door. “Bye, Danny”, he chuckled and left.

I grabbed my nuts and moaned in pain.

Then I walked up to Danny and gave him the bag of ice.

“I guess you need it”, I said.

Danny groaned and put it on his aching sack. “I’m never gonna mess with him again”, he whispered.


Anonymous said...

Well footplay's not my thing either but I like the plot. Both witnesses silenced and all's back to normal. Can't wait to see David getting hurt again though. Any date for David against Ben in one-on-one? Keep the great stories coming.

Unknown said...

Dear Alex,

Your writing is amazing and the ongoing storyline, with your entire cast is great. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Maybe a story focusing on David and Danny versus the Twins, brothers fighting brothers would be fun!



P.S. By-the-way I would love to write with you sometime, your energy and emotions that you put into stories is great. I would love to get involved in some capacity if you would like.

Anonymous said...

nice, foot thing is kinda gross, but good plot, clever title.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (1):
I don't have a date, yet. I guess I'll publish the story in the first half of August, though...

@ James:
Thank you so much! I just put Danny & David vs. the twins on the "One on one" whish list. Expect a story to come in August.
I like your idea about getting involved in the stories! Just send me an email and we'll see if it works out...

@ anonymous (2):
Yeah, I know, foot play isn't exactly my favourite, too. But I'm happy you like he rest of the story...

Anonymous said...

Whoooo! So sexy! This kinda thing IS my cup of tea... I, personally, loved the story. Though, if others didn't, then I guess I can understand if you don't write any more like this one.

Still love your storys! Keep up the a-MAY-zing work! ^^

Alex said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. There will be at least one other story involving footplay and things like that: "One on one: Leo vs. Tristan". I haven't written it yet. I guess I will publish it in August or September...