Tuesday, July 29, 2008


 Today, a reader of this blog posted the following comment:
"Any plans to add a general discussion / forum to your site? I like reading the feedback but it is difficult to find the updated comments."

I think this is a great idea, especially since I am always eager and curious to get your feedback on stories and to get ideas for the characters. I am using the comments section quite extensively, trying to react to every comment that includes some sort of idea or suggestion. I’m very thankful for your ideas and suggestions, and usually I am able to incorporate them into the stories. So, naturally, I love the idea. But since blogspot doesn’t have a forum template that I could add to this blog (and I unsuccessfully browsed the internet for a forum that is right for us), I need your help.

There are three things that I think are necessary:
1. The forum has to allow for anonymous, unregistered users to post. (I don’t think that many people would sign up for a forum just to let me know their suggestions…)
2. The forum has to allow adult content. (Duh…)
3. The forum has to be free. (For the users of course, but also for me :-))

So, if anyone of you knows a forum that meets those three requirements, please let me know!

Any help or advice is appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a free provider that allows adult content of this sort. However, the easiest to manipulate would be the InvisionFree forums. InvisionFree is hardly maintained by it's creators now, as they have the more successful Zetaboards. There are plenty of yaoi, hentai and sexually explicit discussion forums up now. In fact, I've been able to find a ballbusting forum, too.

So, yes, InvisionFree would be the way to go. Keeping the site off the advertising lists would pretty much guarantee that no one would pick up on it, except those you intend to. ^^

Alex said...

Thank you, Chris! I'm gonna look into that this week.
I've found freeadultboards.com, but I couldn't find out whether they allow anonymous posting...

Anonymous said...

Most boards allow members to post in forums/topics that are marked as being okay for guests. On InvisionFree, is it a simple matter of changing the allowable masks on a forum. People couldn't be 'anonymous,' as such, since you'd be able, if you wanted to, see their IP addresses. But, they wouldn't have to sign up, and their name would simply be 'guest.' Not sure how it'd work on freeadultboards.com, but I'm sure it'd be pretty much the same. ^^

Alex said...

Thanks for your advice, Chris. I've been trying to set up a board with invisionfree, but somehow it doesn't work. Maybe I'm just too stupid to operate such a board... Anyway, I think I'd rather spend my time writing stories than tryingto figure out how a discussion forum works.
So I guess the forum idea doesn't work for me. Maybe I'll try again next week when I'm less frustrated :-)
For now, we'll have to continue using the comments sections to communicate with each other... :-)

Unknown said...

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