Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Simon

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Sammy and Simon (click for pictures)

Sammy was standing in the middle of the room in his white doctor’s coat.

We were at my doctor friend’s practice. It was ten p.m. and the staff had left so we had the rooms to ourselves.

Chad had already set up the camera.

I was talking to Simon. “Just improvise. You’ll know what to do…”

Simon nodded. The 23 year old boy was wearing blue trousers and a white shirt with a blue slipover. I looked into his blue eyes behind those horn-rimmed glasses, and I knew Simon was eager to begin.

I showed him two envelopes.

This was our fourth skit in the “Sammy the ball doctor” series. Danny, Chad and the twins had already been “treated” by Sammy, the impish skater boy who took hellish delight in playing the role of the “doctor” and smashing his patients’ balls. Now it was Simon’s turn.

“There’s a diagnosis in each envelope”, I explained. “Draw one and tell the doctor about it.”

Simon chuckled. He looked at the two envelopes, took one of them and opened it. When he had finished reading, he looked at me with a blank expression.

I gave him an encouraging smile, then I walked over to Sammy.

The red haired 18 year old was playing with the stethoscope that was hanging around his neck. He was wearing sagging jeans and a t-shirt beneath that white lab coat.

“Hey”, I said. “Ready to begin?”

Sammy had ripped open his shirt and placed the business end of the stethoscope on his pale, naked, smooth chest just above his left nipple.

I chuckled.

Sammy looked up and grinned.

“Ready to begin?” I repeated.

“Sure”, Sammy smiled. He tweaked his nipple and showed an exaggeratedly sexual, painful grimace. “Ooohhh, I’m ready for the checkup…”

I laughed and walked over to Chad.

Simon left the room and closed the door behind him.

I looked at Chad. “Ready?”

Chad nodded.

“Okay, action!” I shouted.

Sammy was standing in the middle of the room, his ripped t-shirt underneath the white lab coat, the stethoscope hanging around his neck, a pen in his right hand and a note pad in his left. The gynaecological chair – an appropriate prop that Chad had brought – was standing next to him.

When Simon knocked on the door, Sammy shouted “Come in!” without looking up.

Simon entered the room. “Hi, doctor”, he said shyly. “I’m Simon.”

Sammy scribbled something on his pad. Then he put it away and smiled at Simon. “Hello, Simon. Sit, please.”

Sammy pointed to the gynaecological chair.

Simon blinked.

The doctor smiled.

Simon shrugged and climbed into the chair.

“Let me help you”, Doctor Sammy smiled. He grabbed Simon’s ankles and placed them in the extensions of the chair so that Simon’s legs were spread wide and he was lying on his back.

Simon cleared his throat and shifted in his uncomfortable position.

Sammy opened Simon’s shoe laces and placed his shoes on the ground.

“One moment”, Sammy said. He stood between Simon’s spread legs and opened the fly of his trousers.

Simon looked troubled. “Doctor…”

Sammy smiled and continued fumbling with the buttons of Simon’s fly. “I’ll be with you in a moment.” He yanked the trousers off of Simon, revealing white boxer briefs that did very little to conceal the impressive package and the unmistakable boner that Simon was carrying.

Sammy grinned and threw Simon’s trousers on the ground.

Simon stared at him. “Doctor…”

Sammy smiled and patted Simon’s package, causing Simon to inhale sharply and grimace.

“Just one moment”, Sammy said and grabbed the waistband of Simon’s briefs.


Sammy yanked Simon’s briefs off, putting his raging hard-on and his two hefty plums on display.

Simon’s hard cock slapped hard against his slipover, bouncing back again, and leaving a slimy trace of sticky precum soaking the fabric.

Simon looked at Sammy, his eyes wide open, naked except for his socks, his shirt and his slipover. His legs were spread wide in the gynaecological chair, and he didn’t look too happy about it. His large cock was pointing north and his big, juicy balls were hanging low in their sac.

“So, what’s the problem?” Sammy asked, trying to look professional.

Simon stared at him.

Simon stammered, “Erm, I’m--- well, I---“

Sammy smiled and grabbed Simon’s nuts in his hand. He squeezed them lightly and looked Simon in the eyes.

Simon blushed. “I--- I have a headache.”

Sammy stared at him. “A headache?”

Simon nodded.

Sammy shrugged and smiled. “Okay. Why don’t you take off your shirt, Simon?”

The bespectacled boy chuckled. Then he regained his composure and nodded with a strained serious expression on his face. He took off his slipover and his shirt, revealing his smooth, lean chest. Now he was just wearing his socks and his glasses. His big, meaty cock was fully hard, standing proudly above his hefty plums.

Sammy looked at Simon’s junk and adjusted his own crotch. He cleared his throat. “Okay, Simon, let’s see what we can do about your headache.”

“Oh yes, please, doctor, it’s killing me…”

Sammy leaned over Simon and reached for his forehead, his hips bumping into Simon’s crotch and crunching his testicles in the process.

Simon yelped. “Doctor…”

Sammy pretended not to notice and shifted his weight, trapping Simon’s balls between their bodies and grinding them with his hip.


Sammy took a step back and looked at Simon, who grabbed his naked balls with his hands and grimaced in pain.

“I thought it was your head that was hurting”, Sammy said innocently.

Simon groaned. “Well, now it’s my jewels.”

Sammy nodded gravely. “And your headache?”

Simon nursed his balls and shrugged.

Sammy’s face lightened up. “Oh, I see.”

Simon stared at him.

Sammy grabbed his pen and poked Simon’s meaty balls with it.

Simon yelped.

“I think”, Sammy said, “we’ll just have to reroute the pain.”


“Well, when your brain is occupied processing the pain in your genitals, it won’t have the capacity for a stupid headache, right?”

“Sounds reasonable, doctor”, Simon mumbled.

“Great”, Sammy rubbed his hands. He took a step back and aimed a hard, precise kick at Simon’s nuggets, catching both of his large balls with the tip of his sneaker-clad foot and flattening them against Simon’s pelvis.

Simon shrieked in pain and his upper body jerked up.

“Relax”, Sammy said in a soothing voice and launched another kick at Simon’s precious babymakers. His instep connected with Simon’t meaty orbs and crunched them hard into his body.

Simon whimpered and grabbed his agonized testicles. His abs contracted as he tried to double over but Sammy gently grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down hard.

The red haired skater-turned-‘doctor’ grinned and clenched his fists.

Simon moaned in pain. His hands were cupping his aching testicles, but his cock hadn’t deflated a bit. It was standing red and fiery, matching the color of Simon’s face…

“Move your hands away, please”, Sammy said softly.

Simon groaned. Tentatively, he let go of his balls and looked at Sammy with fear in his eyes.

Sammy nodded gently and punched Simon’s right nut with his right fist, grinding it into Simon’s pelvis.

Simon screamed and writhed in the chair, grabbing his agonized testicles again and trying to close his legs to prevent further damage to his poor nuts.

Sammy shook his head slowly. “I think we’ll have to take more drastic measures…” He opened a drawer and took out a couple of white straps.

Simon was whimpering and caressing his balls.

Sammy walked over to him and calmly and placidly grabbed his left leg and tied it to the chair.

Simon was too weak to resist, and Sammy had no problems repeating the procedure with Simon’s left leg and his arms.

The poor geek boy stared at Sammy, his body exposed, naked and vulnerable, his reddened nuts hanging low in their shaven sac, his fierce cock standing like a veiny obelisk.

“That’s better”, Sammy grinned.

Simon looked at him and gulped.

“I think we’re making great progress”, Sammy said cheerfully. “How’s the headache?”

Simon groaned.

“Great! Let’s continue”, Sammy grinned. He slapped Simon’s hard cock a few times, letting it bounce against his defined abs, leaving a puddle of sticky goo near his navel.

Simon was panting. His face was beet red and his glasses began to steam up.

Sammy chuckled and took a step back. “This is gonna hurt a bit”, he said with a wink and brought his sneaker-clad foot up between Simon’s thighs with mind-numbing speed. It clashed with the patient’s poor nuggets and drove them into his pelvis.

Simon screamed from the top of his lungs.

Sammy cringed in mock-sympathy and rubbed his own balls. “Ouch.” He smiled at Simon who was struggling against his restraints. Then he clenched his fist again and hammered down on Simon’s meatballs.

Simon’s eyes opened wide and he gasped.

“Oh, that seems to work just fine”, Sammy said with satisfaction and repeated the move, bringing his fist down into Simon’s hefty left nut and crunching it good.

Simon’s eyes opened even wider and his lips parted.

With a slightly apologetic expression on his face, Sammy brought his fist down on Simon’s large right nut, flattening it like a pancake and bringing a hoarse cough from Simon’s lips.

Simon’s body was tense, his defined abs sticking out and the muscles in his arms and legs twitched. Simon’s eyes behind those foggy glasses lost focus and sweat was dripping from his nose. His eyebrows rose and he looked miserable.

Sammy smiled. “Okay, that’s it for today.”

Simon didn’t move. The look of pain and agony on his face didn’t change. “Thanks”, he managed to croak.

“Oh, wait”, Sammy grinned. “I think I’m gonna give you some medicine…”

Sammy grabbed a clear cup from one of the drawers, placed it on Simon’s abs and grabbed his swollen ballsac. He squeezed hard and grinned viciously when he noticed that Simon’s cock twitched violently. The hard rod looked like it was ready to burst, the thick veins on its shaft were sticking out and precum was running down from its tip.

Simon was still frozen in pain. A guttural, wheezing sound escaped his mouth when Sammy squeezed his large nuts in his hands.

Sammy grabbed Simon’s sac with both of his hands and watched with vicious delight as Simon’s eyes twitched and flickered. He took one ball in each of his hands and ground the two meaty gonads with his fingers.

Spit was running down from Simon’s lip and he made a miserable sound that sounded like “Ick.”

Sammy chuckled and let go. He bent down and grabbed the cup.

Simon let out a sigh of relief.

That feeling was cut short, though, when Sammy grabbed Simon’s ballsac with his right hand and kneaded and twisted the precious balls with his fingers.

Simon groaned hoarsely.

Sammy looked at Simon’s cock that was twitching violently, and grabbed the little plastic cup with his left hand. His right hand continued to squeeze and twist Simon’s balls.

Suddenly, Simon’s eyes rolled back into his head.

Sammy grinned and punched Simon’s nuts hard.

Simon’s cock erupted with hot, white cum and Simon let out a blood-curdling scream. Spunk was flying everywhere, landing on the floor, on Simon’s abs, and even on his glasses.

Sammy held the cup next to Simon’s cock and caught some of the slimy white liquid with it.

“Mmmm”, Sammy grinned and watched Simon’s cock let go of the sticky lava. He punched Simon’s contracting balls once more, causing Simon to cough and gag.

A few moments later, he was done. His body was coated with sperm, and the plastic cup was half-filled.

Simon was groaning in pain.

Sammy grinned and brought the plastic cup to Simon’s lips.

Simon didn’t resist, he gulped down his own juice and closed his eyes, exhausted, spent, and in pain.

“Okay, that’s it for today”, Sammy said cheerfully. “I think we did rather well.” He untied the straps and let Simon get off the chair and curl up in a ball on the floor. “How’s the headache.”

“Gone”, Simon moaned, cupping his crotch and rolling around in pain.

“Perfect”, Sammy grinned. He looked down at his patient and spotted Simon’s left nut sticking out between his ass cheeks. He chuckled and brought back his leg. With a loud slapping sound, he kicked Simon’s poor spent babymaker and made the naked boy squirm and yell in pain. “I think you’re cured…”

Simon groaned and whimpered. “Thanks, doctor”, he whispered and continued clutching his aching genitals.

“Cut!” I yelled. “Thank you.”

Sammy knelt next to Simon and grinned. “Thank you, Simon. That was great!”

Simon groaned.

“Really, I mean it. It was a pleasure working with you!”

Simon groaned again.

Sammy ran his hand through Simon’s hair and smiled. “I’d love to work with you again…”

“Thanks”, Simon moaned. “But I think I may need some time to recover…”

Sammy chuckled and patted Simon’s naked shoulder. “Good luck…”


Carter said...

Love the thing he did with the pen.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked it! I'll see if I can include more pen-poking in my stories... :-))