Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer in the city 9: At the swim team party with Cal

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

It seemed to be a recurring pattern: With unerring accuracy we seemed to pick the hottest days of the summer for our summer special episodes. Today was no exception, and it was an especially hot day, too: It was more than 100° F (38° C), the was little or no air circulation, and Chad and I were sweating and groaning.

So we were very happy when Cal called to ask if we would mind filming his episode of “Summer in the city” at his swim team’s pool party. The thought of cool water lifted our spirits considerably and we headed out to meet him on the college campus.

Cal was the newest addition to our list of models. He was a 22 years old African-American with short black hair, a handsome face, a perfect body (amazing what swimming can do for your muscles…), and a more or less perfect set of genitals. In fact, “more” meant that he had meaty, oversized testicles and a long, fat dick, while “less” meant that they were easily crunched. Very easily, as I had seen at his casting session…

When Chad and I arrived at the address that Cal had given us, the party was in full swing. A bunch of young guys was frolicking in the pool, the rest of them were standing around it, laughing, chatting and joking. We seemed to be the only guests who weren’t members of the college swim team. There were probably two dozen guys, all of them in their early twenties, with tanned, muscular bodies and skimpy bathing trunks that left very little to the imagination.

“America’s next top models”, Chad muttered.

I grinned.

My attractive cameraman was wearing colorful shorts and another one of his ridiculously coloured shirts. He had natural good looks, but he didn’t exactly believe in tasteful clothing, at least not when the temperatures were this high… At 30, he was the oldest one here. I guessed I was second in line with my 26 years.

All of the swimmers seemed to be younger, and I couldn’t spot a coach.

We approached the pool.

“Hi”, I said to a blond boy with a typical swimmer’s build and red bathing trunks.

“Hi”, he said and eyed me.

I cleared my throat. “I’m Alex, and this is Chad. We’re looking for---“

“Hey”, a cheerful voice shouted.

I turned around and saw Cal coming towards us. A big smile was on his face and he waved at us.

“Hi Cal”, I said and shook his hands. “You look good.”

“Thanks”, Cal grinned. He was wearing white trunks, that contrasted very nicely with his skin tone and had the additional advantage of showing of his huge equipment. His fat dick was pointing to the left and his oversized balls were bulging below. I noticed the blond boy in the red trunks stare at his crotch with envy.

“This is the party”, Cal smiled.

“Where’s the coach?” I asked.

“Oh, he went home early. It’s ‘the mice will play’, now”, Cal grinned.

I chuckled.

Chad held the camera in his hands and nodded at me.

“Okay, let’s start”, I said.

Chad nodded again and switched the camera on.

The blond swimmer with the red trunks stared at us.

Cal smiled. “Great.”


“What do we do, now?” Cal asked, still smiling.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask a few of your buddies to crunch your nuts?”

Cal’s smile vanished pretty quickly.

I laughed. “Come on, you knew what we were gonna do. What did you think we’d do?”

Cal gulped.

The blond boy in the red trunks chuckled.

I turned to him and smiled. “Do you wanna have a go?”

The boy stared at me. He was probably 20 years old. His muscular body was tanned all over.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Bill”, he answered.

“Do you wanna have a go, Bill?”

Bill shrugged. He looked at Cal and smirked. “Why not.”

Cal smiled weakly.

“He’s the best one on the team”, Bill explained. “He’s always in the spotlight. I guess there are very few of us who don’t want to bash his balls.”

Cal looked miserable.

“Hey!” Bill shouted, and the rest of the team turned their heads and looked at him. “Cal needs us to help him. Who wants to crush his nuts?”

The guys laughed and cheered.

“Sure”, a black-haired guy said and came out of the pool, his body dripping wet and his bathing trunks soaked.

Behind him, a black guy with curly hair grinned and shouted, “Open season on Cal’s balls, people.”

His team mates laughed, except for Cal, who looked at me with a pleading look.

“I haven’t had my training yet”, he whispered.

I looked at him.

“You know”, he continued, “the training for my…” He glanced down at his white swimming trunks that were bulging with his impressive package.

“Ahhh, yes”, I nodded. “Well, we said we’ll do it in August.”

“Yes”, Cal said and blinked. “But---“

“You’re gonna be fine. Just pretend this is the first round of training”, I smiled and reached for Cal’s family jewels. I grabbed his large nads through the thin fabric of his swimming trunks and squeezed them playfully.

Cal winced.

“Your balls really need a bit of training”, I grinned. “Good luck…”

Cal’s team mates had started gathering around him in a circle, smirking and grinning. Everyone was staring at Cal’s crotch. His trunks looked like they were about to burst, unable to hold his massive eggs and fat cock.

Cal gulped and grabbed his huge bulge protectively.

“One at a time, guys”, Bill grinned and stepped up to Cal.

Cal looked him in the eyes. “Bill, please…”

Bill chuckled. “Sure, Cal.”

He grabbed Cal’s wrists with his hands and gently moved them to the side, exposing Cal’s vulnerable package. He slowly lifted his knee until it touched the underside of Cal’s nuts.

Cal winced in anticipation.

Their team mates watched in silence.

Then, with a derisive smile, Bill lowered his knee, and brought it up in a rapid motion, his kneecap ramming into Cal’s testicles and flattening them into his crotch.

The crowd erupted in cheers, while Cal’s eyes widened and he let out a miserable groan.

Bill chuckled and let go of his hands.

Cal covered his crotch and doubled over.

Bill walked over to the curly-haired black boy and high-fived him.

The curly guy laughed and stood in front of Cal.

“My turn”, he smirked, and launched a powerful kick at Cal’s poor nuts. His bare foot crashed into Cal’s crotched and caught both of Cal’s meaty gonads dead-on.

“Ooooohhh…” A few guys cringed in sympathy at the sight of Cal’s juicy nuts deforming.

Cal gasped and blinked. Then he let out a miserable moan and doubled over again, drawing more cheers from his team mates.

“Yay!” the curly guy laughed.

Another one of his team mates walked around Cal. He made short work of it and threw a powerful kick at Cal’s package from behind. His bare foot connected perfectly with Cal’s equipment, bringing a shrill scream from his lips and more cheers from his team mates.

After a couple more muscular guys had kicked, punched, squeezed and kneed Cal’s poor nuts, the young swimmer collapsed on the ground, sobbing and cradling his injured balls.

Bill chuckled. “We’re not done, yet…”

Cal coughed and groaned.

Bill walked behind him and grabbed the waistband of his skimpy white swimming trunks. With a swift motion, he yanked it up, giving Cal a major wedgie and making him scream in pain. Cal’s huge balls were compressed in his trunks and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Bill chuckled. He yanked harder, causing his team mates to clap and cheer, while Cal’s eyes crossed and he let out a high-pitched cry.

A couple of yanks later, the fabric ripped.

The crowd roared with approval as Bill held Cal’s ripped trunks up like a trophy.

Cal was writhing on the ground, his hands cupping his crotch, his naked ass sticking out.

“My turn, now”, a brown haired guy with a pierced nose shouted.

“Oooh, go gentle”, Bill grinned.

The pierced guy laughed and knelt next to Cal. He slapped his ass hard and tried to get a hold on his nuts by sneaking his hand between his legs from behind.

“Got them”, he said cheerfully, when his hand had found Cal’s eggs.

Cal screamed.

The brown haired boy laughed and squeezed hard. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of Cal’s nuts and kneaded both of his delicate testicles in his hand.

Poor Cal continued screaming.

His assaulter wasn’t very impressed and continued grinding his nuts and twisting them in his hand.

“Look!” Bill said suddenly and pointed at Cal’s crotch.

Cal’s huge dick was fully hard, glistening with precum and twitching involuntarily. He moaned in pain and embarrassment.

The pierced guy laughed and gave Cal’s nuts a final tug and a twist.

Cal coughed and tried to cover his nuts and his raging hard-on, but his hands were too small to cover his manhood.

“That’s gross”, Bill grinned and kicked Cal’s ass.

Cal moaned in pain.

Bill took a close look at Cal’s butt. Then he winked at his team mates and threw a hard kick at Cal’s ass.

Cal let out a blood-curdling scream and folded in the middle.

“That was one of his nuts”, Bill grinned. “Let’s see if I get the other one, too.”

He threw another kick at Cal’s ass, again making Cal scream in pain.

“Hmm”, Bill said, mock-seriously. “I think it was the same one again. What do you think, guys?”

His team mates cheered and clapped, and Bill launched another kick at Cal’s ass.

Cal screamed from the top of his voice and curled up in a little ball, covering his front side and his back side with both of his hands.

“I think he is done”, Bill said apologetically, looking at his sobbing team mate.

The majority of the team hadn’t had a chance to bust his balls, yet, and they loudly voiced their disappointment.

“Hey”, Bill held up his hands, “There’s nothing we can do. We don’t want to cripple him, right?”

A few of the guys nodded, other ones shrugged.

Bill knelt next to Cal and slapped his face. “Cal? Cal? Listen, there are a few guys who’d like to bust your balls some more. That okay with you?”

Cal groaned miserably.

“Is that okay with you?” Bill repeated. The blond boy looked at Cal’s rock hard cock and chuckled. “There’s a little something left, right?”

Cal moaned.

Bill stood and pointed at two guys, both of them tall and muscular, just as the rest of their team mates. One had dark blond hair, the other one was Asian-American with short black hair.

“Kip! Brandon!” Bill said. “Make him cum!”

Kip and Brandon stared at each other.

Brandon smiled sheepishly. The Asian guy was a cute guy, probably 5’7” tall, with a defined body and a handsome face. The big bulge in his tight swimming trunks suggested the he certainly didn’t fit into a certain nasty cliché…

He shrugged. “Erm, Bill, I don’t know…”

Bill turned to Cal and grinned. “Your balls are dying for release, right?”

Cal whimpered in pain.

“Kip! Brandon! Come on”, Bill said impatiently.

The two boys approached Cal reluctantly. The knelt next to him and rolled him onto his back.

Cal’s hands were cupping his swollen nuts. His huge dick was standing at full-mast, the tip glistening with precum.

Kip grimaced and looked at Brandon.

The Asian-American boy shrugged and sighed. He took Cal’s massive member in both of his hands and started jerking, looking disgusted and fascinated at the same time.

Their team mates were edging them on.

“Make him cum!”

“Squeeze it out of him!”

“Drain his balls!”

Cal realized what was happening and struggled. His eyes were wide open. “No!” he screamed.

Kip reluctantly grabbed Cal’s oversized nuts and squeezed hard, turning Cal’s screams of protest into cries of pain.

Kip seemed satisfied with that reaction and kneaded the two sperm filled eggs in his hands, alternately squeezing one at a time, and both of them, and making Cal cry out again and again.

Bill and the rest of the team watched, cheering and clapping.

Brandon continued jerking Cal’s massive rod.

“No!” Cal wailed.

Kip shrugged and twisted Cal’s huge nuts hard, making the poor boy gasp and his eyes cross.

Kip chuckled and let go of Cal’s balls. He balled his fist and hammered down on the big, swollen eggs with all the force he could muster.

Cal’s cock twitched violently.

Brandon cried out when the first jet of Cal’s spunk hit his face. He jumped up and wiped his face with his hand.

Cal screamed and panted while his cock shot spurt after spurt of jizz that flew through the air and landed on his body, on Kip’s hands and on the ground next to them.

Kip punched Cal’s busy balls once more, making Cal shriek in agony, and his cock shoot more of his hot, white cum.

A few moments later, he was spent.

Kip stood, and Cal curled up in a ball, his body covered in cum.

“Wow”, Bill grinned. “I’m impressed.”

The rest of the team was staring at their exhausted team mate.

“Come on”, Bill said.

He walked over to Cal and grabbed his arms.

Brandon grinned and grabbed Cal’s legs.

The lifted the poor boy up and threw him into the pool.

Then they jumped in after him.

Their team mates followed them.

Chad switched his camera off and chuckled.

We sat down and watched the guys in the pool.

Half an hour later, Cal walked out of the pool. He looked exhausted and tired, his limp cock hanging down in front of his considerably swollen nuts.

He sat down next to me.

“Everything alright?” I grinned.

“Fuck”, Cal said and smiled weakly. “I really need that training…”


Anonymous said...

Heyyy... it was a pretty good story. I think I'll like Cal, lol. Kinda disappointed you didn't make more use of the fact that everyone there was used to being barefoot, and was, at that point, barefoot...

But that's just me, the resident foot fetishist. :P

Again, very, very nice story. Can't wait to see which stereotype Brandon fits into! ^^

Alex said...

Thanks, Chris! I'm glad you liked the story!
Regarding feet: I'm not really into feet, so if you'd like me to write more about them, you'll have to tell me what you'd like to read... :-)

Anonymous said...

Aha. Yes. If you aren't into feet, then me asking for more foot content is actually quite... rude... huh?

Sorry about that. I didn't mean to try and force my fetish into your stories. I just found the foot domination stories, like David and Danny's, and even Will's gaspedalling ones, brilliant. I was hoping to see more sexy positions with feet, such as one of the weaker, less assertive guys being ganged up on by two guys, hopefully ones with big feet, and while one made the poor bottom lick and smell his socks and feet, the other would work his cock and balls between his toes.


Yeah, that was a shameless plug. I'm sorry, again. Just... keep doing what you're doing. You're the most erotic story writer I've ever heard of...


Alex said...

No, no, that's not rude at all! I love to get your ideas and include them into my stories. It's just that when I was writing the "Revision" part of the "Brother knows best" story which involves a bit of foot play, I realized that I was very uncertain whether that was what you (or other feet lovers) expected - or if I had taken a wrong turn... :-)
So thank you very much for giving me a few details. I'm gonna include them in upcoming stories!

Anonymous said...

lol, when you said,
"...of young guys was frolicking in the pool..."
I actually did a spit take laughing!

Alex said...

Believe it or not: That's what I tried to accomplish... :-)