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Take one for the team: The penalties

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Take one for the team 
The day after

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Chad and I were brainstorming about new ideas for future videos when Danny arrived. He was dressed in tight blue jeans, his ample junk bulging from his crotch, an equally tight t-shirt that showed off his lean chest and another sports jacket. His reddish-blond hair was in a cute mess and he looked like he had just stumbled out of bed. He was adorable. But the look on his face was exactly the opposite. I wondered if he was still feeling the afterpains of the severe busting he had taken two days earlier.

“How are you?” I smiled encouragingly.

He looked miserable. “Don’t ask.”I looked at him while he took off his jacket and sat down on the couch. He rubbed his face with his hands and sighed.I raised my eyebrows.He sighed again and said: “Lisa found out.”

“Oh”, I said.

“Yeah, ‘oh’. She gave me a hell of a time! Of course I didn’t tell her about the site. I told her something about playing baseball with some friends. I hit ball, ball hits me, nuts go ‘crack’, yadda yadda. Somehow she didn’t buy it. She got really angry, convinced I had cheated on her. I don’t know – she likes to fantasize about me getting fucked in the ass while I fuck her. But she gets jealous every time I look at a guy. Once she gave me kick in the crotch just for talking to her brother. I mean – her brother! She thought I was flirting with him!” Danny sighed once more. “She can be a real bitch!”

He leaned back and spread his legs, his big balls stuffed tightly in his jeans. He rubbed his package and looked at me: “She kicked them!”

“Ouch”, I said. After all that abuse his balls had taken from the hands of our determined little devils Simon and Leo this was the last thing Danny had needed.

“Yeah, ‘ouch’. She ripped off my pants to have a clear shot at my junk. And then she kicked them, both of them. And they were still aching from the game on Tuesday...” He grimaced. “I seriously thought I heard them crack. Anyway, I tried to get away but she got her foot in twice more. From behind.” He grimaced again. “I broke up with her. She screamed at me and smashed my balls with her purse. But now she’s gone.” He rubbed his face with his hands again. Not crying, but with a look of profound exhaustion on his face.

I looked at him in sympathy.


We looked at the door.The twins, Michael and Will, arrived in matching jeans and t-shirts. They both looked cheerful, waving at us and smiling. Apparently the game hadn’t affected Michael as devastatingly as it had Danny. On the other hand Michael hadn’t passed out as Danny had.

Just seconds later the other three guys entered the room. Simon was wearing his usual geekboy outfit (trousers, shirt, slipover, and his glasses) while Kev was dressed more casually. Leo was sporting baggy jeans, a dark long-sleeved shirt and a white short-sleeved one over that. His jeans hung low so that his boxers were in clear view. He leaned his skateboard against the wall and pointed at Danny with a bemused look on his face.

“What’s bitten him?” he asked light-heartedly. “Still in a huff cause we trashed your balls?”

The others chuckled.

Danny threw him an angry look.

“Oh, come on”, Leo continued teasing him. “Are you worrying about you sperm count? Reproduction issues?”

“Leo---“ I tried to stop him but Leo was in full spate.

“Don’t worry about your bashed babymakers …” Leo walked over to Danny on the couch. “… If I were you I would rack my brains to find a girl willing to bear your children. Your broken balls are not the problem – that huge boner you got while we were breaking them, that should worry you!”

Will and Kev laughed out loud, the others chuckled.

I looked at Danny who was getting seriously angry and started another attempt to stop Leo’s rant but he stood right next to Danny, oblivious to his glare, and carried on: “You know, if I were---“

He was cut short by a powerful fist to his nuts. Danny had gone all out on this one. His knuckled dug deep into Leo’s crotch with a dull thud, grinding the metallic zipper of Leo’s low hanging jeans into his tender plums.

Leo’s right eye twitched, he formed an “o” with his mouth, and a barely audible screeching sound escaped from the back of his throat. His arms were extended to either side of his body and his lips trembled.

Will and Kev laughed even louder and clapped their hands.

“Yeah, Danny, show that cocky bastard!” Kev shouted.

Leo was standing frozen next to Danny whose mood seemed to have lightened considerably. He grinned at Leo whose right eye continued twitching. He let out a guttural moan and blinked. Slowly, very slowly, accompanied by a pitiful groan, his hands found the aching bulge between his legs, and his fingers gingerly clasped his traumatized equipment.

The other guys stared at him with bemused looks on their faces. Simon discreetly adjusted his crotch.
Danny grinned, perfectly satisfied. He leaned over to Leo and whispered into his ear: “My girlfriend has dumped me.”

Awkward silence.

Leo groaned again, slowly doubling over, and whispered back: “Oh. I understand. I guess I deserved that.“

Danny nodded and smiled and patted Leo’s back, apparently breaking the spell and sending Leo down to his knees. He curled up in a ball and moaned softly.

“I’m ready. We can go for the penalties”, Danny announced.

Leo moaned louder.

I looked down at Leo. “I don’t know if he’s in the mood for his penalties at the moment. Perhaps we should take a break first and let him catch his breath.”

Leo nodded quietly, still nursing his battered balls.

“Sorry”, Danny objected, “I’m in a bit of a hurry. Let’s get it over with.”

Leo was mortified and looked at me for help.

I shrugged. “Well, let’s start then.”

Leo groaned loudly and got up. He opened his fly and grabbed his aching balls.

“You get two penalty shots, Danny”, I explained.

Chad, who had watched the whole scene with amusement, got behind the camera.

“Strip down, Leo”, Simon grinned.

Leo started to object, but Danny interrupted him: “You tortured my naked nuts, now I get to lay my hands on your naked nuggets, too.”

“Yeah, strip down”, Simon repeated cheerfully.

Leo looked at him. “But--- Simon, we’re on the same team!”

Simon laughed. “We were in the same team – but I think your all alone, now…”

Danny grinned at Leo who took of his sneakers, his baggy jeans, and both of his shirts, revealing his smooth, skinny body. He hesitated, then he sighed and dropped his boxers. Simon leered at Leo’s nice dick and ample – and slightly reddened – balls.

Michael and Will were standing near the pool table and chuckled.

Kev grinned in anticipation. “It’s gonna be the ‘Skaterboy ball massacre’…”

The others laughed, even Leo had to grin. He fondled his slightly swollen balls and looked expectantly at Danny.

Danny had a sadistic grin on his face and seemed to consider his options. He told Leo to stand with his legs apart and circled him a few times, eyeing him from head to toe. He looked over to the pool table, where Will was waiting to get his balls trashed by his brother. Right then, when Leo was least expecting it, Danny grabbed at Leo’s goods in a sudden motion and crushed the skater’s orbs with his hand.

Leo screamed. Danny didn’t even look at him. He looked in the other direction and started a casual conversation with Michael and Will, all the while squeezing and gnashing Leo’s tenderized testicles. “You know”, Danny was barely audible because of Leo’s wild screaming. “I don’t want you to think that I have anything personal against Leo here…” Leo’s screams grew even louder. “… if anyone of you had fouled me…” He twisted his hands, twisting Leo’s nuts in the process. “… I would do the same thing to you…”

Danny yanked Leo’s balls, adding pressure to his grip and catapulting Leo into new spheres of agony. “… It’s just that Leo wasn’t particularly tactful when he talked about my girlfriend and my…” Leo was wailing in pain. “… balls…” Danny tugged harder. “And I feel the desperate need for stress relief…” Danny gave another hard squeeze in combination with a forceful yank, causing Leo to let out a pitiful soprano yowl. “…balls.”

All the others watched in amazement as Danny pulled and squeezed and tugged on Leo’s gonads. It looked as if he wanted to rip his balls clear off. Finally, Danny dug his fingernails into Leo’s soft ballflesh and let go.

Leo yelped and fell to the ground, assuming the fetal position again.

The others looked down at Leo with sympathy as he writhed on the floor, his skinny hands cradling his all but liquefied meatballs.

Kev, as always, was the first to cheer: “Wow, that was… Wow!”

Michael laughed.Will acknowledged: “Good work. I doubt he’ll make fun of you ever again…”

Simon adjusted the visible bulge in his trousers. He probably wasn’t wearing any underwear, I thought. He took off his glasses. “Thank God I didn’t foul you, Danny”, he chuckled.

Leo was still on the ground, now moaning.“Come on, get up, I have one penalty shot left!” Danny lightly kicked at Leo’s hips, eliciting another loud moan.

“Oh please”, Leo pleaded, “my nuts feel like they have been cracked already.”

Danny shook his head. “Get up.”

Leo sighed deeply, got up and braced himself for the impact.Danny walked behind him. He shouted: “They will throb, they will ache, and your balls will surely---“ He paused and grinned as Leo winced. He took his time and kneeled down to readjust the sneaker on his right foot. Then, with crushing force, he planted his foot from behind into Leo’s low hanging nuts. “---break”, he smiled softly, as Leo sank to the ground, wailing in agony.

Kev and Will laughed loudly, while Michael snickered and Simon grabbed his crotch again and rubbed his balls.

Danny grinned and took a bow, with Kev and Will clapping enthusiastically and Michael joining in, too.

Leo moaned and groaned.

Danny bent down and patted his back. “Thanks. I feel so much better, now…”

“Yeah”, Leo whispered, “good.”

“Okay”, I said. “Michael, it’s your turn now.”

Michael smiled. Will showed us all how much of an exhibitionist he was and stripped down in no time, proudly displaying his huge equipment and motioning for Michael to kick his balls in.

“One moment”, Michael said and walked out the door. We all looked at each other, not knowing what he was up to.When he entered the room again, he had a solid, wooden baseball bat in his hands and grinned at his brother.

Will turned pale. “Mikey, you don’t plan to use that thing on my nuts, do you?”

“Oh, Will, your tough little soldiers are not afraid of a little piece of sports equipment, look at it”, he weighed the heavy bat in his hands, “it’s merely a toy…”

Simon grabbed his crotch and licked his lips. And I noticed Kev rearrange the contents of his jeans, too.

Will gulped.

Michael grinned and positioned himself in front of him.“Get your dick out of the way”, Michael ordered his

Will obeyed and broke out in a sweat. Danny, Simon and Kev watched in fascination.

Michael levelled his bat, put on a determined expression and eyes his targets that were dangling low between Will’s legs.

With a precise and forceful swing he sent the business end of the baseball bat crashing into Will’s twin-bags, crunching them and grinding them into his pelvis.

“Oooh,” Danny noted appreciatively, “there was that ‘Splat!’ again.”

Will looked nauseous. He slowly blinked, his eyes wide open and slightly crossed, and a dry cough came from his lips. His knees buckled and he fell to the floor.

“I think that was a home-run”, Kev wisecracked and patted Michael’s back with admiration.

Michael himself looked shocked at the result of his strike. He kneeled down next to his brother and ran his hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry”, he whispered.

Will whimpered.

“Will, I’m sorry”, Michael sounded as if he was on the verge of crying.

Will whimpered again and moved on the ground. Michael continued stroking his hair.

Will coughed heavily and looked at his brother. With a dying man’s voice he moaned: “You don’t think that this is enough to break my balls, do you?”

Kev, Simon and Danny laughed in relief. Michael smiled, too, ran his hand through his brother’s blond hair again and straightened himself.

Will took that opportunity and slapped his brother’s balls with a resounding smack.

Michael winced and grabbed his crotch. But he was smiling through the pain.

I grinned and went over to Leo who was still lying naked on the ground, nursing his battered balls.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah”, Leo smiled weakly.

“Okay”, I said loudly into the room, “that’s the end of ‘Take one for the team’. When are we gonna film the next game?”

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