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Take one for the team

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When the boys arrived for the shooting, Chad and I had already thought about how to field the teams.

Having seen the obvious glee Will got out of busting his twin brother’s nuts, we decided to put them in different teams so that probably – if Michael’s team chose him to be captain – Will would get his hands on his brother’s nuts.

We determined the following teams:

Team #1: Michael, skaterboy Leo and Simon, our geek/porn star

Team #2: Will, wannabe-actor Danny and Kev, the jock

The idea was that each team selected a captain to be busted by the opponent team members for a minute at a time. The captain that gave up (or passed out) first would be the loser, making his team the losing team.
The winning team would get a bonus payment. We were sure that this was enough motivation for our guys.

I had told Chad, my cameraman, to start the camera right away.

The boys undressed until they all were stripped down to their underwear.

Michael and Will wore boxer briefs that put their enormous equipment on display. All the guys were well hung but these two had hit the jackpot in this regard. Only Simon, our seemingly shy and geeky porn star rivalled them with his gigantic rod and humongous set of balls.

Kev wore a jock strap – as he had done in the casting – while Leo, our skinny, black-haired skaterboy, had on colourful boxers. Danny grinned as he had brought the ‘kinky tuxedo’ briefs he had worn on our first shooting for ‘The menu’. They had a hole in front so that his naked balls hung out of them, his half-hard dick tucked in above, pointing to the ceiling.

Simon cleared his throat. He still wore his trousers and was opening his belt. The other guys looked at him.
He smiled nervously and let his trousers slide down. His huge dick popped up, his equally huge balls hung low in their sac. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

The other guys were visibly impressed with Simon’s size.

“Wow”, Kev marvelled at the Simon’s naked sword. He grabbed his own package, which was big, but not this big.

Simon smiled. “Is it okay if I don’t wear any underwear?” he asked in that shy voice of is.

“Yeah”, the other’s answered in unison.

Leo grinned at Simon.

“Wow”, Kev continued staring at Simon’s member.

Simon laughed and wiggled his cock at Kev. “Nice one, hmm?”

“Wow”, Kev repeated.

I decided to interrupt this divine service: “Okay, let’s start with the shooting.”

I explained the rules to them and divided them into the two teams.

Michael, Leo and Simon positioned themselves on the left side of the room, Will, Danny and Kev went to the right side.

I told them they both teams had to choose a captain now.

Team #2 was very quick with the decision.

“Since you are wearing those extravagant briefs I think you should be our captain, Danny”, Will grinned and pointed to Danny’s naked nuts bulging from the black briefs.

Kev agreed. “Yeah, they seem quite tough to me…”

Danny gulped. “Okay, guys, if you think so.”

Team #2 had a captain.

The other team hadn’t decided yet. I sincerely hoped they would choose Michael, but apparently there was a stalemate situation. Leo wanted Simon to be the captain, Simon wanted Michael to do it, and Michael thought Leo should put his nuts on the line.

They looked at me for help.

Before I could say something, Will suggested: “Why don’t you just choose the one with the biggest balls? They could be the toughest…”

I watched Will as he said that, rearranging his nuts inside his underwear, and I was sure he knew that Michael had the biggest nuts in the team. Did he want to get a chance to pulverize his brother’s goods?

Michael looked miserable but Simon and Leo seemed to like the idea. Leo put his nuts out of his boxers to compare them with Simon’s that were swinging between his legs.

“Yours are bigger”, he said with a mixture of envy and relief in his voice.

“So Michael, show us your nuts”, Simon said, curious.

Michael sighed and reached into his briefs to present his big balls, easily the biggest of the lot.

“Aye, captain”, Simon smiled.

Michael nodded and sighed again. Michael and Leo started to hide their nuts in their underwear again.

I interrupted them: “Umm, Michael, I think we’ll have to see the captain’s nuts, I’m sorry… We have to give the other team a clear view of the targets…”

He sighed a third time and took off his briefs. His cock was limp and hung in front of those beautiful, gigantic orbs.

Simon lifted Michael’s dick up and lightly patted his nuts. “With those jewels we’ll win…”

I wasn’t so sure about that, having seen Michael’s balls getting pummelled a few times. On the other hand:
Perhaps the previous treatment had toughened them. However, I was looking forward to seeing the teams go for it.

Leo seemed to think about something. “You know, I think I’ll show solidarity and go naked, too.” He looked at me. “Is that okay?”

“Of course”, I said.

He smiled and threw his underwear on the couch. “Oh – shouldn’t we have a cheer?”

Michael and Simon looked at each other.

“Oh, come on, we’re one team now!” Leo said with a bright smile on his cute face. “And this is a sports competition!”

His team-mates shrugged.

“What about: ‘They will throb, they will ache, but our balls will never break’?” Leo suggested.

Will laughed. The others grinned, too.

“Oh, come on”, Leo pleaded.

“You are destined to be a cheerleader”, Simon laughed. He eyeballed Leo, letting his gaze wander up and down Leo’s naked, skinny frame. “You would look hot in a cheerleader’s dress, too”, he chuckled. “Okay, that’s so silly – let’s do it…”

I explained the rules: “The opponent team can get the captain to adopt every position it wishes, okay? We’ll do it in direct succession. You get a minute in every round. First one to give up or pass out loses. Every team has one time-out of two minutes to take whenever it likes. Fouls will be counted and punished afterwards by the captains. We’ll decide with a coin toss which team will start. Any questions?”

They all shook their heads. I tossed the coin and Team #1 won.

Michael, Leo and Simon stood in a circle.

“Oh”, Leo rejoiced, “let’s grab each other’s balls when we do the cheer!”

The boys chuckled.

Michael, Leo and Simon grabbed the each other’s crotches so they each had a nut in each hand.

“They will throb, they will ache, but our balls will never break!” they shouted in unison.

“Ow!” Michael and Simon screamed. Leo had pinched Simon’s left and Michael’s right nut on the last syllable. He grinned proudly.

His team-mates rubbed their nuts and grinned, too.

Leo and Simon positioned themselves in front of Danny, Will and Kev went over to Michael.

“This is gonna be fun…” Will grinned.

Michael looked miserable and fondled his balls.

I looked at my stopwatch. “On your mark …

“Let’s start with kicks”, Simon said to Leo. “They’ll weaken him.”

Leo nodded.

Danny clenched his fists to prepare him for the blow.

“… ready …”

Splat! Leo had launched his slender foot from the front into Danny’s nuts.

Danny howled and Will and Kev protested.

“Foul! False start”, I announced.

“Sorry”, Leo said shyly.

Danny moaned.

“Okay, we’ll start again”, I said and looked at ma stopwatch again. “On your mark … ready … go!”

Leo threw a viscious kick at Danny’s balls, making him clench his fists harder. He stepped to the side to allow Simon to get a kick in. Simon smashed the instep of his bare right foot into Danny’s ballsack. Danny groaned. Simon stepped to the side and Leo kicked at Danny’s groin again.

Michael watched them from the side. He seemed sceptical because Danny took his kicks quite well, moaning but staying on his feet.

“Kick him harder!” Michael shouted. “Crush his nuts!”

Simon got another kick in, crunching Danny’s nuts into his pelvis. Then it was Leo’s turn again.

“That’s too slow!” Michael screamed. “Go faster!”

Leo smashed Danny’s exposed balls with his bony knee.

Danny groaned louder. Before Leo could go at it again, I shouted: “Team #2!”

Immediately, Will grabbed his brother’s limp dick to have a free shot at his nuts. Will and Kev were kneeling in front of Michael and started pounding his big balls with their fists, taking turns and digging their hard knuckles into Michael’s soft ballflesh. They both grinned and seemed to have a great time.

Michael whimpered and screamed in pain and tried to communicate with his team-mates at the same time: “Try to… ahhh… to kick him from the front and… ahh… from the front and from the back… ahhhh!”

Simon and Leo nodded and Leo went behind Danny’s back who was nursing his balls in pain and shouting at Will and Kev: “Yes! Strike his balls! Harder! Faster”

It was a chaos of screaming, shouting and the slapping sounds of fists against balls.

Will and Kev were still alternately punching Michael’s poor balls. Suddenly they lost their rhythm and their fists connected with each other and Michael’s nuts at the same time.

They stopped, massaging their fists. “Ow, that hurt!” Will grinned at Kev.

Danny screamed frantically: “Don’t stop! Go on, punch him!”

I shouted: “Team #1!”

Danny braved himself for the impact and in no time Leo kicked his slightly reddened balls from behind, visibly flattening them and bringing a shriek from Danny’s mouth. He put hands behind his neck to stop them from doing the natural and grab his throbbing balls. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Simon brought his foot up and smashed Danny’s nuts from the front, his own naked nuts and huge, semi-hard rod swinging around happily. Danny shrieked again.

“Yes! That’s it”, Michael shouted from the side, massaging his battered balls and grimacing in pain.

Leo grinned and kicked again, this time bringing his bony shin up from behind into Danny’s crotch. That wasn’t very effective, though, and Michael screamed: “No, no, no! Use your foot!”

Simon kneed Danny’s nuts three times in rapid succession. Danny screamed in pain and his knees weakened.

A kick from behind, courtesy of Leo, brought him down to the floor.

“Get up!” Simon shouted at him. Danny moaned, writhing in agony.

“Get up!” Leo shouted even louder.

I looked at my stopwatch.

“Team #2!”

Leo kicked at Danny’s hip. “Damn!” The second foul from Leo, I thought.

Danny stayed on the floor, coughing and grunting, his nuts in his hands. Will and Kev changed their strategy. Kev was in a standing position and kicked Michael’s balls from the front, sending them flopping around, while Will bashed his twin brother’s danglers with his fist from behind on Kev’s downswing. Michael was in a world of pain, screaming from the top of his lungs, as Will and cute jock boy Kev went crazy on his nutsack.

Leo and Simon seemed to worry about their captain’s condition so they cheered for him: “You’re a champ! They will throb, they will ache, but our balls---“

“Team #1!”

Michael moaned in relief as Will and Kev stopped their assault.

Danny was still lying on the ground in pain, his hands clasping his injured balls. Leo ripped Danny’s hands away from his genitals and held them apart.

“Go!” he shouted to Simon, who took his cue and hammered his fists down on Danny’s suffering spermbags again and again, smashing both of his fat nuts repeatedly.

Danny screamed.

Will and Kev exchanged worrying glances.

Simon continued to hammer Danny’s agonized ballbags. When Danny’s screaming stopped and he coughed loudly, while Simon was going on cracking his tender nuts, Will shouted: “Time out!”

Leo let go of Danny’s hand, obviously disappointed. Danny immediately cupped his traumatized testicles and rolled over to the side. Will and Kev rushed over to him and tried to comfort and motivate him. Danny listened and moaned and nodded occasionally.

Leo looked at Simon: “Fuck, I thought we had him…”

Simon shrugged.

They both went over to Michael, who was happy about the break, too. He, like Danny, was moaning and nursing his balls.

He looked at his team-mates and groaned: “You are doing great.”

Leo and Simon exchanged proud glanced. “His nuts are held out by those briefs”, Simon explained in a low voice, “I think that makes them more vulnerable.”

Will overheard that and quickly grabbed the waistband of Danny’s briefs. “Take them off!” he shouted, yanking them down Danny’s thighs.

“What? Why?” Danny moaned.

Will yanked Danny’s briefs forcefully but those big balls that were pushed through the opening in Danny’s briefs had swollen considerably and wouldn’t go back through the hole.

“Come on, help me”, Will shouted at Kev. Will yanked even harder and Kev pushed with his fingers on Danny’s nuts, popping them balls back through the hole. Danny shrieked. They both managed to pull Danny’s briefs down over his ankles, revealing a very well-sized boner in the process.

Kev chuckled. “Oh, you’re enjoying it…”

Danny moaned in pain and embarrassment, causing Will and Kev to laugh.

“Come on, we can do it! Just stay conscious, Danny!” Will encouraged him.

Danny smiled and nodded weakly.

In the meantime, Leo and Simon, fondled and stroked Michael’s nuts.

“Yeah, those jewels are indestructible”, Simon whispered into Michael’s ear. “They’re indestructible. Repeat it! They’re indestructible.”

“My jewels are indestructible”, Michael repeated, not very convincing.

“Say it and mean it”, Simon whispered.

“My jewels are indestructible”, Michael repeated again.

“Yeah, they are”, Simon smiled, moved his head to Michael’s balls and gave them a kiss.

Leo laughed. Simon shot him a grim look and Leo stopped laughing.

“They are indestructible”, Leo shrugged, softly patted Michael’s balls and kissed them, too.
Simon smiled at him.

“10 seconds”, I announced.

“We’re gonna finish that fucker”, Simon winked at Michael.

“They will throb, they will ache, but our balls will never break!” Leo shouted.

“My jewels are indestructible”, Michael replied.

Leo and Simon patted Michael’s back and went over to Danny to continue their work on his balls.
Will and Kev left Danny lying naked on the floor, his legs spread apart.

“Time-out’s over”, I shouted, “15 seconds left for team #1”

Danny sighed and closed his eyes. He opened them again, seconds later, when Simon landed a crushing fist into his throbbing balls. Leo joined in and punched Danny’s nuts, too.

“Team #2!”

Will and Kev grabbed Michaels nuts – “My jewels are indestructible.” – trying to convince him of the contrary. They tried squeezing his sack, now. They both got their hand around Michael’s big balls and squeezed hard.

“Indestructible”, Michael shrieked.

“I don’t think so”, Will replied, clamping his hands together with his brother’s manhood trapped between them.

Kev chuckled, his hands around Will’s, pushing them together, too.

“They will throb, they will ache, but our balls will never break!” Leo shouted. Simon joined in and they both chanted their cheer to get Michael through the pain.

I helped. Michael shrieked and screamed, but the powerful squeeze didn’t make him pass out.

“Team #1!” I yelled and Kev and Will let go of Michael’s balls.

“You’re a champ!” Leo shouted towards Michael who had grabbed his balls and sobbed.

“Don’t talk! Crush that bastard’s nuts!” he screamed in a shrill voice. He was right. Leo and Simon had lost valuable busting time. But they made up for it in strength. Danny was still lying on the floor, so Simon pried his hands from his reddened nuts and rock-hard cock.

Leo tried something new: He stepped on Danny’s ballsack, bringing a guttural sound from Danny’s mouth.

“Let me do it, I’m heavier than you!” Simon quickly said. They changed positions and within a few seconds Simon stood on Danny’s poor balls, flattening them to the floor and grinding the heels of his bare feet into them.

Danny made squeaked and writhed on the ground. Tears ran down his face.

He opened his mouth: “I gi---“

“Don’t give up!” Will shouted. “Don’t---“

Danny continued squealing until suddenly he just coughed. His eyes rolled back in his head and his body went limp.

“Yeah!” Simon stepped down from Danny’s nuts (although there wasn’t much of a hight difference now) and embraced Leo, their naked bodies touching, their cocks and balls wiggling as they jumped up and down, celebrating their victory.

“Yes!” Michael cheered.

“Fuck!” was Kev’s reaction as he walked over to Danny’s unconscious body.

“We would have won in the next round”, Will said to his brother with disappointment in his voice.

Michael was jubilant. “No way! They will throb, they will---”

Will slapped his brother’s nuts hard.

Michael stopped cheering and groaned miserably.

“Foul!” I shouted.

In the meantime, Kev had knelt down next to Danny’s and slapped his face to bring him back to consciousness.

Danny coughed a few times, his face white and wet with sweat.

“He’s okay”, Kev said and carefully examined Danny’s genitals.

“Oh”, he looked up, his hands caressing Danny’s mangled manhood. “I think you popped one of his nuts…”

All of us gasped. Apparently Danny hadn’t realized Kev’s words. Leo and Simon looked at me in terror.

I immediately thought of our insurance. I wasn’t completely sure whether it would cover this…

Then Kev laughed. “Just kidding. They’re okay. Swollen – very swollen – but okay. Believe me, it takes a lot more than this to really break a guy’s balls…”

“Wow. Then… you have broken a guy’s nads?” Leo asked, horrified.

“Let’s just say that one of the nutball championships at our dorm got out of hand. But that’s the way it goes. The guy is still at our dorm and he’s not mad at me. No harm done. Well, a little perhaps…”, Kev grinned.

“Ewwww”, Leo grimaced.

The other’s didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic, either, and I noticed Michael rubbing his balls, probably thanking God.

Danny coughed and grabbed his balls.

“We lost?” he groaned.

“Yeah, your balls weren’t tough enough”, Will said.

“Sorry”, Danny moaned.

“No problem. It’s a game after all”, Kev replied, patting Danny’s tortured ballsack and bringing another loud moan from his mouth.

“Okay, so it’s a win for Team #1!”, I announced.

Michael stood up and joined Leo and Simon in their celebrating dance.

“They will throb, they will ache, but our balls will never break!”

Will grinned. He had a clear view of three dicks and six nuts – two of them slightly red and pretty swollen – wobbling around between the boys’ legs.

“And we had three fouls in the game. Two from Leo, one from Will”, I looked at Danny lying on the round, cradling his traumatized ballsack. “I don’t suppose you want to do it now?”

Danny shook his head and groaned.

“Hmm. What about this: We’ll meet on Thursday for the penalties. Danny? Michael?”

“Okay”, Michael said, looking at his twin brother with an evil grin.

Danny nodded weakly, looked at Leo’s low hanging balls and said: “I’ll make it count…”

Leo gulped and grabbed his nuts. His dick twitched.

Danny shifted his gaze to Leo’s eyes. “I will…”

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