Friday, December 21, 2007

The menu – Intro to The video

Featured in this story: Danny and the twins (click for pictures)

The day after our shooting Chad and I sat down in front of my computer to edit the footage. We had a lot of fun watching the material – Chad had kept his camera running nearly the whole time, so we saw a lot of the non-staged scenes again as well – and we were both very pleased with the results.

I complimented Chad on his camerawork. He shrugged. “I guess if the performance is good you can’t do anything wrong”, he said.

Anyway, he caught every moment of the twins’ misery and every quip Danny made.

It took us some hours to edit the scenes but in the end we managed to have a brilliant introduction for our website. By the way we decided to go without music to give the video a more natural touch.

Here it is:

Black screen.

Fade in: Title card 1

Ballbusting boys

Fade out.

Fade in: Title card 2

Putting their nuts on the line

Fade out.

Fade in: Scene 1

Long shot: Danny and the twins smile at the camera.

Danny: Welcome to! I’m Danny and these are my assistants for today, Will and Michael. And those are some of the luscious, firm balls that are gonna get busted on this site. Take a good look at them – who knows what shape they will be in when we’re done…

Fade out.

Fade in: Scene 2

Long shot: Danny sits on the ground, the twins stand on either side.

Danny: We have all kinds of ballbusting videos. Punching, hitting, kicking – you name it, we got it. And we are not holding back. No cups, no cheating. We beat each other’s nuts to pulp!”


Zoom in on Michael’s balls.


Pan to Will’s balls.


Pan to Danny’s face.

Danny: Ooooohhh. Those nuts are mush, now…

Zoom in on Danny’s smiling face.

Fade out.

Fade in: Scene 3

Close up: Danny’s face

Danny: No nuts are left unharmed.

Zoom out, revealing Will and the pool cue.


Danny: My nuts…

Will: Perfect shot.

*Rack of the pool balls*


Fade out.

Fade in: Scene 3

Knee shot: Danny sitting on the couch

Danny: On the menu today:


Long shot: Danny stands behind Will.

Danny: Scrambled eggs…


Danny: … à la mode.


Knee shot: Michael in elbow stand. Danny stands behind him.

Danny: Mincemeat.


Danny: Dinner is prepared.


Long shot: The twins stand. Danny sits between them.

Danny: And for dessert: Apple sauce …

Zoom in on the twin’s crotches and Danny’s face.

*Various punches*

Danny: … with cream.


Pan to Michael falling to the ground.

Pan to Danny’s face.

Danny: Mmmm. Chef’s suggestion.

Zoom in on Danny’s lips.

Zoom out to long shot: Will stands above Michael.


Will: Apples are out of stock for today.

Fade to black with laughter in background.

Fade in: Title Card 3

Join now.

Fade out.

Fade in: Title Card 4

www . ballbustingboys . org

Fade to black.

Audio only over black screen:


Danny: *coughing* That… that was right on target. Thanks for the demonstration.

Will: *laughing* Anytime.


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