Friday, December 14, 2007

Casting Kev

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad and Kev (click for pictures)

A few days after the twins’ casting we met Kev, a hot college student. He is 20 years old, 6 feet and 4 inches tall, short brown hair and deep brown eyes. On the photos he sent me with his application he was doing all sorts of sports: football, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, tennis, you name it, he did it. Unfortunately he didn’t include a nude picture, so I didn’t know if he was willing to go down that route, too. We’d see.

Before Kev arrived I talked to Chad about the casting and especially who was going to get busted by the applicant at the end of the session. I had taken three hits in the nuts, including the balltap he had given me at the end of the Simon’s casting: “But today you are the one to take a hit!”

He looked at me with an apologetic smile: “Nah, I’m gonna have a date tonight, you know…”

Chad, you have dates all the time! I’m not gonna take all the pain!”

He tried to convince me: “You, know, I’m really thankful about you taking the last hit…”

“You hit me! It was completely unnecessary”, I reminded him.

“Well, yeah. Thanks, anyway. I had a great night, we fucked until the morning. Now tonight I’m meeting this other girl. She’s really hot…”

I looked at him. Granted, he was handsome, tall, a hint of a beard on his face, looking a tad younger than his 30 years – but I didn’t know that he changed his girls that often…

“No way. You are gonna get busted today!”

Chad shot me an angry look, mumbled something to himself, and left the room. He came back a few minutes later and seemed to have accepted the deal.

Kev walked into the room without knocking, very self-confident and sporting a wide grin.

“Hey, I’m Kev”, he said, shaking my hand with a firm grip. “You’re Alex? I saw your ad.”

Of course he had seen it, he wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t, I thought.

“Man, that’s cool. Nice camera!” he looked around, rubbed his hands as if ready to start, and sat down on the couch.

Kev was wearing tight blue jeans, a extra-large bright blue shirt with his college’s logo on it, and sneakers. 

The tight crotch of his jeans was packed with a nice-sized bulge, I noticed when he sat down. So his not including a nude pic wasn’t due to the lack of equipment between his muscular legs…

“We’re filming for a new website,”, I told him. “do you have any experience with ballbusting or with doing porn?”

“I did a couple of vids for those ‘college guys solo’ type of films. You know, jacking of, fingering myself, stuff like that. Does that count as porn?”

I grinned at Chad who was still sulking. “Yes, it does. So, what about ballbusting?”

“You mean like nutting other guys?”

I nodded.

He grinned like a Cheshire cat and proudly said: “I’m the reigning nutball champion of our dorm! I defeated twenty-three other guys! Those suckers are tough like hell.” He grabbed his crotch and squeezed. “Some of the losers still guard their nuts when they walk past me. I knocked some of them out with a single shot.” He shook his head in mock compassion. “Ooohh, some of those sacks were filled with peanut butter afterwards…”

“Great, seems like you fulfill all the qualifications for our site”, I answered smiling. “So I guess you don’t have a problem with taking off your clothes?”

“I can take of my jeans and the shirt. Do you want me to take of my jockstrap as well?” he asked.

“We would like to make sure you are not wearing a cup”, I explained, “so perhaps you could take it off, too?”

He considered that. “Hey, I have an idea. You are interested in my nuts, right? So why don’t I let them hang out?”

“Okay, we could try that.”

Kev stood up and undressed, showing us the nicely defined muscles on his body. He threw his shirt and his jeans behind the couch and put on his socks and shoes again afterwards. Nice touch, I thought. Then he grabbed inside his jockstrap, rearranged his dick so that it was pointing up and pulled two big, ripe testicles the size of hen’s eggs out of the right side of his jockstrap, so that they were swinging between his legs underneath it. He shook his hips so that his balls were swinging around, alternately slapping against both of his legs.

“Beautiful, aren’t they?” He seemed very fond of his nuts. He looked down, grabbed them and carefully weighed them in his hands. Then he lightly slapped them a few times with his other hand and grimaced. “Oooohh, boys, you are beautiful, both of you.”

I couldn’t suppress a laugh and heard Chad chuckle, too.

Kev looked at me, irritated.

“Oh yes, they are”, I quickly said. Chad cleared his throat.

“I gave them names”, Kev confessed.

“Oh, you did?” I said with the most serious expression I could muster. “What are they called?”

He flushed. “The left one’s Nick and the right one’s Nack.”

How original, I thought. Chad chuckled again.

“Nick hangs a bit lower”, Kev told us. “He is a bit bigger than Nack, too. Especially when he gets beaten. But he’s a good sport. He swells a bit and gets red, but after a few minutes, he’s fine again.” He looked down at his crotch again, smiling, and patted his left nut. Then his face lightened up: “My sac is quite roomy, too. I can stretch my balls nearly all the way down to my knees!”

I nodded in appreciation. That guy was a revelation.

“Or I could let them hang out to both sides of my jockstrap. Wait.” He fumbled inside his jockstap, pulling his left nut inside and pushing it back out again to the left side. Now ‘Nick’ and ‘Nack’ were separated by the jockstrap. He looked at us, expecting approval, no doubt.

“That looks great”, I offered. He was pleased with that and smiled.

“What about we start with the action?” I suggested. “A knee, a punch, and a squeeze?”

He nodded, his nuts hanging out to either side of his jockstrap, swinging with the motion. “Cool”, he said, spread his legs and placed his hands on his hips.

Those big egg-sized balls bulged invitingly from his crotch. I walked up to him, turned him around a bit to that the camera could film us from the side.

“Let’s go”, I said and smashed my knee into his groin and felt his meaty left nut flatten under the pressure.
“Oooohooohooo”, Kev wailed and doubled over. “Yeah, you got Nick dead on, whooohooo.” He straightened up again, grimacing with pain. “Come on, do it again, now go for Nack…”

I grinned at Chad behind the camera and brought my knee up again. Kev continued wailing and coughed a few times. “No, that was Nick again. Come on, try again.”

I lifted my knee again, crashing it into Kev’s crotch and grinding it in.

“Whoooo, nope. Nick again.”

I rolled my eyes and drove one last knee up into his groin, kept it there and moved around, squelching both of his nuts, I was sure.

That did it.

“Yes, whoooo, yes, both of them”, Kev screeched, “both of them…”

I kneed his nuts again for good measure – “Whoof”, Kev exclaimed – and expected him to fall to the floor. But he just doubled over, nursed his nuts, coughed, and looked at me, sweating, grimacing with pain and smiling proudly at the same time.

“I told you, my nuts are tough!” he said breathlessly, squeezing both of his balls in his hands. “They are winners! Now punch’em!”

I stared at him in disbelief.

“Punch! Them!”

I got down on my knees in front of him. His balls were still hanging outside in the open, separated by the jockstrap. I could see his swelling cock clearly outlined in the skimpy white piece of cloth.

I clenched my fists and began punching his fat, robust nuts one at a time. I used all my force and dug the knuckles of my left fist into his right nut, then the knuckles of my right hand into his left nut, feeling his meaty balls flatting with each hit.

Kev looked up into the air and counted the punches: “One … two … three, owww … four … five … six … seven, owwww … eight … nine … ten …” He screamed and hollered at each crushing hit, lifting his hands behind his head. “Eleven … twelve, oughhh … thirteen … fourteen …”

I punched harder and harder, grinding his nuts into his thighs, scrunching them with my fists.

On the fifteenth hit he broke down on the floor, buckling, breathing heavily and whispering with a hoarse voice: “Fifteen.”

I got up and walked over to Chad, who was shaking his head and laughing his ass off.

“He’s a good one”, he stated, smirking at Kev. “He should be proud of Nick and Nack…”

I nodded.

Kev was still curled up in a ball on the floor, writhing around, coughing hoarsely.

“I think I’ll get us all some coffee”, Chad offered and walked to the kitchen, still shaking his head.

I sat down on the chair and made some notes. This guy would be a true moneymaker for our website…

A few minutes later Chad came back into the room. He gave me a cup and asked Kev: “Coffee?”

Kev slowly sat up, still breathing heavily, and wiped the sweat from his brow. “Phooo. You can pack quite a punch”, he acknowledged and grinned at me. “You nearly pulverized those boys…” He grabbed his nuts and tucked them into his jockstrap.

Chad repeated: “Coffee?”

“No thanks. I wouldn’t mind a beer, though.”

“Look into the fridge over there. I don’t know if there’s any beer left”, Chad said, walking back behind his camera and taking a sip from his coffee.

Kev stood up and walked over to the fridge. He bent down and gave me a look at his muscular ass. “A bottle of vodka, some juice, some pizza - nope, no beer”, he said a bit disappointed. “Never mind, I’ll have one when I’m back at the dorm.” He closed the fridge and turned around. I quickly shifted my gaze upward. “So it’s the squeeze next?” he asked.

I nodded, stood up and walked over to him. He rubbed his balls. “I suppose you want me to pull them out again,” he said, reached into his jockstrap and pulled out both of his nuts to one side. They had swollen considerably and hung low in Kev’s sac.

I got down on my knees again, and cracked my knuckles. Kev put his hand on his both sides of his body and swung his hips. His reddened nuts swayed back and forth. Kev looked down on me and gave me an encouraging look.

I grabbed his nuts tighly with my right hand and tugged down in an aprupt motion. That got him by surprise.

He yelped and countered by moving his body up, the heels of his sneaker-clad feet lifting from the ground and pulling against me. I tugged harder and harder, squeezing on his balls, and pulling them further down in their sac.

When I looked up at him, I noticed that his cock seemed to react to my constant squeezing. It was rock hard, pointing up and trying to escape his jockstrap. With every squeeze and every pull it forced itself further through the waistband until the moist tip succeeded and popped out into the open.

Kev was grunting and staring to the ceiling, sweating heavily, trying not to surrender to my crushing grip. I looked at Chad, who had noticed, too. “Go for it”, he mouthed and winked.

I squeezed harder with my right hand and flicked Kev’s nuts with the thumb and index finger of my left hand.
“Oahh”, Kev moaned. His dick twitched

I did it again, flicking ‘Nick’, than flicking ‘Nack’, then ‘Nick’ again. His dick twitched each time, a little flow of precum oozing out of the tip. I could feel Kev’s nuts trying to tighten up, but I didn’t let them, and began slapping his fat, juicy babymakers with my left palm.

Kev moaned louder. “Oah, oah, yes, that’s right, slap’em…”

I slapped his balls again and again, squeezing down with my other hand. Finally he came and sent globs and globs of spunk flying into the air, landing on his abs and his chest. Kev screamed and tried to grab his nuts.

I slapped them again, then I grabbed his meaty balls with both of my hands, clamping down hard and pressing out every last drop of sperm. With a cheerful, resounding smack, I let go.

Kev let out a bloodcurdling scream and collapsed on the floor, drops of sweat all over his body, trickling down and mixing with the spunky mess on his chest and abs. He moaned softly in pain and grabbed his tormented manhood.

I was quite exhausted myself and sat down on the couch.

It took Kev just a few minutes to recover, though. He spread the cum on his body and wiped his forehead, leaving a trace of spunk just above his eyebrow. “I think a need a vodka”, he sighed, got up and walked over to the fridge. “Man, that was the best orgasm I had in ages!” He laughed. “Man…”

He poured himself a glass of vodka and gulped it down in one go. “So”, he turned to me, wiping his mouth with his cummy hand. “What’s next?”

I smirked. “Now you can have a go at Chad’s nuts here…”

Chad gave me an uncomfortable look and walked into the middle of room. I got behind the camera.

Kev looked at Chad expectantly. “So?”

Chad didn’t know what Kev wanted to say. I didn’t either.

“Take off your clothes!” He said impatiently.

Chad shook his head.

“Oh come on, you told me I had to take of my pants so that you could see that I wasn’t wearing a cup. Now I want to see that you aren’t wearing one!” Kev demanded.

Reluctantly, Chad pulled down his pants. He was wearing a jockstrap underneath. I couldn’t believe it. He was wearing a cup! How could we ask our models to go without protection if we cheated? I looked at him angrily. Chad flushed and Kev grabbed the thing and pulled it out.

“Come on, take those pants off! And the shirt!”

Chad obliged sheepishly and took off his clothes until he was stark naked, his balls tight up in their sac and his long, slender cock pointing to the ceiling. Apparently, Kev’s performance had left quite an impression on my ‘straight’ cameraman…

“Spread your legs!” Kev ordered.

Chad complied nervously.

“You’re gonna pay for this”, Kev murmured with an evil grin.

Chad looked at me with fear in his eyes. I shrugged and zoomed in on his groin.

Kev turned Chad around and grabbed the half-empty vodka bottle. He smiled at me and squatted down behind Chad. He brought the bottle slowly up between Chad’s legs until the cold glass touched his balls, right beneath Chad’s still hard dick.

“Look”, he beamed, “the bottle fits perfectly. I’m gonna turn his nuts into mush!”

Chad closed his eyes in anticipation.

Then he stood up and took aim. He whirled the bottle around a few times, winked at me, roared from the top of his lungs and rammed it up between Chad’s legs in a strong and determined movement. Even from behind the camera and even over Kev’s roaring I could hear that he had made contact.

Chad’s eyes opened wide, his mouthed opened slightly and his knees began to tremble. His arms were sprawled out in mid-motion. He was paralyzed.

Kev held the cold bottle up against Chad’s nuts and laughed hysterically. “Did you hear that? Splat! Man, I fucked up his balls!” He squatted down again and looked through the bottle up into Chad’s crotch. “Look at that!” he rejoiced. “You can see his nuts spread out on the bottle! Man, they are flat! Come here!”

I took the camera off the tripod and moved below Chad. He still stood motionless, not a single sound coming from his mouth, his eyes wide open, and spit drooling from his lips.

I zoomed in on Chad’s flattened meatballs and chuckled.

Kev found the sight hilarious and nearly choked laughing. He wiggled the bottle that seemed to be glued to Chad’s outspread testicles.

“He has a date tonight”, I remarked.

“Poor him”, Kev laughed, pointing at Chad’s shrunken dick. “I don’t think he will be enjoying himself… Better get his girlfriend a dildo…”

Chad still was unable to move, his knees trembling and a tear running down his cheek.

Kev slowly stopped laughing, stood up and pulled the bottle away from Chad’s nuts. They popped back into their usual shape, now hanging low in Chad’s sack.

Kev seemed to consider something.

“Let’s make it worthwhile…” he shrugged and kicked Chad’s balls from behind, crashing the tip of his sneaker into Chad’s traumatized manhood and crushing his marbles with painful accuracy.

He sure was a pro.

Chad coughed, grunted and fell down on the floor, his handsome face bright red and his eyes filled with tears.

Kev put his clothes back on and shook my hand. “See you”, he said.

Then he patted Chad on the back. “Perhaps you can give me her phone number? I’m quite horny…” He pulled his large, considerably swollen nuts out of his jeans, teabagged Chad and walked away laughing.


WaterSpirit said...

I love this story.Im eager to read the Casting of Logan, Brandon and Parker.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, WaterSpirit! There were no casting sessions for these three characters. Brandon and Parker were introduced as friends of Cal and the twins respectively, and Logan joined the team by going through the "Auditions". :-))

Anonymous said...

Where can I watch the video you guys took