Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another phone call from Europe

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Phone call from Europe

Jimmy, the twin’s brother and a professional soccer player in England, has called again. He said that he would definitely come here in January. But that was not the reason for his call.

“Last time we talked, you told me you were German”, he said. “You know, we have a German member on our team. His name is Frank. I told him about your website project and he seemed to be very interested. I thought I could bring him with me when we do the filming. Perhaps he could crush some nuts, too?”

“Of course, the more the merrier”, I said. Two soccer players and a room full of balls. That sounded fun.

“He is 26, good-looking, and he has quite a kick on him. He punted my package by accident in training a few times, nearly made me puke – I think he’ll be perfect for the job.”

“Fantastic!” Then I had an idea: “What about this: We will set it up as a competition. You and Frank get to kick everyone’s nuts. Then we let the guys decide who throws the strongest kicks. One of you is declared the winner, the other is the loser. That way the two of you will really go for it.”

He was thrilled. “Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do. This is gonna be fun!”

“And then”, I continued, “we let all the guys strip the loser down and, well, let off their steam...”

He wasn’t too thrilled about that. “You mean – Frank and I get to kick all the guys as hard as we can. And then they can get their revenge on the one who didn’t kick the hardest?”

“It’s all about motivation”, I said.

He thought about it, then he laughed. “Okay, giving it a try won’t hurt.”

“It will, at least for one of you”, I quipped.

He stopped laughing for a moment, then he chuckled: “Okay, I better go and practice my kicks. I can’ let that sucker Frank win...”


Carter said...

Loving this, the guys will really have some motivation to kick hard.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! The original Soccer Balls series is one of my favorites - I hope you'll like it... :-))