Saturday, December 29, 2007

Richard and Paul 1

Thanks to Andre for the characters and the basic storyline.

I got an email yesterday:
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 11:51:34
From: "Richard ******" [djrichboy1986@*****.com]
To: "Alex"
Subject: Ballbusting Boys
hi there,
i have a cute little guy for your videos!
his name is paul. he is a cute
surferboy, age 23, 8 inch cock, large
low hanging nuts.
have a look at the videos and tell me
what u think.
perhaps i will lend him 2 u.


I was curious, so I googled Richard and found some information. Apparently he was 21 years old (I should have guessed that from his email address…) and some kind of raver-dude. I found some photos that showed him as a DJ at a rave, short, light brown hair, not too tall, perhaps 1,60 m (or around 5’3”), sagging jeans and a t-shirt on his lean body and sneakers on his feet.

I opened the first attachment. The quality was bad, apparently taken with the video function of a photo camera or probably a cell phone.

The first video showed a guy surfing. That had to be Paul. The guy holding the cell phone (Richard?) was standing at the beach and you couldn’t see much of the surfer in the distance. Then he fell off his board, swam towards the camera and came out of the water. He was wearing board shorts and had the smooth and toned chest of a swimmer. His hair was blond, bleached from the sun and dripping salty water. He pushed his hair back from his face and walked towards the guy holding the camera. The camera moved down and settled on Paul’s wet shorts and his crotch.

“Hey!” he shouted as he came closer to the camera. “Stop filming my crotch!”

The guy behind the camera (Richard) chuckled. “I’m not.”

“Yes, you are, stop it!” The camera was still focussing on Paul’s crotch, now right in front of it. The wet shorts clung to his thighs and outlined the big package within.

Then camera suddenly moved. I heard a dull thud and someone laughing.

“Ow! Fuck! My nuts! Richard, you---“

The camera fell down on the ground and I heard the noise of two guys struggling. Then the video stopped.

I opened the second file.

The quality was just as bad as the last time but this time the camera wasn’t handheld. Apparently it was placed on a table or a shelf or something. Someone stood in front of it, blocking the view. When the person moved away, the picture showed a large room, some chairs, paintings on the walls, rugs on the floor, a bed at the far right. Richard and Paul were in the middle of a conversation.

“…are you doing?” Paul asked. His voice was very low, he seemed to be in another room. Then he entered the picture. His hair had grown and he wore jeans and a sweater. I assumed it was a few months after the first video.

“Nothing”, Richard said. He was near the camera, evidently he had turned it on.

Paul didn’t seem to see the camera. Richard walked into the picture and told him to take off his sweater.


“Take off your sweater!” Richard’s voice was cold.

“I am not gonna take off anything!” Paul sounded very determined.

“Take off your sweater!” Richard repeated, looking Paul in the eyes. He was a good 8 inches shorter than Paul but he seemed to hypnotize him.

“This is wrong! My girlfriend said…” Paul started.

Richard interrupted him: “Do I have to repeat it again?”

Paul shot him a nervous glance.

“Do I?”

Paul looked defeated. “No”, he said quietly, took off the blue sweater and threw it onto the bed. He looked at Richard and said in an angry voice: “Okay, are you happy now?”

“Take off the t-shirt as well!” Richard went on, with obvious glee in his voice.

Paul stared at him.

It took Richard just a slight raise of his eyebrows to make Paul follow his order. He threw the t-shirt away, too, and stood in the middle of the room, his smooth chest bared, wearing just his jeans and his sneakers.

“Good boy”, Richard smiled. “From now on, you will do that every time you are in my house, understood?”

Paul gasped and started to protest: “Wha…”

Richard looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“Okay”, Paul whispered.

The doorbell rang.

“You stay here”, Richard ordered and left the room. “I’m having some friends coming over.”

Paul looked around uncomfortable but he didn’t move. He fondled his tanned chest with his left hand and bit his lip. When he heard some noise, he turned.

Richard came in with two young guys in their late teens or early twenties.

“This is Paul”, Richard said and grinned at his friends. “You can give him a warm welcome – but remember, he’s mine…” Both of the guests grinned back and walked over to Paul.

Paul opened his mouth.

One of the guys grabbed Paul’s crotch in a firm grip, making Paul wince.

“Oooohhh, look at that”, the other guy said. “What’s it feel like?”

“Go, try it yourself!” Richard offered.

The guy grinned at him and grabbed Paul’s package, too. He moved his hand up and down a few times. “Man, that’s quite a heavy basket, Paul, what do you have in there? Oranges?”

Paul gritted his teeth.

The guy let go and a sigh of relief came from Paul’s lips. It was cut short, though, by a hard backhand slap into his nuts that sent Paul down to the floor, moaning in pain.

Richard laughed and high-fived his friends. They looked down on Paul, chuckling.

Richard moved towards the camera and switched it off. His last words were “We’ll have a hell of a time!”

I opened the third file.

The camera was in nearly the same position as in the last video. It focussed on a chair that was placed in the middle of the room, though. When it was switched on I heard Richard mutter to himself: “This is gonna be good…” Then he shouted: “Paul!”

Paul came into the room, shirtless, his blonde hair shorter than the last time but still almost touching his shoulders, and stood next to the chair, a big question mark on his face.

Richard walked into view and sat down on the chair. Straight-faced, he looked at Paul and opened the fly of his saggy jeans, his thighs wide apart, producing a thick, hard 6 inch cock.

Paul gulped.

“Suck it!”

Paul stood dumbfounded.

“You know you want it!” Richard smiled and gave Paul’s nuts a light slap. Paul groaned and got down between Richard’s knees, blocking the view for the camera.

“Not there, suck it from the side!” Richard snapped. “I’m recording this!”

“You what?” Paul looked around and spotted the camera. “You can’t do that! If my girlfriend find’s out…”

“Stop whining”, Richard replied, slightly annoyed. “Come on, move!”
Paul crawled to the side and took Richard’s thick cock into his mouth with a disgusted look on his face.

“That’s it”, Richard sighed. “Good boy!”

Paul’s head bobbed up and down on Richard’s dick, eliciting satisfied moaning from Richard and muffled, choking sound from Paul.

“That’s it, you’re my bitch, boy!”

Suddenly, the video ended, apparently cut before the ending. I was quite impressed and replied to the email:
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 01:39:09
From: "Alex"
To: "Richard ******"
Subject: Re: Ballbusting Boys 
Nice videos, Richard.
Do you want Paul to join our team?
The answer came immediately:
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 01:42:25
From: "Richard ******" [djrichboy1986@*****.com]
To: "Alex"
Subject: Re: Re: Ballbusting Boys

what about this: i send u some more videos and
u publish them on the site. i could use the
its bb and sex – and hes good at it
How could I refuse?

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