Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Casting the twins

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

When I arrived at his apartment for our fourth casting, I found Chad, my cameraman, in the kitchen, making coffee.

“They are already here”, he said. “They wanted to ‘limber up’…”

“What?” I didn’t understand.

“They are warming up. In the studio”, Chad said impatiently and nodded to the spare room that we used for the castings. ‘Studio’ wasn’t quite the right word for it. There was a couch, a chair, a fridge, some bookshelves, and the camera in the ‘studio’. We were planning to get a real studio – or at least something more appropriate – when we had finished casting our first batch of models. I looked into the room. There they were, Michael and Will, identical twins.

I had gotten their photo and a very short application note a few days earlier. Michael and Will look exactly the same, as identical twins do… They are 22 years old and look as if they came from Sweden: blond hair, blue eyes, 6’2” tall – stunningly beautiful. They didn’t send me any nude pictures, the note said that they didn’t have the money to make copies. Okay. I was quite doubtful, especially because I knew virtually nothing about them – except that they were really nice to look at. So I decided to give them a chance…

So now they were ‘limbering up’ in the ‘studio’. When I looked at them I understood. One of them was doing the splits on the floor, the other was stretching his muscles. The latter one straightened, when he saw me, and extended his hand.

“Hi, I’m Will”, he said, “this is my brother Michael.”

Michael was still doing the splits and waved at me.

“I’m Alex”, I said, “why are you doing…” I pointed at Michael “…that?”

“Oh”, Will laughed, “we are professional gymnasts. Didn’t we tell you in our application?”

“Well, no, you didn’t.” I paused and looked at Michael. He was wearing a skin-tight costume, a huge bulge protruding from his crotch that was nearly touching the floor. Will was wearing an identical costume. And the bulge seemed to be identical, too. “So why are you here – shouldn’t you audition for a circus or something?”

“Oh, we tried to get into a circus, we tried vaudeville, too. But apparently we aren’t good enough…” He went over to his brother, who was still doing the splits. “So we thought we could try ballbusting.” With that he forcefully pushed down on his brother’s head, causing his bulge to flatten between the hard floor and his crotch.

“Ow!” Michael yelled and tried to get out of his vulnerable position. Will laughed and pushed down again, mashing Michael’s nuts once more. “Ow!” Michael yelled louder.

Smirking at his brother, Will pushed down one last time. “Ow! Will!” Michael yelled. Will let go and smiled at me, while Michael closed his legs and grabbed the obscenely big bulge in his tight pants. They definitely had the right spirit…

“Okay. Great. Let’s start!” I said.

Chad came into the room with a cup of coffee, looked at Michael and raised an eyebrow. I shrugged. Chad walked behind the camera.

“So, are you willing to do nudity on camera?” I asked.

Michael was still nursing his balls, so Will answered: “Well, we used to work as strippers at a bar in…”

“Erotic dancers!” Michael interrupted.

“We used to work as ‘erotic dancers’”, Will said rolling his eyes, “at a Bar in Manhattan. We don’t have a problem with that… Michael, let’s show him…”

Now it was Michael’s turn to roll his eyes. He reluctantly got up and stood next to Will. With a parallel motion they both grabbed at their asses and “Tada!” ripped off the crotches of their costume pants, causing their genitals to flop around in the air. Both had an enormous set of balls and a matching dick, as the bulge in the costume had suggested…

“May I introduce to you: The Flying Twins”, Will proclaimed and with a quick movement of his right hand he slapped his brother’s sac, causing it to flop around some more until Michael grabbed his package in pain. “Ow!”

This would be fun.

“Oh come on, you spoilsport”, Will laughed, “my nuts are tough little soldiers, so yours must be, too!”

Michael shot him a mean look.

Will patted his back, cooing: “I’m sorry, Mikey.”

Michael looked at me, rolled his eyes and punched his brother full force in his naked nuts.

Will bend over in pain and burst out laughing. “That’s it, Michael, that’s what we are here for…”

And the casting hadn’t even begun. I looked at Chad to see if he had caught the last minutes on film. He smiled and nodded.

The twins looked slightly ridiculous in their white, crotchless costumes. But they looked hot, too, with muscles in all the right places

I told them what we were planning for the casting. Since there were two of them I didn’t have to do anything and would let them do the busting.

“Let’s start with a punch”, I suggested.

Will had an idea. He got into a handstand and spread his legs apart, causing the tip of his dick to rest right at his navel and his balls to bulge above. “Michael, your turn!” he grinned.

“With pleasure!” Michael took the opportunity, lifted his fist and hammered it down on his brother’s nuts, squashing them into Will’s crotch.

“Ouff!” That knocked the wind out of Will. He collapsed on the ground, writhing and cradling his balls. “Wow, very good, Mikey!” He stood up, lifted his limp dick and looked at his balls. He rubbed them, a painful expression on his face, and motioned for Michael to assume the handstand position. “My turn next!”

Michael complied and spread his legs, forming a V just like Will had done.

“Come on, spread them further, we know you can do it, we saw you do the splits!” Will urged his brother on, silently laughing his ass off. He seemed to really enjoy busting his brother’s balls.

Michael sighed and spread his legs wider until they formed a straight line with his ample balls bulging in the middle. Will motioned for me to keep silent and grabbed a large book – it was a dictionary – from the bookshelf above the couch. Michael couldn’t turn his head, so he didn’t see what his brother was up to.

“I’ll count to three”, Will grinned, “one, two…” And he slammed the heavy book down on Michaels bulging balls, catching both of them under it and flattening them with an audible ‘splat’. “…three!”

Michael froze, his mouth open, his eyes slowly beginning to lose focus. ”Ow”, he whispered, rolling onto the floor in a fluent motion – he was a professional gymnast after all – until he was in a fetal position on the floor, clutching his manhood.

“Oooh, that was a bad one”, Will bent down next to him, grabbing his own balls in sympathy. “That was a really bad one…” He looked at me, winked, and spoke to his brother again. “Looks like your tires are flat…” he sang in a soprano voice. He grabbed his own balls and pretended to have a serious thought: “Mmmh, I don’t know”, he weighed his big nuts with his hand, “perhaps my soldiers are tougher than yours, after all.”

Michael groaned. “Perhaps you are just a piece of shit, Will. Owww, my nuts hurt. What did you do that with?”

“A book”, Will let go of his nuts and grabbed the dictionary instead. “A dictionary. If we look under ‘P’ as in ‘pain’ we should find your picture… And if we look under ‘B’ as in ‘balls, broken’ we should find…”

“Oh, stop it already”, Michael interrupted, getting up and rubbing his sore nuts.

“Ready for the next round, Mikey?” Will asked cheerfully.

“That would be a squeeze”, I assisted, fascinated by the sibling dynamics.

“Oh, a squeeze”, Will clapped his hands. Michael didn’t seem to be that enthusiastic about the thought. “We used to have squeezing competitions when we were younger.” Will smiled, for a moment lost in thought. “I always won.”

Michael nodded with a painful expression on his face, remembering the pain from years ago – and feeling the pain from moments ago…

“You get to squeeze my package first”, Will said. “It wouldn’t be fair to start with you, poor Mikey…”

Michael groaned again and straightened himself up.

Will sat down on the couch, letting his huge floppy balls rest on the couch between his legs. Michael placed himself next to him.

“Okay, give it your best shot”, Will nodded at his brother and placed his hands behind his head. “Go for it!”

And Michael did. He grabbed the base of Will’s ballsac tightly with his left hand, causing both nuts to protrude obscenely on top of his closed fist. He looked his brother in the eyes with a menacing expression on his face. Then he grabbed the trapped balls with his right hand and squeezed.

“Ohhhh”, Will grimaced, “you worked on your squeezing…”

“Oh yes, I have”, Michael said, still looking into his brother’s eyes, and with a quick turn of the hand he twisted his brothers balls around 180 degrees.


Will coughed. His eyes watered and his lips trembled. One eye seemed to wander to the right and in a toneless voice he said: “Did you just… You didn’t, did you?”

I quickly interjected: “Michael, that could lead to severe testicle tor…”

“Calm down”, Michael said, his eyes still locked at Will’s. He twisted the nuts back again in the opposite direction. “We are professionals. Our bodies are limber, our balls are, too…” He slapped down on Will’s nuts, still trapped above Michael’s left fist.

Will crouched on the couch and Michael smiled at me. “He is a few minutes older than me. He always thinks he’s in charge. Well, sometimes, I can be as mean as him…”

Will coughed again.

I decided to skip the revenge squeeze on Michael and move to the kick now. I didn’t want to see what Will would do to his brother after that. He would probably rip his nuts right out of their sac…

“Okay, final round”, I announced, “the kick.”

The twins stood up. Apparently Michael had recovered from the book smash, he didn’t seem to be in any pain. Will on the other hand was still nursing his freshly squeezed package and moaning. But he managed to put on an appreciative smile. “Mikey, you really worked on your squeezing. That was wicked…”

I decided to have the twins take a break. Chad made us all some coffee and we talked about the twins’ training at a circus school. Michael explained that they had always been interested in gymnastics and that they had trained for their profession since they were eleven. Now they could put that experience to good use…

Ten minutes later we resumed the casting.

Will instructed Michael to go into a backbend. Michael leaned back, his hands and feet on the ground, his belly with those fantastic abs pointing to the ceiling. His cock and balls hung low between his spread legs. It was a sight to behold.

“Are you ready?” Will asked and stepped back to get a running start.

“Mmmm”, Michael affirmed harfheartedly.

“Oh, wait a moment”, Will said and went over to Michael. He flopped Michaels dick back so that it rested on his belly, pointing to his face, and the nuts were in free view. “I want to have a clean shot”, he explained and went for it.

His kick was earth-shattering. His naked foot fit perfectly between Michaels legs, had it not been for those two balls that were squished and squashed between Will’s foot and Michael’s legs and crotch.

Michael yelped in pain and collapsed on his back, he rolled into the fetal position again, rolling back and forth, moaning and groaning and massaging his newly smashed marbles.

Will jumped on one foot and rubbed the other one. “Man, that even hurt my foot!” he cursed. Looking at his brother on the ground, he analyzed: “I think, he’s down for the count.”

I looked at Chad. We agreed.

“I don’t think he’s in the mood to kick me now”, Will assumed, quite correctly as I thought. “Would you like to…?” he asked me.

I shrugged. “No problem. Would you like me to take my shoes off?”

Will looked at my sneakers. “No, that’s okay.” He positioned himself in front of the couch, bent his knees and lowered his upper body, standing like a sumo wrestler before the bout, so that his legs formed an ‘m’ (the middle line being his dick, of course…).

I pointed at his dick. “Would you mind to get it out of the way?” I asked politely.

“Oh, of course”, he grinned, holding his huge member against his belly.

I tried to imitate his earth-shattering kick, punting his nuts hard. I didn’t quite succeed in force and effect, but judging from his facial expression I had gotten him good.

He coughed again, nodded in appreciation, grabbed his balls, crossed his legs and fell to his knees next to his brother who was still quietly moaning and rubbing his crushed nuts.

A few minutes later, when both had slightly recovered, I brought them to the door.

“I will phone you. We’ll do our first video shoot next week. I don’t know what it’s about yet, the members of our site are gonna decide, but I’ll let you know”, I said.

Will patted Michael, who had managed to put on his clothes but was still clutching his nuts, on the back. “Mikey, Mikey, those balls of yours looked really bruised. Do you think there is still a chance for me to be an uncle?” he asked mock-seriously.

Michael looked at him and groaned: “There’s still Jimmy.”

Will smiled at me and mouthed: “Our brother.”

“Oh, you have a brother?” I said, very interested. “Do you think he would be interested in joining us?”

Will thought for a moment. “He is in Europe at the moment.”

“He is a soccer player”, Michael assisted, nursing his manhood.

“I’ll ask him when he is here on vacation. Maybe we could do a threesome sometime?”

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