Thursday, December 6, 2007

Casting Leo

Featured in this story: Leo (click for pictures)

For our next casting we had invited Leo. He had sent us his application with all the necessary details: He is 19 years old, quite tall and a bit skinny, shoulder-length slightly curly black hair, brown eyes. He is a skaterboy to boot. The pictures that came with his resume are quite telling: The camera seems to love him. 

His naked pictures were nice as well: an average dick and two plump balls. He seems to have taken the pictures especially for this job: On one of the pictures he made a funny face, crossed eyes and everything, while grabbing his nuts and pretending to have been hit in the groin.

He was a bit late. Chad and I waited for twenty minutes until he arrived.

“I’m sorry… I met some friends and… Well, I’m sorry”, Leo said when he came into the door. He was the stereotypical skater: Jeans hanging low around his waist, his boxer shorts showing above them. He even had his bright coloured skateboard with him. Nice accessory.

“No problem. I think we should start right away. You know what this is all about?” I asked him.

“Yup”, he said, “ballbusting.”

“Okay. Have you ever done it professionally?”

“No. Of course I have hit guys in the nads and I have had my fair share of nadshots. But I haven’t done it on camera so far.” Leo grinned and looked at Chad. “Seems like today will be the first time…”

“Yes it will,” I grinned back and explained to him that we were going to shoot the videos in the nude or in underwear. Leo had no problem with that and stripped to his boxer shorts. “Can I leave them on?”

“Okay. Perhaps we will do some naked takes afterwards”, I told him. “What do you prefer: Should we start with you getting punched, squeezed or kicked?”

“Ahhm, well, squeezed I guess”, Leo said awkwardly.

I sat down on the couch and motioned for him to stand in front of it, facing Chad and the camera. “Everything alright?” I asked.

“Yup, you gonna squeeze me from behind?”

“Yeah, I thought I would grab your nuts through your boxers from between your legs. Let’s see where that gets us…” I suggested.

Leo nodded.

I moved my right hand between his knees and with a sudden upward motion – he said he wanted to be squeezed first, but this way we could kill two birds with one stone… - I smacked his nuts upwards into his bony crotch. Leo coughed and bent forward. My fingers found their target. I felt his nuts squishing against my palm. Then I squeezed them as hard as I could, grinding them against each other and crushing them in my grip. Leo winced and coughed. I looked at Chad. He smiled at me and nodded. Leo was looking good on camera.

“Should we take a break?” I asked him.

“Yup, please, my nads are killing me…” he pleaded.

I let go of his balls and gave him a little wedgie with his boxers.

“Ouch”, he shouted, half laughing, half in pain from my relentless manipulation of his manhood. “That wasn’t necessary!”

“Come on, it was the perfect opportunity!” I smiled.

“Alright… Ahhm, should I take my boxers of now? Do you want to get the punch and the kick in?”

“That’d be great. Let’s see. Why don’t you hold your dick up against your belly so I can punch your nuts like a punching ball?”

He looked at me, obviously not very fond of that idea, but he did it anyway.

Chad zoomed in on Leo’s groin and those two balls looked fantastic. I started to lightly punch them, first with my right, then with my left fist. Right, left, right, left, harder and harder.

Leo began to make grunting noises when I got him good. His balls wobbled with each punch. Right, left, right, left…

“Man, this is fun!” I laughed and for the grand finale I ground the knuckles of my right fist deep into both of his meaty balls. They tried to escape to the sides – to no avail.

Leo shrieked and sank to the ground, moving his hands from his dick to his balls.

“You okay?” I asked.

“One moment”; he moaned, comforting his balls and squirming on the floor.

“You are doing great!” Chad said from behind the camera. “This ‘punching ball” thing looks awesome on film!”

“It feels awesome doing it, too!” I chuckled.

“Depends if you’re the puncher or the ball, I guess”, Leo tried to smile and got up. “Wow, that was intense!” He rubbed his nuts. “Are you in the mood for the kick?”

“Ready when you are!” I replied, secretly admiring the discipline of this skaterboy. “What about a change of plans? Instead of a kick we split your balls with your skateboard. What do you think?”

Leo looked at me. “That sounds painful.”

“It would look fantastic!” Chad assured him.

“Okay, okay. Split’em if you like…” Leo spread his legs and stood in front of the camera.

I grabbed the skateboard and suggested: “What about a little joke? Say something to the camera, something like ‘I’m nuts about skateboarding.’ Then I hit you with it.”

“That sounds corny!”

“Nevermind. Do it if you feel like it…”

I held the skateboard with both hands like a golf club and stood on the right next to Leo. I lifted the skateboard to my right. Leo didn’t say anything. Apparently he didn’t like those ballbusting double entendres… I shrugged and let the skateboard smash his nuts from underneath. They were hit right on, both of them. Leo shrieked and fell to floor. Chad zoomed in on his face. “Ohhh, my nads”, Leo wailed, then he looked into the camera with a wonderful painful expression on his face: “I’m Leo – and I’m nuts about skateboarding… Shit! That hurts!”

Chad let the camera zoom in on the pain on his face and his balls which were being cradled by Leo’s skinny hands. The skateboard lay right next to him. The bright colours of his board – red, blue and green – were matching nicely with the colour of his sac, I thought…

We let him recover for a few minutes.

Then I said: “We’d like to see you doing a kick. You know, just to know that you don’t hold back on someone… At the last casting, I was kicked, so I think it’d be fair if Chad had the honour of being busted today…”

Chad raised his eyebrow. But he didn’t even have to protest because Leo intervened: “Oh, I can kick myself in the balls. Would that be okay?”

Chad nodded and smiled at me. Okay, that would prove his determination and his ability to bust others. So why not?

“Okay, do it! But you have to kick yourself hard!” I said.

“Yup, understood”, Leo said and positioned himself in front of the camera. He rubbed his nuts as if to take aim, extended his right leg and kicked himself in the groin with the heel of his foot. Ouch. That looked bad…

Leo coughed. “Sorry,” he said, bending over, his hands on his knees, “that was just the left nad. I missed the right one. I’ll try again…”

Who were we to stop him? He tried again and this time it worked: His heel caught both of his nuts dead on and smashed them into his crotch. Chad and I heard the loud slap of the impact and looked at each other in disbelief. This boy sure was determined!

Leo’s reaction was slow. It seemed to be a very accurate hit. He stared into the camera, falling to his knees in slow motion, not making a single sound. When he hit the ground, he began to cough and moan.

“I think I got them both this time”, he whispered, “what do you think?”

We nodded. Leo was an excellent kicker.

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