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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Danny and the twins (click for pictures)

“Okay, this is it!” I looked around. The new studio looked great. The walls were painted, the furniture was there: the couch, the pool table, the shelves on the wall. It looked like a private leisure room or a recreation room at a college. In one corner of the room we had placed a gym bench and a few weights.

It had been Chad’s idea. “Always nice to see a cute jock doing bicep curls…” He was right.

I was proud of what we had achieved so far. “Our first video. Guys, make it a good one!”

Danny and the twins stood in the center of the room, giving me the thumbs-up, all smiles, looking adorable in their costumes.

The twins sported a bright red, skintight outfit with an unconventional design, elegant and grand, as if they were in the arena of a circus. It emphasized their gorgeous muscles, their tight abs and their lean bodies and contrasted perfectly with their blond hair and their tanned faces.

Michael had done some changes on the costume to customize it to the occasion: He had cut out a hole in the crotch of the costume and put in an elastic strap so they could fit their ample dicks and balls through it. The rubber band caused their cocks to stay half hard and the brothers looked slightly bizarre – but definitely fantastic – in it.

Danny was wearing a top hat on his strawberry-blond hair and the ‘kinky tuxedo’ which was in fact a black tie, a vest, and a pair of tight black briefs that had a hole in them, too. But Danny hadn’t pulled all of his genitalia through it. He had just put his large nuts on display, letting them dangle between his legs, hanging low and ripe in their sac. His dick was tucked away inside the briefs, pointing up and creating a considerable bulge below his abs.

He had learned the few lines I had given him and I had told him to take liberties with the text if he felt like it. I wanted the video to look as natural and easy as possible.

I planned to intercut the takes we were going to shoot today with some face shots of our models, a few cock shots as well, and with our logo and URL. Perhaps I’d add some music, too.

Danny ran his hand over his smooth chest and seemed to be eager to begin. Michael stood on his left and Will on his right, striking a pose like two wrestlers from ancient Greece.

Chad stood behind the camera and said: “Okay, camera rolling.”

“Go”, I said.

Danny smiled into the camera. “Welcome to! I’m Danny and these are my assistants for today, Will and Michael.”

The camera panned down to focus on their groins.

All three of them grabbed their crotches simultaneously, their palms flat on their thighs, their thumbs and index fingers connected, the thumbs holding their dicks back and the index fingers elevating their nuts, so that they were forming a triangle with their hands. They wiggled their hands, causing their fat balls to flop around.

Danny continued: “And those are some of the luscious, firm balls that are gonna get busted on this site. Take a good look at them – who knows what shape they will be in when we’re done…”

“Cut. Thanks”, I said and the boys released their nuts from the firm grip.

Michael looked at Danny. “Did you just call our nuts ‘luscious’?”

“And firm”, Will grinned, fondling his balls.

Danny nodded.


“Well, we want to appeal to the viewers. We want them to join the website, don’t we? They’ll pay for it. We want their money. So we have to whet their appetite”, Danny explained matter-of-factly.

Michael thought about it and nodded slowly. “Okay. ‘Luscious’.”

“And firm”, Will grinned, still fondling his balls.

Michael rolled his eyes.

“Okay, let’s do it again”, I suggested.

We repeated the scene a few times until everybody was satisfied with the result. Then we moved on to the next scene.

I told Michael and Will to stand next to each other, spread their legs and keep their hands behind their necks. Two half hard dicks were pointing at the camera and four fat nuts were dangling beneath them. Danny took off the top hat and knelt between the brothers, his own balls bulging from his black briefs as if trying to burst out of their sac. His left hand rested on Michaels right foot, his right hand was on Will’s left foot.

“Camera rolling”, Chad said.

Danny fondled the twins’ bare feet and moved his hands up on the inside of their legs, slowly and gently passing their knees, making his way over their thighs to their copious genitals, all the while smiling brightly into the camera. Just before he reached the twin’s nuts, he said: “We have all kinds of ballbusting videos. Punching, kicking, hitting, slapping – you name it, we got it. And we are not holding back. No cups, no cheating. We beat each other’s nuts to pulp!” With that, he smiled even brighter, and quickly but forcefully punched the twin’s ballsacks from below, scoring a direct hit on both sets of nuts and crushing them up into their possessors’ groins.

The twins groaned in unison but held their hands behind their heads.

Danny smiled und quickly planted a second punch into the twins’ respective danglers, again hitting them full force and rapidly deforming their large orbs with his fist, eliciting loud moans of pain from the twins’ mouths.
He went at it again and punched the twins’ twin-bags a third time. I heard the loud ‘Splat!’ that came from the twins’ crotches and couldn’t suppress a grin. The brothers doubled over and grabbed their crotches. Will groaned, rubbing his nuts, trying to stop them from aching, while Michael was making gagging noises.
Danny smiled into the camera and stated: “Those nuts are mush, now!” He looked up for confirmation. Will and Michael looked at the camera and nodded.

“I love my job!” Danny grinned and rubbed his hands with childlike glee over the twins’ moaning and groaning.

“Cut. Thanks”, I said.

Danny chuckled and looked at Will. “Did you hear that ‘splat’? Wow! Was that your nuts?”

Will coughed, still holding his nuts in pain.

“No”, Michael chipped in, his face as pale as ashes and wet with sweat. “That was me!”

“Ouch”, Danny grimaced in sympathy. “So I got them good?”

“Yeah, you couldn’t have done better”, Will coughed.

“I don’t know cause I didn’t see your goods, you know? I was looking at the camera and trying to look sexy and that…” Danny looked at me. “Was that okay?”

“Yeah”, I replied, “that ‘splat’ was great.”

“Good! If we do that take again I think I can get them to go ‘splat’ with every punch”, Danny offered.

“What?” Michael snapped.

“I have to work on the angle. But if I hit them the right way, then… well… ‘splat’…”, Danny explained. “So let’s try again!”

“That’s the right attitude”, Will smiled weakly, his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. “You are a perfectionist…”

Danny gave a proud nod. “I am. I like to do things over and over until they are right.”

“Okay”, Will sighed.

“No way!” Michael protested.

“Come on, Mikey, let him try again. Our tough little soldiers can take---“

“Will you stop that ‘tough little soldier’ talk?! My ‘tough little soldiers’ feel like they have been massacred! My ‘luscious’ balls don’t feel luscious at all! They hurt!” Michael yelled grabbing his sack.

Will straightened up, sighed, and walked over to his brother. “Don’t be a baby, let him have another go at it…” he tried to convince him, patting his back.

“Pphhh! No way I’m---“

“Let me have a look at them…” Will offered.

That suggestion elicited a bitter laugh from Michael. “Yeah, sure, I know, you’ll slap them again…”

Will grinned at him and shrugged. “It was worth a try.” He slapped Michael on the forehead, causing him to let go of his aching balls in reflex. His heavy, slightly reddened balls wobbled freely between his legs for a split-second, before Will dug his knuckles into his brother’s abused manhood. Michael shrieked. Will chuckled and returned to his place.

“Oh, there was that ‘splat’ again”, Danny noted cheerfully.

“Yup”, Will nodded.

“How did you do that?”

Will grinned and leaned over Danny. “Like this”, he said and from above punched Danny’s naked nuts that were beautifully displayed by the hole in his briefs. Splat! Danny moaned and doubled over.

“See?” Will smiled.

Danny coughed. “Yeah. That… that was right on target. Thanks for the demonstration…”

Will laughed and stroked his half-hard dick. “Anytime.”

Danny coughed some more and smiled weakly.

I cleared my throat and suggested to do the take again. All three of them nodded – Michael’s nodding being weaker that the others’ – and assumed their positions again.

“Okay. Go”, I said.

Danny started moving his hands up the inside of the twins’ legs while saying his lines: “We have all kinds of ballbusting videos. Punching, hitting, slapping, kicking – you name it, we got it. And we are not holding back. No cups, no cheating. We beat each other’s nuts to pulp!” He smiled broadly and brought his fist up into the twins’ nutsacks. Splat! Will and Michael moaned loudly. Danny seemed to be satisfied with the noise. He smiled even broader, and rammed his fist into the brother’s crotches again. Splat! The twin’s moaning increased in volume and Michael’s voice seemed to crack. A third time Danny’s fists found their targets, grinding the four nuts into their respective groins and flattening them considerably. Splat!

“Oooh”, Danny narrowed his eyes in pseudo-sympathy. “Those nuts are mush, now…”

Michael curled up on the floor and Will lay down on his stomach, both of them nursing their battered balls and breathing heavily.

“I love my job!” Danny rejoiced.

“Cut. Thanks”, I said.

Danny looked at me. “What do you think? I think I nailed it.”

“I think so, too. I heard the ‘splat’ every time”, I answered, very impressed by his performance.

Danny seemed to be satisfied, too.

“What about you, guys?” I looked at the twins in their red performance dresses. Will’s tight ass was moving up and down while he tried to comfort his ‘tough little soldiers’. They had lost the battle, apparently. Michael was curled up in a ball and moving back and forth.

I shrugged. “They are satisfied as well, I think.”

Chad cleared his throat. “I think I messed it up”, he confessed. “Seems like I pressed the wrong button… I think we’ll have to do it again.” He looked miserable.

Danny was disappointed, too. “Damn.”

“No problem”, I said, “we’ll do another take.”

“Sorry”, Chad said.

“No problem”, I repeated. “Things like that happen… Don’t worry. We’ll do it again.”

Will and Michael stopped nursing their bruised balls. They were sweating heavily. “Once more?” Will asked in a toneless voice.

“I guess”, Danny said and moved into his position.

Will and Michael sighed in unison and got up from the floor. Their dicks were still semihard, thanks to the rubber band in the costume. Their balls had taken a healthy red colour and hung low in their sacs. They walked to their marks, looking quite exhausted.

Perhaps we should take a break soon, I thought. But first we had to finish this scene.

“Camera rolling”, Chad announced.

I looked at him and he added: “Definitely.”

I grinned. “Okay. Go.”

Danny put on his patented smile and started. He moved his hand up the twins’ legs and said: “We have all kinds of ballbusting videos. Punching, hitting, kicking – you name it, we got it. And we are not holding back. No cups, no cheating. We beat each other’s nuts to pulp!”

I saw the anticipation in the twins’ eyes and hoped they didn’t flinch. That would ruin it. But they didn’t. Perhaps due to their experience as professional performers they acted perfectly.

Splat! Their eyes narrowed and they moaned in perfect harmony.

Splat! In addition to their moaning, Michael’s eyes watered, Will bit his lip and emitted a muffled grunt.

Splat! Will screamed. Michael’s cheeks puffed, his eyes crossed and his knees began to shake. But he didn’t collapse right away. He seemed to wait for Danny’s last line.

“Ooooohhh. Those nuts are mush, now…”

Michael whimpered and fell to the ground. Will doubled over and slowly kneeled down, both of his hands grasping his crotch, rubbing his bashed balls and moaning loudly.

“Oh, I love my job!” Danny grinned and grabbed his own naked nuts.

“Cut. Thanks. Perfect!” I shouted over the twins’ moaning.

Danny laughed heartily. “That was a really good one, right?”

I smiled at him and nodded.

He was happy like a child. “Yesss! Wow, it felt good, too. I knew right away: This is it. I nailed it!”

I heard Chad clear his throat again. Oh no, not again, I thought and turned to him.

“No, nothing with the camera. I got it all”, he said quickly.

“Thank god”, I said.

“But”, he addressed Danny, “I think you got your lines wrong. You forgot ‘slapping’.”

Danny looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

“It’s ‘Punching, hitting, kicking, slapping’ or something. You forgot to say ‘slapping’”, Chad explained.
Danny thought about it. “Should we do another take?” he asked.

The twins moaned loudly.

“No, it’s okay”, I said quickly. “Let’s have a coffee break before we go on.”

Will and Michael got up and we all moved to the kitchen that belonged to the studio. I made some coffee while the others sat down at the bar. Chad lit up a cigarette and the twins were still busy nursing their punished balls.

I explained to them what I wanted to do next. “Danny, now you can show us your improvisational skills.” 

Danny listened intently. “Can you think of two or three double entendres? Like ‘scrambled eggs’ or something like that? We’ll film a couple of busts and edit them so that your words form a complete sentence.”

I didn’t know if I had put it right, so I explained my plans again and Danny got it.

He nodded and grinned. “Yeah, I’ll think of something.”

The twins had recovered slightly and sipped their coffee. When Chad had finished we moved to the studio again.

“I think you can take off your costumes now. Okay?” I asked the twins.

They had no objection and stripped, revealing defined muscles and a beautiful tan all over their bodies.

Will grabbed his nuts and showed them to Danny. “You really worked them over”, he chuckled and stretched them in their sac.

Danny grinned. “Thanks. I did my best.”

First we filmed Danny sitting on the couch, his legs spread wide and his plump naked balls bulging obscenely out of the black ‘tuxedo’ briefs.

His line was short. He smiled and said with the voice of a waiter praising the dish of the day: “On the menu today:…”

We did a couple of takes and quickly moved on to the good stuff.

I told Will to stand with his legs spread facing the camera, letting his huge nuts swing between his muscled thighs. Danny stood on the left behind him.


”… scrambled eggs …” Danny said and brought his bare foot up between Will’s legs, digging his toes into the flesh of Will’s egg-sized orbs. Will screamed and grabbed his pummelled testicles. Danny chuckled and added: “… à la mode.”

I watched Michael who was sitting next to me, naked and fondling his nuts, but taking malicious joy in his brother’s pain.

“Do it again”, he smiled. “You can do better than that! Scramble his eggs for real!”

Will winced. “Mikey, you’re feeling better now, hmm?”

Michael nodded enthusiastically, bringing a spontaneous smile to Will’s lips.

“Okay”; Will sighed, “do it again.”

They assumed their positions again and repeated the scene.

“… scrambled eggs …” Danny repeated and kicked hard at Will’s exposed targets, this time flattening them with the instep of his bare foot.

Will grunted and collapsed.

“… à la mode”, Danny added and lightly stroked Will’s blond hair.

I looked at Michael. He beamed with schadenfreude and had another suggestion: “Why don’t you wear shoes for that kick? That would be even better…”

Danny considered that and put on his sneakers.

“Yeah, that way you will get him good”, Michael grinned.

Danny nodded and stood on his mark.

Will was still lying on the ground, grunting and breathing and cupping his battered balls. He slowly got up and spread his legs.

“… scrambled eggs …” Danny repeated again. He struck Will’s large nuts hard with his sneaker-clad foot. 

Will’s eyes lost focus, his mouth opened and let out a mournful moan. Perhaps he was thinking of his dramatically vanishing chances of fathering children. His hands found the centre of pain and grabbed his throbbing balls. He sank to the ground.

“… à la mode.”

Michael clapped his hands. “Yeah, fantastic.”

I agreed. Both of them had put on a great performance.

To give Will a chance to recover I decided to film the next scene with Michael – although it didn’t matter which one of them I picked as I doubted that anyone could tell them apart. They looked absolutely identical and the only clue for me was their attitude, Will being cocky all the time – except now that he was mourning his loss of manhood – and Michael being reluctant.

Anyway, I asked Michael if he could do some gymnastic pose for the next scene. He thought about it. 

Apparently, seeing his brother get kicked had lightened him up quite a bit. He came up with an elbow stand.

“I can move my legs above my head and spread them”, he suggested cheerfully.

“Good idea”, I said.

Michael got into the elbow stand, looking at the camera, with his feet and his large dick pointing to the camera as well, and offering his juicy set of nuts to Danny who stood behind him and grinned at the sight.

“Go”, I said.

“… mincemeat …” Danny grinned and hammered his fist down into Michael’s plump testicles. Michael shrieked and collapsed immediately. He curled up on the floor and whined.

“Dinner is prepared”, Danny smiled and held out his hands.

Both of the twins were now on the ground in pain. Chad, Danny and I decided to take a break and have another coffee.

When we returned, Michael was still on the floor, softly sobbing and rubbing his injured genitals. Will had recovered and was sitting next to him, talking to him in a low voice. When we approached them, Will turned to me and smiled apologetically.

“I think Mikey is done for the moment”, he said. “You really crushed his nuts with that hammer, Danny.”

“I’m sorry”, Danny replied and he meant it.

“Ahh, no, it’s okay”, Will said, “it’s just that his nuts have taken quite a beating today and, well, I want us to go along with this whole website thing, so I don’t want him to get his panties in a bunch. If we’ll let him lie here, he’ll be okay in a few minutes.”

“Okay”, I said. “Let’s move him out of the frame so that we can go on.”

So we gently moved Michael to the couch.

“Before we do the last scene with from the ‘menu’, I’d like to do a scene focussing on you, Danny. That will give Michael’s and Will’s nuts some rest and we can start with two refreshed sets of balls for the big finale…” I announced.

Danny nodded and fondled his prominently displayed danglers.

I explained my idea and we walked over to the pool table.

Danny put on his top hat again, making him look like a bizarre porn version of Fred Astaire. He stood in front of the table, looking directly into the camera.

We placed a pool cue so that one end was on the ground between his legs and the other end leaned against the table.

We started with a close-up of Danny’s face.

“No nuts are left unharmed”, Danny said and looked down at his crotch, grimacing in anticipation.
The camera zoomed out, capturing his whole body in the frame.

Will stood next to him, stark naked, his battered nuts shining brightly and his cock half hard again. He gave a cheerful thumbs-up to the camera and thumped down on the upper end of the cue stick, bringing the other end of it crashing into Danny’s bulging ballsack. It buried itself into the soft flesh, smacking both balls and causing Danny to jump up in pain. The hat fell off his strawberry-blond hair. He howled and went down, holding his nuts in his hands.

The camera zoomed in on Danny’s face again, contorted with pain, his lips shut tight and his eyes closed.

“My nuts”, he moaned and rocked from side to side.

The camera panned to Will, who stood by the table and looked down at Danny with a satisfied grin, the cue stick in his hands..

“Perfect shot”, he smiled and turned around. He bend over, giving us a nice view of his tight ass and racked the balls on the pool table with a loud clunking sound.

Danny moaned loudly as if it were his balls that had been racked.

“Cut. Thanks”, I said.

Danny stood up and straightened himself. He fondled his balls and grimaced. “Nice hit”, he acknowledged.

“Thanks”, Wil replied. “Should we do another take?” He swung the pool cue and playfully threatened to poke Danny’s nuts with it.

Danny jumped and guarded his balls, causing Will to laugh.

I looked at my watch. “No, I think that was fine. Let’s see if Michael is up again.”

Will pursed his lips in disappointment.

Michael was sitting on the couch, cradling his balls, but apparently in a rather good mood again.

“I have an idea for the next scene”, Danny said. “But I don’t know if you’re game for it.”

Will smiled at him. “We’re game for anything…”

Danny smiled back.

Michael didn’t seem to agree as he looked doubtfully at Danny.

“I thought you could jerk off and I maul your nuts while you cum. That is – if you can cum simultaneously…”

That took Will by surprise. “Wow, er, okay. Well, sure. We could try… But we’d have to do it in one take, I guess…”

Michael threw him an angry look.

I chuckled. “Great. Let’s do it.”

Michael slowly shook his hand and looked down on his damaged goods.

Suddenly his face lightened up. “Oh, I have another idea. But I don’t know if you are game for it, Danny.”

Danny smiled at Michael. “I’m game for anything…”

“So this is all about food analogies, right?” Michael said. “Then – why don’t we cum in your mouth?”

All of us – Chad, Danny, Will and me – were stunned at Michael’s audacity.

I was pretty sure Michael thought that his suggestion would make Danny change his mind. But it didn’t.

Danny looked at him and grinned. “Great idea!”

Will stroked his cock and looked at his brother with a broad grin. “Let’s roll up our sleeves and go to work!”

Michael sighed and stood up. He slowly began jerking his dick.

Will’s cock was rock hard and he continued stroking it. He smiled at his brother. “Wow, I didn’t know how kinky you are! This is gonna be hot. We’ll make a lot of money with this…”

Michael sighed in reply and rubbed his big prick.

Chad got behind the camera and I stood next to him.

“Wait till we’re close, okay? We’ll tell you. Then you can start bashing our balls”, Will instructed Danny. Michael winced a the thought.

The twins stood in the middle of the room, their legs slightly spread, Danny sitting next to their feet, Will’s and Michael’s dicks pointing right at his face.

Will continued jerking, his eyes closed, thinking of something sexy, I guess. Michael was getting in the mood, too. He stroked his cock, making it grow bigger and bigger. Sweat ran down their bodies as they frantically beat their meats, approaching climax.

“Now”, Will moaned, prompting Danny to smile into the camera and deliver his line.

“And for dessert:  apple sauce …” he said and was about to throw a punch at Will’s boiling balls when Will burst out laughing and stepped back, stopping in mid-stroke. Michael rolled his eyes, continuing to rub his cock.

“Apple sauce?” Will giggled.

Danny shrugged. “With cream.”

Michael rolled his eyes again and stared at Danny.

Will thought about it. “Makes sense.”

They went at it again, feverishly stroking their cocks. Will started to lightly squeeze his nuts at the same time.

“Now”, he groaned. Michael made an affirmative noise.

Danny smiled at the camera again – “And for dessert: Apple sauce …” – and delivered a light punch to Will’s fruitbasket. Will moaned. Now Danny threw a punch at Michael’s nuts, eliciting a wince. Danny hit Will’s nuts again, harder this time. Then he slapped Michael’s ballsack. Splat! Danny grinned happily and slapped Will’s balls. Splat! Michael winced. Another one for Will: splat. Will moaned louder. Splat! Michael whimpered. Danny threw in a hard punch into Will’s groin. Will groaned. Another punch. Another groan. A punch for Michael. Another whimpering noise. Then Danny pummelled Michael’s nuts five times in rapid succession. Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

Michael screamed from the top of his lungs. He was seconds from cumming. He let go of his rock-hard cock and grabbed his agonized nuts.

Will was at the point of no return, too, turned on by his brother’s scream.

Danny grabbed both cocks with his hands and pointed their tips at his mouth. “… with cream”, he grinned into the camera and opened his mouth.

The first splatter of hot white cum came from Michael. It found its target. Danny gurgled. Will breathed heavily, spitting another round of spunk into Danny’s open mouth. Danny let go of the twins’ cocks.

With his left fist Danny punched Michael’s balls, prompting him to scream louder and another spurt of cum to shoot out of his huge cock into Danny’s mouth and on his face.

Will looked dizzily at his screaming brother, spasms of extacy running throough his body. He moaned with pleasure and stroked his dick again, shooting out a heavy dose of his jizz.

Danny’s mouth was flooded with fluid, filled to the brim with the twin’s hot lava. It ran down the side of his mouth, trickling down over his neck and chest. Danny gulped. With a last punch to Michael’s spent nuts, a last drop of cum oozed out of his cock.

Danny let go of Michael’s cock. Michael whimpered and collapsed on the ground, grabbing his juicy apples, breathing and moaning and making small noises of pain. His brother stood next to him, spent, too, but not in the same serious pain. He was smiling, perfectly satisfied, his face glowing with blissful happiness.

Danny looked into the camera, his face covered in cream. He closed his eyes, swallowed, licked his lips and opened his eyes again.

“Mmmm”, he moaned. “Chef’s suggestion…”

Will giggled at the bad innuendo and continued stroking his deflating cock

Granted, it wasn’t Shakespeare – but it was hot.

Will looked down on his brother, grinning from ear to ear.

Michael way lying flat on his back, exhausted and in pain, his hands covering his face, his spent nuts resting peacefully between is legs, touching the floor, covered in cum. He was quietly moaning in pain.

Will rubbed the sweat from his cute face, stroking his dick with his other hand. He grinned at Danny, who was taking drops of cum from his face with his fingers and rubbing it onto his own naked nuts, giving his sac a glistening coating.

Will shifted his gaze towards his brother again. He lifted his foot and stomped down on his brother’s cum-covered nuts, grinding them into the hard floor. Michael screamed in pain.

“Apples are out of stock for today”, Will mused, looking into the camera with a dirty grin.

Danny wiped the remaining spunk from his face, licked his fingers, and laughed. Will joined in.

We decided to call it a day.

Scrambled eggs, mincemeat, and apple sauce with cream - that menu would surely lure in some viewers.

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