Friday, December 7, 2007

Poll: What should be the first segment?


We have scheduled three more castings for the weekend and next week.

The first one to get his kicks will be Simon, a cute geek-type. I think I will be able to let you know what happened at his casting tomorrow. Then there are Michael and Will (they are twin brothers) and after that it’s Kev. Judging from his application, Kev is your typical jock.

If everything goes according to plan, we will be able to start filming the week after next. We will have six guys by then (if the castings are good). Now we have to decide what they are going to do. Chad, my cameraman, and I have thought of a few scenarios. On the right side of this blog is a poll with those ideas. It’d be great if you participated and told us what to do first. I think eventually we will try all of the ideas one by one. But you could help us if you voted for your favourite…

I’ll explain the different ideas for you:

Nutball Tournament
That’s pretty self-explanatory. One boy sits opposite the other (both sit with their legs spread to highlight the target area) and throws a ball at the opponent’s nuts. All the players play against each other. Direct hit: 1 point. Knock-out: 3 points.

Your average game of bagtag. Guys hitting each other in the nuts randomly. Direct hit: 1 point. Knock-out: 3 points.

Field Goal
Every guy gets kicked twice by all the other guys, once from in front, once from behind. The kicked player grabs his nuts: 1 point. He goes down on his knees: 2 points. He falls down to the ground: 3 points.

Whack the sack
Every player gets a random ‘weapon’, i.e. a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a pool cue. Winner is the last man standing, loser is the one to go down first.

Take one for the team
The players are divided into two teams. Each team chooses one guy to be busted, the ‘captain’. Now both teams alternately get one minute to hurt the opponent team’s captain. Winning team is the one that gets the opponent captain to give up or pass out.

Please vote in the poll on the right. If you have any additional ideas just leave a comment!

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Joseph said...

I like Field Goal