Monday, December 17, 2007

The menu – Intro to Preparations

Featured in this story: Danny and the twins (click for pictures)

In a few days we will film the intro to our website that will be put on the preview page of our site. I know, normally websites like ours don’t have a special introduction. But I don’t like those short preview clips that are cut out of episodes you can watch in the member’s section. They are too short, taken out of context, and normally they cut away before the fun starts. So convinced my cameraman Chad to film this introductory clip in which a few of our models show the viewer how the site works and what they can expect if they decide to spend a few bucks and become members.

We want to have one guy talking and two guys demonstrating. Since we already cast the perfect dynamic duo I decided to ask the twins for the latter job. And for the presenter I thought of Danny, our “actor”. He shouldn’t have problems learning the lines and play the part of the host convincingly.

First, I called the twins. Will was on the line and I told him about my concept.

“Ouch”, he laughed, “does that mean our nuts will get another beating?”

“Of course it does, it’s “Ballbusting Boys” after all…” I replied.

“No problem. We’ll do it. Our tough little soldiers are gonna survive that, too”, he said.

I heard Michael groan in the background.

“Oh, Michael, shut up. It’s gonna be fine…” Will told him.

Michael gave a doubtful “Ha!”

“He’s still moping about that kick I gave him”, Will chuckled. “But he’ll get over it.” To Michael: “You’ll get over it, won’t you?”

No response.

“He’ll get over it…”

“Fantastic. Oh, do you have some costume you could wear? Perhaps something colourful?” I asked.

He thought about it. “We have a red costume, but that’s a circus costume, not like the one we wore when we worked as strippers…”

“Erotic dancers!” Michael yelled from the background.

“Yeah, right, Mikey… Well – I suppose you want our junk on display, right? Mmmhh, we could change it. Michael is a pretty good dress maker. I’ll have him do some changes on it.”

Michael started to argue in the background but Will laughed it off. “Oh Michael, you know you like sewing and stitching and all that girls’ stuff!”

Michael continued to argue until I heard a dull thump and a high-pitched shriek. Then Will was on the phone again: “He’ll do it.”

I smiled as I heard Michael groan.

Then Will came up with another idea: “We have another costume, it’s, well, like a kinky tuxedo. We got it when we were…” He smirked. “… erotic dancers. We could bring it, too, for the emcee to wear!”

“Will, that’s a great idea. Thanks. See you on Thursday!”

“See you!” He replied. Before he hung up, I heard him taunt his brother: “Oooohhh, singing soprano again? How are your---“

I chuckled and dialled Danny’s number. I explained the idea to him and he was all for it. When I told him about the costume he twins were going to bring for him, he was enthusiastic.

“’A kinky tuxedo’, huh? Man, I can’t wait till Thursday!”

I agreed.

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