Saturday, December 22, 2007

The menu – Intro to The aftermath

Featured in this story: DannyKevLeoSimon and the twins (click for pictures)

After we had finished editing the intro video I thought it would be nice to get all our models together and watch it.

We met at the studio. Chad and I were there first and prepared some appetizers. We had brought some soft drinks and beer, too. We were in the mood for a party. It was like a small vernissage. We had installed a video projector and planned to use the only window-less wall to project the video on.

The first one to arrive was Kev, our brave jock, wearing jeans and sneakers and bringing a six pack of beer.
He sat down and was very impressed with the studio.

Leo arrived a few minutes later, his skateboard under his arm, wearing sagging jeans, his black curly hair dripping wet. Apparently he had just gotten up and had taken a shower.

The rest of the bunch arrived at the same time, having met in the stairway.

The twins and were wearing matching white t-shirts and blue jeans, Simon was wearing his usual combination of shirt, trousers, tie and slipover, and Danny looked classy in a dark sport coat over a colourful shirt and jeans.

Since most of the boys didn’t know each other – apart from Danny and the twins who knew each other quite well by now, since Danny had already swallowed cumloads from both of them – I introduced them to each other.

Chad and I went to the kitchen and we heard them talking, joking, and laughing. They seemed to get along great.

When everyone had something to drink we started the video.

The second title card (“Putting their nuts on the line”) prompted Kev to stand up and grab his junk, shouting “Yeah, here!” to the laughter of the other guys. When they saw Danny and the twins wiggle their genitals at the camera, Simon grinned: “Wow, hot stuff!” and the others chimed in: “Ooohhhh!”

I saw Danny, Will and Michael being quite pleased with the outcome of the shooting, Michael flushing a few times, but otherwise seeming pretty comfortable with the video.

The sequence with Danny splatting the twins’ sacks simultaneously brought cheers and laughter from the boys, with Kev grimacing and grabbing his nuts in sympathy.

They were silent again during the cumshot sequence. I saw Simon lick his lips as Danny’s mouth filled with cum and I made a mental note to think of something special for him…

The erupted in cheers at Danny’s cheesy “Chef’s suggestion” line and continued cheering when they saw Will stomp Michael’s poor balls.

“Ooooohhh”, they laughed and I saw Michael laugh with them.

At the end they cheered and clapped and I was pretty sure we had done a good job.

At the guys’ request we repeated the showing for a second and a third time, getting the same enthusiastic response.

I was proud of our work and patted Chad’s back.

He smiled. “The website will be a smash hit!”

I agreed.

Leo joined us and asked if he could get a copy of the video to show it to his skating buddies.

“Of course”, I said. “I can give you a copy tonight.”

Chad nodded and walked over to the computer to burn a DVD.

Kev had heard our conversation and wanted to have a copy, too.

“Perhaps the guys at my dorm want to come over sometime”, he grinned. “That’d be fun.”

Later, I talked to Michael.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah”, he said. “I wasn’t sure about this whole thing – but it seems that it was worth it. The guys all liked my performance. I guess”, he patted his crotch, “those nuts just have to get tougher.”

I shrugged. “No pain, no gain. But I think they are doing quite well.”

He smiled. “Thanks. And they look good on camera, don’t they?”

I nodded and laughed. I had spotted Will separating from the group and sneaking up behind his brother, putting his index finger on his mouth, motioning for me to keep silent. I could guess what he was up to.

He brought his fist up between Michael’s legs and smashed his bulging package hard.

Michael doubled over and grabbed his groin. “Will!” he hissed in pain.

Will laughed. “Got you!”

Michael groaned and rubbed his crotch.

The others noticed and looked over to us. Kev cheered and the rest of the guys had a smile on their faces.

We partied for a few hours and I was looking forward to shooting the “Take one for the team” video the day after tomorrow.

Those boys made a great team.

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