Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The casting call

Before I tell you about the casting of Danny (which was great, by the way – I think he’ll remember it for some time… I will, either… but he definitely wants to do it and so de we…) I should tell you what we are looking for in our models.

We are looking for models in their twenties (the casting call was for 18 to 29) and we want them
- to look good when they take a nice blow to the balls
- to look good when they hit another model in the balls
- to have fun busting each others balls
- to be equipped with a nice package
- to be able to take some pain
- to be comfortable when being naked or wearing tight shorts

The most important thing is that they look natural when they beat the hell out of each others nuts. We want them to enjoy busting each other. We have a few scenarios for the first videos but we are not quite sure whether we will include hardcore sex as well. I think that depends on the models themselves. We have had 9 applicants so far and I think not all of them are gay. Most of them have work experience in porn so they won’t be shy about nudity.

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