Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Casting Danny

Featured in this story: Danny (click for pictures)

Danny is 21 years old and claims to be an actor. I don’t know. He has the looks for it but I don’t think I have ever seen him in anything. His resume says he had done mostly theatre. Okay. It also says that he played baseball.

“So we know he can hit some balls. Let’s see if he is good at getting them hit, too” Chad, my cameraman, chuckled. We have only just begun but I don’t know if I can keep up with his puns…

Chad was standing behind his camera and I sat on a chair next to him. We do the castings in a spare room in Chad’s appartement so there isn’t that much space. The models are supposed to sit on the couch opposite the camera. When Danny entered the room, I stood up and we shook hands.

Danny is 181 cm tall (I think that’s about 6 feet – I’m really bad at non-metric measures…), not too fat, not too thin, with short reddish-blond hair and wonderful green eyes. He has a very nice body and an 8 inch cock. (No, I haven’t seen it yet. It said so on his application…)

“Hi, I’m Danny”, he said.

“I’m Alex”, I replied. “Welcome to”

He laughed. “Sounds weird…”

“Oh, don’t be afraid, I’m not gonna punch you in the nuts now. We’re gonna talk first…”

Danny laughed again and sat down on the couch. “I have done some modelling before. Do you want me to put off my clothes?”

“That’d be great”, I said. “We’ll do most of the videos in underwear or naked. So it’d be good if you showed us your assets…”

“No problem.” Danny stripped of his shoes, socks, jeans and t-shirt and sat back down in his tight blue speedo. Adjusting his crotch, he asked: “So, this is about hits to the crotch, right?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna have a subscription website with videos of guys hitting each other in the nuts.”


“You ever been hit in the nuts?”

“Of course I have. No big deal. And I looked up ‘ballbusting’ before I replied to your ad. I know what you want me to do. I’m supposed to hit other guys in the groin and get hit there myself, right?

“Yeah. So that’s no problem for you, Danny?”

“No problem at all. I have tough nuts and it’s gonna be fun breaking other guy’s balls. So – do you want to see my nuts?” Without waiting for a reply Danny took down his speedo and showed us his privates. I hoped Chad zoomed in on them. This boy had a great cock and two large juicy balls that would look great on camera. He smiled proudly and said: “Do you want me to jack off?”

“Actually we don’t”, I said. “I think we have to get some footage of you taking a few kicks. That okay?”

Danny looked a bit uneasy but he nodded. “Of course.”

“Okay, first we are gonna do some front kicks. Stand here, hands on your hips and spread your legs. Chad, you filming?”

“I’ve been filming from the beginning.”

“Okay”, I said, “focus on Danny. I’ll just get some kicks in.”

With that I stepped back and kicked Danny right in the balls. I didn’t go full force, but I think it was enough for the first kick. Danny’s nuts were caught nicely between my foot and his crotch and he groaned quietly.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Well, you got them good. You didn’t crack them, though…” Danny groaned while bending over and massaging his nuts.

“Should I go harder?”

“A little bit harder would be okay.” Danny was still bending over. Now he looked into the camera. “I’m a tough nut to crack…”

I chuckled. This boy was a natural. “Let’s try a kick from behind.”

I positioned him facing the camera and stepped behind him. Now I used my full force when I sent my foot crashing between his legs, catching both of his nuts and sending them flying towards the camera and swinging back again. It was a great sight…

And Danny was putting on a show for the camera. He made a funny face und crossed his eyes, moaning again and grabbing his beaten balls. “I think now you cracked them!” he winced. “You cracked them good!”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Let’s have a look”, I laughed and kneeled down next to him.

Danny continued to play his part and moved his hands away from his nuts and behind his back: “Okay, but be gentle!”

I grabbed his junk and noticed his cock – semi-hard and leaking pre-cum. Perhaps we should do some hardcore content after all. Danny didn’t seem to mind.

I focussed on his big balls again and squeezed as hard as I could, prompting him to squeal “Ahh, that’s not gentle!”

“Oh, I’m sorry”, I grinned.

“No problem,” Danny moaned hoarsely, “it’s just that my nuts hurt…”

I love this guy. He should get some better acting roles! He is funny and sexy and absolutely entertaining…

I grabbed his nuts again with my left hand. “Perhaps this will help”, I said, looked Danny in the eyes – he seemed to anticipate my next move and closed his eyes, all the while keeping his hand behind his back. Then I clenched my right hand into a fist and pounded his balls, grinding them into my left hand.

Danny couldn’t keep his hands behind his back and squealed again. “Ahhh, no, that didn’t help either. Oh, now you cracked them.” He tried to remove my hands from his junk, but I held on to them.

I saw Chad, the cameraman, laugh behind the camera.

I let go of his balls and punched them with my left hand from below for good measure. Danny screamed, grabbed his balls and fell to his knees. He was in severe pain, his face bright red and his hands clutching his precious jewels.

“Any last words for the camera?” I asked.

Danny looked into the camera, smiled through the pain and said in a squeaky voice: “I would like to be a Ballbusting Boy… Watch me get my nuts cracked at

Chad stopped the camera and clapped his hands: “That was great.” To me: “This guy is good. I liked the improvising. And you should have seen the look on his face. He’s hot!”

Danny sat down on the couch, massaging his balls and letting the pain go away.

I made us all some coffee and a few minutes later Danny was dressed in his speedos again and drinking a cup, every few moments grabbing his aching balls…

He grinned at me and said: “You really gave my nuts a hard time…”

“Well, that’s what it’s all about”, I smiled back.

“So, what do you think?” he asked.

“I really like you and your performance. Chad likes you, either. So I think we’ll get together in a month or so and do a video with some other boys.”

“Great”, he said, eating a cookie. “So, will you do the kicking?”

“Oh, no, you are going to be busting each other. I’m more of a behind-the-scenes-person…” I replied.

I am fairly attractive myself – not a total beauty, but neither overweighed nor ugly – but I really wouldn’t want to kick nuts on camera for the whole world to see… Of course I didn’t tell Danny that – I didn’t want him to have second thoughts…

“Okay, but I haven’t shown you my hitting skills yet! You have crunched my nuts, now I’m gonna crunch yours!” he smiled.

Chad laughed. “Okay, I’m getting the camera ready…”

I started to protest – but then I thought better of it. Danny was a hottie, he was a good sport when it came to getting hit repeatedly in the nuts, and he would make the website a lot of money. So, okay, I let him hit me in the nuts. “But just one hit!”

“Okay, I’m gonna make it a good one”, Danny said, “I’m gonna kick you from behind, just like you kicked me.”

I stood in front of the camera, legs spread apart, hands on my hips.

“Camera rolls”, Chad announced.

Danny – still in his blue speedos – looked into the camera and said: “Hi, I’m Danny and I just love to kick nuts!” He gave a ‘thumbs up’ to the camera, took a running start and kicked me, shouting “Hey!”. I was lifted several inches of the ground, my nuts taking the full force of he kick. I felt dizzy, the pain was unbearable and I sank to the ground.

Danny faced the camera again, patted me on my back and said: “See? I’m a natural born nutcracker!” He grabbed his nuts and smiled into the camera.

Chad chuckled: “He’s fantastic! He can take kicks and – boy, he can give them, too!”

“Absolutely,” I coughed. “I think we have a deal…”

We have our first model!

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