Thursday, December 13, 2007

Phone call from Europe

Two day after the twin’s casting, I watched their video again and I couldn’t believe those two guys couldn’t find work in a circus. With their abilities and the obvious enjoyment Will showed busting his brother’s balls they should bring the house down anywhere…

When the phone rang I was just watching the part where Michael twisted his brother’s nuts. I interrupted the video and picked up the phone.

“Hi, Alex? It’s Jimmy. Will gave me your number. I’m his and Michael’s brother. I think they told you about me,” a cheerful voice said. “I’m in Europe at the moment, in England, but I’m coming home next month for a few days, visiting some friends.”

“Oh”, I said, “great.” I hadn’t expected him to call that fast, to be honest, I hadn’t expected him to call at all…

“Yeah, Will told me you are looking for, well, people who can handle balls?” he asked.

“Yes”, I said.

“Well, I’m a soccer player. I kick balls around all the time. Sounds like it’s a job for me!”

“Normally we cast people who not only kick balls, but can take a few kicks as well.”

“Ugh, I don’t know, I had my share of kicks in our League. Look them up on Youtube. I think I have taken a dozen kicks this season – not to mention the action in the locker rooms…”

I didn’t want him to have second thoughts, so I said: “We could do something else, like, you kicking all the other guys. Then your nuts wouldn’t suffer.”

"So I get to kick my brothers, too?” he asked.

“Well, of course, if you’d like to…” I offered.

He was thrilled. “Excellent! I’ve wanted to get my foot in there pathetic little balls for a long time…”

Apparently he hadn’t seen his brothers naked for a long time. “Pathetic” and “little” weren’t the adjectives I had in mind when thinking of their enormous equipment.

“Where do you come from?” he asked.

I was confused for a moment. Perhaps my accent was broader than I thought. “Originally I come from Germany. So I’m quite familiar with soccer”, I answered.

“Oh, great. I’m going to Hamburg on Friday. So – I guess I’ll give you a call when I’m coming home so we can set up a date for me to kick some twin nuts.” He chuckled. “Oh – should I bring my soccer gear? You know, jersey, cleats, shoes, that sort of thing?”

“Absolutely, good idea. Perhaps you could bring a few spare jerseys as well so that we can give them to the other boys.”

“Good, I’ll see what I can do. Should I bring shorts, too?” he asked.

“No, we won’t need those…”

“Oh, right”, he laughed. “Will told me about the audition… But I’ll wear shorts?”

“We’ll see”, I said.

He laughed again. “I think it would be better if I didn’t show my junk to my brothers. They’d be jealous”, he chuckled.

I doubted that.

“By the way”, Jimmy said, “Will told me that Michael was lying on the couch with a pack of ice the whole day yesterday. I suppose they left a good impression?”

“The best!” I honestly said.

“Nice. It’s good to know that the whole gymnastics thing was useful for something. We’ll keep in touch. Bye.”


Carter said...

Felt like checking out some of the older stuff, loving it so far.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! There's lots of stuff to discover! Enjoy the stories!