Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shakeout – task 7: Upside down

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Brandon and Vince (click for pictures)

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I looked at my watch. It was quarter to eight.

We walked back to the car. Brandon was limping gingerly between me and Chad, his black t-shirt covered with stains. The 21 year old Asian American whimpered in pain with every step. His hand was cupping his crotch. The top buttons of his jeans were open in order not to compress his sore, swollen junk. His half-hard cock was pointing up inside his briefs, with his bruised balls tucked in below.

“I’m sorry”, Brandon croaked, his eyes filled with tears. “I really am! I don’t know why that happ---“

“Alex!” I heard someone whisper.

I turned around and saw Vince running towards us. He looked over his shoulder, back at the warehouse a couple of times. When he reached us, he grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a tree so that we were out of sight from the warehouse.

Vince was out of breath. “They gave him a drug”, he whispered nervously. “They cheated!”

I stared at him.


An hour earlier, at quarter to seven, we had arrived at Warren’s warehouse.

Warren was the owner of, a website that was stealing our ideas and had caused our website to lose quite a lot of subscribers. He had challenged us to a series of tasks. In the end, the loser would have to go offline. Right now, the score was even. Our team had won three challenges and Warren’s team had won three challenges.

Brandon was in a good mood. He was wearing blue jeans, sneakers, and a black t-shirt. “Okay, let’s go”, he grinned as we walked towards the warehouse, carrying a bottle of Pepsi in his hand.

My cameraman Chad and I had told him everything there was to know about Warren, the challenge, Warren’s frightening cousin Rex, the team of tough models.

But Brandon didn’t seem to be intimidated. Even as we told him about Vince’s twisted inventions and what might be in store for him, Brandon just shrugged and grinned, “Don’t worry. I’ll win…”

I looked at Chad.

Chad chuckled. “That’s the right attitude, Brandon.”

Brandon grinned and took a sip of Pepsi.

We entered the first floor of the warehouse.

Vince was fumbling with a remote control. He looked up and smiled. “Hi, Alex.”

I smiled back. “Hi Vince, how are you?”

“Fine”, Vince said, punching a button on the remote control.

With a mechanical clicking and chattering, four rusty iron chains descended from the ceiling.

The noise was very loud, so I waited until the chains stopped moving.

“Warren not here, yet?” I asked.

Vince shook his head.

He was 20 years old, not very tall, with a slim build and short brown hair. His growth of beard wasn’t very impresse – nevertheless, he had decided to grow sideburns and a goatee. The result was a rather ridiculous attempt at appearing older… In fact, it made him look even younger…

“What do you have in store for us today?” I asked, looking at the heavy chains.

Vince looked at me. Then he looked at Brandon.

“Well”, he said, lowering his voice. “You will have to---“


We turned around to see Warren walk into the room.

Vince bit his lip and blushed.

Warren smirked. He was wearing black trousers and a black turtleneck. His eyes were dark and he stopped to throw an angry look at Vince. “You weren’t trying to give the surprise away, weren’t you?”

Vince’s head turned purple. He stammered, “No, Warren, I---“

“Good”, Warren said.

His cousin Rex was standing behind him, a menacing guy with a wiry body and a shaven head. He was shirtless, wearing jeans and heavy black boots. He wasn’t as big and muscular as Warren, but he had a trained body with large tattoos on his shoulders.

Next to Rex, a small, lanky guy was looking at us. He was wearing black trousers and a sweater.

“This is Harley”, Warren said, smirking.

“Hi”, Harley said cheerfully and stepped forward to shake our hands. He looked young, maybe 20, and he had a cute face, Harry-Potter-glasses and curly blond hair.

I looked at Warren. This guy didn’t seem to fit into his team. His other models were tough, muscular guys, proud of their bodies, self-confident and cocky.

Warren seemed to read my mind. “Harley is our new guy”, he grinned. “Maybe you don’t see his qualities right away…” Warren pointed at Harley’s crotch that was bulging conspicuously. “He has a nice, fat cock and some prime jewels… Right, Harley?”

Harley blushed.

Warren chuckled and patted Harley’s shoulders. “Show them your assets, boy…”

Harley smiled sheepishly and twiddled with his zipper.

Brandon watched him, smirking. He turned to me, chuckled, and said in a low voice, “I’m gonna turn him into mush, Alex.”

I didn’t react, staring at the long, limp cock and the pair of low-hanging testicles that popped out of Harley’s fly.

“I mean it”, Brandon grinned. “He’s no match for me…”

Harley smiled shyly and let his trousers and his white briefs slip down his skinny legs.

His cock looked huge, with two big, juicy testicles.

If Brandon was impressed, he didn’t show it. He took a sip from his bottle of Pepsi and shrugged.

Warren patted Harley’s shoulder and chuckled. “Yeah, ponyboy…”

Harley looked down at his crotch and ran his hand through his thick bush of pubic hair.

“Wow, such a fat cock on such a skinny guy”, Chad whispered.

Brandon raised his eyebrows.

“Strip down, both of you”, Warren said, smirking.

Harley nodded and took off his shirt.

Brandon took his time, peeling off his t-shirt, exposing his muscular upper body. He was a swimmer, and it showed. He had perfect abs and a smooth, muscular chest. The muscles on his arms were strong and well-defined.

When it came to the manhood department, Brandon had no reason to hide. He was living proof that the nasty cliché about Asians having small cocks was as inaccurate as could be.

Brandon grinned proudly as Warren, Rex, Vince and Harley stared at his crotch. He threw his jeans to the ground and stood, buck-naked, in front of them, showing off his muscular body.

Apparently, Warren had taken the cliché at face value. He was obviously impressed by the size of Brandon’s genitals. But of course he didn’t say a word.

Instead, Harley spoke up. “Nice dick”, he smiled.

Brandon smirked at Harley. “Yeah, thanks, Mr. Nice-Guy. I’m gonna wipe that smile off your face…”

Harley raised his eyebrows and looked at Warren. “I just wanted to---“

“Let’s get this over with, okay?” Warren barked and pointed at Vince.

While Vince walked between the chains, Warren whispered something into his cousin Rex’s ear.

Rex nodded and smiled.

“Both of them are gonna hang from these chains, upside down, opposite each other, their legs spread apart”, Vince started. He reached into a carton and produced a wooden slingshot. “Each one will get a slingshot.” Vince pointed at two strange constructions that were standing right behind each pair of chains. They looked exactly the same. Each one sported five small bull’s eye targets and something that looked like a big rubber mallet. “You see the targets? When one of them is struck, the mallet comes smashing down. It will land on the opponent’s testicles.” Vince smiled. “At least it should. I hope I have done everything right...” He cleared his throat. “The winner is the one who strikes all of the opponent’s five targets.” Vince looked at us. “It’s quite simple, isn’t it?”

Brandon grinned, looking very confident. “Peace of cake. I had a slingshot as a child”, he grinned. “That skinny guy is as good as dead…”

I smiled weakly.

Harley bit his lips. He didn’t look like he was good at sports. On top of that, he wore glasses. Maybe Brandon was right. Maybe it was a piece of cake.

Brandon winked at me. He took a gulp of Pepsi and placed the bottle on the ground. Then he walked up to the construction.

Chad and I followed him.

“Piece of cake”, he repeated, touching one of the targets. “Piece of cake.”

He turned around and walked back to his bottle. After taking another sip, he grinned. “Let’s go. Tie me up, Scotty…”

I rolled my eyes but Vince chuckled and fastened his feet to the chains.

After he had done the same with Harley, Vince pressed a button and the chains lifted both guys up.

They were suspended in mid-air, hanging upside down, their legs spread wide.

The targets were above their feet, with the hammer right between their legs.

Brandon’s cock hung down and his balls were bulging above.

Harley’s fat cock was limp, too, almost reaching his navel.

Vince gave them the slingshots and some ammunition.

“Okay”, he said. “Start.”

Harley had trouble keeping his glasses on. They kept slipping down.

When Brandon was firing his first shot at the targets, Harley was still trying to figure out how to keep his glasses from falling down.

Brandon’s first shot was a miss.

His second was closer, missing the first target by an inch.

“I’m zeroing in”, he said cheerfully.

Warren grunted. He looked at Vince.

Vince cleared his throat. He reached into a carton and held up a roll of duct-tape. “Maybe I could---“

“Yeah, do that!” Warren barked.

Vince looked at me.

I nodded.

Vince walked over to Harley and taped his glasses to his temples.

“Thanks”, Harley said.

Suddenly, a loud “PING!” indicated that Brandon had hit the bull’s eye. He shouted, “Yeah! That’s number one!”

The big rubber mallet came crashing down between Harley’s legs. It landed square on Harley’s hefty nuggets, flattening them and driving them into his Body

Harley screamed in pain.

The chains rattled as the skinny boy squirmed in agony, barely keeping hold of his slingshot.

“Fuck!” Warren barked. “Aim for the targets, you little shit!”

Harley whimpered.

Brandon fired a shot at the second target, but he narrowly missed.

Harley whimpered again and prepared the slingshot. His first attempt was pitiable.

Brandon chuckled and looked over at his opponent. “Good luck, ponyboy…”

Harley grimaced.

Sweat was running down his face.

Brandon reloaded his slingshot.

Harley blinked and fired his second shot.

Amazingly, he hit the bull’s eye. PING!

Brandon looked up between his thighs. His eyes widened as he saw the heavy mallet come down right on his nuts.

“Nooo!” he shouted.

With a sickening thud, the mallet hit home, smashing his testicles, making Brandon cough and writhe in pain.

“Good one”, Warren grunted. “Come on, Harley, show us what you got…”

Brandon tried to gain control of his body again. The chains were moving back and forth and he couldn’t take aim.

Harley inhaled deeply. He looked up at the second target.

Suddenly, Brandon’s expression changed. He looked up. “What the---“

His cock was starting to grow hard.

“Getting a boner?” Warren grinned. “Come on, Harley, fire a shot.”

Harley bit his lower lip and aimed for the second target.

Brandon was staring at his cock. “What the fuck?!” It was rock-hard now. His balls tightened and his veiny shaft looked like it was about to burst. The head of his dick was purple, twitching violently. “Hey---“

Harley fired and hit the target dead-on. PING!

The mallet crashed down onto Brandon’s groin, crunching his delicate nuts.

Brandon let out a blood-curdling scream.

Warren and Rex chuckled.

Chad and I stared at Brandon whose body was buckling wildly.

“Fuck, my nuts!” Brandon screamed.

Harley bit his lips and aimed for the third target.

“Focus!” I yelled at Brandon. “Focus on the target.”

Harley missed.

“Brandon! Focus!” Chad and I yelled in unison.

Bradon started panting heavily. Suddenly, out of nowhere, his cock started shooting.

Brandon’s mouth opened in disbelief as he saw the first spurt of semen head in the direction of his face while his body was rocked by the unexpected orgasm.

A thick rope of cum landed right in Brandon’s mouth, making the Asian American boy choke and cough.

A second, third and fourth spurt followed right away, coating Brandon’s face in his own thick, creamy spunk.

Brandon gasped and moaned, his cock quivering as jet after jet of cum came spurting out of his cock.

Meanwhile, Harley was trying to hit the third target. It took several attempts, but finally he managed to hit it dead on. PING!

Chad and I watched, our mouths hanging open, as the heavy mallet collided with Brandon’s contracting balls.

Brandon shrieked in pain. Apparently, his cock was not about to stop. Thick drops of juicy semen rained down as Brandon screamed and writhed, the chains rattling, his body buckling.

Harley ignored him and fired shot after shot at the fourth target.

“Brandon! Focus!” Chad screamed.

Brandon tried to hold the slingshot steady, but the powerful orgasm prevented him from taking aim. He was gurgling and groaning, screaming in pain, as his cock managed to propel spurt after spurt of spunk from his seemingly bottomless balls.

Chad shook his head slowly. “Fucking hell, when are those things empty?” he said slowly.

”Yes!” Harley exclaimed as he hit the bull’s eye of the fourth target. PING!

The mallet smashed down, slamming Brandon’s inflamed, busy testicles into his pelvis while his cock was erupting with more and more cum.

Brandon had his eyes closed. His face was smeared with his cum. His mouth was open wide as he screamed hoarsely.

“Incredible”, Chad whispered. “We have to---

“It’s over”, I said, looking at Harley.

The boy was busy trying to hit the target.

Another miss.

I turned to Brandon who was crying by now, wailing in pain, as his cock twitched and quivered. The spurts had grown smaller, but his cock was still shooting jet after jet of cum.

I glanced at Harley.

He hit the target. PING! A huge smile spread across the skinny boy’s face as the rubber mallet crashed down between Brandon’s thighs, catching both of Brandon’s balls dead-on.

Brandon gasped in pain and his body went limp.

His cock continued twitching, but apparently his balls were empty now. One last drop of spunk oozed out of the tip of his dick.

Harley smiled. “I won.”

Chad and I were staring at Brandon.

I looked at Vince. He tried to avoid my gaze.

“Let’s untie them”, he said quickly and pressed a button on his remote control.

The chains lowered, and Harley and Brandon lay down on the ground.

Vince and Warren untied Harley’s feet while Chad and I tried to wake Brandon up.

His face was wet and sticky with cum, his eyes red and burning.

“Fuck”, he whispered, squinting. “What happened?”

“Well”, Chad said. “I guess you enjoyed it a bit too much. You had the orgasm of your life…”

Brandon groaned.

Vince came over and untied his feet.

Both Harley and Brandon kept lying down for a few minutes.

Warren grinned at me. “You lost, Alex. One more loss and you can go home to Germany.”

I looked away.

“Tell your mummy to have some schnitzel and bratwurst ready. You’ll be home soon”, Warren grinned. “You are a loser, boy. Won’t make it here, won’t make it anywhere…”

I inhaled sharply.

Warren turned around and looked at Harley. “Good work!” he said, grinning.

Harley smiled sheepishly. “Thanks”, he said, grimacing as he tried to get the duct tape off his temples.

Chad looked around and found Brandon’s black t-shirt. He grabbed it and wiped Brandon’s face with it, wiping off the sticky sperm from his tortured face.

“Fuck”, Brandon whimpered.

“It’s okay”, I said, trying to hide my disappointment.

“I guess the little chap has the hots for Harley”, Warren smirked. “That was quite a load he shot…”

Brandon groaned and looked down at his crotch. His cock was beet red. It looked like it had been cooked in boiling water. It was half-hard, smeared with cum, throbbing and twitching. His balls didn’t look any better. They were swollen and bruised.

Brandon swallowed. “I need something to drink”, he croaked.

I reached for his bottle of Pepsi and brought it to his mouth. He drank eagerly, emptying the bottle.
Rex and Warren chuckled.

We ignored them as we helped Brandon dress.

He moaned and groaned as we helped him put on his jeans, his sneakers and his cum-stained t-shirt. When it came to buttoning his fly, Brandon let out a miserable yelp.

“Okay”, I said softly. “Let’s go…”

Brandon nodded and stood, groaning.

We walked out of the warehouse.


I looked at my watch. It was quarter to eight.

We walked back to the car. Brandon was limping gingerly between me and Chad, his black t-shirt covered with stains. The 21 year old Asian American whimpered in pain with every step. His hand was cupping his crotch. The top buttons of his jeans were open in order not to compress his sore, swollen junk. His half-hard cock was pointing up inside his briefs, with his bruised balls tucked in below.

“I’m sorry”, Brandon croaked, his eyes filled with tears. “I really am! I don’t know why that happ---“

“Alex!” I heard someone whisper.

I turned around and saw Vince running towards us. He looked over his shoulder, back at the warehouse a couple of times. When he reached us, he grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a tree so that we were out of sight from the warehouse.

Vince was out of breath. “They gave him a drug”, he whispered nervously. “They cheated!”

I stared at him.

“I heard them talk about it a minute ago. I guess they thought I wasn’t listening”, Vince said. He was whispering even though we weren’t within earshot of the warehouse.

I blinked. “How could they---“

“Apparently it’s some drug that causes an erection and a powerful ejaculation”, Vince said nervously. “I mean – we all saw what happened to Brandon…”

I motioned for Chad and Brandon to come over and told them what Vince had told me.

Brandon stared at Vince, his mouth hanging open.

Chad grunted. “We’ll pay them back! I have a friend who works at a pharmacy. He can get us some nasty stuff that---“

“No”, I said firmly.

Chad looked at me.

“We’re not gonna stoop to their level. No way.”

Chad inhaled deeply. “Alex. Think about it. We---“

“No”, I repeated. “We’re gonna win fair and square.”

Brandon gulped. “How did they slip me this drug?”

Vince grimaced. “They put it in your Pepsi when you weren’t looking.”

Brandon stared at him.

I looked at Chad. “The Pepsi”, I whispered slowly.

Brandon blinked. “But I---“ Suddenly, he started panting heavily. He looked down at his crotch. His cock was growing rapidly, slipping out of his briefs and pointing its purple head up. “No”, Brandon croaked. “Not again…” With that, his cock started spurting. A huge rope of cum sailed through the air, landing on the ground a few feet away. The second spurt hit Brandon’s chin.

Brandon wailed as his body was rocked by the second drug-induced orgasm within half an hour.

Vince bit his lip, looking down at Brandon’s cock that was spurting jet after jet of cream while Brandon’s body bucked wildly. “I have to go”, Vince said sheepishly.

I touched his shoulder and smiled. “Thanks for telling us”, I said. “I really appreciate it.”

Vince smiled and blushed. He nodded, turned around and ran back to the warehouse.

Brandon was screaming from the top of his lungs, his hips moving uncontrollably as his cock erupted with rope after rope of cream.

Chad and I took a step back.

Chad sighed.

“Worried about your seats?” I asked, watching Brandon.

Chad nodded. “I’m not letting him get into my car before his balls are completely empty.”
I looked at my watch. “It might take a little time…”


Anonymous said...

Wow, Alex, wow. :)

Alex said...

Thanks, JP! I'm glad you like the story!

Anonymous said...

Nice plot. Brandon's not my favourite character but I liked the story...nice suspense. How will this end ? :-)

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm pretty happy with the way this story turns out... :-)

Carter said...

That was great.
I think maybe this drug should pop up every now and then.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! If I remember correctly it does make an appearance in another story. I'll see if I'll be able to use it in the future... :-))