Saturday, January 17, 2009

An ordinary day at school (3)

Featured in this story: DannySimon and the twins (click for pictures)

Simon adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses. The 23 year old boy was wearing dark blue trousers, a shirt, a tie and a slip-over, which somehow made him look younger. His dark blond hair was combed and neatly parted, and he looked at the crowd that had gathered on the school yard.

For the third instalment of our little school themed feature we had invited a couple of extras.

About thirty guys were watching us prepare for the shooting.

My cameraman Chad was setting up the camera.

Simon walked over to George, who played the second part of the geeky duo. George was as old as Simon, and was wearing similar clothes. We had organized a pair of glasses for him, too. He ran his hand through his big, curly hair and smiled weakly.

“We have an audience today”, Simon grinned.

George bit his lower lip. “I noticed”, he mumbled. “They are gonna watch us get out nuts cracked…”

Simon nodded.

“Hey, boys”, Danny said and put his arms around George’s and Simon’s shoulders.

Danny was 21 years old, with short reddish-blond hair and green eyes. Although he called himself a professional actor, he was struggling to find work. His most prolific roles to date had been “Accountant #2” in “Bankruptcy”, a boring drama set in the world of internet brokers, and “Willy the perv” in “Nudist Camp III – All for nothing”. He was a bit taller than both George and Simon, and he smiled at them. “Ready for your close-up, Simon?”

Simon shrugged. “Sure.”

Behind Danny, the twins were having what looked like a heated discussion.

Michael and Will had short blond hair and blue eyes. They were dressed casually, just like Danny, with jeans and t-shirts. Being identical twins, they were both tall and handsome, with perfect bodies and attractive faces, and the big bulges in their tight jeans indicated that nature had been very kind to them…

I walked over to them and smiled at Michael.

The 22 year old gymnast grimaced and turned away.

“Hi, guys”, I said. “How are---“

Michael turned on his heels and walked away.

I smiled weakly. “He’s still angry at me, huh?”

Will shrugged.

A couple of weeks ago, I had asked the twins to participate in a twisted competition that had left Will’s nuts bruised and sore. Surprisingly, Will hadn’t been mad at me at all. But his brother Michael had gotten very angry.

“He’ll be okay”, Will assured me. “Today, we are gonna be the ones to bust some balls. And I told him to vent his wrath on Simon and George.” Will grinned.

I nodded. “Maybe I should give him a chance to get back at me?”

Will laughed. “You offering your nuts to us?”

I grimaced. “Well, I---“

“We’ll think about it”, Will grinned and glanced at my crotch. He reached out and gave my balls a playful squeeze.

I gasped.

I heard some laughter behind me.

“We’ll think about it”, Will repeated and winked at me.

Chad tapped my shoulder. “We’re ready, Alex.”

I nodded. “Guys?” I raised my voice. “Guys? We are ready to start.”

The crowd gathered around me.

“This is the story: Simon and George play two geeks who get bullied on the school yard. Danny, Michael and Will play the bullies.” I looked at the extras. “And you are their school mates who cheer them on.”

“Oh yeah, we will!” someone shouted.

Some guys laughed.

Simon and George shifted uncomfortable.

“Okay”, I clapped my hands. “Let’s start! Simon, George, you sit down at that table. Danny, Michael, Will, you approach them and start doing your thing. The rest of you, pretend to talk to each other. When the action starts, you can gather around and watch.”

Danny smiled at Simon. “It’s gonna be painful.”

Simon bit his lower lip. “I know.”

Danny grinned. “I won’t hold back.”

Simon blushed.

I looked at my cameraman Chad.

Chad nodded.

“Alright”, I yelled. “Action!”

Simon and George were sitting at a table, next to each other. Simon had brought a book and they both pretended studying it.

Danny and the twins walked across the schoolyard, Danny walking in front, with Michael and Will following him.

“Hey”, Danny greeted one of the extras.

They exchanged some playful banter while the twins waited.

Then they moved on until Danny spotted Simon and George reading their book.

“Who do we have here?” Danny grinned and sat down opposite Simon. “Simon and George. What are you up to, guys?”

The two geeks looked at Danny.

“We’re just reading a book”, Simon said softly.

Both he and George looked genuinely intimidated.

Danny gave them his best shot at a menacing grin. “What are you reading?”

Simon blinked.

Danny grabbed the book and laughed. “Hey, guys, look at this”, he said.

The twins leaned over his shoulders and smiled.

“’Spring Awakening’ by some German guy”, Danny said, closing the book. “I heard about the musical. It’s about sex, isn’t it?”

Simon cleared his throat. “Well, technically---“

George interrupted him, “It’s literature, dumbass.”

Danny raised his eyebrows. “Who do you call a dumbass?”

George looked down.

Danny chuckled, slipped his right foot out of his sneakers and extended his leg below the table. “Who do you call a dumbass?” he repeated.

George winced as Danny’s ran up the inside of his thigh.


“Tell me”, Danny grinned, touching the bulge in George’s trousers with his toes. “do you get a boner reading that book, huh?”

George bit his lower lip and grimaced.

Danny’s toes played with George’s balls inside his loose trousers, rubbing them and trying to find George’s cock.

George shifted on his seat, blushing. He started to get up, but Danny grinned and said, “Michael?”

Michael grunted something unintelligible and quickly walked up to George, putting his hands on his shoulders and holding him down.

Danny smiled. “Where’s your dick, George?” he teased, moving his foot around, rubbing George’s crotch. “Where is it? I’ve heard that it’s huge but I can’t--- Ahhh, there it is. It’s quite a monster, huh?”

A couple of guys had gathered around the table. Some snickered.

George’s face was beet red. “I--- Uhh--- I---“

“Man”, Danny continued, his foot rubbing George’s cock. “It feels as if you stole it from a stallion…”

Laughter from the group.

“Did you steel that cock, George?” Danny asked, grinning.

Judging from the look on George’s face, Danny was pressing his foot into his crotch, now.

“Did you?” Danny grinned and twisted his foot.

George whimpered.

“Are you a cock-stealer?” Danny continued.

He brought his leg back and kicked George’s balls under the table.

George yelped and doubled over, his face touching the table top.

Next to him, Simon giggled.

“You think that’s funny?” Danny turned to Simon.

Simon bit his lower lip and shook his head.

“Well”, Danny said, getting up and walking around the table. “If you think it’s funny, I---“

“I don’t”, Simon said quickly.

Danny raised his eyebrows. “Stand up”, he said matter-of-factly.

Reluctantly, Simon did as he was told.

George was moaning in pain.

“Spread your legs”, Danny said.

Simon blinked.

Michael turned away from George and barked, “Spread your legs!”

Simon complied. He was standing between Danny and Michael, his back towards Michael.

Danny walked up to Simon until their bodies almost touched each other. Then he winked at Michael who brought his leg back and sent his foot crashing into Simon’s balls from behind. His shoe connected with the bulge in Simon’s trousers, flattening it, ramming his nuts into his body.
Simon’s eyes bulged and he let out a hoarse moan.

The crowd laughed and cheered.

Danny grinned and took a step back, allowing Simon to double over.

“Whoops, I think I heard your nuts cracking”, he mused, drawing more laughter from the rest of the guys. “You heard it, too, Simon?”

Simon groaned.

Danny looked at him expectantly.

“No, I didn’t”, Simon whispered.

Danny looked disappointed. “Well, why don’t we let the other twin have a go? Maybe he’ll crack them…”

Will grinned.

Danny motioned for him to come closer. He stepped to the side. “Get your hands away from your nuts, Simon. We can’t crack them if you hold them.”

Simon moaned. Slowly, he straightened, grimacing in pain, and held his hands at his sides.

Will chuckled. “Let’s crack them…” Without further ado, he kicked Simon’s balls, slamming his foot into Simon’s groin, flattening his nuts between his body and Will’s sneaker.

Simon let out a high-pitched scream, causing the rest of the guys to roar with laughter. He doubled over, his knees met, and he grabbed his groin, rubbing his nuts, grimacing in pain.

Danny chuckled and waited for a moment before he asked innocently, “Well, Simon? Has Will cracked your nuts?”

Simon whimpered in pain.

Danny walked up to him, slapped his hands away from his crotch and grabbed hold of Simon’s nuts.

Simon let out a soft moan.

Danny squeezed Simon’s balls in his hand. “I don’t know”, he said, smiling. “They feel alright…”

“Try again!” someone shouted.

“Yeah! Crunch his nuts!” another one chimed in.

“Kick them up his throat!” a third one added.

The crowd laughed and cheered.

Simon looked miserable.

Danny grinned and gave Simon’s nuts a hard squeeze for good measure befor letting go.

Simon’s eyes bulged and he coughed.

“Alright”, Danny chuckled, pointing at the twins, “you go, boys…”

The twins looked at each other.

Will winked at Michael, “You go first, Mikey…”

“Don’t call me Mikey”, Michael growled and launched a hard kick at Simon’s nuts from behind.

His foot collided with Simon’s balls, ramming them into his pelvis.

Simon groaned in pain.

As soon as Michael had withdrawn his foot, Will followed up with a hard kick from the front, making Simon shriek in pain and double over.

Michael delivered another kick to Simon’s nuts from behind, sinking his foot into the soft bulge in Simon’s pants.

The twins went back and forth, kicking Simon’s nuts half a dozen times in rapid succession.

Simon’s eyes crossed more and more with every kick until he let out a high-pitched shriek and collapsed on the ground, clutching his balls, writhing in pain.

The crowd cheered, and Will chuckled.

Danny knelt down and patted Simon’s back. “How does it feel, Simon?”

Simon coughed, groaning in pain.

“How are your nuts?” Danny grinned.

“Cracked”, Simon whimpered. “They cracked them.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

“Peanut butter, huh?” Danny chuckled.

Simon nodded, his eyes clenched shut, his hands holding his tender testicles.

Danny stood and smiled at the twins. He pointed at George who looked at him, his eyes wide open.

“I think there’s another pair of nuts waiting to be cracked”, Danny grinned.

George gulped.

Danny looked at Michael and Will. “Who wants to do it?”

Will grinned and looked at his brother. “Mikey? Wanna let off some steam?”

“Oh yes”, Michael said with a side-glance at me.

I grimaced. Poor George. He was up for a treat.

Danny and Will grabbed George’s shoulders and made him stand up, holding his hands behind his back.

Michael knelt in front of George, a grim expression on his face. “Wanna show me your nuts, George?”

George swallowed. “Well, er, no…”

Michael opened his belt and pulled down his pants, revealing a pair of tight white briefs that were filled with George’s enormous cock and his hefty meatballs.

Some guys in the crowd gasped at the sight of George’s well-filled underwear.

George blushed.

His oversized dick was pointing to the left, and the outlines of his two big, oval nuggets were clearly visible below.

“You were right about the stallion, Danny”, Michael said. “That thing is huge…” He balled his fist and delivered a well-placed uppercut to George’s testicles, hitting both of his meaty nuts dead-on. His knuckles dug into the soft, tender flesh of George’s testicles, making most of the guys in the crowd cringe in sympathy while the rest laughed their asses off.

George blinked. His left eye started to twitch nervously. His lips trembled.

Michael drove his fist into George’s babymakers once again, twisting his knuckles when they made contact with the two hefty globes.

George’s jaw dropped. A hoarse, wheezing sound came from the back of his throat.

Michael kept his eyes on the balls. He grabbed George’s nuts through his briefs with his left hand, tightening his fingers around the neck of his sac, making his testicles stand out.

“Okay”, Michael said slowly. “Let’s crunch them.”

The crowd roared with approval.

Michael sent his right fist crashing into George’s trapped nuts.

The crowd counted the blows. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… yay!”

George let out a gurgling scream and his eyes rolled back in his head. His body went limp and he groaned miserably.

Danny and Will let go of his shoulders, allowing George to sink down to his knees and curl up in a ball right next to Simon.

The two boys were sobbing in pain, making funny noises that prompted Danny to muse, “I guess this is the start of a great boys’ choir…”

The crowd laughed.

“Hey”, Danny grinned, “anyone want to join?” He took a quick step forward and punched a cute blond boy in the balls.

The boy let out a surprised yelp and doubled over.

The rest of the guys quickly covered their crotches as the boy moaned in pain.

Danny laughed.

“Cut!” I yelled. “Thank you!”

Danny grinned and patted the blond boy’s shoulder.

“That was mean”, the boy whispered, clutching his crotch.

Danny chuckled and turned away.

He knelt down next to Simon and ran his hand through his dark blond hair.

“Everything alright?” he said softly.

Simon groaned. “We’ll get you back…”

Danny chuckled. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Next time, George and I are gonna bust your balls”, Simon whispered.

Danny shrugged. “Okay.” He patted Simon’s head and smiled.

I walked over to Michael and smiled sheepishly.

“Listen”, Michael said. “I was pretty mad at you.”

I nodded.

Michael looked at me and held out his hand. “Friends?”

I smiled and grabbed his hand. “Friends”, I said.

Suddenly, my balls exploded with sheer pain. My vision blurred and I stared at Michael. The blond gymnast laughed at his brother Will who had launched a kick at my crotch from behind.

”Friends”, Will said as I hunched down and fell to my knees.


Anonymous said...

I love these stories so much :)

Alex said...

Thank you very much!

Chris said...

Danny is teh sex. I loved his teasing. Under-the-table stuff is great, since it can be private, humiliating, and it makes it easier to pass the blame. XP

Very hot story; I, too, kinda fell in love with this series. School is probably the time when a lot of people first come in contact with bustings, so I'm sure everyone's had a fantasy or two about school bullies. XD

Alex said...

Thank you, Chris! I guess you are right about the school bully fantasies...