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Auditions – round 3: Nestor vs. Logan

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum. This story is pretty brutal again.  I'm not sure whether I'm happy with it... I hope you enjoy it...

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“Five minutes, guys”, I said, standing in the locker room, watching Nestor and Logan take off their clothes.

Nestor was 23 years old, an innocent looking Hispanic guy with deep brown eyes, a wiry, muscular body and a smooth, young face. A large tattoo surrounded his navel and disappeared into his black boxers where it went on, covering his loins and half of his cock. His long, pitch black hair was bound in a ponytail. He had two scars on his face, a small one on his forehead, and a slightly bigger one on his left cheek. He called himself a “street-fighter”, and I suspected that he was a member of some kind of gang. I knew for sure that he had gotten in a lot of fights.

Apparently, he had been in one fairly recently, because his jaw looked a bit red and bruised and his lower lip sported a tiny, bloody cut.

“Been in a fight, Nestor?” I said, trying my hand at some small talk.

Nestor turned around and it occurred to me that gang rivalries might not be the perfect subject for a casual conversation.

I smiled sheepishly.

Nestor smirked and didn’t reply. He was naked except for his boxers and looked at Logan.

Logan unbuttoned his fly and took off his jeans.

The blond, muscular high school senior had just turned 18. He was on his school’s wrestling team, an All-American-Boy with great looks and a perfect body. He was a bit smaller than Nestor, but it looked like he had more muscles. His abs formed a perfect six-pack, he had great pecs, and his legs and his arms were strong. His blond hair had grown a bit since I had seen him, and it looked good on him, natural and hot. He was wearing tight white briefs that highlighted his endowment, bulging with his cock and balls. Logan’s chest was smooth but a thin hairline descended from his navel, disappearing into his briefs where some of his pubic hair was visible above his waistband.

Logan folded his jeans and placed them on a bench. He took off his socks and stuffed them into his sneakers.

I looked at my watch. “Okay, we---“

“I’m gonna beat you”, Nestor said, staring at Logan.

Logan smiled at him. “We’ll see.” He casually ran his hand over his chest, brushing his erect nipples.

Nestor snorted and leaned over to Logan. “I’m gonna beat you”, he repeated in a low voice. “I have beaten hundreds of guys like you… Preppy, pretty girly boys who think they rule the world…”

Logan shrugged and smiled. “I don’t think I’m a girly boy”, he chuckled, adjusting his crotch. “And I certainly don’t think that I rule the---“

“Shut up, motherfucker”, Nestor growled. “You know exactly what I mean. You think you are hot and tough – but when we’re out there, fighting against each other, you’ll cry for your mommy!”

Logan chuckled.

“You think that’s funny?” Nestor straightened, grabbing Logan’s shoulder and pushing him backwards.

Logan chuckled and shook his head slowly.

“You think that’s funny?” Nestor repeated, raising his voice. “You won’t be laughing when I’m finished with you, motherfucker! I’m gonna break your---“

“Guys”, I interrupted him. “Why don’t we go in and start?”

Nestor turned to me, his eyes filled with hatred.

“Sure”, Logan said, smiling. He turned to Nestor and winked at him. “Good luck, buddy.”

Nestor grunted something unintelligible and we walked out the locker room into the gym.

The benches were filled with people, mostly guys from the dorms.

On the far left, two dozen seats were filled with Logan’s friends. I recognized some of them that had been to our studio, cheering Logan on in his precious fights. They started clapping and cheering. One of them held up a sign with Logan’s name on it.

Logan smiled and waved at them.

“Got a fan club, motherfucker?” Nestor growled.

Logan smiled. “Nah, just my friends from high school…”

Nestor smirked.

The audience was clapping and cheering, and Logan and Nestor stood opposite each other on the mats.

Nestor grabbed his crotch and smirked at Logan. “I’m gonna beat you, motherfucker”, he growled.

Logan sighed. “Yeah, well, I heard you the first time. It won’t happen…”

“You’ll see it happen”, Nestor grunted.

Logan chuckled. “You think you are tougher than me?”

Nestor snorted. “I’m tougher than you and I’m stronger than you…”

“You sure?” Logan smiled.

Nestor glared at him.

“Why don’t we have a little test of strength as a starter?” Logan suggested, causing the audience – in particular his school mates – to go wild with cheers and applause.

Nestor’s eyes narrowed. “Sure.”

“Great”, Logan smiled and turned his head. “Hey, Alex, could we---“

He was interrupted by a mean, sneaky kick to his nuts. Nestor’s bare foot connected with his balls, driving them into his pelvis.

Logan’s eyes widened and he coughed. He doubled over and grabbed his groin.

The crowd was divided. Some of the guys loved seeing Logan in pain, and they cheered and clapped as Logan moaned and reached inside his briefs to cup his balls. Logan’s friends and most of the crowd started booing, though.

Nestor chuckled and circled Logan. “Not so tough, now, eh?”

Logan looked up at him, grimacing in pain.

“I don’t fight by the rules, you know”, Nestor grinned. “Rules are for sissies like you…”

Logan groaned and straightened.

I walked over to him.

He cleared his throat and said, “Get us a table and two chairs, please.”

“Sure”, I said, motioning for my cameraman and assistant Chad to help me carry get the furniture from the locker room into the gym.

Two minutes later, Nestor and Logan were sitting opposite each other.

Logan grimaced and placed his elbow on the table top. “Let’s armwrestle”, he said.

Nestor chuckled. “You really think you are stronger than me? You are one sorry bastard…”

Logan shrugged.

The two boys locked their right hands and started.

Both of their faces were contorted as they tried to get the upper hand. Their biceps flexed and the all the muscles on their bodies contracted.

Soon, they were both grunting, their arms shaking from the exertion. Their faces were beet red, their lips trembling, sweat running down their bodies.

The crowd cheered them on, with Logan’s friends shouting the loudest.

Nestor was growling while Logan was completely silent.

Suddenly, Logan let out a guttural groan and managed to slam Nestor’s hand down onto the table top, defeating him.

The audience erupted in cheers and applause as Logan stood, panting, with a big grin on his handsome face. He lifted his arms and faced the audience, smiling happily.

Nestor growled.

His straight black hair was wet with sweat. His eyes narrowed and he lunged at Logan, tackling the muscular boy and pushing him to the ground, landing on top of him.

Logan yelped in surprise as he hit the floor.

Nestor was straddling him, looking down at his opponent. Mad with rage, he balled his fist and slammed it down on Logan’s face, connecting with Logan’s jaw and making the blond boy cry out in pain.

Logan struggled and, with a loud roar, slammed his knee into Nestor’s ass and managed to push Nestor off of his body.

Both boys got up and faced each other, their feet slightly apart, hunched over in attack position.

Nestor gritted his teeth and glared at Logan.

Logan stared back at him as they circled each other.

“Fuck you”, Nestor mumbled.

Logan ignored him.

The audience was clapping and cheering, with most of the guys – especially Logan’s friends, of course – rooting for the 18 year old high school wrestler.

Nestor didn’t seem to hear the shouts and cheers.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he jumped at Logan, grabbed his shoulders and brought his knee crashing into Logan’s side.

Logan yelped in pain and Nestor rammed his knee into Logan’s groin. His bony kneecap crunched Logan’s nuts into his pelvis, flattening the two delicate orbs and making Logan cough and stumbl backwards.

Nestor let go of his shoulders and kicked Logan’s nuts hard. His instep connected with Logan's balls and smashed them into his pelvis.

Logan howled in pain, pushing Nestor away and grabbing his groin.

His friends in the audience screamed in protest while some other spectators clapped and cheered for Nestor.

Logan was doubled over, jumping up and down, grimacing in pain and holding his battered testicles.

“No kids for you, pretty boy”, Nestor growled, smirking.

Logan looked up, his eyes filled with pain. He was fondling his nuts with his right hand, eyeing Nestor.

The Latino street fighter chuckled. “Fucking bastard”, he growled and aimed another kick at Logan’s midsection.

Moving quickly, Logan stepped to the side and grabbed Nestor’s foot, pulling on it and causing Nestor to let out a surprised yelp as he lost his balance and crashed to the ground in painful split position.

The guys in the audience cringed in sympathy and grabbed their crotches as Nestor’s jewels made contact with the mat.

Nestor’s mouth was wide open and he blinked as he stared at Logan.

Logan didn’t think twice and brought his leg back, kicking at Nestor’s exposed groin and ramming his testicles into his pelvis.

Nestor howled in pain and tried to move his legs.

Quickly, Logan grabbed Nestor by his hair, holding him in place and stomping down on Nestor’s manhood, squishing his tender nuggets under the sole of his foot.

Nestor let out a high pitched squeal.

He grabbed Logan’s hips and head-butted his groin, causing the blond high school senior to let go of his hair and stumble backwards.

The blow wasn’t too hard, though, and Logan came rushing back to Nestor just as he fell back, closing his legs, grabbing his crotch and moaning in pain.

Logan grimaced and brought his leg back, sending a devastating kick to Nestor’s ribs. His instep connected with Nestor’s body, making him grunt in pain and roll to his side.

Both Nestor and Logan were panting heavily, and a moment passed while both of them caught their breaths.

Nestor stumbled to his feet, moaning in pain, rubbing his nuts and the insides of his thighs.

Logan stared at him, waiting for Nestor’s next move.

The black haired Hispanic bit his lips and narrowed his eyes. “You fucking bastard”, he growled under his breath. “You think you can fuck with me, right?”

Logan didn’t answer.

“You fucking pretty boy”, Nestor continued, grimacing in pain as he rubbing his sore testicles. He feigned a kick to Logan’s nuts before attacking his head with a hard punch.

Logan screamed in pain and grabbed his jaw.

Nestor grunted with satisfaction and kicked at Logan’s shin, making Logan scream again and fall to the floor.

Without skipping a beat, Nestor kicked Logan again, catching his ass, causing Logan to whimper.

Nestor grinned and reached down, grabbing the waistband of Logan’s briefs and yanking hard, ripping the white fabric clear off Logan’s body.

The crowd gasped as Logan’s big, thick cock bounced up between his thighs, hard as a rock and dripping with precum. His two large plums hung low in his hairy sac and Logan grabbed his crotch immediately.

Nestor chuckled and waved at Logan’s friends who looked at their buddy in shock.

“Here”, Nestor grinned and threw the ripped briefs in their direction.

Logan seized the opportunity and, from his position down on the floor, brought his leg up, stomping Nestor’s nuts into his body.

Nestor grunted and stumbled forwards.

Logan quickly got up, his fat boner slapping against his abs. He stood behind Nestor and got his arm around his opponent’s neck.

Nestor yelped as Logan’s wet cock was wedged between their bodies.

Logan’s hand snuck into Nestor’s boxers, sneaking between his ass cheeks and searching for Nestor’s nuggets.

Judging from the look on Nestor’s face, Logan had found them.

The audience cheered and clapped as Logan started squeezing the life out of Nestor’s gonads. He squished them between his hands, grinding his teeth, grimacing, while Nestor’s eyes bugged and he retched in pain.

“Time to give up”, Logan whispered into Nestor’s ear, twisting his hand and making Nestor shriek in pain.

The Latino street fighter struggled against Logan. He brought his hand back and grabbed hold of Logan’s naked testicles.

Logan let out a grunt.

“Fuck you”, Nestor coughed. “Fuck you!”

Logan let out an agonized scream as Nestor applied pressure, kneading his naked balls in his hand.

They had each other by the balls, each one of them trying to squash their opponent’s testicles.

Logan’s dick twitched as he tried to pull his lower body away from Nestor.

Finally, he managed to push Nestor away, his nuts slipping out of Nestor’s grip.

Nestor stumbled forwards, doubling over.

Logan doubled over, too, but he managed to grab hold of the waistband of Nestor’s boxers, stopping Nestor dead in his tracks.

Logan yanked down, exposing the Latino boy’s tanned, muscular ass.

Logan pulled.

The sound of Nestor’s boxers tearing apart echoed across the gym.

The trained Hispanic was left stark naked, his big, long cock fully hard, at a right angle to his body, his juicy nuts dangling below.

Nestor’s private area was shaven, completely smooth. His nuts dangled in their hairless sac. The tattoo on his hard cock looked like a bit distorted and I started wondering whether it had been applied while his cock was soft or while it was hard…

Logan groaned and kicked Nestor’s butt, making him fall down, landing flat on his cock, crushing it between the floor and his body.

The audience winced in sympathy as Nestor let out a miserable croak.

Logan stopped and watched Nestor.

The young Latino was howling in pain, slowly lifting his ass to give his cock some room. He was lying on the floor, face-down.

“You okay?” Logan said slowly.

Nestor didn’t reply.

“Hey, Nestor, are you okay?” Logan repeated.

“Fuck you!” Nestor groaned.

Logan looked down at Nestor’s body.

His feet were slightly parted and his ass was sticking up, his hefty nuggets dangling in plain view below his ass cheeks.

Logan raised his eyebrows and sighed.

He brought his leg back and delivered a devastating kick between Nestor’s thighs. His toes connected with Nestor’s juicy plums, eliciting a high-pitched howl from Nestor’s lips.

The audience cheered and clapped, causing Logan to smile and follow-up with another kick to Nestor’s beefy balls.

Logan’s toes dug into the soft flesh of Nestor’s large orbs, crunching them hard and making Nestor’s body jump.

A soft moan escaped Nestor’s lips. “You broke my cock”, he whispered.

Logan’s dick quivered and the young high school student playfully tugged on his own balls as he sent his foot crashing into Nestor’s nuts for a third time.

Nestor screamed from the top of his lungs and his body tensed.

At the same time, Logan threw his head back, panting heavily, a satisfied expression on his face. He interlocked his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling. Logan’s cock erupted with a thick spurt of spunk that splattered down on Nestor’s naked ass cheeks. Jet after jet of gooey juice rained down on Nestor’s muscular body, coating his back, his ass and his legs in a sticky layer of creamy spunk.

The audience went wild with cheers and applause.

From underneath Nestor’s body, a puddle of semen spread on the floor.

Logan’s load mixed with Nestor’s as it dripped down the Latino’s body.

“Man”, Logan sighed as he looked down his body, his cock dripping with his spunk. “That was hot.” He turned his attention to Nestor who was sobbing softly. “You done?”

Nestor didn’t react.

Logan knelt down next to him and rolled his body to the side.

Nestor’s balls looked bruised and swollen, and his cock was beet red and dripping with cum.

“You broke my cock”, Nestor whispered.

“It seems to work alright”, Logan grinned, pointing at the big puddle of jizz.

“Fuck you!” Nestor screamed and threw a punch at Logan’s crotch. His knuckles connected with Logan’s emptied nuts, making the high school wrestler gasp in surprise and let out a long, high-pitched wail.

Nestor scrambled to his feet and threw his body onto Logan.

They rolled around on the floor, their bodies wet with cum and sweat

“You think you had me, huh?” Nestor yelled, panting. “You think you cracked my nuts and broke my cock, huh?”

Logan grunted, trying to get a grip on Nestor’s body.

“Who do you think you are, fucking bastard?” Nestor screamed, throwing a punch at Logan’s face.

Logan groaned in pain, grabbing hold of Nestor’s ponytail and pulling down hard.

Nestor screamed. “You think I’m some kind of---“

Logan lifted his knee, bringing it crashing in between Nestor’s thighs, catching both of Nestor’s nuts dead-on.

Nestor’s eyes widened and he gasped.

Logan growled and lifted his knee again, driving Nestor’s balls into his pelvis.

Nestor gagged.

The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering, while Logan powered knee-lift after devastating knee-lift into Nestor’s nuggets.

Finally, Nestor’s eyes rolled back in his head and his body went limp, collapsing on top of Logan.

The crowd went quiet.

Logan pushed Nestor to the side.

Nestor coughed and opened his eyes. He blinked a couple of times, then he closed them again and groaned in pain, curling up in a ball and whimpering in pain.

Logan moaned and sat up straight. He looked at his opponent. “Sorry”, he said softly. “You should have given up…”

Nestor was writhing on the ground, his hands clutching his crotch.

“Do you give up, now?” Logan asked, grimacing in pain.

Nestor nodded.

Logan sighed. “Alright.” He got up and stretched his legs, looking down his bruised body, grimacing in pain.

He reached out and grabbed Nestor’s hand, helping him stand up.

“It was a tough fight”, he said.

Nestor groaned, massaging his balls.

“I didn’t break your cock, did I?” Logan smiled.

Nestor coughed.

I grabbed a microphone and stepped between the two fighters.

“A big round of applause for Nestor!” I shouted.

Nestor looked humiliated, his body glistening with sweat and semen, his face beet red.

“And for the winner tonight – Logan!”

The crowd went wild, cheering and clapping for Logan. His school mates were waving their signs, and Logan grinned and grabbed his crotch, fondling his balls. His dick started to grow hard again, and Logan smiled sheepishly and covered it with his hands.

Nestor turned around and limped to the locker rooms.

I turned to Logan and said, “You alright?”

Logan grimaced. “He sure worked me over…”

I nodded. “Well, you’re in the final fight, now…”

Logan grinned and shook his head slowly. “I can’t believe I made it this far…” He turned to me. “Who is my next opponent?”

I chuckled. “You’ll see…”


Anonymous said...

This was a very hot story Alex! The interplay between the two characters was great, and if you hadn't given us the results of the poll, I wouldn't have known who was going to win. Thanks for all your hard work, and for giving us another great story!

Anonymous said...

I definitely loved i, and I love Logan.

Alex said...

Thank you, guys! I really appreciate your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Logan / can this not be brutal ! Great story. I think you captured the characters perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed with the above, you really established Logan well, although, he does strike me as a bit of a ladies man, like he would be the most sexually experienced out of the models, but he's always respectful, and doesn't let it get to his head..

Alex said...

Thanks! I'll see if I can work in Logan's "ladies man" qualities in one of the upcoming stories... :-))

Carter said...

Really liking Logan the most out of all the models. I was really worried I would grow attached to one of the losers.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Logan was one of my favorites, too.