Saturday, January 3, 2009

Memory Lane 18

The last months have been pretty exhausting for me, so I’m gonna take a short break. I won’t be posting any new stories from the 25th to the 5th of January. Instead – like I did in September – I’ll remind you of older stories that might be worth revisiting.

If you have any feedback, any suggestions for new stories, let me know. I’ll be checking the comments and my email account regularly. Thank you for understanding!

One on one: Danny vs. Leo

Danny and Leo face each other in a "loser gets fucked" fight.
In the end, I hinted to a possible sequel where the loser could get his revenge. Somehow, I forgot about it until now. I don't know - would you like to read a sequel with the same "loser gets fucked" premise but a different outcome?

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