Sunday, January 25, 2009

One on one: Leo vs. Xander

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
Warning: Girl present. And she indulges in illicit behaviour, too.

Featured in this story: Leo and Xander (click for pictures)

Leo was sitting on the couch. The tall, lanky 19 year old boy was wearing his trademark baggy jeans and a wide, black t-shirt with the long sleeves of a beige shirt covering his forearms. His curly black hair was hidden underneath a baseball cap. He had his skateboard on his knees and played with the wheels.

I smiled at him. “Xander will be here any minute”, I said.

Leo nodded. “What is he like?”

“Well - you met him”, I reminded him. “Didn't you? He busted your balls...”

Leo shrugged. “Yeah, but we didn't talk to each other. What is he like?”

I hesitated. “Well… He’s--- oh, you’ll see…”

Leo grinned. “He’s an asshole, huh?”

I shrugged. “I guess that’d be an appropriate description…”

Leo laughed. “You want me to humiliate him?”

I didn’t answer.

Leo adjusted his crotch and chuckled.

“Do whatever you feel like doing”, I said, smiling.

Leo grinned and nodded. “Alright…”

“He’ll be here any minute.”

The door burst open and Xander entered the room, followed by his entourage.

Xander was 23 years old, a spoiled rich kid with a hostile attitude that I found increasingly unbearable. Frankly, I didn’t like him. If it wasn’t for his money, I wouldn’t have hired him in the first place. But his contribution secured our funding for more than a year, so my cameraman Chad had convinced me to take him up on his offer.

Xander didn’t have ulterior motives, of course. He had made a bet with a friend of his: He’d lose his Ferrari if he didn’t manage to become one of our models. So he had auditioned for us but lost in the second round. He didn’t want to lose his car, though, and he had offered us the deal. Technically, we had never acknowledged him as an official model for our site, and I didn’t know what had happened to the bet.

As always, Xander wore expensive sunglasses that were utterly useless indoors, of course, but apparently it was a fashion statement. He had blond hair with highlights and the color of choice for his clothing was white: white leather shoes, tight white pants that emphasized the bulge in his crotch, and an ornamented white shirt that was so tight that his nipples were clearly visible. The top buttons of his shirt were open, accentuating his tanned neck and his lean, smooth chest.

“Hi, everybody”, Xander grinned.

His entourage consisted of Shania, a fine-limbed yet big-breasted girl with platinum blond hair who looked like a cheap imitation of Marilyn Monroe, and Shania’s brother Shorty, whose nickname originated from the admittedly deplorable size of his dick.

Shania was wearing way too much make-up and a short white dress, showing a lot of cleavage. Her long legs were tanned, and I wondered if she had spent a couple of days on tanning bed with Xander.

Her brother’s skin was milky-white. Apparently, Xander hadn’t invited him to the tanning bed session. He had a slim build and was as blond as his sister, with a cute, attractive face. His skin-tight short-shorts looked like they were about to burst. Through the white fabric, his small cock was outlined just above his testicles which were separated by the crotch seam and threatened to fall out the leg-openings. In comparison to his dick, Shorty’s balls looked huge.

I noticed Leo staring at Shorty’s crotch, chuckling.

Shorty smiled and ran his hand over his white tank top, licking his lips.

Xander raised his eyebrows and threw a hard back-hand slap at Shorty’s groin.

Shorty’s eyes bulged and he bit his tongue, wincing. His hand lowered and he covered his crotch, groaning in pain.

Xander ignored him and looked at me. Pointing at Leo, he said, “That’s him?”

I smiled. “Leo, meet Xander. Xander, Leo.”

Leo stood and eyed Xander, chuckling.

Xander looked like an alien from outer space.

Leo sighed and turned to me. “Let’s start…”

I nodded.

“Kids”, Xander addressed Shorty and Shania. “Sit down at the couch.”

Shania giggled and sat down.

Her brother groaned and limped towards the couch, sinking down next to her, his hands cupping his crotch.

“Chad?” I yelled.

A muffled response came from the kitchen where my cameraman was smoking a cigarette.

A second later, he walked into the room, coughing.

“Hi”, he mumbled and took his position behind the camera.

“Let’s start with a statement for the camera”, I suggested. “Who wants to go first?”

Leo shrugged.

Xander sat down on the couch between Shorty and Shania, putting his arms around her. He watched Leo while he was fondling Shania’s breasts, eliciting girlish shrieks and giggles. His other hand crawled into Shorty’s lap and he started pinching the bulge in Shorty’s short-shorts between his thumb and forefinger.

Shorty moaned softly.

Leo looked at the camera and started, “Hi, I’m Leo. I’m sure you know me already…” He fumbled with the baseball cap on his head. “Today, I’m gonna fight Xander.” He chuckled. “That’s gonna be fun…” He turned to Xander. “Your turn.”

Xander raised his eyebrows. “That’s it?”

Leo nodded. “I don’t want to talk about fighting with you – I want to fight you…”

Xander shrugged and gave Shorty’s nuts a hard squeeze, making the boy gasp in pain.

Shania glanced at her brother and giggled. “Did he get you in the nuts, Shorty?” she asked in an annoying, high-pitched voice that sounded like Joan Collins on helium.

Shorty groaned and doubled over.

Xander stood and walked in front of the camera. “I don’t know who that punk is”, he said, smirking, “or why he thinks he can beat me. But I’m gonna beat the cum out of his nuts. I’m gonna take his balls in my hand and squeeze the juice right out of them.” He made a motion with his hand, squishing some imaginary balls in his hand. “He will be down on his knees in no time.” He lifted his hand and kissed his fingers before he waved at the camera. “Say goodbye to your nuts, punk…”

Leo chuckled. “This is gonna be so much fun…”

Both boys stripped down to their underwear.

Leo sported a pair of plaid boxers while Xander’s designer briefs were as white as the rest of his clothes.

Xander adjusted his crotch and winked at Shania.

Leo chuckled.

Shania’s hand disappeared below her dress and she bit her lip and moaned.

“Bring it on”, Xander said to Leo, his hands on his hips. Apparently he figured himself in the role of a macho action hero, standing with his legs spread shoulder-width apart.

Leo rolled his eyes and turned to me, “This is ridiculous! There’s no---“

He was interrupted by a vicious kick to his balls. Xander had sneaked up behind him and brought his bare foot crashing into Leo’s nuts. His plaid boxers were lifted up as the instep of Xander’s foot made contact with Leo’s manhood, driving his nuts into his pelvis.

Leo coughed. “Fuck”, he whispered hoarsely before grabbing his balls and doubling over.

“Never turn your back to your opponent”, Xander laughed. “Lesson learned, huh, punk?”

“Great one, Xander”, Shania purred. Her hand was moving below her dress.

Xander chuckled. “Having fun, honey-pie?”

Shania giggled. “Oh, yeah…” She lifted her dress and winked at Xander.

Xander’s cock inside his briefs twitched visibly. “Hmm, honey, I’m gonna fuck you so hard after I’m done with this punk…”

“I can’t wait”, Shania whispered.

Leo was rubbing his balls, grimacing in pain. He turned around and looked at Xander.

Xander’s eyes were fixed on Shania as she continued masturbating, rubbing one hand over her breasts, with the other hand buried beneath her dress.

Xander licked his lips.

“We got that brand-new dildo”, Shania smiled mischievously. She glanced at her brother. “It’s been so long since you fucked me while ramming that dildo up Shorty’s ass…”

Xander’s dick twitched again. He chuckled.

“He needs it”, Shania smiled as innocently as she could while tweaking her nipples and burying her fingers in her hole. “Don’t you, Shorty? That big dildo up your ass?”

Her brother blinked.

Xander smiled. “Sure he does. You know what, Shania, why don’t you call a couple of your girls? I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a wild night.”

Shorty pouted. “But you promised to fuck me tonight…”

Xander shrugged. “It’s girls’ night, Shorty. You won’t get my cock tonight. But you’ll get the dildo…”

Shania giggled. She reached for her purse without stopping to pleasure herself beneath her dress. One-handed, without missing a beat, she produced a tiny white cell phone and dialled a number.
Xander chuckled. His cock was hard as a rock, tenting his briefs. “Get as many as you can, honey, I’m gonna fuck them for as long as they want to… And they all can have a go at Shorty’s ass…”

By now, Leo had recovered. He waited for Xander to turn around and face him again.

The second he did so, Leo lunged at him, bringing his bony knee up into Xander’s crotch.

Xander yelped in surprise and pain as his nuts were flattened against his pelvis.

Leo grabbed Xander’s shoulders and powered another hard knee-lift into Xander’s groin, causing the blond boy to scream in pain.

Leo let go, allowing Xander to collapse on the ground and curl up in a ball, groaning.

Shania didn’t pay attention. She was talking to one of her friends. “…yeah, that’s right, tonight…”

Leo knelt down, rolled Xander onto his back and pried his arms away from his groin.

Xander whimpered in pain. His cock was pointing up, its tip had slipped out of his briefs, and the waistband was holding it in place.

Leo grinned. He lifted his knee and positioned it on Xander’s balls that were clearly outlined below his hard cock. Slowly, he shifted his weight, causing Xander’s eyes to widen as his testicles were squashed underneath Leo’s bony knee. He groaned hoarsely, his mouth wide open.

“…he’s gonna be fucking us all night long…” Shania said to her friend on the phone, giggling, while continuing to masturbate leisurely.

Leo twisted his knee, causing Xander to shriek in pain as waves of pain erupted from his meaty balls.

Shorty was watching the fight, smiling gently, running his hand over the bulge in his short-shorts.

Leo moved his body so that he was kneeling between Xander’s thighs.

Xander tried to fight back but was stopped by a hard uppercut that rammed his testicles into his body. He wailed in pain.

Shania giggled, oblivious to her lover’s pain. “…you know Xander, he’s insatiable. See you tonight!” She dialled another number on her cell phone. “Audrey? It’s Shania…”

“Your slut is making plans for you”, Leo whispered, grabbing Xander’s nuts through his briefs.

Xander groaned.

“That’s a little premature, don’t you think?” Leo grinned, pulling hard, making Xander scream from the top of his lungs. Leo twisted his hand, clasping the neck of Xander’s sac and making his big balls stand out, both of them clearly outlined in the white fabric of the white briefs.

Leo raised his hand and balled his fist.

Xander coughed. “Please, don’t---“

With a dull thud, Leo’s fist crashed into Xander’s balls, flattening the twin orbs and making Xander howl in pain.

Again, Leo brought his fist down, digging his knuckles into the soft flesh of Xander’s testicles.

Shania was talking on her cell phone. “…every one of us, Audrey. You’ll be amazed at how he…”

Leo continued slamming his fist into Xander’s balls.

Tears were running down Xander’s face. His cock was rock hard, twitching violently with every punch.

Leo chuckled. He let go of Xander’s cock and stood between his legs.

Xander moaned.

Shania laughed, talking into her cell phone. “…he’s an animal, Audrey, you’ll dump your boyfriend after you have been…”

Xander didn’t even trying to cover his crotch.

Leo lifted his foot and stomped down hard, bringing the heel of his foot down on Xander’s nuts, squishing them underneath his sole.

Xander gasped.

His cock quivered.

Leo shifted his weight, squishing Xander’s nuts into the floor.

Xander’s upper body rose. His mouth was wide open in a silent scream.

“…great, Audrey! See you tonight!” Shania said and put the cell phone into her purse again. She turned her attention to Xander just in time to see his cock let go of a fountain of cum. Her jaw dropped.

Xander was retching and gagging, his nuts pinned to the floor by Leo’s heel.

His cock shot jet after jet of cum, splattering up onto his lean, smooth chest and running down in thick gobs.

“Honey!” Shania shrieked, her hand still buried underneath her dress.

Xander’s body convulsed as Leo squished his nuts with his bare foot.

Finally, Xander’s painful orgasm subsided and Leo lifted his foot.

Xander whimpered and fell back. He grabbed his balls and curled up in a ball.

“I guess I won”, Leo grinned and looked down at his foot. It was covered in slimy jizz.

Shania couldn’t believe it.

“I guess you’ll have to change your plans for tonight, ‘honey-pie’…” Leo chuckled.

Shania’s face flushed with anger.

She turned to her brother who had a stupid grin on his face.

“Why didn’t you do anything?” Shania fumed.

Shorty shrugged and got up. “If I can’t have him, you won’t, either…”

“Fuck you!” Shania yelled.

Leo chuckled.

“And fuck you, too!” she added. She got up from the couch. “Let’s go.”

Shania grabbed Xander’s clothes while her brother helped Xander get up.

The three left, Shorty carrying Xander who was sobbing, covered in his own cum, wearing only his white briefs.

“Fuck!” Shania turned to her brother. “I’m gonna need the dildo tonight…”


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Anonymous said...

Great story Alex! Xander is such a tool, it's great when he gets knocked down a few pegs.

Anonymous said...

the "brother-sister" thing is really off-putting, even though they never do anything with each other, having a brother and a sister in the same sex story strikes me as gross.

Anonymous said...

The brother sister thing is a little wierd, but Xander getting his ass kicked was a huge turn on. Especially while Shania is planning for wild sex all night as he was getting his balls beat in. Nicely done. :)

Alex said...

Thank you!

I agree with you, the brother/sister thing is off-putting. But there's a twist (a rather simple on, actually). Originally, I wanted to wait for another story to include it in, but since you seem to take offense, I'm gonna write a little story that deals solely with the backstory on Shania and Shorty. I'm gonna publish it tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm intrigued, also, I definitely agree with anon(2), Xander getting his beat was hot.

Alex said...

Oh, please don't expect too much... As I said, I wanted to include it in a later story and the one I'm writing right now is a bit heavy-handed I guess... We'll see tomorrow...