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Leo’s sleepover

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum. And extensive footplay.

Featured in this story: LeoSammy, Tristan and Alex (click for pictures)

Leo, Sammy and Tristan were sitting on the couch, eating crisps and drinking lemonade..

Today was Leo’s birthday. The 19 year old skater was beaming with happiness. He had a cute face, with curly black hair and joyful brown eyes. His friends Sammy and Tristan had surprised him with a little sleepover party at our studio.

“What a great idea”, Leo said, looking at me.

“Well”, I said, “it was theirs…”

Tristan and Sammy smiled.

I reached under the table and produced a gift-wrapped box. “Happy birthday, Leo”, I said.

Leo took the box and smiled. “Thank you!” He unwrapped it and laughed when he saw what it was: an old-fashioned pyjama, white with blue stripes.

“It’s a sleepover party”, I explained, “Tristan and Sammy told me that you don’t have one.”

Leo smiled. “Thank you!”

Sammy, Tristan and I were wearing similar pyjamas.

Tristan was 19 years old, just like Leo. He had dusty blond hair and a lanky body.

Sammy was one year younger. He was as tall as Leo and Tristan, skinny and lean, with red hair and cute freckles all over his face.

Leo grinned and got up, heading for the bathroom. “I’ll be back in a sec”, he said in a cheerful sing-song, closing the door behind him.

“Have you told him about your presents, yet?” I whispered.

Tristan grinned. “No, not yet.”

I chuckled.

Leo came back from the bathroom, having exchanged his baggy jeans and oversized t-shirt for the brand-new pyjama that looked splendid on his tall, lanky body. He stood still and grinned. Then he lifted his arms and turned around, presenting his pyjama as if he was a supermodel.

“Yay!” Tristan cheered.

Sammy and I laughed and applauded.

Finally, Leo sat down on the couch again, cross-legged, his hands playing with his toes. He was wearing socks that had been white a long time ago. They looked like he had been wearing them for more than a week…

“I guess it’s time for our gift”, Tristan grinned. “What do you think, Sammy?”

The cute redhead grimaced. Maybe he was getting cold feet.

Tristan nudged his buddy, and Sammy looked at Leo and said with a sheepish grin, “Our present for you is, well…” He cleared his throat.

Leo looked at him, an amused expression on his face. “Come on, what is it?”

Sammy bit his lower lip.

“Come on”, Tristan whispered and nudged Sammy again.

Sammy cleared his throat again. “Our bodies…”

“For the whole night”, Tristan added, lifting his upper part of his pyjama, letting Leo catch a glimpse of his navel and his flat belly.

Leo laughed.

“Whatever you want to do”, Tristan continued cheerfully, turning around, bending over and exposing his pale ass.

Leo laughed harder and reached out to slap Tristan’s naked butt.

“Oooh”, Tristan cooed in an exaggeratedly erotic voice. “O yes, sir, spank my naughty butt…”

Leo shook his head, laughing, “You sure you want to go through with this?”

Tristan pulled up his pants again and turned around, grinning. “Our bodies are yours… Right, Sammy?”

Leo looked at Sammy.

Reluctantly, Sammy nodded.

“Great”, Leo grinned. He pushed the couch table away and looked at his buddies expectantly. “Come on, on your knees.”

“Oh, you sure don’t lose any time, huh?” Tristan chuckled.

Both boys got down on their knees.

“Why don’t you give my feet a little tongue-bath?” Leo grinned, adjusting his crotch in his loose pyjama pants. “I’ve been running around all day. They could use a massage and a couple of kisses…” He sprawled on the couch, lifting his feet so that his friends could hold them in their hands. “Take of my socks first”, he said lazily, leaning back on the couch, grinning at his buddies.

Tristan chuckled. “Alright, birthday boy…” He was holding Leo’s right foot and took off his sock, holding it up and smelling it. “Ew, man, they smell horrible…” The blond skater chuckled and threw the sock away, starting to gently massage Leo’s foot with both of his hands. “There you go”, he whispered. Then he leaned over and kissed Leo’s toes one by one.

Sammy didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as Tristan. He yanked off Leo’s left sock, grimacing.

“Smell it”, Leo said, smiling.

Sammy looked at Leo.

“Come on, smell it”, Leo repeated.

“I’m sorry”, Sammy said, shaking his head. “I’m not in---“

“Oh, come on”, Tristan interrupted him, letting go of Leo’s right foot and lifting Sammy’s hand and the dirty sock up to Sammy’s nose.

Sammy coughed, grimacing.

Leo grinned. “Now kiss my feet.”

Sammy looked like he was about to puke.

Leo and Tristan looked at him.

Sammy didn’t move.

“Come on”, Tristan said, chuckling. “It’s his birthday.” He grabbed Sammy’s neck and brought his head down towards Leo’s foot.

“No”, Sammy said.

Leo lifted his foot and touched Sammy’s face with the sole.

“No!” Sammy repeated.

Leo rubbed his foot over Sammy’s face, grinning.

“No!” Sammy struggled and broke free, standing up and shaking his head. “No way!”

Leo and Tristan looked up at him.

“Sammy”, Tristan said, “we agreed that we’d let Leo---“

“Sorry, I won’t do it”, Sammy said sharply. “I won’t kiss his feet. I’m going home. This was a bad idea.”

Leo sighed. “Alright. Sit down, Sammy. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.”

Sammy looked at him, a suspicious expression on his face.

“I mean it”, Leo said, smiling gently. “Trust me.” He turned to Tristan, moving both of his feet in his direction.

Tristan grinned and started kissing the soles of Leo’s feet, occasionally taking a lick, massaging them with his hands at the same time.

“Yeah”, Leo moaned, bringing his head back, wiggling his toes. “Suck on my toes, Tristan.”

The blond skater chuckled and took Leo’s toes in his mouth, one by one, sucking gently, his eyes closed.

Leo moaned in pleasure.

Sammy watched the two of them, a disgusted expression on his face.

“Wow”, Leo said after a while. “Thanks.”

Tristan chuckled and licked his lips. “You’re welcome, birthday boy…”

Leo grinned and adjusted his crotch. He turned to Sammy. “Now it’s your turn.”

Sammy had a weary look on his face.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to lick them”, Leo grinned. “Lie down on the ground.”

Tristan moved away and sat down next to Leo.

Sammy hesitated. Then he sighed and lay down on his back in front of Leo who sat on the edge of the couch.

Leo grinned and placed both of his feet on Sammy’s flat belly. He moved them around, caressing Sammy’s skinny body, running the ball of his right foot down towards the waistband of Sammy’s pyjama pants. His other foot ran circles on Sammy’s chest.

Sammy relaxed and closed his eyes.

Leo chuckled.

He lifted Sammy’s pants with his right foot and snuck it in.

Sammy’s eyes opened.

Leo grinned and placed his left foot on Sammy’s chest, holding him down. His right foot was inside Sammy’s trousers, messing around with Sammy’s cock and his balls, judging from the expression on Sammy’s face.

The red haired skater yelped when Leo twisted his foot, looking down at his friend’s face, grinning.

“You are getting hard, Sammy”, Leo chuckled, manipulating Sammy’s genitals with his toes inside his pyjama pants. “You’re starting to like this, huh?”

Sammy blushed. He grimaced and breathed heavily while Leo was rummaging in his pants, stroking his cock with his toes and running the sole of his foot over Sammy’s tender balls.

“Oh yeah”, Leo grinned. “You like this, buddy. I can feel it. Your cock tries to pierce my foot, Sammy!”

Sammy grimaced. “Leo, please---“

“Ooooh, do you feel it, Sammy?” Leo cooed. “Do you feel my foot caressing your dick. Man, I didn’t know you were into feet, Sammy!” He chuckled and twisted his foot, making Sammy gasp in pain. “Oops – did I twist your nuts? Sorry…”

Tristan cleared his throat. “Leo---“

Leo was grinning, his foot buried in Sammy’s pants. He turned to Tristan, his eyebrows raised.

Tristan smiled sheepishly, pointing at Sammy who looked like he was about to cry. “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all…”

Leo blinked and pulled his foot out of Sammy’s pants, where Sammy’s big cock served as a main mast for a spacious circus tent.

“What do you mean?” Leo said slowly, grinning. “You want to back out?”

Tristan smiled weakly. “You know, maybe I talked Sammy into something that…“ His voice trailed off.

Leo and Tristan both stood while Sammy was rolled to the side, adjusting his crotch, trying to hide his boner and save his dignity.

“But it’s my birthday”, Leo said, smiling gently.

Tristan grimaced. “I know, but maybe---“

“You gave me your bodies for the night”, Leo said, looking disappointed.

Tristan bit his lower lip. “I know, and I---“

“That’s your present for me”, Leo said, putting his hand on Tristan’s shoulder.

Tristan sighed. “But---“

He was interrupted by a sudden, hard kick in the groin. Leo’s bare foot made perfect contact with both of Tristan’s juicy, young nuts that were dangling loosely inside his pyjama pants.

Tristan’s eyes bulged, he gulped, a surprised look on his face, and let out a hoarse groan. “Leo”, he whispered.

Leo chuckled.

“I---“ Tristan’s voice cracked. He blinked a couple of times, then the full extend of the pain hit him. His lips trembled and his left eye twitched. Slowly, very slowly, his hands moved towards his crotch.

Leo watched him, grinning.

“You---“ Tristan coughed and doubled over, his hands clutching his crotch.

“God, you look funny”, Leo laughed.

Behind him, Sammy joined in, happy that he wasn’t on the receiving end this time.

Tristan tried to straighten, sticking his butt out, moving his hands to his side. “Leo”, he said, groaning. “Maybe we should---“

Leo brought his leg back and sent his bare foot crashing into Tristan’s crotch, hitting he contents of Tristan’s pants dead on. His cock and balls were visible, bouncing up inside his pants, and

Tristan let out a high-pitched yelp and grabbed his nuts, doubling over in pain.

He grimaced and looked at Sammy who was fondling his cock inside his pants, grinning.

“Sammy”, Tristan croaked. “Why don’t you---“

Leo had walked around Tristan. He was standing behind him, lining up his foot for another kick.

He chuckled and delivered a well-placed punt right into Tristan’s dangling fruits inside his pyjama pants.

Tristan screamed from the top of his lungs and collapsed on the ground.

Leo and Sammy laughed as Tristan’s face contorted in a mask of pain and embarrassment.

Chuckling, Leo reached down and pulled Tristan’s pants down, exposing his butt.

Tristan was doubled over, kneeling on the ground, his face touching the floor, his hands cupping his crotch, pushing his tender nuts in their hairless sac back between his thighs so that they formed a splendid target for Leo.

Leo winked at Sammy and brought his leg back again. With a little running start, he kicked Tristan’s nuts hard. His toes sank into the tender flesh of Tristan’s nuts, flattening them, making Tristan moan in pain, roll to the side and curl up in a little ball.

Sammy and Leo chuckled.

Tristan was rocking back and forth, cupping his nuts, moaning and groaning in pain.

“Hey, Alex”, Leo grinned, turning to me. “Want to help me with a little experiment?”

I looked at him. What did he have in mind? I sure didn’t want to end up like Tristan, writhing in pain on the floor.

Leo seemed to be reading my mind. “Nah, don’t worry…”

I raised my eyebrows. This birthday boy was really enjoying his party…

He glanced at Sammy who was watching Tristan, a wide grin on his face.

“Come on”, he mouthed and cocked his head in Sammy’s direction.

“I don’t know”, I said, grimacing.

“Come on”, Leo whispered.

Sammy seemed to sense that something was wrong. He looked up, a confused expression on his face. “Huh?”

Leo lunged at him and yanked his pyjama pants off of his body, revealing his long, slender, hard cock and the two delicate eggs inside their sac of skin.

Sammy yelped.

Leo grabbed his feet, pulling Sammy across the floor. “Come on”, he shouted at me.

Reluctantly, I followed him.

“Grab his arms”, Leo shouted.

I did as I was told. “What are you up to?”

Leo grinned. “You’ll see…”

We carried Sammy across the room onto the carpet near the desk. The red haired skater was struggling and screaming. “Let me go! Leo! Alex! Let me---“

Leo and sat down on the ground, holding Sammy’s feet. “Sit down”, he said.

I sat down next to Sammy’s head, holding Sammy’s arms down with my feet.

“Hey!” Sammy screamed, lifting his head, trying to figure out what Leo was gonna do.

He was lying between us, his cock pointing straight to the ceiling.

“Calm down, Sammy”, Leo grinned. “I’m gonna give you a nice, little footjob. Look at your cock. You’ll love it…”

Sammy groaned. His cock was rock hard, precum oozing out of its tip, coating the mushroom head of his big rod in a thin layer of sticky goo.

Leo chuckled. He moved his feet up on the inside of Sammy’s thighs, making Sammy’s body shiver and his cock twitch. Then his right foot played Sammy’s cock a bit while his left foot manipulated Sammy’s big nuggets, rolling them underneath his sole.

Sammy moaned. I held his head between my hands, my feet holding his arms. He couldn’t get out, and he stopped struggling, grimacing as Leo rubbed his cock with his foot.

Leo grinned. “Good boy.”

Sammy winced.

Leo chuckled and increased the pressure on Sammy’s tender balls.

Sammy’s mouth opened and he started breathing heavily.

Soon, his face was glistening with sweat and he bit his lips, trying not to let Leo know that he was enjoying the treatment that his dick received.

Leo grinned, squishing Sammy’s nuts under the sole of his left foot while playing with the impressive boner with his right foot.

Sammy let out a hoarse moan.

His dick was hard as a rock, beet red, and oozing sticky precum.

“Wow, Sammy”, Leo moaned, watching his buddy writhe in pleasure.

Suddenly, Sammy’s body convulsed. He let out a loud moan and arched his back.

A fountain of thick, white cum came spurting out of his cock, landing with wet splashes on Leo’s foot, on Sammy’s thighs, his loins and his pyjama top, soaking the fabric and creating wet stains all over it.

Leo chuckled as jet after jet of hot, creamy jizz splattered all over Sammy’s skinny body.

Sammy was moaning in pleasure as his cock pumped spurt after spurt of his sticky cream from his seemingly bottomless balls. His eyes were closed and his body went limp as the last drops of cum oozed out of the tip of his fiery red cock.

Leo glanced at the sleepy smile on Sammy’s face and winked at me. He brought his feet between Sammy’s thighs and pulled Sammy’s ankles towards him, stomping Sammy’s tender nuts into his body with obvious glee.

Sammy eyes snapped open and he let out a high pitched scream.

“Didn’t want you to nod off”, Leo chuckled as Sammy struggled and screamed.

Leo pulled on Sammy’s ankles, squishing his nuts between his body and the sole of Leo’s foot.

“No!” Sammy yelled.

Leo twisted his foot, bringing throaty groans from Sammy’s lips.

Finally, he withdrew his foot. “Now, if you promise to be a good boy, I won’t hurt you any more.”

He paused and looked at Sammy. “Deal.”

“Fuck you”, Sammy whimpered.

Leo lifted his foot, letting his heel dangle dangerously over Sammy’s spunk-covered testicles.

“Okay, okay”, Sammy whispered quickly. “Okay.”

Leo chuckled. He was still holding on to Sammy’s ankles while I was preventing Sammy from using his arms.

Leo got up and stood, spreading Sammy’s legs in a V.

Leo’s pyjama pants were tenting with what looked like an enormous erection.

Sammy stared at him, his eyes wide open. “You promised not to hurt---“

Leo smiled and nodded. “If you don’t struggle.”

Sammy moaned.

“Wait a moment”, Leo said and let go of Sammy’s right foot.

He quickly yanked down his pants, freeing his boner that slapped up against his pyjama top, his juicy nuts dangling underneath.

“Now”, Leo smiled, grabbing Sammy’s right ankle again.

He took a step towards Sammy, bent his buddy’s knees and positioned Sammy’s feet so that the soles were touching each other.

Leo looked down and bit his lower lip.

His black hair was wet with sweat and his fat cock was leaking precum.

“Oh, man, what a birthday”, Leo whispered. He moved his hips and positioned his cock between Sammy’s soles.

Sammy stared at him.

Leo collected some spit in his mouth. He looked down and let his spit ooze out of his mouth, wetting the shaft of his cock.

Sammy looked disgusted.

Leo moaned and pushed Sammy’s soles against his cock. He started moving his hips at a steady pace, thrusting his rock-hard cock back and forth between the soles of Sammy’s feet, moaning in pleasure.

“Oh, yeah…” Leo brought his head back and increased the pace, fucking Sammy’s feet, while Sammy started squirming, staring at Leo’s spit-lubed cock, anticipating the floodwave of sperm that was gonna rain down on him.

Sammy looked at me.

I grimaced. I felt dirty and guilty for holding poor Sammy down. I looked away and turned my attention to Leo’s cock.

Leo’s moans grew louder and louder as he fucked Sammy’s feet.

“Oh, yeah, fuck, yeah”, Leo moaned, his eyes closed, his face red and hot and beaming with pleasure. “Oh, man, here it comes”, he groaned as his cock twitched and his body shivered and the first gob of thick, creamy semen shot out of his dick, landing dead-center on Sammy’s face, right on his nose.

Sammy shrieked, squinting at his friend’s sticky goo, shaking his head violently.

Leo’s orgasm seemed to be endless. His cock shot jet after jet of spunky jizz that covered both of Sammy’s feet and ran down his legs.

In the midst of his orgasm, Leo let go of Sammy’s feet, lifting his hands and running them through his black, curly hair, shivering in pleasure, his cock spurting, his balls contracting.

Sammy let out an angry growl and pulled his feet to his body. Then he sent both of his cum-soaked feet up between Leo’s legs, crunching his nuts into his pelvis, brutally interrupting Leo’s ejaculation.

Leo’s eyes open wide and he stumbled backwards, his cock twitching, drops of cum landing on the floor.

He grabbed his balls and let out an agonized wail.

I let go of Sammy’s arms and the lanky redhead quickly got up, shooting me an angry look.

He went after Leo who jumped up and down, his hands covering his nuts, his cock oozing precum, screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Fuck you!” Sammy screamed and launched another kick at Leo’s crotch, missing his nuts but catching his cock dead-on and ramming it into Leo’s abs.

Leo shrieked in pain.

“Fuck you!” Sammy screamed again and lunged at Leo.

The two boys struggled, both of them screaming from the top of their lungs.

I looked around the studio and saw Tristan who had recovered from his nut-beating. He was watching his friends fight, grinning, jerking his cock.

I chuckled.

Somehow, Leo was able to get the upper-hand. He pinned Sammy to the floor, sitting on his chest, holding his wrists with his hands. His moved his hips and let his aching balls dangle over Sammy’s mouth.

“You hurt my balls!” he screamed. “Kiss them better!”

Sammy growled and kept his mouth shut, shaking his head.

“Come on”, Tristan horned in. “It’s his birthday.”

“Fuck his birthday!” Sammy yelled.

Quickly, Tristan crawled over and reached for Sammy’s nuts. He grabbed the two naked orbs gently in both of his hands. “Kiss them better, Sammy”, he said slowly, starting to squeeze the poor redhead’s nuts with his skinny fingers.

“No”, Sammy whimpered.

“Now”, Tristan said, increasing the pressure on Sammy’s nuts.

“Fuck!” Sammy yelped. “Okay, okay…”

Leo grinned and lowered his hips until his sac touched Sammy’s lips.

Sammy groaned, grimacing.

“Kiss them better”, Leo said cheerfully. “You know you want to!”

“This is fucked up”, Sammy said, his voice muffled by the meaty sac that was resting on his mouth.

Leo and Tristan burst out laughing, and Sammy couldn’t help himself but join in.

“Fuck”, he groaned in between laughs. “This is not funny!”

“Kiss them better”, Tristan and Leo said in unison.

Sammy shook his head, laughing.

“Tristan?” Leo said, and Tristan twisted Sammy’s nuts, bringing an agonized wail from the red haired skater.

Tristan and Leo chuckled.

Finally, Sammy planted a nice, wet kiss on Leo’s sac.

“Yeah!” Tristan shouted, laughing. “And the left one!”

Sammy chuckled and kissed Leo’s sac again.

Tristan let go of Sammy’s balls, and Leo rolled off of Sammy’s body, lying down next to him, panting and laughing.

“Fuck, whose idea was this?” Sammy chuckled.

Tristan laughed. “Do you enjoy your birthday, Leo?”

“Fuck, yeah!” Leo yelled.

They were silent for a couple of minutes, lying next to each other, their bodies wet with sperm and sweat.

“Hey, Alex”, Leo finally said. “Thanks for helping me…”

I grinned.

Sammy grinned at me. “Bastard…”

I shrugged and smiled innocently.

“This is my best birthday ever”, Leo grinned and tugged on his limp cock.

The rest of us chuckled.

Sammy stood and put his pyjama pants back on.

Leo’s pants were hanging around his ankles. He pulled them up and sighed.

We moved to the couch and sat there for a couple of hours, talking, laughing, joking, until Leo yawned and said, “Time for bed…”

We nodded and fetched our sleeping pads.

We lay down side by side, with Leo lying between Tristan and me, and Sammy on the other side next to me.

Soon, I heard both Sammy and Tristan snore.

I was dozing off, too.

Next to me, Leo was shifting on his sleeping pad.

“Alex”, he whispered.

“Hmm?” I mumbled.

Leo chuckled and sat up straight. He moved around and lay down again.

A few seconds later, I felt something tickle my nose.

I blinked.

The smell of Leo’s feet snuck up my nose.

I groaned.

Leo giggled and ran his foot over my face, running his big toe over my lips and my cheeks.

“Leo”, I groaned.

“It’s my birthday”, Leo whispered, chuckling.

I groaned again.

His foot caressed my face, and I was too sleepy to tell him off.

“Suck on my toe”, he whispered, half-asleep.

I groaned.

“It’s my birthday…”

I sighed and parted my lips, feeling his toe enter my mouth.

I sucked on it for a couple of seconds. The taste of his feet spread in my mouth.

After a while, I heard Leo snore.

I sighed, turned around and feel asleep.


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