Monday, January 12, 2009

Leo’s sleepover: The morning after

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Leo's sleepover

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. And extensive footplay.

Featured in this story: LeoSammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

When I woke up the next morning, I smiled, thinking about last night.

Cute skaterboys Tristan and Sammy had surprised their buddy Leo with a very special birthday party. They had allowed him to have fun their bodies – and Leo had made good use of them, sticking his feet into his friends’ faces, making them lick his toes, trampling them, and abusing their balls.

Leo had given most of his attention to Sammy, the cute redhead, who didn’t seem too pleased about the treatment he had received.

Now, Sammy was sleeping next to me on his sleeping pad.

I turned to the other side where Leo was lying, his buddy Tristan next to him.

Leo had his back towards me, his feet near my face.

I heard a soft moan, followed by a slurping sound.

I raised my eyebrows.

Lifting my head a bit, I glanced over and saw that Leo and Tristan were sucking each other’s cocks.
Leo’s fat, hard member was stuffed deep into Tristan’s mouth, his own lips wrapped around Tristan’s big dick, circling the mushroom head with his lips.

Tristan had his eyes closed, deep-throating Leo’s large cock, bobbing his head back and forth.

Leo giggled, sucking on Tristan’s dick, eliciting soft moans from his blond friend.

Obviously, they were trying not to wake us up, but their moaning got louder and louder.

Tristan’s cock slipped out of Leo’s mouth, leaving a trail of precum on the black haired skater’s lips.

Leo grabbed Tristan’s cock and started jerking it feverishly, occasionally kissing the head of his friend’s dick.

Tristan moaned and continued blowing Leo’s dick, increasing the pace.

“Come on”, Leo whispered, “Give me your load before the others wake up…”

I grinned, leaning back and closing my eyes.

Tristan was making throaty noises, slurping on Leo’s cock, while Leo was panting heavily, jerking Tristan’s dick.

Suddenly, I heard both boys moan in unison.

A wet splashing sound indicated that Tristan’s cum was landing on Leo’s face, while Tristan’s gagging, gulping noises suggested that Leo’s sperm made its way down Tristan’s throat.

“Hey”, I heard Sammy’s sleepy voice next to me.

I opened my eyes.

“What are you two doing?” Sammy rubbed his eyes and lifted his head.

Leo and Tristan blushed.

Tristan let Leo’s dick slip out of his moth. He swallowed, removed some spunk from the corner of his mouth with his fingertip, and grinned, “Nothing…”

Sammy grimaced.

Leo turned around, his face covered with gobs of sticky, white goo. He chuckled and licked his lips. “Breakfast”, he mused.

Tristan and I laughed.

Sammy shook his head.

“Anyone care for some coffee?” I asked, getting up.

Leo opened his mouth.

“Please”, Sammy said quickly, “don’t make a joke about cream…”

Leo closed his mouth again, grinning.

I walked to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.

Ten minutes later, we were sitting around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and eating bagels.

Between bites, Sammy grimaced and grabbed his crotch under the table.

“How are your nuts?” Leo asked casually. He was sitting opposite Sammy, taking a sip from his coffee.

Sammy groaned.

Tristan grinned.

As soon as Sammy had both of his hands on the table again, spreading cream cheese on his bagel, there was some commotion under the table and Sammy winced.

Judging from the expression on Sammy’s face, Leo had placed his foot between Sammy’s legs, manipulating his junk with his bare toes.

Sammy grimaced.

“Morning wood?” Leo grinned.

“God, can’t you think of anything other than sex these days?” Sammy sighed.

Leo shrugged and shifted on his seat.

Tristan raised his eyebrows. “What are you guys doing down there?”

Sammy rolled his eyes. “He’s trying to jerk my cock with his foot.”

“You don’t enjoy it?” Leo said, a disappointed look on his face.

Sammy took a bite from his bagel.

Leo shrugged and withdrew his foot.

Sammy looked at him. “Thanks.”

Leo shrugged again.

There was a loud bump as Leo kicked his buddy’s nuts hard.

Sammy screamed, grabbed his crotch and doubled over, hitting his head on the table.

Leo and Tristan laughed.

“Fuck you”, Sammy whimpered, nursing his balls.

“Anybody want some scrambled eggs?” Leo grinned. “I’m pretty sure Sammy can spare one or two…”

“Fuck you”, Sammy repeated, rocking back and forth on his seat.

Leo chuckled.

We continued eating, with Sammy pouting and guarding his groin with one hand under the table.

After a while, Sammy relaxed and started using both of his hands again.

He shouldn’t have done that, though, because Leo saw his chance and delivered another hard kick to Sammy’s precious balls, making the cute redhead cry out in pain and double over again.

Leo and Tristan laughed.

“I’m gonna get you back”, Sammy whispered, cringing in pain.

Half an hour later, we had finished breakfast.

Tristan was in the bathroom and the shower was running.

Leo and Sammy were sitting on the couch, still dressed in their pyjamas.

I had taken a shower and was putting on some clothes.

Suddenly, I heard Leo howl in pain.

I turned my head.

“I told you”, Sammy hissed. He had Leo by the balls, literally. One of Sammy’s hands was buried deep inside his pyjama pants, squeezing Leo’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Leo was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Sammy twisted his hand, causing Leo’s voice to crack as he wailed in agony.

“You like this?” Sammy chuckled. “Huh?”

Leo screamed.

“What about this?” Sammy let go of Leo’s nuts and stood in front of him. He grabbed both of Leo’s wrists and spread his arms apart. He raised his foot and let it crash down between Leo’s thighs, stomping Leo’s testicles into the couch. “You like this, Leo?”

Leo’s face was beet red and he was shrieking from the top of his voice.

“And what about this?” Sammy said cheerfully, sitting down on the couch table and raising his foot, bringing it up to Leo’s mouth. “You like feet, don’t you?”

Leo grimaced, Sammy’s foot flat on his face, his lips touching Sammy’s heel, his forehead touching Sammy’s toes.

Sammy moved his foot, rubbing it up and down Leo’s face.

Leo coughed.

I saw Tristan come out of the bathroom, his blond hair wet, wearing only a white towel around his hips.

“Hey!” he shouted. “Having fun?”

Sammy turned his head.

Tristan ran towards him and shoved him away from Leo, chuckling. His towel came off, exposing his skinny, naked body. His dick was half-hard, swinging wildly between his legs while he was fighting to pin Sammy to the floor.

Leo groaned and rubbed his crotch.

“Your turn, Leo”, Tristan grinned, sitting on Sammy’s belly, holding his arms to the ground.

Leo groaned and got up, limping towards Sammy.

He stood between Sammy’s legs and grabbed his ankles.

“No”, Sammy moaned, realizing what Leo was up to. “Please…”

“Dude, I guess I'm gonna have to show you how to use your feet”, Leo said and brought his foot down hard between Sammy’s legs, crunching his nuts under his sole. He pulled on Sammy’s ankles for additional pressure, mercilessly flattening Sammy’s orbs.

Sammy screamed from the top of his lungs. The cute redhead tried to get out of his hapless position, but his buddies held him tight.

Tristan grinned down on Sammy, his hard cock pointing up to the ceiling.

Leo gas-pedalled Sammy’s balls, making Sammy moan and groan in pain.

“Wanna get out?” Tristan grinned.

Sammy was sweating, his face beet red, grimacing in pain.

“Wanna get out, Sammy?” Tristan repeated cheerfully.

Sammy groaned.

“Kiss Leo’s feet and I’ll let go”, Tristan grinned.

Leo chuckled and let go of Sammy’s ankles.

He walked around his buddies and let his foot dangle over Sammy’s face.

Sammy whimpered.

Leo nudged Sammy’s lips with his big toe, eliciting a miserable moan from Sammy’s mouth.

Tristan chuckled. “Come on, kiss his foot.”

Sammy groaned and puckered his lips, planting a quick kiss on the underside of Leo’s foot.

“Do it like you mean it”, Leo grinned.

Sammy rolled his eyes and kissed Leo’s foot again, grimacing.

“Where’s the tongue?” Tristan chimed in.

Sammy shot him an angry look and tentatively licked Leo’s sole.

Leo laughed and adjusted his crotch. “Okay, I’m gonna take a shower now.”

He walked into the bathroom.

Tristan and Sammy looked each other in the eyes.

Tristan started laughing, and Sammy joined in.

Tristan reached behind himself and playfully slapped Sammy’s nuts.

“Ow!” Sammy howled.

“Man, you need to toughen up!” Tristan chuckled and rolled to the side.

Sammy curled up in a ball, nursing his testicles, while Tristan put on his clothes.

An hour later, the three skater boys left the studio.

“What are you gonna do today?” I asked.

“Well”, Leo said, “I guess I’m gonna go to the skate park. You guys come with me?”

Sammy and Tristan shrugged.

“Okay, have a nice day”, I said.

“Yeah, thanks for everything”, Leo grinned. “Best birthday of my life!”

Tristan laughed.

Sammy grimaced. “Thank God it’s my birthday soon…”


Chris said...

Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot. I think the foot action in this one was even better than in the first one, and this one was far less sexual~ XD

Under-the-table stuff = Great. I LOVED Sammy's taunting of Leo, when he said 'I thought you liked feet!' Its always kinda cool to see a guy not into something do it any way, because then you know its purely to be mean/have fun, XD.

Alex said...

Thank you, Chris, for all your ideas and suggestions for this story! I'm really happy it turned out fine... :-))