Thursday, January 8, 2009

Auditions – round 3: Milosh vs. Ian

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

More than one month had passed since we had seen the end of round 2 in our search for a new model. Only four guys were left: 23 year old gypsy Milosh, 24 year old surfer dude Ian, 18 year old high school wrestler Logan, and 23 year old street fighter Nestor.

Today, Milosh and Ian were going to fight against each other.

For the final rounds, we had decided to have the fights take place in the college gym in front of an audience.

And, apparently, there was healthy demand for a nice, no-holds-barred fight between two hot, young guys: the gym was packed with people.

Most of them were guys in their twenties, probably members of the countless fraternities that had made our Ballbusting Olympics such a big success. They were laughing and joking, waiting for Ian and Milosh to enter the arena.

I walked across the gym and entered the locker rooms.

Milosh turned around and smiled at me. He was in the midst of taking off his grubby t-shirt. His blue jeans sported a couple of tears, and his shoes looked dirty and old. The 23 year old gypsy had thick, black, unkempt hair that stood on ends and looked like it had never been in contact with a comb. His body was muscular and very tanned, smooth, except for his hairy chest.

He took off his shoes, revealing his dirty, naked feet.

“Everything alright?” I smiled.

Milosh chuckled, flexing his biceps and running his hand over his defined abs. “I’m ready to go.”

“Good”, I nodded.

I turned to Ian who had stripped down to a pair of white boxer briefs that hugged his thick, long cock and his juicy, low-hanging balls. The 24 old surfer had sun-bleached, blond hair and a tanned skin. His feet and his hands were massive and looked huge on his slim, lean body.

Ian glanced at the door. We heard laughter and excited chatter from inside the gym.

Ian adjusted his crotch and grimaced. “We’re gonna fight in our underwear, right?”

Milosh looked at him. He opened the fly of his jeans, revealing a thick bush of pubic hair. Taking off his jeans, he said, “I don’t have any underwear with me…”

Ian stared at him.

Milosh had a big cock and a hairy sac that was filled to capacity with his fat nuts.

He tugged at his limp dick and grinned at Ian. “Sorry.”

Ian shifted uncomfortably and turned to me. “I don’t know…”

“You have a tiny cock?” Milosh chuckled.

Ian blushed. “No!” He paused. “But---“

Milosh sighed. “Alright.” He looked at me. “Can I borrow yours?”

I blinked. “Well, I---“

Milosh shrugged. “If the sissy boy wants to wear underwear…”

Both boys looked at me.

“I’m pretty sure we won’t be wearing them for long”, Milosh grinned.

I rolled my eyes and unbuttoned my jeans.

A few moments later, Milosh was wearing my black boxer briefs and I was stuffing my goods into my jeans again.

“Alright”, I said. “I’m gonna say a few words before we start, okay?”

Ian and Milosh nodded.

The gypsy turned to his opponent and grinned. “Good look.”

Ian nodded.

“You know, I am a pretty good boxer”, Milosh added, smiling.

Ian gulped.

I walked out of the room into the gym.

Some guys in the audience started clapping and cheering. Soon, the gym was filled with noise.

I stood in front of the mats and grabbed a microphone. “Welcome”, I smiled. “I’m Alex from I’m very happy that so many people have come here to watch what I hope will be a great fight!”

The crowd clapped and cheered.

“If you want to see more, join our website.”, I added, pointing at a large banner in the back of the gym that showed a very explicit screenshot from one of our videos, a close-up of a fist pummelling a pair of fat nuts, and a thick, hard cock that was letting go of a gush of cum.

“And now”, I raised my voice, “welcome our fighters. They will fight against each other. No rules, no referee. Put your hands together for Milosh and Ian!”

The crowd clapped and cheered as the two opponents entered the gym.

Milosh grabbed his crotch and grinned.

I was a bit surprised to see Ian looking a bit intimidated. When I passed him, I muttered, “Good luck, Ian.”

Ian sighed. “We’ll see…”

He walked onto the mats and faced Milosh.

The young gypsy grinned and adjusted his crotch. “I’m gonna crack your nuts, boy”, he whispered.

Ian grimaced.

“When I’m finished with you, you’ll be lying on the ground, covered in your own spunk”, Milosh continued with a devilish grin. “I will milk your pathetic cock and bust your poor, little balls…”

The audience was silent, listening to Milosh’s threats.

Ian bit his lower lip and fondled his brief-clad balls.

Suddenly, Milosh took a step forward and aimed a hard punch at Ian’s abs, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Ian coughed and doubled over, holding his midsection with both of his hands.

Moving quickly, Milosh got down on one knee and delivered a powerful uppercut into Ian’s crotch. His fist connected with Ian’s well-filled pouch, slamming his tender nuggets into his body.

Ian screamed from the top of his lungs. His hands lowered and grabbed his gonads.

Milosh got up and grinned. He grabbed Ian’s blond hair and yanked his head up, causing Ian to shriek in pain.

“Hey”, Milosh grinned, smiling at Ian. “Wanna give up?”

Ian moaned.

Milosh twisted his hand, pulling on Ian’s hair.

“Fuck you!” Ian whimpered.

He reached out and grabbed a handful of Milosh’s chest hair.

Yanking down, he grabbed one of Milosh’s pink nipples with his other hand.

Milosh grunted and pulled on Ian’s hair.

Ian screamed and squeezed Milosh’s nipple hard, digging his fingernails into Milosh’s tender flesh.

Both boys were screaming now, and the audience went wild with cheers and applause.

Milosh grimaced in pain. He lifted his knee and brought it up against Ian’s chin.

Some guys in the audience winced in sympathy.

Ian let go of Milosh’s nipple.

The gypsy loosened his grip on Ian’s hair, allowing the boy to stumble backwards.

Ian rubbed his jaw, glaring at Milosh. Then he jumped forward and delivered a devastating kick into Milosh’s crotch.

Ian’s big foot collided with the bulge inside Milosh’s boxer briefs, cracking his nuts and making Milosh wail in pain.

The gypsy doubled over and rubbed his balls.

Ian brought his leg back and kicked at Milosh’s groin once again, connecting with his hands, pushing them into his balls and lifting Milosh’s body off the ground.

Milosh let out an agonized scream while the audience was going wild with cheers and applause.

Ian took a moment to catch his breath. He moved his jaw and was relieved that it wasn’t broken. His expression darkened immediately, though.

Milosh looked up, grunting, clutching his balls, his face contorted with pain. “You fucking bastard”, he hissed. He balled his fist and sent it smashing into Ian’s crotch in a nut-crunching uppercut.

Ian yelped and doubled over, cupping his balls and whimpering.

Groaning, Milosh got up, clutching his sore testicles, trying to walk off the pain.

Ian was focussing on his own genitals. His lips trembled and his eyes filled with tears as the pain washed through his body in a mind-numbing wave of agony.

“No kids for you, kiddo”, someone in the audience yelled, drawing laughter from his friends.

Ian whimpered and reached inside his boxer briefs, clutching his damaged nuts with his hand.

A tiny smile crept onto Milosh’s face. He walked behind his opponent and grabbed the waistband of Ian’s boxers.

Yanking upwards, he gave the poor surfer a first-class wedgie, trapping Ian’s hand inside his underwear.

He pulled and tugged until Ian’s briefs tore apart and the blond surfer was buck naked.

His ass was lily-white, in stark contrast with the tanned rest of his body.

Milosh grinned and slapped Ian’s ass with his palm.

Ian whimpered.

Milosh was holding the ripped pair of underwear in his right hand, waving them like a trophy, while the audience clapped and cheered.

“Yeah!” Milosh shouted, grinning. He grabbed his crotch with his left hand and turned to the audience. “Yeah!”

Ian grimaced in pain and humiliation.

Somehow, he managed to ignore the pain in his nuts. He let go of his aching testicles, letting the two well-sized orbs and his semi-hard cock hang freely between his thigh. He sneaked up behind Milosh.

Moving quickly, he wrapped his right arm around Milosh’s neck from behind.

Milosh yelped in surprise.

Now, Ian reached into Milosh’s briefs with his left hand, searching for his meaty nuggets.

The shocked look on Milosh’s face indicated that Ian had found what he was looking for.

Suddenly, Milosh’s eyes bulged and he opened his mouth in a silent scream as Ian squeezed his testicles in his large hand.

Choking him with his right arm and squishing his balls with his left hand, Ian whispered into Milosh’s ear. “Tell me when you are ready to give up…”

Milosh retched and coughed, his legs kicking, his hands trying to reach behind himself, while Ian twisted and kneaded his big, juicy testicles.

The crowd was enthusiastic about this turn of events. They clapped and cheered.

When the front of Milosh’s briefs started to tent with a growing erection, the cheering grew louder and louder.

“Fuck you!” Milosh screamed, his voice cracking. “Fuck you!”

Both boys’ bodies were hot and wet with sweat, rubbing against each other.

Finally, Milosh managed to cock his head back, ramming it against Ian’s nose.

Ian wailed in pain and loosened the grip on Milosh’s neck.

That was all Milosh needed. He rammed his elbow into Ian’s ribs, eliciting another agonized wail from Ian’s lips and causing him to let go of his nuts.

Milosh stumbled forwards and doubled over, sinking to his knees, panting heavily.

Ian rubbed his nose and his ribs, grimacing in pain.

“Fuck you”, Milosh grunted, down on all fours. He turned around and looked up at the blond surfer. “You’re gonna pay!”

Ian moaned.

Slowly, menacingly, Milosh got up. He was cupping his crotch, his eyes narrowed, his head beet red, looking at Ian. Milosh’s erection was tenting the black boxer briefs. Quickly, he took them off, throwing them to the ground.

The gypsy had a fat, long dick that was glistening with precum.

Milosh jerked it a couple of times, cupping his balls with his other hand.

Ian eyed him, grimacing.

Slowly, Milosh walked towards Ian who bit his lower lip and backed away.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Milosh lunged at Ian, aiming an uppercut towards his face.

Ian reacted quickly and defended himself with a kick to Milosh’s hand.

Milosh grunted and tried again.

This time, Ian aimed for Milosh’s groin.

Ian’s massive right foot connected with Milosh’s hairy sac, flattening both of his tender, meaty nuggets and driving them into his body.

Milosh’s eyes lost focus and his cheeks puffed. He coughed and blinked a couple of times.

Seizing his chance, Ian kicked Milosh’s nuts again, hitting the two precious babymakers with the wide instep of his foot.

Milosh gagged.

His cock twitched.

A third kick connected with Milosh’s marbles, lifting the young gypsy off the ground and making him fall down on his ass as his cock erupted in a fountain of sticky, white goo that flew high into the air.

Milosh screamed from the top of his lungs while the audience roared with laughter, cheers and applause.

Ian walked up to Milosh and looked down at him.

It was a pitiful sight. He was sitting on his ass, screaming, paralyzed by the pain that was rocking his body, unable to move. His cock was pumping an endless stream of hot, creamy jizz. Jets of cum landed on Ian’s body, hitting his knees and his shins, running down his legs and coating his bare feet.
Milosh’s jaw was hanging open, spit running out the corner of his mouth. His eyes were glassy and he seemed far, far away.

When Milosh’s balls were drained, Ian placed his bare foot over Milosh’s nuts and shifted his weight, squishing the young gypsy’s testicles like he was stomping out a cigarette.

Milosh’s eyes clenched shut and he found his ability to move again. His body thrashed and he let out a high-pitched shriek as his big, empty balls were stomped into the floor.

Ian grinned. He seemed to be pretty satisfied with the power of his feet. His cock was growing harder and harder, pointing straight at Milosh’s face.

The blond surfer didn’t touch his cock. He closed his eyes and twisted his foot, squashing Milosh’s nuts underneath his sole.

Milosh gagged.

Ian’s dick twitched, drops of precum were oozing out of the tip of his rock-hard cock.

Another twist of his foot, another twitch of his cock.

Milosh retched and panted.

Ian moaned, licking his lips. He shifted his weight and lifted his free foot off the ground, standing on Milosh’s nuts with all his body weight.

Milosh started hyperventilating, tears running down his face.

Ian was breathing heavily, too.

Then, in a mind-blowing orgasm, Ian’s cock exploded. A heavy, thick rope of cum splattered against Milosh’s face, catching him right below his left eye. Another jet of cum found its way into Milosh’s face.

Ian moaned and brought his head back.

His cock was shooting jet after jet of his sticky, wet cum.

Within seconds, Milosh’s face was covered in milky, white cum.

The gypsy boy retched and gagged, screaming in pain, while his nuts were flattened underneath Ian’s powerful foot.

Finally, Ian opened his eyes again, looking spent and confused. He seemed to be a bit disorientated. When he saw Milosh and his cum-covered face, he chuckled and took a step back, taking his foot off of Milosh’s nuts.

Milosh’s lips twitched and he inhaled sharply.

Slowly, he moved his hands between his legs, covering his nuts.

Ian grinned. “Give up?”

Milosh looked up at him, his eyes red and filled with tears. He nodded slowly.

Ian chuckled and lifted his foot. He brought it up to Milosh’s cheek and ran it over the side of his of his face, almost tenderly.

Milosh moaned.

Ian’s big toe was covered in cum. He grinned and brought it to Milosh’s lips.

Milosh looked down, his face beet red with pain and humiliation.

Ian grinned. “Come on, say it.”

Milosh moaned.

“Say it”, Ian said in a low voice.

“I give up”, Milosh whispered.

Ian laughed and stuffed his toe into Milosh’s mouth.

The young gypsy started sobbing and rolled to the side, curling up in a ball, clutching his crotch.

Ian turned to the audience, lifting his arms, smiling happily.

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Ian nodded, chuckling and walked to the locker rooms.

Half an hour later, the gym was empty.

Ian was signing autographs outside.

Milosh was lying on the ground, sobbing in pain, his hands covering his nuts. Ian’s sperm had dried on his face and in his thick, black hair.

I knelt down next to him. “I’m sorry”, I said softly. “You’re out.”

“I know”, Milosh whispered. He sat up and looked at his crotch. His cock looked okay, but his testicles looked seriously bruised and swollen. “Fuck”, he moaned, tentatively running his fingers over his damaged orbs. “Oh, fuck…”

“I’m sorry”, I repeated.

Milosh rocked back and forth, cupping his nuts.

I sighed and patted his back.


BB_Daddy said...

Hi! Alex
I'm 'T' and I've just stayed around for a while.
Freakin' love your fic.
At first my fav guy was Zach.

But you know what, I'm starting imagine Milosh's appearance as you described him.
I think I must have a crush on this guy, since hairy, black hair,tanned guy is just my type!
I think there should be a tie on my list now.

I wanna draw him and put on my blog.
Is that Okay?

Anonymous said...

Great story. Shame to see Milosh go, he was almost perfect...welll maybe a bit too heiry :-)
At least he went out with style !
Keep up the great work !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I can't tell you how happy I am that at least some of you share my passion for Milosh...

@ BB_Daddy:
Of course it is okay if you draw Milosh and put him on your blog! I'd be extremely flattered!
You can take any guy, any scene from any story, for that matter. Feel free to use whatever inspires you!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I didn't mind Milosh, I still like Logan more, and am glad he's winning, but wouldn't mind seeing Milosh make an appearance or two in other stories, even though he lost.
(I certainly liked him more than Ian)

Alex said...

Thanks, guy787970! Maybe Milosh will make another appearance - but I don't want to bypass the poll decision, so I guess that's it for Milosh... :-)

BB_Daddy said...

I won't mind if he lost.
I just prefer him when he got busted :P
anyway I'm more into a tough guy more than
nice shaven blonde guy with high school look.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, BB_Daddy. I guess our tastes are a little different... :-)) But I must admit that I really liked Milosh and I'm a little sorry to see him go...

Carter said...

Nice of you to lend him your undies

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter!