Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pants on fire

Warning: Contains f/m ballbusting and a bit of backstory. Originally I had planned to reveal Shania’s and Shorty’s story at a later date (and, well, in a more elegant way...) but since a couple of readers voiced their objections I decided to hurry up a bit…

Featured in this story: Xander and Alex (click for pictures)

A few day ago, spoiled rich boy Xander had lost a fight against lanky skaterboy Leo. The young skater had humiliated Xander in front of his lover Shania and her brother Shorty and had ruined Shania’s plans for the night that included a group of girls and heavily relied on the serviceability of Xander’s genitals.

Leo had made sure that sex was no option for Xander when he left our studio, half-naked, humiliated, and dripping with cum.

“She seemed a bit disappointed”, Chad mused.

I grinned. “I bet she’s really angry at Leo.”

“I bet her friends are, too”, Chad chuckled.

We were sitting on the couch, having a break.

I leaned back and sighed. When I looked to the side, I noticed something shiny between two pillows. I raised my eyebrows and reached for the shiny thing.

“What’s that?” Chad asked.

I showed it to him. It was a shiny white cell phone.

“Do you have a new one?” Chad grinned. “Looks a bit girlish…”

“It isn’t mine”, I said, pushing a button.

The display illuminated and showed the picture of a fat erection and two large testicles dangling below.

Chad looked at the display and laughed. “Wow…”

“That’s Xander”, I said slowly, looking at the cock.

Chad stopped laughing. “How can you tell?”

I blushed. “Well, the shape of it, and the size---“

“Okay, nevermind”, Chad said quickly. “It’s his phone?”

Then it dawned on me.

“It’s Shania’s”, I said. “Remember? She called her friends. I guess it must have slipped out of her purse when they left…”

Chad nodded. “You gotta call her.”

I shook my head. “No way. I bet she’s as mad at us as she is at Leo…”

Chad shrugged.

“Besides, she’ll come looking for it when she notices that it’s gone.”

Chad shrugged again. “I guess she thinks it’s been stolen…”

I raised my eyebrows.

“It’s been here for two days and she hasn’t called, yet”, Chad said.

I sighed. “You are right.”

“Do you have her phone number?” Chad asked.

I shook my head.

“But you have Xander’s”, Chad said.

I grimaced. “I have talking to him…”

Chad shrugged.

I looked at the phone and pushed another button. “Let’s see… Okay… This is… And here… And--- Oh, how cute! ‘Mummy and Daddy’…”

Chad laughed.

I pushed the button and heard the dial tone.

It rang a couple of times and I was ready to hang up, when a female voice answered the phone.

“Sarah?” She sounded like she was in her forties, a warm, friendly voice. Her mother.

“Hello”, I said. “I would like to talk to Shania…”


“Hello?” I said.

“Who is it?”

“Erm, I’m a friend of Shania’s and I’d like to talk to her.“

The woman laughed. “You mean Sarah?”

I cleared my throat.

“I can see your number”, the woman continued in a cheerful voice. “You are calling with Sarah’s phone. Has she lost it again? She can be such a scatterbrain…”

I looked at Chad who raised his eyebrows.

“Sarah’s at the shopping mall, darling”, the woman continued. “I bet she has already bought a new phone…” She laughed.

I thought for a moment. “Could I talk to---“ I realized that I didn’t know Shorty’s real name – and I was pretty sure I didn’t want to call him ‘Shorty’ to his mother… “Could I talk to her brother, please?” I said slowly.

“Sure, I’ll get him for you…”

I held my hand over the receiver and whispered, “Apparently her real name is Sarah.”

Chad grinned. “The slut has a ‘nom de plume’?”

I shrugged. “I guess she---“

“Hello, this is Eric”, a male voice said.

It wasn’t Shorty’s voice. I sighed. “Hi, Eric, this is Alex. I’m a friend of Sh--- Sarah’s. I’m sorry, this is a bit complicated. She has lost her cell phone and I’m trying to get in touch with her.”

“She isn’t in”, Eric said.

“Yeah, your mother told me. Erm, could I talk to your other brother?”


I waited.

“She told you that there was another brother?” Eric said slowly.

“There isn’t?”

Eric chuckled. “No, there isn’t. I guess she lied to you, man.”

I sighed.

“I’m gonna tell her you called”, Eric said cheerfully. “What was your name again?”

“Alex”, I said before hanging up.

Chad looked at me, grinning. “What did he say?”

“I talked to her brother”, I said. “But he isn’t Shorty. And there are no more brothers…”

Chad raised his eyebrows. “You mean…”

“She lied”, I said. “They are not siblings.”

“But why would she say something like this?”

I shrugged. “I guess it’s one of Xander’s kinky fantasies…”

Chad chuckled. “Naughty…”

”Well”, I sighed. “Anyway. Her brother’s gonna tell he I called.”

Chad nodded.

Three hours later there was a knock on the door.

I opened it and was met with a cloud of perfume. I looked at Shania’s face and somehow I could tell that she wasn’t in a very good mood.

White high heels made her look taller than she really was. She was dressed in a short, skin tight white dress that contrasted nicely with her tanned legs. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her breasts strained the fabric. Her nipples stood out and I quickly looked up at her face. She had an angry look in her eyes and her red lips were pressed together. Her platinum blond hair was fluffed up, making her look like an angry chicken.

“Sarah”, I said, grinning.

“It’s Shania!” she whispered in her Mickey-Mouse-voice before bringing her leg back and kicking me square in the nuts.

I felt her pointed shoe connect with my left testicle and flatten it against my pelvis, knocking the wind out of my lungs. My vision blurred. I coughed and slowly doubled over, moaning softly.

“How dare you call my family?!” Shania shrieked. “How dare you?”

“You forgot your cell phone”, I croaked.

“You fucking faggot!” Shania yelled and stormed past me while I fell down to my knees.

Chad held his hand protectively in front of his groin, holding the phone at arm’s length.

Shania grabbed it and shot him an angry look before turning on her heels and turning her attention to me again.

“You ruined my night!” she shrieked, kicking my side with her pointed shoe.

“What?” I croaked, getting up slowly and turning towards her. “I just wanted to let you know---“

“I don’t mean tonight, you moron!” Shania slapped my face. I felt her long, red fingernails scratch my cheeks. “You ruined the party…”

I grimaced. “Technically, Leo---“

Shania grabbed my shoulders and brought her knee up between my legs, crunching my tender nuts into my body.

I wailed in pain.

“That punk will get what he deserves”, Shania said, obviously satisfied with the result of her nut-crunching blow. “But you set him up. You set Xander up to ruin my night.”

I whimpered, cupping my crotch. “I didn’t even know---“

“Shut up!” Shania screamed and kicked at my crotch again. Her shoe connected with my hands, driving them into my nuts.

I groaned and sank down to my knees.

“Fucking faggot”, Shania hissed. She grabbed my chin, making me look up to her, her fingernails digging into my face. “Listen, moron. My name’s Shania. Shorty is my brother. Don’t ever call me ‘Sarah’ again, got it?”

I moaned.

“Got it?!” she screamed.

“Yes”, I whispered.

She walked down the stairs, leaving me doubled over and moaning in pain.

Chad walked up to me and grinned. “Wow, she’s hot when she’s angry…”


Anonymous said...

awesome, although I am a bit disappointed that I didn't get see it revealed in "in a more elegant way." I don't think that the objectors would have minded waiting as long as they were reassured the stories weren't bordering on incest.

Alex said...

Thank you, but I feel better having revealed it now because I can understand the objectors' thoughts... I (as a writer, not as a protagonist) always knew that Shania and Shorty weren't siblings, so maybe I crossed a line somewhere along the way... :-)