Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yet another phone call from Europe

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Another phone call from Europe

Today I got another phone call from Jimmy, the twins' older brother, who is a professional soccer player in England and agreed to to a video with us when he is here in the States in January. He wants to bring another team member, an German player called Frank, so they both could do a ballkicking competition.

"I told you that Frank and I wanted to practice our kicks", Jimmy said. "Well, I got some of the junior players from our club to lend me their nuts for a training."

"Oh", I said. "How did you get them to do it? I suppose they didn't come and offer them up, did they?"

He laughed. "No, of course not. But I'm the team captain after all, so I told them I could give them some valuable advice for their careers, promotional things, who to choose as agents and representatives, which advertising contracts to accept and which to avoid, you know, stuff like that. They are all 18 or 19 years old and they know all about soccer - but nobody teaches you those other things. And as a soccer player you have to feather your nest while you're still in business... They were quite thrilled by the idea. So we had a deal. Great, huh?"

"Yeah", I said.

"So we met last week for training. First I gave them a basic tutorial, then they let me kick their balls. I was quite successful at both tasks", Jimmy chuckled.

"Great. How many guys did you get for the training?" I asked, fascinated by Jimmy's power of persuasion.

"Hmm, there were around five or six guys. Enough balls to kick around. And I got better and better..."

"Sounds great", I grinned. "I suppose you don't have a video?"

"I fact, I do", Jimmy said. "I'll send it to you. It isn't long but there is some good stuff on the tape..."

"Fantastic", I replied. "I can't wait to see it!"

"And by the way, Frank told me that he was filming his training session, too. So perhaps I can get you his video, too. And I'll get a peek at his technique..."

So we agreed that Jimmy would send me his video and he'd ask Frank for his tape, too.

I'll tell you about both of the training sessions as soon as I get the material...

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