Thursday, January 10, 2008

High kicks

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Danny's brother
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Yesterday I had talked to Danny on the phone. His younger brother David was in town and they both were going to stop by our studio today.

They came around noon. Danny introduced me to his brother, a very good-looking 19 year old dancer. He has black hair and beautiful green eyes. He is a bit taller than Danny, with muscular legs and a slim built. He wore a black shirt, the top buttons unbuttoned so we got a nice view of his tanned, smooth chest, sleek and tight black trousers that bulged at his crotch, and black leather shoes.

David looked around our studio and raised his eyebrows. “It’s a bit of a shabby place, no offence”, he said.

I looked at him in disbelief. He was a guest here after all.

“Sorry, I don’t believe in little white lies”, he shrugged. “But I have to say that it looks better on the video I’ve seen. On the other hand, I didn’t see much of the studio anyway, I was so fascinated by my brother swallowing all that slimy cum…” David grinned at his brother who looked miserable.

“You looked like a cheap whore…” David laughed. “But at least you were more convincing than in those other films I saw you. Congratulations. This performance is the peek of your career. It makes your previous jobs pale in comparison…”

“David”, Danny snapped and looked at me apologetically.

I was a bit irritated by David’s cocky attitude.

“So this is ballbusting paradise, hm?” David continued, walking around the studio like he was going to buy the place. He turned to me and smiled: “I love kicking balls myself.” He threw a powerful high kick into the air. “Dancing lessons are a perfect training. I bet I’m better at it than my brother here.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Oh please, David, according to you, you’re better at anything…”

David shrugged. “Well, I am. The peak of your so called acting career – until now… - was that godawful performance as ‘hot bartender #4’ in some cheap horror movie. Hell, you auditioned for ‘Saw IV’ and they didn’t take you. ‘Saw IV’! I mean, come on!” He smiled at his brother pitifully. “I, on the other hand, am in town because we’re on tour with a Tchaikovsky ballet.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Don’t tell me it’s ‘The nutcracker’…”

David laughed. “That’d be perfect, hm? No, it’s ‘Swan lake’. But I can tell you that I’m the official Nutcracker Prince backstage. I have the biggest balls and the strongest kicks of our ensemble. And believe me, I have proved my nutcracking skills to each and every male dancer on the show.” He proudly grabbed his crotch and grinned at Danny. “By the way, I’m devastated that your testicles haven’t grown much since I’ve last seen them.”

Danny shot his brother an angry look. “How---“

“I’ve seen the video, remember? Granted, your balls looked quite yummy in those skimpy black briefs. Like they burst out through the fabric. But nevertheless they are still the same little grapes…”

Danny’s mouth stood open.

I decided to take a stand for him. “Well, actually, David, Danny’s balls have a very good size. They are big and tough and they are very popular with our members.”

David laughed and playfully kicked at Danny’s groin. Danny winced, causing David to laugh even louder.

“Why don’t you show me another of your videos? I’d love to see my brother’s balls getting crushed…” David said cheerfully.

“I don’t know…” I started.

Danny interrupted me: “No way. This is enough for today and you are not going to embarrass me even more! If you want to see another video you’ll simply have to become a member and pay for it!”
David pouted his lips. “Oooohh. Then I’ll show the introductory to Mom and Dad. I don’t think they’ll like the direction your ‘career’ is taking…”

Danny glared at him: “Don’t you dare!”

David shrugged with an innocent look on his face. “Do you think Mom will like to see you taking all that filthy jizz in your mouth? ‘Hmmm, Chef’s suggestion’… I think she’ll love it! Probably Dad won’t like it. But then again he isn’t in a very good mood at the moment. He wasn’t too happy when I told him that Lisa dumped you…”

“You what?” Danny snapped.

“Someone had to tell him… He really liked her…” David sighed. “So, what do you think? Shouldn’t we have a look at another video?”

Danny was silent and bit his lip. Then he nodded at me.

“Okay, let’s go over here. We can watch ‘Take one for the team’. You’ll like it, David. Your brother takes center stage in it…” I guided them both to the computer and opened the file.

Danny was very embarrassed while his younger brother had a great time watching the video. He laughed and clapped his hands. When we got to the part where Danny passed out, David convulsed with laughter.

Danny looked sheepishly at me.

I was feeling uncomfortable, too. I just hoped that Danny wasn’t too embarrassed to go on shooting with us. It’d be a great loss.

When the video had ended, David calmed down and wiped his eyes. He patted his brother on his back and grinned: “I’ve got to hand it to you. That was a wicked stunt, Danny.”

Danny squirmed and David grinned at him: “Come on, I’m trying to be nice here…”

“Thanks”, Danny said quietly.

“Yeah, that’s better”, David smiled.

Danny straightened himself. “Okay, I think we had better go now. We---“

“Hey, we are in no rush!” David interrupted him. “Why don’t I have a go at your nuts, Danny?”

“No way, you---“

“I think our parents won’t like to see you pass out because some tramp stands on your balls, hmm, Danny? They want to have grandchildren someday. Too bad that they’ll have to wait for it a bit longer because Lisa ditched you. When they see this video they’ll think that your babymaking skills may have completely vanished…” David grinned at Danny and tapped his foot. “So go on, turn around so I can kick you in the balls.”

Danny looked at me for help. “David, I don---“

“Alex”, David said calmly. “Get the camera if you want to see poor Danny’s little balls smashed.”

I complied and got the camera. Chad wasn’t in today but I could handle it as well.

When I got back, David had made Danny strip to his blue briefs, his big balls clearly visible through the fabric, his limp cock pointing up. Danny looked miserable. I switched on the camera.

“Oh, Alex”, David said. “If I see my face on film I’m gonna sue your ass off, have I made myself clear?”

Crystal”, I said.

“Fine. I’m gonna take my trousers off so you’ll have something to gawp at…” David grinned and opened his shoes. “I’ll put my shoes back on, though. I can’t wait to introduce them to Danny’s nuts…”

A few seconds later David had taken off his trousers and showed off his legs. They were beautiful, indeed. His black socks and shiny black shoes contrasted nicely with his tanned, muscular legs. He adjusted the bulge in his tight black briefs. Danny’s nuts were big – contrary to David’s constant teasing – but David’s balls looked even bigger.

He grinned when he caught me staring at his bulge. “Nice package, hmm? You would like to suck my big cock, hmm? But I have to disappoint you, it’s ladies only.”

With that he stepped behind his brother and grabbed Danny’s ballsack through the briefs.

“My shoes will leave a mark on them”, he chuckled and took a step back.

With a little running start he smashed his shiny black shoe into Danny’s brief-clad nuts, connecting with a dull thud and eliciting a load moan from his brother. David laughed when Danny grabbed his damaged balls.

“That was just the warm up! Come on, let go so I can get another kick in!”

Danny moaned and let go of his balls.

David extended his right leg again and slowly brought it up until it touched Danny’s package. He wiggled his toes, moving Danny’s balls around and loosening them up. Then, in rapid succession, he forcefully kicked his brother’s tender nuggets three times, digging his shoe into the soft ballflesh and bringing shrieks of pain from Danny’s mouth. With the last kick, Danny collapsed on the ground.

David laughed and pointed at his brother. “Wow, those tiny marbles are really tender, aren’t they?”

Through the pain, Danny managed to scream: “Stop calling my balls ‘tiny’! They are as big as yours!” He was lying on the ground nursing his battered manhood.

David chuckled. “You wish…” Then he turned to me. “Why don’t we take a little break and afterwards we take a closer look? The one with the bigger set of balls is gonna punt the loser’s nuts some more…”

Danny moaned and I looked at him in sympathy. From my perspective, David clearly had the bigger set of the brothers. It seemed like Danny was in for another round of ballkicking.

David and I went to the kitchen and sat down at the table. I poured him a cup of coffee.

“You are pretty tough on your big brother”, I said.

He laughed. “Do you think so? You should have seen what I put him through when we were younger…”

I smiled and shook my head.

We sat silent for a little while, hearing Danny moan and curse in the studio.

When David had finished his coffee we went over to Danny and David went into tease-mode again.

“So, how are your balls?” he asked his brother. “Take them out so that we can compare them to my set.”

Danny groaned and stood up. He slipped off his briefs and let his balls hang in the open. They hung low in their sac and looked a tad bit swollen.

David took off his briefs, too, and grabbed his fat nuts. “Well, your balls certainly are redder then mine. You would have won if we’d compare the colour…” He wiggled his genitals at his brother and stepped closer to him. “Come on, take them into your hand.”

Danny did what he was told and the brothers both held out their naked nuts so that they nearly touched. Danny’s balls were big and fat but undeniably David had an even bigger pair.

David laughed. “See? Mine are bigger!” With that he nudged Danny’s balls hard with his own nuts, causing Danny to groan again. “And mine seem to be a lot tougher, too!” David grinned.

He put his briefs back on and said to his brother: “Before you get even more humiliated when we compare cock sizes, why don’t you spread your legs so I can sink my foot into those pathetic little balls a few more times?”

Danny didn’t look too enthusiastic but he complied. He stood in front of his brother, facing him, his fat, swollen, slightly red nuts dangling freely between his legs.

David rubbed his hands and eyed the targets.

I had taken the camera again.

David grinned at me and out of nowhere he kicked at his brother’s balls, sending them swinging back between his legs, touching his ass and swinging into their natural position again. Danny shrieked and started to grab his sore balls. But before he could grab them, David sent in another kick, smashing them so that they swung back and forth again. He clearly enjoyed pummelling his brother’s balls, grinning the whole time and laughing out loud at the loud slapping noise of the impacts and the equally loud whining noise that accompanied them. He repeated the quick kick again, this time catching Danny’s fat balls in mid-swing and squashing them with his shiny shoes into Danny’s pelvis, flattening them and bringing an even higher pitched shrieking noise from Danny’s mouth.

Now Danny was quick enough to grab his balls. He screamed and fell to the ground, curled up in a little ball and nursed his crushed nuts.

“Wow”, David laughed. “That was just like the old times…”

Danny whimpered.

“Is that it for today?” David asked.

Danny continued whimpering.

“That’s a shame. I’m in ballkicking mood, now. Perhaps I’ll find some more takers before our show tonight”, David smiled at that thought.

Danny was a mess. He crawled to get his briefs and his jeans and put them back on, quietly moaning all the while.

In the meantime David turned to me and said: “You know, I’ll be in town again the month after next. We’re going to do a tour with ‘The nutcracker’, believe it or not. So why don’t we set another date? I’d love to come back.”

I didn’t have to think twice about that offer. “We have another pair of siblings on our cast”, I started.

“Yeah, those hot twin brothers…” David grinned.

“Right. Perhaps we could do something together with them?” I suggested.

“That’ll be fun”, David said. “Let’s do it.”

I smiled at him and made a mental note to tell the twins about the idea.

Danny had his clothes back on and walked towards us. He was rubbing his pouch and all pale in the face, his reddish-blond hair wet with sweat.

“What are you talking about?” he groaned.

“Nothing”, his brother winked at me and walked over to put on his trousers again. “I’ll tell you tonight after our show. I love to spend time with you and perhaps we should meet more often...”

Danny groaned again and rolled his eyes. “Fuck.”

“Yeah, I love you, too, big brother.” David grinned and fastened his belt.

I brought them to the door.

David turned around and winked at me again. “See you in March…”

Danny looked at me in terror. Apparently he hadn’t expected to see his brother again that soon. “What?!?”

David laughed and playfully slapped Danny’s bulge in his jeans. It wasn’t a hard slap but apparently Danny’s balls didn’t react too well to playful slaps after all the kicking he had gone through. He shrieked again, cupped his balls and sank to his knees.

David grinned and looked down on his brother. He looked at me and shrugged, then he turned to his brother again and brought his foot hard into Danny’s groin, crushing his hands into his balls. Danny coughed and moaned.

David turned around and walked down the stairs.

I looked down at Danny, all sweaty and reduced to a sobbing mess.

“Do you want to come in for a coffee, Danny? I promise I won’t let your brother in…” I offered.

Danny looked up at me with a very painful expression on his face. Then he got up and said: “No, thanks. I have the keys to the car. I wouldn’t want to upset David…”

Then he stumbled down the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, just wow. Totally hot story! I loved how you had them compare nuts and Danny continually being nice to his brother even when David was a dick to him. It was totally hot and I cant wait for the next installment. :)

Alex said...

Oh my god, apparently I totally forgot to reply to your comment back in 2008! I‘m so sorry you had to wait 11 years for this... thank you very much for your feedback! :-))

Anonymous said...

Great story, thanks for posting again. I love David, hot arrogant guys are such a turn on. It would be good to see more guys comparing their junk in your stories. I also loved the Ben vs David story where David challenges Ben only to find his nuts are inferior to the big cocky jock haha. And in another story Ben's plums lose against Kev's haha. Awesome

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Felix said...

Could you please do a Danny and David growing up story.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Felx! I'll think about it! :-))