Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spit it out: The preparations

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Leo's idea
Dog day afternoon
Simon says yes 

Featured in this story: Leo (click for pictures)

In a few days we are going to shoot the “Spit it out” video with Leo and Simon competing against each other in a rather twisted game. They are going to have their balls mangled by the Kev. The one to shoot the biggest load will be the winner.

Leo and Simon both think they will be jerked off to climax – pretty na├»ve, considering our website is called “Ballbusting Boys”.

Chad has organized a gynaecological chair for the occasion (one of his girlfriends is a gynaecologist, he told me) so that Kev will have unlimited access to Leo’s and Simon’s juicy balls. Chad has brought some straps, too, so we can stop Leo and Simon from cheating by using their hands to jerk off or guarding their balls. Their legs and their arms will be fixated with the straps.

I had called them both to be sure that they were okay with the strapping.

“Yeah, sure”, Leo said cheerfully. “Do what you have to do!”

“Okay, we will”, I said.

“Oh, by the way, I haven’t cum for over a week now! My nuts are filled to the brim!” Leo said. He paused. Then he groaned: “God, I’m so horny…”

“It’s just another three days”, I said.

“Damn, three days…” Leo sighed.

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