Monday, January 7, 2008

Simon says yes

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Leo's idea
Dog day afternoon

Featured in this story: Leo and Simon (click for pictures)

A few days ago Leo had suggested a new game for our models to play. He suggested a cumshot competition. He had offered eagerly to be one of the two, and we had come up with Simon, our geek-boy/porn-star, as the second guy to shoot his load. Leo was pretty confident that he could persuade Simon to do it.

I had talked to Chad and we had agreed not to tell them how they were gonna shoot their loads: not by jerking or a blowjob or something equally ordinary, but by getting their balls bashed.

Today I got a phone call from Leo.

“I talked to Simon”, he said, “he is looking forward to the shooting!”

“Fantastic”, I replied, “how did you convince him?”

“Well”, Leo chuckled, “it didn’t take a lot of persuasion. I told him about the idea. When he hesitated, I told him about the bonus payment for the winner. Right, Simon?”

I heard Simon in the background: “Hmmm.”

“I’ll hand over the phone”, Leo said and I heard him give the receiver to Simon.

“Hi, Alex”, Simon said in a soft voice.

“Hi”, I said, “so Leo has told you about the idea?”

“Yeah”, Simon said. “It’s great. I told you that I have my fair share of experience in porn. Being jerked off is one of my specialties…”

I suppressed a laugh. So Leo and Simon were both oblivious what the game was about. “So we’ll do it the week after next, okay?”

Simon turned to Leo: “Alex suggests the week after next for shooting. Is that okay?”

I heard Leo say: “Great.”

Simon turned to me again: “So it’s a deal.”

I hung up and marked the 15th of January for the shooting of the new video.

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