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Soccer balls: Frank's training

Featured in this story: Phil (click for pictures)

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Phone call from Europe
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Jimmy's training

Almost two weeks after I had watched Jimmy’s training video I found the time to pop the next DVD into the player. The writing on the disc said “Frank’s training”.

Frank was one of Jimmy’s team mates. He was going to accompany Jimmy, the twins’ brother, to our shooting of a little game of “Soccer balls”, a nut kicking contest between the two soccer players. All of our models, including Jimmy’s siblings Will and Michael were going to provide the nuts for it.

I had told Jimmy that the loser of the competition would be punished afterwards. So he and Frank were highly motivated to win and throw some serious kicks into our models’ balls.

Jimmy’s video had shown me that he was a frontrunner for the title of “Ball Kicking Champion”.

Now I was very curious if Frank was going to give him a run for the money…

The video started. The camera wasn’t placed outside on the field but inside some kind of gym. Apparently it was placed on a tripod at the middle line of a soccer field. I could see the goal and there were several soccer balls behind it.

In front of the goal the video showed ten young guys. A few faces were familiar: I had seen them in Jimmy’s video. There were Raoul, Søren, Mick, Phil and Bailey. I didn’t recognize the other boys but they all seemed to be in their late teens.

They were wearing their tight training tops, soccer shorts and shoes, and they were all looking to the left of the camera.

I heard a voice but couldn’t see the speaker: “Let’s start, hmm?”

The boys shifted on their feer nervously.

Then a man walked into the frame. It was Frank. I knew from the description Jimmy sent me that he is 26 years old. He has dark brown hair and those typical soccer player’s legs – very muscular. He has a chiseled face, broad chin, and a quite menacing look in his eyes. He has a certain brutal charm – but I wouldn’t want to be his enemy.

He walked over to the boys who were all standing in a line. He walked up and down the line, talking to them: “I want to win the competition, so I’ve got to practice. I know that some of you helped Jimmy a few days ago. I am very happy that you are going to help me, too…”

Some of the boys nodded. But I noticed that those whom I had seen in Jimmy’s video weren’t to enthusiastic. Especially Bailey had a nervous expression on his face. I wondered how Frank had gotten the boys to agree to do this. But that wasn’t important.

Frank stopped walking and stood to the right of the line. He was about to say something when I heard another voice behind the camera. I was pretty certain it belonged to Jimmy.


All of the guys, including Frank, looked at the unseen person behind the camera.

“I need some people to help me with the tables in the cafeteria.”

“Oh, come on, Jimmy”, Frank said. “I was just starting the training with the guys.”

“Sorry, Frank, I need eight people. So – Gareth, Raoul, Daniel, Phil, Ron, Søren, Mick and Deacon – come over here and help me!”

All of the eight boys looked relieved and ran out of the frame.

Phil smirked at Bailey. “Have fun!”

When the boys had left, only Bailey and one other boy were left standing in front of the goal.

Bailey looked about as if he was looking for the nearest exit.

“Scheiße”, Frank cursed and looked at Bailey and Chris. “Well, Bailey and Chris, that leaves us three…”

Bailey tried to smile. It didn’t look too convincing. Chris did a better job, he even winked at Frank.

Chris was a tall, very attractive 18 year old. He had bright blue eyes and dark blond hair.

Frank sighed. “I guess I have to make do with the two of you… Okay, take those shorts off.”

Bailey started to protest but Frank raised his voice and repeated: “Take those shorts off!”

Bailey sighed and he and Chris both stripped. The both were wearing jockstraps.

“Jocks down, too”, Frank said matter-of-factly and watched the two boys sternly.

Bailey didn’t even try to protest. He took off his jockstrap, revealing a nice sized dick and two fat balls. He put the jock down next to him and cupped his naked genitals with his hands.

Chris, standing next to him, wasn’t that shy. He had a cocky grin on his face and seemed to think he had nothing to be embarrassed about. He was right. His balls had the same size as Bailey’s – they were big and hang low in their sac – but he had a bigger cock. Unashamedly he looked at Bailey’s crotch and shrugged. Then he grinned at Frank.

Frank seemed unimpressed and walked behind the camera. “I’m gonna change my shoes”, he shouted at the two boys while he was walking away. “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Do you know what he’s going to do?” Bailey hissed.

“Calm down”, Chris said, “I’ve been sucked off by so many guys in the team. They pretend to be all macho – but they love a nice, young cock between their slutty lips. Is this your first time?”

Bailey looked at him incredulously.

“It’s no big deal. They suck you off, you cum in their mouth, they swallow the cum. That’s it. Sometimes they want you to kiss them. But I don’t do that”, Chris reported. “Sometimes they want you to fuck them up the arse, too. But I don’t do that, either. I’ve got a girlfriend. I made an exception for David Beckham, though. But he is David Beckham. Everybody I know makes an exception for David Beckham…”

“Stupid fucker”, Bailey whispered. “What do you think did Frank mean by ‘competition’?”

“I don’t know what kind of shit he is into. I don’t want to know. Just let it happen. It helps you get the best positions”, Chris said. Then he added with a whimsical smile: “On the field…”

Bailey rolled his eyes but he didn’t say anything.

Frank walked back into the frame. He had taken off his soccer shirt and was just wearing a tight top like Bailey and Chris and had changed into his soccer cleats. He walked over to Bailey and Chris.

Chris had his hands on his hips, showing off his equipment and sporting a boner in anticipation of the blow-job he thought he was going to get. He grinned at Frank.

Bailey was still cupping his crotch with his hands. He didn’t grin. In fact, he looked like he was about to go to a funeral. His nuts’ funeral, to be more precise.

“From what I’ve heard your nuts are pretty hard-wearing, Bailey.” Frank looked down at Bailey’s crotch.

“I… I don’t know…” Bailey stammered.

“Let me see them”, Frank said.

Bailey slowly took his hands away from his groin and revealed his balls and limp dick.

Chris chuckled.

Frank looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Anything funny?”

Chris cleared his throat. “Nothing, it’s just…“ He stroked his hard dick und glanced down at it.

Frank followed his glance with his eyes. Then he looked up at Chris again. “Oh, you mean, he should be hard?”

Chris laughed. “It’s better, isn’t it?”

Frank shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Chris laughed louder. “Yeah. Of course”, he said tongue-in-cheek. “But you do it in Germany, too, don’t you?”

Frank looked at Chris with blank expressions on his face. “No, it’s the first time – at least, well, under these circumstances. Do you do this often?”

Chris looked at him. Apparently he couldn’t figure out whether Frank was kidding or not.

“Yeah”, he said slowly. “We do.”

“For God’s sake”, Bailey shouted, “this is ridiculous! Frank, Chris is talking about sex!”

“What?” Frank looked at Chris’ boner with disgust.

“Oh”, Chris’ face turned bright red, “you don’t want to…”

“God, no!” Frank grimaced.

Chris stared at the floor.

“I’m not gonna fuck you! I’m gonna bash your balls!” Frank said.

Chris looked up at him in disbelief.

Bailey grabbed Chris’ shoulder and said sarcastically: “Yeah. Nice, hmm?”

Chris cupped his balls as if he feared Frank was going to hit them right away. “You can’t be---“

He looked into Frank’s stern face. “You are serious! Bugger! He framed me!”

Frank looked at him.

“Phil. He framed me! He told me--- And now you--- Bugger!“

“My god, calm down, Chris!” Frank said in a bored tone of voice. “I’m gonna kick your balls around. Don’t make a fuss over it!”

Chris’ face paled. “But--- I need them... I need them tomorrow…”

Frank raised his eyebrows. “Well, perhaps you should take a little break.”

“I can’t---“ Chris started.

“Listen, Chris”, Frank interrupted him calmly but authoritatively. “I know you fucked your way into the team…” Chris watched him with a pained expression on his face. “…and you know I’m in a position to have you kicked out of it. So stop arguing. Now.”

Chris was silent. He looked down to the floor and nodded.

Bailey was having the time of his life. He smirked at Chris and seemed to be happy that the other boy was the center of attention at the moment.

“By the way, Chris”, Frank continued. “I talked to David. He told me that you had problems to keep yourself under control. You didn’t pull out in time, hmm? David said you made quite a mess…”

Chris looked mortified.

“Well, seems like it’s exactly the right time to lower your sperm count.” Frank smiled evilly.

“Now, could we start the training?”

Bailey chuckled and Chris looked beaten.

“Bailey, we’ll start with you”, Frank said.

“Wha--- But my sperm count doesn’t need lowering”, Bailey protested.

“Of course it does. Shut up and spread your legs.”

Bailey complied. His shaven balls and limp dick hung freely between his legs. Bailey sighed and braced himself for the impact.

Frank stood in front of him. Chris watched in terror.

Frank drew his leg back and threw a hard kick into Bailey’s awaiting balls. The tip of his shoe dug into the tender flesh and squished Bailey’s bag into his pelvis.

Bailey yelped. He clutched his crotch and doubled over.

Frank looked at him. “So?”

Bailey moaned.


“Good one”, Bailey whispered.

“I think I can do better than that…” Frank said and steadied himself for another kick at Bailey’s precious package.

Bailey took his hands away from his nuts and looked sadly at Frank.

Frank nodded and kicked at his balls again, more forceful this time, catching both of Bailey’s nuts with the instep of his foot.

Bailey yowled and collapsed on the floor.

“That was better, hmm?” Frank asked.

“Yeah”, Bailey moaned.

Frank motioned for him to get up again.

Bailey groaned miserably and stood up.

Chris was watching with fascination in his eyes.

Bailey looked at Chris. His lips trembled.

“Okay, last one, then it’s your turn”, Frank said to Chris who winced at the thought.

Frank last kick was devastating. He crushed Bailey’s balls with the tip of his foot again, sending them flying back between his legs towards his ass and squelching them with his unyielding soccer shoe.

Bailey let out a long, pitiful moan. “Owwww…” He grabbed his balls and sank to the floor. “Bollocks…”

Frank looked down on him.

“That was the best one, yet”, Bailey sobbed. “You crushed them both. They feel like they are mush.”

Frank nodded with a satisfied smile.

Chris shifted on his feet and fondled his yet unharmed manhood. His dick had deflated a bit, but it was still half hard.

“Okay, let me have another one”, Frank said to Bailey.

“What?” Bailey cried. “You said it was the last one.”

“Yeah, but I changed my mind.” Frank tapped his foot.

“No”, Bailey pleaded. His face had assumed an unnatural red colour. But Frank didn’t relent. He had Bailey stand up and spread his legs again.

Chris watched them, thankful for the postponement of his own ball bashing. He ran his hands through his hair. His eyes were fixed on Bailey’s poor balls.

Suddenly something whirled from behind the camera right into Chris’ crotch, striking his delicate balls and his half-hard cock with a thunderous impact.

It was a soccer ball.

“Oufff!” The air whooshed out of Chris’ lungs. He stood dazed and stunned. Slowly the pain set in. Chris yowled, starting in a low, guttural moan and increasing in a painful crescendo to a full-blown, high-pitched scream.

Frank and Bailey were as confused as Chris. They looked at him in bewilderment.

Then I heard a round of laughs behind the camera.

“Phil!” Frank shouted and ran in the direction auf the laugh.

“Got you!” Phil shouted from behind the camera, obviously directed at Chris, who sank to the ground, grimacing in pain and screaming from the top of his lungs.

Frank disappeared out of frame and seemed to chase after Phil. I heard the sound of running.

Bailey nursed his own nuts and kneeled next to Chris who had stopped screaming and was hyperventilating on the ground.

“I think he broke my dick”, Chris murmured and nursed his battered manhood.

“Let me have a look”, Bailey said and pried Chris’ hands away from his crotch. He grabbed Chris’ cock and gave it a short inspection. Chris continued moaning and sobbing.

“It looks okay”, Bailey said and grabbed Chris’ balls. They were red and swollen. “But he sure broke your balls”, he snickered. “I think you can cancel your suck date tomorrow. Those sperm tanks will be on strike for a few days. And Frank hasn’t even started, yet…”

Frank walked back into frame.

“He outran me. But I managed to talk to one of his friends. They say you deserved it”, he said to Chris.
Chris whined.

“Oh, stop it!” Frank shouted. “Get on your feet and spread your legs!”

“But you wanted to give another kick to Bailey!” Chris protested.

Bailey flashed Chris a killing glance. “You did deserve it!” he hissed.

“Yeah, I’m pretty unreliable”, Frank grinned and roughly lifted Chris up from the ground. “And now it’s your turn, whether you like it or not…”

Chris started crying.

Frank rolled his eyes and slapped Chris across the face.

Chris looked at him with his mouth hanging open. He had stopped crying.

“That’s better. Now, I’ll kick your nuts and you will tell me if I got them good. I will compete against Jimmy in a few weeks and I want to win”, Frank explained to Chris.

Chris wiped his eyes and nodded. He rubbed his sore genitals but when Frank positioned himself in front of him, he moved his hands away from his groin.

Frank took a step back and with a running start he kicked at Chris’ ample endowment, crushing his nuts with his instep. The hard soccer shoe connected with Chris’ pitiful sack, scrambling the juicy balls inside.

Chris retched and coughed.

“I think that was a good one”, Bailey acknowledged.

“Yeah”, Frank nodded satisfied.

“Yeah”, Chris whispered hoarsely. He slowly, tentatively grabbed his newly smashed ballsac and
doubled over. His dick had completely deflated and hung limp in front of his cracked nuts.

“I think I will try a kick from behind”, Frank said.

Chris moaned.

Frank walked behind him and slapped at Chris’ hands that were covering his injured genitals. Chris groaned and took his hands away. He was bent over slightly, his hands resting on his knees, his legs spread wide.

Frank eyed his targets. The big, swollen sack was hanging vulnerable between Chris’ muscular

Frank rubbed his hands. He took aim and brought his right foot up into Chris’ defenceless manhood, catching both balls dead-on. He worked the tip of his shoe further up into Chris’ crotch, flattening his poor orbs some more.

A high-pitched scream escaped Chris’ mouth and he immediately toppled down to the floor like a shot soldier.

“Perhaps it works better from behind”, Frank said thoughtfully.

Bailey looked down at his fallen team mate. He had a mischievous grin on his face while he was still rubbing his own balls that looked slightly swollen, too. His dick had started to rise throughout the torture of his team mate. Apparently he liked what he saw.

Frank bent down to Chris who was a sobbing mess on the floor.

“Fuck, he’s done”, Frank cursed and looked up at Bailey.

“N…No…”, Bailey stammered.

“Spread your legs”, Frank said calmly and walked behind Bailey.

“No”, Bailey whined. The sight of Chris going down had aroused him but apparently the thought of himself meeting the same fate didn’t arouse him the quite as much. His dick started to go down again.

Frank stood behind him and looked a his low-hanging balls between his ass-cheeks. They swung from side to side as Bailey seemed to shiver in anticipation.

“Stand still”, Frank said.

“Sorry”, Bailey whispered. His big balls were still swinging between his legs.

“Bailey. Stand still”, Frank repeated. “I can’t crack your nuts properly if they move like that!”

Bailey winced. His eyes were filled with fear.

Frank gave a reluctant grunt and bent over behind Bailey. He grabbed his slightly swollen sac from behind and squeezed hard.

“Owww”, Bailey moaned.

“Stand still now”, Frank said again and squeezed Bailey’s balls harder.

“Yes”, Bailey whimpered, “please, let go…”

Frank let go and took a few steps back.

Bailey stood frozen.

Then Frank started to run towards Bailey.

Bailey’s eyes widened and his lips moved. He was probably saying a little prayer for his precious nuts. His balls were resting low in their sac and awaited the impact.

With admirable accuracy and ferocious power Frank’s shoe embedded itself into the soft flesh. Bailey’s balls were catapulted forward, held back only by the soft skin of his sac. Then they bounced back and crashed into Frank’s foot again.

Bailey’s dick was hit, too. It slapped up against his lower abdomen with the resounding smacking sound of skin against skin.

Bailey stumbled forward from the blow. He turned pale as a ghost and his eyes lost focus. Then he fell face-first onto the floor. Now he seemed to regain his senses. He let out a shrill scream and curled up in a ball.

Chris and Bailey lay side by side now, both boys cradling their manhoods, moaning and groaning, singing a bizarre, disharmonic swan song for their virility – at least for the next days.

Frank looked down at the boys with a satisfied grin. Then he walked past the camera.

“Hey Jimmy!” he shouted into the background. “I’m gonna beat you! Those guys’ nuts are mush. If you want to have another round of training feel free to do so…”

“Yeah, thanks”, I heard Jimmy say.

Chris and Bailey looked past the camera in terror and I heard Jimmy’s footsteps.

Then Frank turned the camera off.


Now that I have watched Jimmy’s and Frank’s videos I'm not sure who will be the front runner in our coming nut kicking competition. It's going to be a neck-to-neck race. I pity Simon, Kev, Danny, Leo and the twins. They are in for a treat and I hope their nuts were up to it…


Carter said...

Oh Chris, you poor poor fool. You did kind of deserve it though. Anyway, that was mean of Jimmy to take away his opponent's chance to train. Now I'm rooting against him, I'm definitely hoping he gets his balls bashed around a little.
Actually truth be told I'm hoping they both do.
I've also heard that kicks to the nuts hurt more from behind. No idea if it's true. I've only ever taken a few shots to the jewels in my life so I sadly don't have much experience.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I'm glad you like the story! As for your own busting experience: I'm sure there's a soccer team near you that'd love to kick your balls around... :-))