Saturday, January 26, 2008

Soccer balls

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Phone call from Europe
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Yet another phone call from Europe
Jimmy's training
Frank's training

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: DannyKevLeoSimon, and the twins (click for pictures)

Finally the day had come: Today soccer pros Jimmy and Frank were coming to our studio to compete against each other in a fierce ball kicking battle. Jimmy and Frank are both professional soccer players in a club in England. Jimmy is the twins’ brother and originally the idea had been for him to show us his ball kicking skills. Then Jimmy’s German team mate Frank had asked to join in for a competition: They each would get a kick at our models’ nuts. Whoever kicks the hardest would be the winner. And our models would get to punish the loser…

I have seen the videos for both their training sessions with the junior players of their teams. And I seriously did’t know who’ll be the winner…

Leo, our slender and willowy skater boy was the first to arrive at the studio. Shortly afterwards the rest of the gang arrived: Danny, the strawberry blond actor; Kev, the cocky jock boy; and Simon, our shy, geeky, bespectacled cutie – who was far from shy when you got to know him better…

Will and Michael, our beautiful blond gymnast twins arrived last and brought the protagonists with them: Jimmy and Frank were all smiles and seemed to look forward to the ball bashing they were going to give to the boys. They were dressed for the occasion: Both of them wore the official match gear, green soccer shirts with their name and number in white on the backside and the sponsor’s logos on the front, matching soccer shorts, socks, and soccer cleats. Their naked muscular legs were tanned and slightly hairy. They must have created quite an unusual sight when they walked the streets like that…

Jimmy had a large bag in his hand.

“Hi!” he grinned and shook my hand.

“Nice to meet you”, I replied and introduced myself.

I shook Frank’s hand, too. Both had a strong and firm handshake.

“Here”, Jimmy put the back on the ground and opened it. “I have something for you, guys.”

He grabbed some shirts out of the bag and handed one to everybody. Leo, Kev, Simon, Danny and the twins took off their own shirts and changed into the new ones. They weren’t the same ones Frank and Jimmy were wearing, though, these ones were skin tight. I had seen the boys in the training videos wear them. They seemed to be the training shirts.

Kev ran his hand over his abs and flexed his muscles. He grinned at Simon. “Nice, hmm?”

Simon smiled back. “Yeah…”

“So”, Kev addressed Jimmy, “do you have some shorts for us, too?”

Jimmy smirked at him. “No, I’m afraid.”

Kev gulped. “Okay, I thought so…”

“Undress please, so that we can start the game”, I shouted cheerfully.

While the boys took off their pants Chad set up the camera. “I’m ready”, he said.

“Good.” I looked at the boys who stood in a row.

All of them were naked except for the skin tight jerseys that didn’t hide anything but looked sexy on all of them.

Kev, Danny and the twins sported muscular chests and abs. Simon and Leo on the other hand were very skinny, Leo more so than Simon.

Simon had the longest and thickest cock of the bunch. It was half hard. The twins came in on a close second place with their balls being bigger than Simon’s. Although Kev, Leo and Danny couldn’t measure up to them they weren’t exactly tiny, either. All of them had nice, juicy, plump balls and meaty dicks.

Jimmy looked at the boys’ crotches one after the other. When he came to the twins’ massive sets, he gasped. “Wow”, he grinned.

Michael blushed.

“My, you have grown since I last saw you…” he chuckled.

Will laughed. “What did you expect? You last saw our fittings when we were ten! And they are fully functional, too.” He grabbed his big balls and weighed them in his hand. “That’s quite a handful, isn’t it?”

“I’m impressed”, Jimmy said.

“Me, too”, Frank chimed in. “It’s a pity that we’ll turn them to mush…”

“We’ll see”, Will grinned, his hand still grabbing his package. “Those boys are tough little soldiers…”

Michael rolled his eyes at his twin brother’s remark. “Oh, Will, stop it…”

“We’ll start with a little introduction”, I said and told Frank and Jimmy to introduce themselves.

The soccer players smiled into the camera.

“Hi”, Jimmy started, “I’m Jimmy and I’m a soccer player. I’ve kicked a lot of balls in my career and I’ve scored quite a few goals. I’ll be happy to kick those boys’ nads into oblivion…” He grinned into the lens and adjusted his crotch.

“I’m Frank”, his team mate took over, “I’m a soccer player, too. I’ll win this competition and crack those suckers’ nuts…” He turned to Jimmy. “I’ve already cracked yours a few times on the field, haven’t I?”

Jimmy grinned. “You merely tickled them, my friend. You don’t stand a chance..”

“Cut. Great”, I said and turned to Chad. “Now get some close-ups of the guys’ genitals.”

“Aye”, Chad grinned and took the camera off the tripod. He walked along the row and filmed the parade of naked dicks and balls.

“I want you to grade Jimmy’s and Frank’s kicks on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest kick. We’ll tally the points, okay?” I said.

The boys nodded.

“Then let’s start. Jimmy, do you want to begin?”

“Hmm”, Jimmy thought about it. “Doesn’t that give Frank an advantage? I mean – he’ll get to kick the balls after I have tenderized them…”

“Oh, right”, I said. “What about this: You’ll take turns so that you both get to kick three fresh pairs and three tenderized ones?”

Jimmy and Frank considered that.

“Okay”, they said finally.

“I’ll start with that one, his nuts look very inviting”, Jimmy pointed at Kev.

Kev gulped.

“And I think I’ll use a kick from behind.” He grinned and stood in front of Kev.

“Hands behind your neck, please”, he smiled and walked behind him.

Kev grimaced and obeyed. His large nuts hang low in his sac and dangled freely between his legs.
Jimmy breathed in and whacked Kev’s precious orbs with a precise and devastating kick. The two lumps were crushed flat into Kev’s pelvis by the instep of Jimmy’s soccer cleats.

Kev cried out and grabbed his balls.

The other boys winced and grabbed their own groins in sympathy.

“It’s a 7”, Kev coughed. He sank to the ground and nursed his battered manhood.

The others applauded politely but Jimmy didn’t seem to be very satisfied. He gave Frank a high five and let his team mate have the next turn.

“That one”, Frank looked at Leo. “From behind.”

He walked over to him. Leo had already put his hands behind his head and spread his legs so that Frank had easy access to the skaterboy’s ample package.

Frank looked very determined while Leo’s eyes twitched in anticipation.

Then, with a rapid, unerring movement, Frank’s shoe found its target. It crashed into Leo’s sack from behind with a resounding smacking sound.

“Owwwww”, Leo yowled and doubled over.

“That one was better”, Will analyzed.

“Yeah, it came more from underneath”, Michael assisted.

“He’s good”, Danny conceded.

“Poor Leo”, Simon grinned.

All of them looked at the beaten skaterboy in expectation of the rating.

“8”, Leo whispered.

“Yesss”, Frank hissed and walked over to Jimmy. He high-fived him and grinned.

“Okay”, Jimmy pointed at Danny. “Let’s make it a 10… From behind, again.”

“Erm”, Danny started, “I can give you a 10. You don’t have too---“

“I don’t cheat”, Jimmy interrupted him, “I want to earn it…”

“Okay. Great. Yeah. Go ahead”, Danny stammered, no doubt imagining what damage Jimmy could do to his poor nuts.

Jimmy kicked at the strawberry blond boy’s balls and squashed them between the instep of his foot and Danny’s pelvis. Both of Danny’s fat nuts were visibly flattened and the look on Danny’s face indicated that Jimmy might have scored the top grade: His lips trembled, his mouth formed an “O” and his eyes filled with tears. He slowly sank to the ground.

Simon and the twins grimaced in sympathy while Kev and Leo were still busy nursing their own nuts. Simon’s cock was half-hard. He obviously enjoyed seeing Danny’s genitals mutilated.

Jimmy grinned and looked at Danny with pride. The kick had knocked the wind out of the poor guy.

He coughed and said in a toneless voice: “9.”

“Fuck”, Jimmy cursed and walked over to Frank.

“Hey, 9 isn’t bad”, Frank grinned, “it’ll be the best grade you’ll get…”

Frank chose Simon to be the next victim. He walked behind him. Simon’s hardened cock twitched in anticipation.

Frank kicked between the boy’s legs but he only managed to crush one of Simon’s meaty nuts with his foot, the other one slipped away and was left unharmed.

Nevertheless the pain emerging from Simon’s battered right ball seemed to be quite breathtaking: Simon let out a hoarse roar and grabbed his manhood.

“I think you missed one of them”, Will grinned at Frank.

“Yeah”, Frank conceded contritely.

Simon whimpered and massaged his right nut between his fingers. “But you hit the right one dead on…” he moaned, “it’s a 5.”

“But---“ Frank started.

“Sorry”, Simon groaned, still nursing his battered ball, “but you’ll have to hit both to get a better mark.”

Jimmy looked at Frank and chuckled. “Simon’s right.”

Frank shot him an angry look.

“Michael”, Jimmy grinned and stood behind his brother. “Spread ‘em!”

He took a step back and sent a devastating kick between his younger brother’s legs.

Michael’s perfectly round balls were caught dead-on by Jimmy’s shoe. The metal eyelets and the shoelaces embedded themselves into the soft, tender flesh, causing Michael to yowl in pain.

“10!” he screamed and sank to the ground, “10! 10! 10!”

Will chuckled.

Frank cursed.

“There you go”, Jimmy smiled as Michael continued to sob “10… 10…” to himself, his hands comforting his abused genitals, his face wet with sweat.

“Looks like I’m on a winning streak”, Jimmy grinned Frank.

All the boys were lying on the ground, nursing their battered balls, except for Will who seemed to be pretty confident in his “tough little soldiers”. He grinned at Frank and spread his legs wide, letting his ample ballsack hand low between his thighs. He even grabbed his long, flaccid dick and held it up with his right hand.

“So you have open access to my junk”, he chuckled at Frank who was preparing to send his balls to orbit.

“Thanks”, Frank replied flatly.

He took a running start and sent his foot in between Will’s legs. His toes crashed into Will’s soft, tender balls and smashed them with rigorous force. Will’s feet were lifted off the ground and he collapsed on the floor, his eyes and his mouth wide open. A long, miserable, high-pitched scream came from his mouth.

Frank looked down on him with a satisfied look on his face.

“Owwww”, Will yowled with tears in his eyes. “That was a good one… I think you cracked them… Owww… They feel like they are in my throat…”

“Thanks”, Frank grinned.

“I’ll give you an 8 for that”, Will whispered, cradling his nuts and rocking back and forth on the floor.

“An 8?” Frank asked incredulously. “But---“

“Sorry, but I haven’t seen what Jimmy is capable of – I have to leave room at the top”, Will whispered.
Frank grunted and looked at Jimmy who had watched Will’s nutcrushing with amusement.

“Your turn, pal”, Frank grumbled.

“Yeah”, Jimmy grinned and cracked his knuckles.

“By the way”, I said. “Jimmy, you got 26 points. Franks is at 21.”

Jimmy grinned and bowed to an imaginary audience.

All of the boys were lying on the ground, writhing in various states of recovery.

The twins were non-available as they were rocking back and forth on the ground, moaning and sobbing to themselves. Simon was still grabbing his battered right ball but his cock was pointing to the ceiling so he seemed to be okay. Kev and Leo seemed to cope quite well, too. Kev was inspecting his reddened sac but seemed ready to go for another round.

“In the same order?” Kev asked and got up.

Frank chuckled. “You can hardly wait to get your nuts bashed again, hmm?”

“Someone has to be the first one. I want to get it over with”, Kev shrugged. “From the front or from behind?”

Frank considered the options. “Hmm, I think your nuts are warmed up now. Let’s do a front kick…”

“Okay”, Kev said. He grabbed his smooth ballsac and massaged the big orbs inside.

“Ready?” Frank asked.

Kev nodded and spread his legs.

“Okay,” Frank grinned and launched a vicious kick at Kev’s dangling genitals.

He made perfect contact. His shoe flattened Kev’s poor testicles and ground them into his pelvis.

His body was lifted a few inches by the force of the soccer player’s kick and when Kev landed on the ground again he struggled to keep standing. His kneed trembled and he sank to the ground, his hands clutching his aching balls. He screamed from the top of his lungs and his legs kicked into the air.
Jimmy was impressed. He looked at Frank and said: “Looks like a perfect 10…”

“Yeah”, Frank grinned and waited for Kev to calm down and announce his voting.

It took a few moments until Kev was able to speak – and he wasn’t in the mood to form complete sentences.

“10”, he whispered, “congratulations…”

“Thanks”, Frank grinned and walked over to Jimmy.

Jimmy pointed at Leo. “You, next.”

The tall, skinny skaterboy got up from the ground and positioned himself in front of Jimmy.
Jimmy looked at Leo’s ample package, his large dick and his plump, meaty balls inside their sac. He chose a front kick, too. He took aim and sent his shoe flying into Leo’s awaiting manhood. It crushed the two tender testicles and brought a low, guttural moan from Leo’s lips. In slow motion Leo grabbed his inflamed genitals and coughed.

Jimmy nodded with satisfaction.

Leo moaned. Then he started to announce his rating. “I--- You--- I don’t---“ he stammered, the pain visible on his cute, young face, as he sank to the ground.

“What” Jimmy grunted.

“I--- Sorry--- I think Frank’s kick was better. It crushed my nads really hard. Yours wasn’t bad at all it just wasn’t as good as Frank’s… I’ll give it a 7”, Leo said softly, massaging his broken balls.

“Jimmy: 33 – Frank: 31”, I recapitulated.

Frank grinned: “I’m catching up, pal…”

Jimmy smirked at him. “Wait until the end results are in…”

Frank motioned for Danny to spread his legs and stand straight.

Danny sighed and complied.

Frank chose to kick his nuts from behind, so he walked behind Danny and focussed on the juicy plums between his naked ass cheeks. After a few seconds of meditation on Danny’s pendulous ballsac Frank bit his lip, straightened himself and in a beautiful arc let his shoe fly between Danny’s thighs. His aim was perfect and the force behind his kick was excellent. He wasn’t a professional soccer player for nothing. His instep crushed Danny’s meaty nuts into his body, flattening the two balls in between and sending his limp dick up against his belly with a resounding smack. When Danny’s cock bounced back down Frank’s shoe was still firmly embedded in his smashed genitalia.

Danny’s face slowly blushed, his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised. His beautiful green eyes showed a deep feeling of mourning, and a tear ran down his cheek.

Danny’s mouth opened and let out a short and pained: “Ow.”

Will nodded his head in appreciation for Frank’s perfect kick and began clapping his hands.

The other boys joined in and applauded Frank. Even Jimmy put his hands together for him.

“Thanks”, Frank grinned.

Danny wasn’t moving at all. His battered balls swung between his legs and his hands were interlocked behind his head. His mouth opened again: “Ow.”

“Erm, Danny”, Frank started, “could we have your vote, please?”

Danny’s eyes twitched. “Ow.”

“Yeah, I know”, Frank rested his hand on Danny’s shoulder.

Another tear ran down Danny’s cheek. “Owwww.”

Frank looked at me. “I don’t know…“

“Danny?” I asked softly.

Danny gave a miserable moan, blinked his eyes and whispered: “10.”

Frank gave a relieved grin and gave the victory sign with his right hand as he walked over to Jimmy.

Danny sank to the floor, very slowly, and we all waited for the real pain to set in. A few seconds later it did: It hit Danny like a train. We could all see the realization in his wide open eyes. Danny’s cry of pain started muffled and low but increased in volume and pitch until it reached an ear-shattering fortissimo.

Jimmy looked at his team mate. “Man, that was a great one.”

Frank looked at him questioningly and held his hand behind his ear.

“Great one!” Jimmy shouted over Danny’s screaming.

Frank nodded and grinned proudly.

Danny’s scream died down to a mournful moan. He was curled up in a ball one the floor and tugged at his aching nuts as though he tried to rip the pain off of his crotch.

“Next one”, Jimmy announced. “You!” He pointed at Simon.

Simon straightened his glasses, sighed and positioned himself in front of Jimmy. His slender, long
cock was hard and leaking precum.

Jimmy didn’t lose time and unceremoniously kicked at Simon’s exposed ballsack. His shoe found its target and crashed into Simon’s crotch. Simon yelped and his glasses jumped from his nose onto the ground. 
Luckily they didn’t break. But the attention focussed on whether his balls were broken.

“I think you got lefty”, Will observed and pointed at Simon’s groin.

Indeed it seemed like Jimmy hadn’t hit both balls but only the left one.

Simon groaned. “Yeah”, he confirmed. “The left one.”

“Fuck!” Jimmy cursed.

Kev had slightly recovered from his fierce ballbeating, at least he could throw in his own opinion.

He waved at Leo and grinned: “At least now both of your nuts are cracked…”

Simon rubbed his crotch and grimaced. He grabbed his glasses and put them back on. “5. You hit the left one dead on”, he said hoarsely and stroked his cock.

“Fuck!” Jimmy cursed again.

“Jimmy: 38 – Frank: 41”, I said.

Danny was lying sobbing on the ground, massaging his tormented nuts, while Leo and Kev had slighty recovered. They were still cupping their sore groins but seemed to be genuinely interested in the outcome of the soccer players’ competition. Simon was fingering his left nut with one hand and stroking his hard, slippery dick with the other. His tolerance for pain appeared to be pretty high – then again his balls had only suffered one hit each.

“So it comes down to the twins, hmm?” Frank grinned and pointed at Michael.

“Always happy to help”, Michael mumbled.

He rubbed his balls and spread his legs. His ample endowment hung freely between his thighs and Frank had a good look at it before he took a few steps back. Then he kicked at Michael’s groin, making perfect contact and squashing his plump nuts with his soccer cleats.

Michael yowled and doubled over. He looked up at his older brother Jimmy. Jimmy looked back and raised an eyebrow.

Frank grinned. “This could be it. If I get more than 7 points I’m the winner and your nuts are gonna get crushed by the angry mob…”

I noticed that Jimmy and Michael were still looking at each other.

Then Michael spoke: “It’s a… 6.”

“What?” Frank was visibly upset. “That was better than a 6!” He looked at me for confirmation.

“It’s a 6”, Michael repeated and rubbed his groin. “Don’t be smug about that kick. I’ve had my fair share of crushed nuts. I know what I’m talking about. And it’s a 6.”

I shrugged. “Jimmy: 38 – Frank: 47.”

Jimmy winked at Michael. Then he shifted his gaze to Jimmy and grinned. “The last kick…” he said and pointed at Will.

“You’ll have to get a perfect 10 to win”, Frank reminded him.

Jimmy was confident: “No problem…”

Will grinned at him and spread his legs. He grabbed his cock and held it out of the way. His big, chunky balls dangled between his legs.

Jimmy grinned back at his younger brother and got ready to kick his nuts.

I was suspicious. After what had happened with Frank and Michael I couldn’t help but think that maybe the twins had made a deal with their brother to let him win.

Jimmy tapped his foot on the ground as if he tried to charge it with force. Then he swung his leg back to gain momentum und powered his foot into his brother’s delicate reproductive organs.

Will showed the appropriate reaction: He shrieked, grabbed his gonads and fell to the ground.

The pain seemed to be unbearable as he rocked back and forth, cupping his poor nuts, coughing, and moaning in agony.

His older brother looked down at him with satisfaction. Deal or no deal - Jimmy seemed to be sure he had the title in the bag.

“Fuck, my nuts!” Will groaned as spit ran out of his mouth.

His big balls were bright red and he fondled them with loving care.

“That’s a 10”, Frank admitted and grabbed his own crotch with a grimace on his face. After what he had done to the boys’ equipments he didn’t seem to believe in a happy ending for his own…

“You bastard!” Will mumbled at Jimmy.

Jimmy grinned. “I wanted to make sure that I win…”

Apparently there had been a deal between the brothers…

“Fuck”, Will moaned in agony. “Man, you’ll pay for this…”

Jimmy shrugged.

Will wailed and cursed. Then he recollected himself. “8”, Will glared at Jimmy. “It’s an 8.”

Jimmy was dumbstruck.

“Final score: Jimmy: 46 – Frank: 47”, I announced.

“Wha---“ Jimmy was speechless.

“Frank wins“, I said and shook Frank’s hand.


“Thanks, Alex”, Frank faced the camera. “It was a hard fight. I want to thank those boys ---” He pointed at the six guys who were lying or sitting on the ground in various states of recovery. “--- for being such good sports. And I want to thank my opponent ---“ He grinned at Jimmy. “---he is a good friend of mine and I can’t wait to see what they will do to his manhood…”

Jimmy didn’t hear what Frank said. He looked at Will and said incredulously: “But we had a deal!”

“Yeah”, Will said, his face contorted with pain, “the deal was that you spare our balls and we will give you a 10. Well, you didn’t…”

Jimmy blushed.

Everyone in the room stared at him.

“Open season on his balls”, Michael declared with a viscous grin on his beautiful face.

The others roared with approval.

Jimmy groaned and cupped his balls. “You can’t be serious…”

Frank patted his shoulder and smiled: “Come on, man, you would have loved to see my junk bashed…” He adjusted his crotch with his other hand. “But those babies will stay intact while yours…” He let go of Jimmy’s shoulder, put his hand on Jimmy’s and squeezed hard. “… will be mauled…”

The crowd cheered and Jimmy looked mortified.

“Let me lead the way”, Frank grinned and stepped back. “Let go of your eggs, Jimmy, or I’ll not only break them but your fingers as well…”

“Fuck”, Jimmy grumbled. He didn’t move.

“Let go”, Frank said slowly.

With a deep sigh Jimmy complied and let go of his precious stones.

“There you go”, Frank smiled and let his foot fly into Jimmy’s crotch, hitting his basket with a dull thud and whipping up his shorts.

“Goal!” Will shouted and clapped despite the obvious pain in his crotch that couldn’t have vanished so quickly. This young man got way too much pleasure out of seeing his siblings’ balls smashed to pulp, I thought.

Michael – normally more shy and withdrawn than his twin brother – clapped and cheered, too.

Leo had a wide grin on his cute face while Kev, being his usual college student self, was laughing his ass off. Simon was whacking his huge rod and seemed to have a great time as well. Only Danny was still completely occupied by the throbbing pain in his tender balls. He was lying on the ground trying to breathe normally…

Jimmy tried to maintain his dignity. He grunted and winced, but he didn’t grab the big bulge in his shorts. At least not until the full force of the the pain hit him and he hit the ground while a decidedly unmanly shrieking sound escaped his lips.

Again, the crowd cheered.

Frank high-fived the twins and grinned at them. “Wanna go next?”

Will laughed. “Sure!”

Michael seemed to have second thoughts as he saw one of his brothers writhing on the ground in severe pain while the other rubbed his hands with excitement. But then he shrugged and joined his twin brother who was kneeling next to Jimmy and teasing him.

“Oh, poor Jimmy”, Will cooed in mock-sympathy, “let me have a look at those poor, little balls…”

Jimmy struggled to get away from his brothers but Michael quickly went behind him and held him in a head-lock.

“I think we ought to take off those shorts, don’t you agree?” Will smiled and grabbed Jimmy’s soccer shorts at the waistband. Jimmy cursed and struggled and tried to resist by grabbing the waistband with his own hands. Will quickly slapped Jimmy’s bulging nutsack causing his brother to let go off the shorts and grab his aching balls instead. Will took the opportunity to rip down Jimmy’s shorts, exposing a well filled jockstrap underneath.

Will grinned into the camera lens and ripped off the jockstrap as well, to the cheers of Frank and the other boys who were dying to get their hands on Jimmy’s equipment. Jimmy grabbed his naked genitals, trying to protect them from the gazes of the crowd.

Kev quickly grabbed the shorts that Will had thrown behind him. He jumped into the pile of struggling brothers and grabbed Jimmy’s hands. With a few well placed knots he had tied Jimmy’s hands behind his back, allowing everyone to get a good view of his manhood.
Jimmy had a large, hairy sack with two big nuts inside and a nice-sized cock that was impressive even in its limp state.

“Let’s shave his sac”, Simon suggested with a wicked grin, his hard cock twitching at the idea.

“No!” Jimmy groaned and shook his bright red face wildly. “They will laugh at me in the locker room…”

“Yeah”, Kev cheered and ran for the bathroom.

I used an electric shaver that was a bit inefficient for this purpose, so I looked at Chad who had a roguish smile on his face. I grinned and looked at the bathroom door.

Kevin had found what he was looking for and brought a razor blade and shaving cream when he came back. He was holding both high into the air like he had won some trophies…

“A bit medieval – but great”, Will commented and grabbed the cream. He applied it to his older brother’s scrotum and spread it. A few seconds later he had the razor blade in his hand.

Jimmy struggled against Michael who was still holding his head and Kev who secured his arms.

“Keep still or you’ll be sorry”, Will raised his eyebrows.

With a painful moan Jimmy gave up. His body went limp and Will nodded. “Good boy.”

He carefully shaved his brother’s privates while the other boys cheered him on.

“Don’t forget the perineum!” Michael smiled.

After a few minutes Will roughly rubbed the remaining cream off of Jimmy’s genitals with his hand and admired his work.

Jimmy’s cock looked even bigger when not surrounded by a bush of hair. And it had started to grow considerably during the treatment of his valuables. The naked, hairless sac shimmered in a bright pink colour and the two big nuts hung low in it.

“Now go for the kill!” Kev shouted.

Simon was stroking his hard cock and came a bit closer.

Danny was still lying on the ground. I was a worried: I’ve seen him take more than two kicks to his crotch and recover within minutes. Perhaps he was a bit under the weather today.

Leo had fetched his skateboard. His cock was semi-hard and he was fascinated by the scene.

Frank had retreated behind Chad and the camera that was filming the whole thing.

Now Will looked his older brother in the eyes. Jimmy’s eyes were wide open in fear.

“Don’t”, he pleaded.

“You will be okay in a few days”, Will grinned and dug his knuckles hard into Jimmy’s soft, tender ballflesh.

Jimmy yowled in pain.

“Yeah”, Kev cheered, “good one! Do it again.”

Will pounded Jimmy’s poor, exposed nuts again and again with his fist, bringing loud screams of pain from the soccer player’s mouth.

Leo cleared his throat. Will turned his head and looked at the cute boy who waved his skateboard and asked with a big grin on his face: “Could I have a go with this? It works, I’ve seen it in the casting…”

“Yeah, sure”, Will nodded and made room for Leo to stand between Jimmy’s spread legs.

“No”, Jimmy whimpered.

“Yes”, the skaterboy grinned and rammed the wooden board into Jimmy’s bulging nutsack.

“Yay!” Kev and Will cheered in unison

“Ow”, Michael grimaced in sympathy.

Jimmy coughed and retched and tried to break free from Michael and Kev but both were unrelenting.

Leo looked at Will questioningly and when the blond boy nodded Leo brought his heavy skateboard into Jimmy’s crotch once more, crushing the poor soccer player’s nuts again.

“Yay!!” Kev and Will cheered again.

Jimmy shrieked loudly and struggled again.

“Third time is a charm”, Leo grinned and squashed Jimmy’s beaten balls once again with his board.

“Yay!!!” Kev and Will shouted.

Now Simon stepped closer, jerking his hard, glistening cock feverishly.

“I’m close”, he gasped and leaned over Jimmy’s head that was held tightly by Michael.

“Wha--- Okay, go ahead”, Michael said, slightly disgusted, but he held his brother’s head tight.

“Yeah”, Simon moaned and a look of profound relief took enlightened his face when he reached orgasm. His balls tightened up against the base of his massive dick and a fountain of cum spurted out of it. The first jet of jism missed and landed on the floor next to Jimmy, but the second, third and fourth squirt hit the target. Further rich drops of his thick, white semen dripped onto Jimmy’s pain-contorted face, running down over his eyebrows and his nose to his tightly closed lips and building a nice, little, wet puddle there.

“Open you mouth, Jimmy”, Simon grinned and smacked his big, spent cock onto his cheek. Jimmy refused and tried to shake his head but Michael held it tight. Leo smacked his dick onto Jimmy’s lips with a wet sound. The he reched down and slapped Jimmy’s agonized, hairless balls. Jimmy yelped, his mouth opened and Simon’s love juice found its way into the soccer player’s mouth, causing him to gag and retch – but to no avail.

“Yeah”, Simon moaned soothingly. His cock was glistening with cum and he stroked it with post-orgasmic exhaustion. He licked his fingertips and brought them to Jimmy’s face, taking drops of his jism and smearing it into the soccer player’s mouth.

Kev let go of Jimmy’s hands and untied his restraints. Michael let go of Jimmy’s head.

All the boys stepped back and build a circle around the beaten, humiliated man on the floor.

Danny had recovered by now, too, so he had witnessed Simon’s cum splattering spectacle.

Everyone was silent and looked at Jimmy.

“Fuck”, Jimmy groaned. He spat out some spunk that he still had in his mouth, wiped his mouth and looked at the boys.

“Fuck!” he screamed at them.

All of the boys looked down at Jimmy sheepishly.

“Fuck, you really wrecked me!” he shouted with an angry expression on his face. Then the expression changed to a naughty grin. “I’d have done the same…”

The boys cheered.

“Well---“ Jimmy added and looked at Simon, “except for the that.” He pointed at Simon’s dripping dick. 
“That was gross.” Jimmy wiped his mouth and spat.

Simon blushed.

“Yeah, that was disgusting”, Kev grinned.

“Repulsive”, Danny smiled and patted Simon’s back.

“Nauseating”, Will chimed in.

“Sickening”, Michael said. He didn’t smile. I gathered he was the only one who meant it…

The four boys looked at Leo who hadn’t said anything. He looked back at them and shrugged. “What? I liked it…” he confessed to the other boys’ delight.

Frank laughed and walked over to his defeated team mate. He bent down and slapped Jimmy’s naked nuts hard one final time.

Jimmy coughed and held his balls. “Okay, Frank”, he stammered, “let’s call it a day, okay?”

Frank grinned and helped him up.

Jimmy stumbled and cupped his aching balls.

He looked up into the camera and said with a pain-contorted face: “Let’s do that again, sometime…”


Anonymous said...

You should do a special on the twins and there older brother growing up and they could be telling alex all about their ballbusting adventures growing up aroung their studly older brother

Alex said...

Thanks for your idea! I'll think about it. I'm not quite comfortable with writing about underage boys so I don't know if I can get it to work... We'll see... :-))

Anonymous said...

It does not need to be about them actually growing up, you know, but it can be about their later rebellious years. And if you do end up making a story like that, could you make it out to anikin

Alex said...

Thanks for clarifying, anikin! I'll definitely think about it and I'm sure I'll come up with something. It might take a little while, though... Maybe the twins have filmed some of their pranks on Jimmy and they show us the videos? Anyways, it's a great idea!