Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spit it out

Previous parts:
Leo's idea
Dog day afternoon
Simon says yes
The preparations

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: KevLeo and Simon (click for pictures)

When Kev arrived Chad and I had already placed the gynaecological chair in the middle of the room.

Kev looked at it and laughed. “Man, this is gonna be fun!” He sat down on the couch and asked: “Umm, by the way? What are we gonna do today? I talked to Leo and he told me that I’m supposed to make him and Simon cum.”

“Yeah, basically that’s it”, I said. “It’s a cumshot contest between the two of them.”

Kev raised his eyebrows. “I’m not gonna blow them or anything. I’m no---”

“You don’t have to”, I said quickly. “You are gonna bust their balls until they cum.”

Kev grinned. “Right.” He paused. “Do they know about that? Leo didn’t say anything about having his nuts busted….”

I grinned back at him. “That’s gonna be a little surprise for them…”

Kev laughed. “Okay. Nice.”

A few minutes later Simon and Leo arrived. They were all smiles and seemed to look forward to the game.
Leo was wearing his usual skating clothes: big sagging jeans, boxers and two t-shirts. He was carrying his skateboard under his arm.

Simon didn’t surprise me with his outfit, either. He was sporting dark blue trousers, a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie, and a dark blue woollen slipover. His dark blond hair was combed neatly.

They said hello to Kev and sat down on the couch on either side of him. I told Chad to start recording while Kev, Simon and Leo joked and got comfortable.

“Let’s start”, I said and looked at Chad. He nodded at me. “Okay, this is gonna be our cumshot competition. Kev here…” Kev saluted. “… is going to make you cum. Why don’t you take over?”
Kev grinned and grabbed Leo’s and Simon’s clothed crotches, squeezing them lightly. “Who wants to go first?”

Leo raised his hand.

“Okay”, Kev said, “let’s get undressed!” He squeezed the boys’ bulges hard and let go.

Leo and Simon both let out a little yelp and grabbed their nuts. Kev grinned.

All three of them got up and stripped, revealing their smooth bodies. Simon’s big cock was already half hard and he started stroking it. Leo was sporting a boner, too, his big, full nuts hanging low underneath.

Kev was stark naked, too, his nice-sized cock hanging limp between his legs in front of those big, juicy balls.

“Okay, Leo, get into the chair”, Kev said and Leo complied. He got into the gynaecological chair in a position between sitting and lying, and put his legs up into the frames so that his plump nuts and his glistening boner were displayed and very vulnerable to Kev’s manipulations.

Kev fastened the straps and tied Leo’s arms and legs to the chair so that he had no chance of moving. Leo looked at Simon and gulped.

Simon licked his lips. “You look hot, Leo”, he smiled and continued stroking his long dick.

When Kev had tightened the straps and he was sure that Leo could not get out of the chair, Kev took a step back and admired Leo’s lean physique. He grinned and rubbed his hands.

Simon cleared his throat. “I have an idea”, he said and licked his lips, “The loser’s gonna drink the winner’s cum…”

Kev laughed out loud and said: “Yeah!”

Leo gulped again and said: “Okay.”

He seemed to be pretty sure that he could shoot a nice, big load.

I looked at Simon’s big sac and I was pretty sure that he had stored some ammunition in there, too.

“Okay, let’s go to work”, he said and knelt down between Leo’s legs that were spread wide apart due to the frames that were holding his thighs.

Leo’s cock was rock hard and a little drop of pre-cum was oozing out at the tip. After all, Leo had endured two weeks of abstinence. His balls were boiling with pent-up sperm.

Kev grabbed his cock and stroked it. Leo moaned in pleasure.

Then Kev moved his hands down and fondled Leo’s fat balls.

Leo moaned louder.

Kev grabbed them and lifted them up so that he had a clear view of Leo’s exposed tiny hole between his lean butt cheeks. He grinned and ran his index finger over Leo’s tightly shut orifice. He patted his finger onto the hole, bringing another deep moan from Leo. But instead of entering his finger into Leo’s body, Kev let go of his sac that now hung ripe and low like a sandbag in front of Leo’s sluice.

Then Kev concentrated on Leo’s nuts. He grabbed them with his left hand, closing his fist around them and squeezing them lighty.

“Oooohhh”, Leo moaned and his dick twitched with every move Kev made. He had his eyes closed and was enjoying every second.

Kev grinned at him and flicked the index finger of his right hand against Leo’s trapped ballbag, causing Leo to suddenly open his eyes. He looked at Kev in terror.

Kev winked at him and slapped his nuts hard.

Leo yelped.

Simon chuckled and continued stroking his long member.

Kev clenched his right fist and threw a punch into Leo’s bulging balls.

Leo screamed: “Wait! You’re supposed to make me cum!”

“Yeah”, Kev grinned and punched Leo’s fat nuts once again, “that’s what I’m doing…”

Leo wailed in pain. “No, you---“

Another punch into Leo’s spermfilled nuggets.

Leo shrieked and tried to free himself from the straps. “No---“

Kev punched Leo’s juicy lemons again.

Leo was screaming from the top of his lungs, now. “Stop it!”

With a bright smile Kev delivered another hard punch into Leo’s defenceless crotch and squashed both of his nuts into his palm. Leo’s screaming changed into a dry cough. His eyes watered slightly and lost focus. But he quickly regained control again and shouted at Kev: “What do you think you are doing?”

Kev said with a very innocent voice: “I’m pounding the cum out of your balls.”

Leo gasped.

I looked at Simon who didn’t seem very surprised. He continued stroking his impressive cock and shrugged at Leo.

“But… You can’t… I’m…” Leo stammered.

Kev caressed Leo’s plump nuts and tried to soothe him: “Your balls are aching for release…” He ran his index finger softly over the wet tip of Leo’s hard dick. “And your dick is already leaking precum.” He moved his moistened fingertip towards Leo’s mouth. Leo struggled in his straps, closed his mouth and moved his head away from Kev’s approaching finger.

“Come on”, Kev whispered and smeared the fluid onto Leo’s lips.

“Fuck!” Leo shouted and tried to spit his love juice out.

Kev grinned and stood up. “A few more kicks and you are done…”

With that he took a step back and looked at Leo’s exposed ballsac and his glistening, rock-hard dick.

“No!” Leo screamed in terror but Kev just winked at him and threw a vicious kick at Leo’s crotch. His sneakers crashed into Leo’s exposed plums, crushing them into his bony body. Leo shrieked.

Kev delivered another kick at his goods, again hitting both of his nuts dead on and flattening them into his crotch. Now Leo retched and coughed but his dick didn’t go down. It continued to produce little drops of precum that slowly ran down the veiny shaft.

After another hard kick to Leo’s sensitive balls I noticed that Kev’s own dick started to rise, too. He was clearly enjoying the young skaterboy’s ordeal.

Leo’s cute, young face was now all red. He was breathing heavily and his dick was quivering.

“Fuck”, Leo panted, “Fuck! I’m close…”

Kev grinned and stroked his meat. “Do you want me to get you off? Or should I let you wait for a couple of minutes?”

“Fuck!” Leo spat at him. “Do it!”

Kev kneeled down between Leo’s spread legs and grabbed his dick. It responded with a violent twitch. With his other hand, Kev grabbed Leo’s boiling balls.

“Stop!” Simon shouted. “We need something to catch the cum in!”

He ran to the kitchen, his long, hard dick wobbling up and down, and I heard him open some cupboards. He returned with two white wine glasses.

“Here!” He handed one of the glasses over to Kev who placed it on the ground.

“Thanks”, Kav said and grabbed Leo’s balls again.

He kneaded them between his fingers, concentrating first on the left nut, then on the right, all the while looking straight into Leo’s eyes, who was panting and biting his lower lip, caught in the waves of pre-orgasmic ecstasy.

Kev jerked Leo’s cock with his other hand, running it slowly up and down Leo’s slender meat.

“Fuck!” Leo gasped. “I’m---“

Kev punched at Leo’s left ball, sending waves of pain through his body. Leo screamed. Kev let go of Leo’s twitching cock and grabbed the glass. Then he punched at Leo’s right ball, grinding his knuckles into the tender flesh.

Leo screamed again, louder this time, and his cock shot the first jet of thick, white jizz into the glass.

“Yeah, spit it out”, Kev grinned and began to squeeze Leo’s pulsating balls. His own cock was rock hard now.

Another spurt of cum landed in the glass, then another and another. Leo panted heavily and had his eyes closed tight. His dick continued delivering thick shots of his cream into the wine glass.

“Oooohh”, Leo moaned and writhed on the chair.

Kev delivered two more punches into Leo’s very sore and agonized nutsack.

Leo screamed and some more juice dribbled from his cock into the glass.

Kev laughed – “I’m good at this!” – and punched Leo’s nuts again, draining more dribbling cream from Leo’s meatballs.

“Enough”, Leo coughed. “Please…”

His naked body was glistening with sweat, his face bright red and his cock slowly softening.

Kev shook Leo’s dick around to get the last drops of cum into the glass. Then he raised it and held it against the light.

“Wow”, he said with an impressed expression on his face, “not bad…”

The glass was nearly half filled with Leo’s thick, white mansauce.

I looked at Simon, who was stroking his rock hard cock feverishly.

“Please, let me out of this chair”, Leo pleaded.

Kev grinned and put the glass onto the table. He walked over to the desk, his hard cock swinging and pointing to the ceiling. He took a Post-it, wrote down “LEO”, and attached it to the glass. Then he stepped between Leo’s legs who was looking at him expectantly. Kev winked at him and terror began to show in Leo’s eyes. Getting a wink from Kev was never a good sign, especially when you were tied up in a position like Leo’s…

Kev raised his sneaker-clad foot and gently placed it on Leo’s spent nuts.

“No!” Leo groaned.

“Yes”, Kev said with a dirty grin on his face and stomped Leo’s balls into his crotch.

Leo moaned loudly. His balls were flattened between the sole of Kev’s shoes and his bony pelvis as Kev leaned forward and applied more pressure on Leo’s poor manhood.

Simon was watching from the side and jerking his cock frenetically.

Kev leaned in on Leo’s nuts and crushed them mercilessly. His own hard dick was glistening at the tip as he ground his foot into Leo’s drained balls.

“One for the road”, Kev chuckled, lifted his foot from Leo’s groin and brought it back down with crushing force, catching both balls with a loud, dull thud and sending Leo into new spasms of agony.

“Fuck!” Leo yelled as his spent balls were turned to mush.

“Fuck!” Simon yelled from the side. “Give me the other glass!”

“What!?” Kev turned to Simon.

“I’m close!” Simon panted, jerking his dick and squeezing his balls. He ran over to the table and stood in front of the glass, bending his knees to lower his body. He let go of his nuts and aimed the tip of his huge cock at the wine glass.

“No!” Kev shouted. “You can’t--- I’m supposed to--- You can’t just---“

He looked at him accusingly, feeling betrayed for not being able to get his hands on Simon’s juicy pair of balls. Then he looked at Leo for assistance but Leo was in too much pain to realize that Simon was cheating.
Simon was looking at the ceiling, his legs spread, his right hand feverishly jerking his long meat, his left hand tweaking his nipples. With a low, guttural groan Simon announced his climax and his cock exploded with a thick load of semen.

“No!” Kev shouted again.

Kev ran over to Simon and with all the force of a betrayed ballbuster he kicked his sneaker from behind into Simon’s meaty balls.

Simon was in the middle of his orgasm with gallons of cum spurting out of his dick when Kev’s foot made contact with his babymakers. The unexpected impact brought a shrill shriek from Simon’s mouth, he stumbled and let go of his cock, his cock still spurting out his creamy load, and he fell nuts-first against the table, his balls taking the brunt of the blow as they were pushed against the edge of the table by his whole body weight. Simon cried out in pain. His cock was still erupting lava as he tried to steady himself and put his hands on the table. Kev delivered another powerful kick into Simon’s pummelled manhood, again bringing a loud scream from Simon’s lungs, but not ending the incredible stream of cum from Simon’s seemingly bottomless balls.

“Cheater!” Kev yelled as he delivered a last furious kick into Simon’s boiling balls.

“Owwwwww”, Simon moaned, close to tears, as his brain experienced the pleasure of orgasm and the incredible pain of testicle traumatization at the same time. His cock delivered a last tiny spurt of cum before Simon fell to the ground and curled up in a ball.

Kev stood above him, menacingly, and looked like he was about to kill him.

“Kev”, I said.

He didn’t seem to hear me.

“Kev!” I repeated.

He turned and looked at me furiously. “I can’t believe it!” He looked down at Simon on the ground. “That bastard cheated!” Then he saw the wine glasses on the table. “Fuck! And he even shot a bigger load then that little skaterboy!”

I looked at the glasses. He was right. Cum was all over the table but somehow Simon had managed to shoot the better part of his load into the unmarked glass. And that glass undoubtedly was fuller with gooey white cum than the glass with the “LEO” sign on it.

Kev walked over to me, naked except for his socks and sneakers, his muscled body wet with sweat. He was unknowingly jerking his thick, hard dick and shook his head. “I can’t believe it”, he said. “I was so looking forward to crack his nuts!”

I pointed to Simon who lay as a sobbing mess on the floor. “Well, I think you did crack his nuts…”

“Yeah, but--- Oh, fuck it”, Kev mumbled and continued stroking his cock.


We both looked at Leo. He was still tied up in the chair.

“Erm, could anyone, you know, take off the straps or something?” he asked, still moaning in pain.

Kev walked over to him. But halfway he stopped and said slowly: “Actually… you lost. So…”

He grinned at Leo.

“Wait!” Leo looked at him in disbelief. “Simon cheated. You can’t expect me to… Do you expect me do drink his cum?!?”

“Actually…” Kev seemed to think about it. “We do!”

Leo protested loudly and tried to free himself from the chair – to no avail.

Kev walked over to the table, stepping over Simon on the way, and took the unmarked glass from the table. Then he reconsidered and took the other glass, too. On his way back to Leo he nudged Simon’s ass with his foot.

“Hey, cheater”, he said.

Simon moaned.

“Move your ass over here. Cheaters get to eat some cum, too”, Kev grinned and walked over to Leo.

Simon slowly stood up and walked over to Leo who was writhing in his chair. He was rubbing his sore nuts and was clearly in pain. The prospect of swallowing some cum didn’t seem to frighten him, though. I wasn’t very surprised about that considering his behaviour in the casting.

Kev and Simon stood next to Leo who seemed to have forgotten about his ballpain as he was desperately trying to get himself out of his miserable position.

Simon wanted to grab the glass with Leo’s cum but Kev said: “No, you’ll get it right from the source…” as he looked down at his hard dick.

Simon grinned.

“So, Leo, we have two nice fresh loads of spunk here…” Kev smiled at Leo.

“What? No! That wasn’t---” Leo protested.

“Shhh! I changed the rules. And you don’t look like you are in a position to argue…”

Leo looked mortified. He kept his mouth tightly shut and didn’t look like he was about to open it to receive the two glasses of cum.

“Okay”, Kev sighed. “Simon, hold his nose…”

Leo looked terrified. Simon grinned and did as he was told.

Leo was able to hold his breath for a few seconds but then he gasped and opened his mouth. Kev took the opportunity to empty the glass with Simon’s cum into Leo’s mouth. It dripped into it, leaving wet marks on Leo’s lips. Leo tried to spit it out but then he coughed and gurgled as the gooey mess found its way down the skaterboy’s throat.

Kev’s dick twitched as he watched Leo swallow Simon’s load from the wine glass. When most of the thick spunk had disappeared into Leo’s throat Kev raised the second glass with Leo’s name on it and slowly let the jizz run down into Leo’s mouth. Leo had given up and swallowed his own load without protests, gulping it down and licking his lips afterwards.

“Good boy”, Kev grinned and placed the glasses on the ground. He patted Leo’s sore, plump balls and brought a little moan from him.

“Now it’s your turn”, Kev turned to Simon and ordered him to knell down in front of him. He stroked his glistening dick and pointed it at Simon’s open mouth.

I looked at Leo who was still tied up and I felt pity for him. I walked to him and freed him of his straps.

“Thanks”, he whispered and got out of the chair, rubbing his ankles that showed some marks from the straps.

I nodded at him and went back to Chad behind the camera.

Kev was stroking his meat and prepared to shoot his load into Simon’s throat.

Silently Leo walked behind Kev and kneeled down. Simon saw him and he seemed to guess what Leo was up to. It wasn’t that hard to figure out. Simon grabbed Kev’s hips to steady him for the unexpected impact.

Just as Kev moaned “Here it comes…” Leo threw a powerful punch into his nuts from behind, sending them swinging around wildly and making Kev scream in the middle of his orgasm.

“I took a lesson from you!” Leo grinned as he sent another punch into Kev’s balls.

A thick, long jet of cum spurted out of Kev’s cock into Simon’s mouth. Simon moaned in pleasure, Kev 
moaned in pain.

Another spurt of jizz was accompanied by another punch by Leo.

“Whipped cream”, Leo mused as he ground his knuckles once more into Kev’s spermpumping balls.

Kev let out a high-pitched scream.

Leo stood up and kicked his naked foot into Kev’s naked balls, sending him to the floor in pain, his dick still spurting out thick jets of hot, white cum.

Kev lay moaning on the floor, grabbing his balls that got sticky with all that cum.

Simon licked his lips and gulped down the Kev’s load. “Nice”, he said and grinned at Leo.

“Yeah”, Leo grinned and brought back his foot to send it flying into Simon’s balls.

“Owwww”, Simon moaned and grabbed his agonized balls once more.

“Cheater”, Leo grinned and looked at the camera. He pointed at Kev and Simon, both lying on the ground, moaning and nursing their balls. “Looks like I’m the last man standing.” He grabbed his limp cock and sore, red balls and wiggled them at the camera. “I win.”

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