Monday, May 22, 2017

Rutherford's balls in the locker room (written by Martín)

Our reader Martín (author of My biggest weakness and My painful exam in case you missed those) sent me two wonderful new stories. Here's the first one. The second one will be published next Monday. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
Additional warning: Contains f/m ballbusting.

Gabriel Rutherford smiled. It felt so good to have a week off, to be in his home country England and to let everything go by going for his passion, tennis.

However the beautiful professor loved his work, this time he really needed some free time. It had not so much to do with the overload of work he had at his university in Spain as it had with the horny but dangerous secretary Maria. She was purchasing him all te time at work, clearly not being fine with Rutherford ignoring her. Above all, every attempt of the hunky professor to reject the curvous woman was responded by her with an attack to his oversized but vulnerable balls. Maria new well it was Rutherford’s only weakness but soon she discovered that when she hit him in the groin he couldn’t use his stunning muscles and was handed down to her cruelty. She had taken him in his office and in the corridor, to the shock of some young students who were shocked to see their smart, handsome athletic hero go down after one hard knee to his bulging manhood.

Once, Rutherford had participated in a mini football game with some students. Afterwords they went for a refreshing shower and off course soon the attention of the young men was drawn to Rutherford’s amazing physique.

“Damn, professor, what a great shape you have”, Alejandro, a shy green-eyed black-haired slim guy stuttered. “I mean, you are fourty and still your body is perfect.”
“Yeah, you could say that.” Manuel, a popular gorgeous university hunk admitted. “Perfect in all the right places.” He looked obviously at the 7 inch flaccid dick between Rutherford’s legs. “You’re the proof if I may say intelligence matches dick size.”

“Well in that case I would have expected you to score higher than a twelve on your last exam, big boy”, Rutherford grinned, pointing at Manuel’s impressive manhood.

The four guys in the shower laughed and Steve, the short but muscled guy, playfully smacked Manuel’s junk. The hot jock turned red and rubbed his big balls, clearly not embarrassed to have Rutherford, Steve, Alejandro and Juan-Carlos, a blond hunk gay, watching him with interest and a smile on their faces.

They were interrupted however with the sound of ticking heels. Next moment they were shocked to see Maria walk in, a furious expression on her face. The guys tried to hide their junks thereby mimicking a soccer wall, a naked one then.

“Gabriel Rutherford”, Maria began. “How many mails do I have to send you, how many phone calls do I have to do to have an answer from you? Do I really have to search you in the showers?”

“Not that I mind however”, she added by looking at Manuel.

She placed her hands on his broad chest and looked seductively in his deep brown eyes. “Do you understand why he is ignoring a beautiful, passionate woman like me?” she whispered.

She let her hand glide over his muscled body till she reached his hand cupping his crotch. She slowly pulled his hands away. Manuel’s beautful dick appeared, semi-erect.

Looking into Maria’s decollete clearly was too much for him, the young man’s fucking tool slowy rose to its full 8 inches.

Also Alejandro and Steve were now desperately trying to hide their raging erections when looking at their horny buddy getting seduced by the even more horny secretary.

Maria now turned to Juan-Carlos, who had fear in his blue eyes. She started going through his hair, massaged his pecs, his abs and grabbed his butt. When she tried to remove his hand from his crotch, Juan-Carlos refused and grabbed his dick harder.

Maria changed her tactics and now pinched his nipples hard.

Juan-Carlos screamed and let go off his dick, making it an easy target for Maria.

She grabbed it and gave it a very convincing massage.

Juan-Carlos moaned in pleasure and did nothing to pull Maria away. It didn’t take long for his dick to grow hard. Maria gave his balls a mean squeeze and whispered into his ears, “Well done, gay boy”, before she turned to Rutherford.

Rutherford raised his voice: “Come on, Maria, you can’t be serious, this is just crazy.”

Maria only smiled, she approached the impressive body of Gabriel Rutherford and immediately went for her favourite parts, his penis and balls.

Rutherford however was prepared for this, blocked her attack and pulled her against the wall.

He increased the pressure and made it clear to Maria that she could leave. Maria however didn’t agree. She bumped her big butt into Rutherford’s groin.

The professor grimaced but didn’t let go.

Maria had some free space now and with a fast hip movement she made Rutherford lose balance.

Unfortunately the hung professor’s legs slid apart and he fell to make things worse with his balls on a wooden bench. Maria laughed triumphantly and went sitting on Rutherford’s muscled ass, which made his balls being crushed between her weight and the bench.

Maria clearly didn’t plan to leave and loved to ride the helpless hunk under her. She trusted her instincts and at the right moment she grabbed behind herself to have two pairs of balls in her hands.
These pairs of balls belonged to Manuel and Steve who had approached her from behind to help their beloved professor.

Maria squeezed with full power. Steve went down soon but Manuel’s dick remained rock hard and started twitching. He moaned from pleasure and pain and came to an impressive orgasm. Jet of jet of cum spurted out of his dick.
Guy 4 and 5 in the room, Alejandro and Juan-Carlos, hesitantly approached to help their buddies but they got knocked out by Maria in no time. She delivered a flying kick into Alejandro’s package and sent an uppercut to Juan-Carlos’groin. They went down like a rock.

Maria admired her work. Alejandro, Juan-Carlos and Steve were twisting on the ground in pain, Manuel was soaked in his own cum and above all, Gabriel Rutherford, his amazing physique being a symbol of male pride, was curled up in a ball on the bench, caressing his abused manhood.
The next few weeks, Rutherford wasn’t himself anymore.

Walking in the corridors he was constantly scanning the environment to detect Maria. One time in the aula, when he heard a door opening, he instinctively protected his big package with his hands, much to the amusement of his students. They didn’t know what was going on but they sure loved the view of their sexy teacher grabbing his big bulge with an expression of fear in his bright blue eyes.

Maybe only the behaviour of Manuel appeared to be even weirder.

First of all, suddenly he chose tight pants, wearing skinny jeans or more classy but very tight pants which formed a bulge that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Secondly, he often went to the office of Maria with an absurd question. Once seated, he spread his legs wide, making the bulge in his pants very obvious. It was a clear invitation for Maria which she simply couldn’t resist. She tried to deflate the young man’s big bulge, without success, her attacks clearly gave him a boner.

Soon rumours were spread throughout the university when people saw Manuel coming out of Maria’s office, walking painfully, a big boner in his pants or once even with big stains on his pants.

Rutherford noticed what was going on and asked Manuel with him after another class.

“For God’s sake, Manuel what are you doing?” he asked concerned. “I know you are challenging Maria to bust your balls but why? You are a talented young hunk, don’t let that woman ruin your manhood.”

Manuel looked into the beautiful blue eyes of his professor, ashamed. “I don’t know, professor Rutherford, I guess it makes me so horny when she busts me. To be honest, when I saw at woman attacking your balls and dick it turned me on so much. So weird, I’m straight but I can’t stop thinking of Maria planting her knee between your legs, squeezing your big beautiful balls... And the closest I could come to re-experiencing that wonderful hot moment again is letting myself get busted.”

Manuel looked at Rutherford with a painful expression on his hunky face. “This sounds so sick, I know.”

To his relief, Rutherford smiled. “I can’t deny that’s very weird but I have to admit it is a huge compliment so thank you for that.”

He bowed over to give his student a hug, which was responded soon by Manuel. Their muscled bodies came together, Rutherford couldn’t help but had to look down. His own huge bulge pressed against the obvious bulge in Manuel’s pants. Manuel noticed and grinned. Next moment he pressed his lips against Rutherford, giving him a warm, passionate kiss, whilst grabbing his big bulge and massaging it.

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